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The Collapsing Catholic Church
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The Vatican has found itself in dire straits thanks to a combination of rife corruption and collapsing donations.

These are the claims in Universal Judgement, a new book by Gianluigi Nuzzi, the Italian journalist famous for curating documents revealing financial improprieties in the Vatican.

In 2006, the Catholic Church took in $112.7 million dollars. Today, donations have plummeted to about half, at $56.9 million. At this rate, the Vatican will be forced to default by 2023, according to Nuzzi.

New documents also expose hare-brained mismanagement using money earmarked for charity. 77% of money in the Peter’s Pence charity fund is in the hands of international investment bank Credit Suisse, which is using some of it to gamble in high-risk ventures and get-rich-quick schemes.

Pope Francis is a high-profile defender of the European Union, which he has warned must be defended from “fear” and “ideologies.” The Pope’s political statements have been dismissed as globalist sentimentalism or naivete, but there may be shrewd economic logic to it as well.

The Vatican Secretariat’s $200 million dollar luxury development in one of London’s historic gay districts with speculator Raffaele Mincione became a massive disappointment when Brexit passed and property values dropped. Mincione pocketed approximately £128 million related to the project, while the Vatican ate another 100 million pounds in debt inherited from the property.

While some of the men associated with this scam were suspended, crusaders against corruption in the Catholic Church are blackmailed or punished into silence. Last August, the Vatican Treasurer George Pell, an advocate for auditing the Vatican bank, was convicted of a homosexual assault on choirboys decades ago based largely on what was criticized by judicial dissenters as concocted evidence.

Most in the Holy See believe Pell is innocent, but Francis persuaded him to return to Australia to face trial anyway. The Pope has refused to stick by his prefect and chief reformer after the verdict.

As the Catholic Church continues floating on into uncharted economic waters, its discourse will increasingly reflect the whims of money-power it is at the mercy of, rather than its followers.

While there is a small yet influential movement trying to assert Catholic social teaching as the foundation for conservatism against liberalism and modernity, Vatican high command has made it clear that they want nothing to do with it.

Antonio Spadaro, Pope Francis’ top advisor, wrote a scathing editorial in the Vatican’s official newspaper fiercely condemning any unity between Protestants and Catholics in the interest of opposing gay marriage, abortion or asserting the need for moral guidance over liberal demo-plutocracy.

The Pope recommended Spadaro’s piece when he mocked traditionalist Catholics as nostalgic and hateful fools last September.

The Church hierarchs are not interested in winning over the millions looking for refuge from the grotesque and anarchic modern world, nor are they concerned with keeping anyone. They instead prefer their new elite friends in Goldman Sachs and the Jewish media.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Sadly prescient as yesterday’s news from Pennsylvania indicates.

    Divine Son of God Jesus disclosed at John 8:44 that Jews who reject Him are children of the devil.

    Always insightful Eric Striker is in effect saying that Church officials have chosen to side with the devil’s children instead of growing Jesus’ flock and protecting His sheep from them:

    The Church hierarchs are not interested in winning over the millions looking for refuge from the grotesque and anarchic modern world, nor are they concerned with keeping anyone. They instead prefer their new elite friends in Goldman Sachs and the Jewish media.

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