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The Bolivian Regime Change
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A military ultimatum has succeeded in deposing nationalist Bolivian president Evo Morales in what is being widely labeled a coup.

Opposition parties – led by neo-liberal Carlos Mesa and a Korean Evangelical Pastor Chi Hyun Chung – protested against the election results late October when Evo Morales soundly surpassed both in the first round of voting, with 48% in his column.

General Williams Kaliman sided with the opposition and strongly “urged” Morales to resign. Kaliman’s surname suggests that he may be part of Bolivia’s small but prominent Russian and Turkish Jewish community, which migrated to the country in the early 20th century.

Morales, a strong critic of world Jewry who governed as an economic nationalist, has been targeted for years by conspiracies emanating from Washington. The Jew Carl Gershmann’s regime change specialists at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) alone expended almost $1,000,000 dollars in 2018 to train phony journalists and empower pro-business lobbies opposed to Evo in the country. NED has similar projects dedicated to overthrowing the governments of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela.

The stated reason for the demand that Evo resign is that there were “electoral irregularities” in the last election. The Organization of American States made this claim, but provided no evidence. Independent studies have shown that there wasn’t any fraud.

The truth is that the opposition, for all their bluster, simply did not have enough popular support to defeat Morales in a potential run-off and were planning to take over the government by force before a single ballot was cast.

Planned Subversion

Leaked recordings released by the Bolivian press reveal a conspiracy that goes deeper than mere NGO shenanigans. In the audio, Bolivian military officials and anti-government activists speak candidly about their collusion with the local US embassy and orders given to them by Congressmen Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and corrupt Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.

The plan illustrated by the military officials and anti-Morales activists was to bomb the homes of Morales supporters and use the armed forces and police to lead an armed uprising. One figure, the exiled lawyer Carlos Sanchez Berzain, is named as the pointman who had in his possession large funding meant to manufacture a civil war.

Morales, who is not a strongman like Assad or Maduro, seems to have taken the easy option to go into exile in Mexico. This may get his attackers to not put these plans into motion.

Long History of Covert Operations

The US government has been hostile to Morales ever since diplomat Philip Goldberg was expelled for plotting to take down the government.

The most controversial episode in this covert war was the Bolivian state’s imprisonment of Brooklyn Jew Jacob Ostreicher in 2012. Ostreicher, who is believed to be a CIA operative, was caught laundering drug money in the country for unknown ends. Instead of allowing the local justice system to play out, the CIA pulled off a daring escape and smuggled Ostreicher back into the United States.

Evo’s Legacy

13 years of Evo’s combination of nationalism with socialism have improved the living standards of the vast majority of the people he ruled.

  • Nationalization: Morales took power on a mandate to nationalize the country’s natural gas industry. The referendum, which caused former president and current opposition leader Carlos Mesa to resign, saw overwhelming support to put the nation’s natural resources back in the people’s hands. Morales kept his promise and profits from the industry have been kept in the country ever since.
  • Cash Stipends: Morales’ program that gives cash bonuses to the parents of students, families expecting children and the elderly has helped significantly reduce poverty in the country.
  • Agrarian Reform: The Bolivian state under Morales confiscated land that was being speculated on or illegally held and gave it to peasants who wanted to work on it.

Morales, however, was not perfect. Bolivia, even before Morales, has long depended on remittances from its massive diaspora in open-borders Argentina, which has destroyed the country’s demographics and destabilized it. While the Bolivian government has diversified its economy enough to depend on this less, they protested weak and mostly empty threats by the Macri government to deport some of its own citizens back home in 2017.

The country’s newly installed leadership, will likely pave the road for a government that will undo all of Evo’s popular reforms, as happened in Ecuador after Lenin Moreno replaced populist Rafael Correa. Moreno immediately brought back the International Monetary Fund as soon as he took power and is now fighting off a popular uprising.

The recent history of American backed coups and regime changes also doesn’t bode well for the anti-immigration movements of the West.

The war in Afghanistan produced millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands who today live in Europe.

The failed regime change attempt in Syria has displaced millions, with a low estimate of 500,000 having arrived in Europe since 2012.

The infamous “migrant caravans” that have shocked America are largely composed of Hondurans who have been fleeing the country after a CIA coup in 2009.

The Trump administration is considering giving residence status to hundreds of thousands of random Venezuelans after a failed attempt to starve their country into overthrowing the Maduro government steeped the country in chaos. Conservative figureheads are pressuring the White House to enact this policy in order to “defeat socialism.” All of this could be avoided by simply ending the policy of embargoing/deplatforming Venezuela from global financial services and ending CIA operations in the country.

While a few elite interests benefit from the global brotherhood of plutocrats, nobody else does. Bolivia will be objectively worse with the IMF and Wall Street back in charge, and a renewed wave of emigration in response to the restoration of high finance or civil war would not be surprising.

Claims of electoral rigging are as usual baseless.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Bolivia, Immigration 
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