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Tel Aviv's Museum of Jewish People Celebrates Murderers, Spies and Criminals As Heroes
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Presenting blood curdling communists, greedy capitalists, brutalism, moral relativism and espionage as expressions of Jewishness is considered anti-Semitic when a Gentile does it, but the newly reopened Museum of Jewish People in Israel sees the above as inspiring expressions of Jewish racial identity.

AUN, the museum’s acronym in Hebrew, recently invested $100 million dollars into tripling the size of its exhibits. The Israeli government sees the institution as a time capsule of 4,000 years of Jewish achievement, an endeavor it believes will strengthen the racial identity of both Israelis and visiting diaspora Jews.

One of its permanent exhibits is called “Heroes – Trailblazers of the Jewish People.” Some of the figures celebrated in the exhibit are standard fare for a national heritage museum, such as famous entertainers, Israel’s early founders, poets, prophets and scientists.

But there are also many historical figures that are lauded by Jews that are known for little more than their brutality, deception, and socially corrosive effect in Western nations.

Leon Trotsky, listed by AUN as a heroic Jew, was a prominent cutthroat in the Bolshevik revolution. Many of the barbaric practices credited to Joseph Stalin, such as putting political opponents in the gulags, were pioneered by Trotsky.

In 1918, Trotsky drew up a plan to use POW camps that were housing foreign soldiers released under the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk to imprison intellectuals, clergy and political figures (including on the left) that did not support the Soviet government. By 1919, the “gulags” were officially opened and loaded with dissidents.

Other Soviet policies that provoke universal disgust, such as killing the family members of dissidents and deserters, were started by Trotsky according to the Jewish Virtual Library itself.

Historians differ on the exact death toll under Trotsky’s “Red Terror,” but estimates are in the millions. That curators at the museum meant to represent Jewish people are proud of this suggests that they have a radically different moral system than European Christians.

Even more mind boggling is the exhibit’s inclusion of Schmuel Azar and Moshe Marzouk as Jewish “trailblazers.”

Azar and Marzouk were part of a Mossad sleeper cell in Egypt that in 1954 sought to murder American and European civilians in multiple terrorist attacks that they would frame Muslims for. The goal was to spark a civil war in Egypt and isolate the country’s Arab nationalist leader Gamal Nasser internationally.

The Egyptian government foiled the plot and put Azar and Marzouk to death. The incident, known as the “Lavon Affair,” was an embarassing moment for the state of Israel, yet the two terrorists are commemorated as national martyrs today.

There are numerous spies spanning the ages and conflicts on the list. Many of the men and women glorified were operating as traitors in their host nations.

Bankers known for their evil and greed, such as Mayer Rothschild and 19th century global drug kingpin David Sassoon are taught to Jewish children as their people’s heroes.

Frank Gehry, the most famous postmodernist architect to ever live, is featured despite broad hatred of his style of awful buildings. Claude Levi Strauss, who invented the idea of “Othering” that Israel doesn’t apply to itself, is named. Jacques Derrida, Sigmund Freud, Milton Friedman, Betty Friedan, Mark Rothko and scores of others whose ideas — instituted by the Jewish community’s enormous financial and institutional power in liberal plutocracies — have done significant harm to humanity and Western civilization are also present.

While Jewish “heroes” in the West preached suicidal levels of tolerance, the AUN sees no contradiction in including them besides Ovadia Yosef on the list of Jews to emulate. Rabbi Yosef, who was so bigoted even the Anti-Defamation League had to pretend to distance themselves from him, was known for his genocidal hatred of all non-Jews. The Sephardic leader famously said in 2010, “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel” and “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created,” among other hateful words during his long career as a prominent Jewish spiritual leader.

Tying Jews to Bolshevism or the Rothschilds or Talmudic teachings about killing and enslaving Gentiles are perceived by speech regulators in America and Europe as crass and even criminal anti-Jewish canards. But the fact that an anti-Semite could’ve easily compiled the “heroes” exhibit at the Museum of Jewish People shows that hate speech laws and pathologizing of political opponents are nothing more than a tactic to keep historical truths Jews embrace out of the hands and minds of those they want to control.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Bolshevik Russia, Israel, Jews 
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  1. profnasty says:

    Establish Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates. Then deport 75% of America’s Jews to said nation; never to return.
    It couldn’t hurt.

  2. Sidney says:

    “Tel Aviv’s Museum of Jewish People Celebrates Murderers, Spies and Criminals As Heroes”….is anyone surprised?

  3. Anon[345] • Disclaimer says:

    “that’s just how we roll”
    …. Larry Silverstein

  4. apollonian says: • Website

    Jews: Doing God’s Work

    Don’t forget simple New Test., John 8:44 (King James Version): 44, Christ speaking of and to the Jews, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    For note Judaism IS Talmudism which is the “midrash” (interpretation) of Torah, Talmud definitive for Jews, NOT THE TORAH. Thus Talmudism is the “Oral Law Tradition”–the official midrash of and for Jews. For definitive expo on Judaism and Torah, see,, and Also see

    Note what this (“midrash” and Talmudism) means, suckers: it means there is NO TRUTH, no objective reality–ONLY WHAT JEWS (by their “midrash”) SAY IT IS–everything is SUBJECTIVE–absolutely counter and opposite to Christ (= TRUTH; see Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and objective grasp of reality.

    Do u realize what this midrash and “Oral Law Trad.” actually means, u poor, moronic fools?–it means Judaism is SATANISM (extreme subjectivism), quite literally, and all the establishment “Christian” churches and institutes now dutifully toe the satanic line, beginning w. the present commie and globalist pope, “Francis.”

    Jews and their Satanist suck-alongs (establishment “Christians,” both Prot. and Catholic, among all the others) now effect this Satanism by means of central-banking and hence all of its enforcement, including the globalist establishment–that’s why u have Agenda-21 and -2030 calling for the genocide and poisoning of humanity and “pop.-reduction,” suckers–what do u think covid-19 and the lock-downs are all about, morons?

    Then again, consider: if the goyim are really soooo stupid as to sucking-along w. Jews, as we see they do so readily, well, don’t these scum really deserve death?–isn’t that what’s actually happening and taking place? After all, Jews only do what they’re allowed to get away with by terminally stupid goyim, eh?

  5. JimDandy says:

    Whenever I bring up Ovadia Yosef, someone always makes sure to tell me that he was a meaningless fringe figure who wasn’t taken seriously by anyone. The fact that his funeral was the largest in the history of the Jewish state (nearly a million people, I believe) and attended by all of Israel’s top leaders–including Bibi, who cited him as his mentor–does nothing to change that narrative.

    • Agree: Angharad, Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Angharad
    , @Colin Wright
  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    This museum depicts the real history of the Jews, rather than some p.c. vanilla, Jewish apologist spin emitted by Zionist fifth column “American” MSM, politicians, corporations, and Hollywood rats.

    The Jews have always been a criminal alien regime living amongst and preying upon a generally law-abiding citizenry. But their crime-gang “niche” has been profitable for the other white collar criminals in bed with them — and this is how international Zionism got so big.

    White collar criminals still pretend not to see the Jewish criminals waging war against civilized humanity, but at this point, all bets are off. If you’re in bed with the Zionist crime gang or Jewish fifth column — materially, spiritually, emotionally — YOU are part of the problem. And YOU need to be summarily brought to justice.

    • Replies: @apollonian
  7. I’m shocked the Rosenbergs are not there or are they?

  8. hillaire says:

    pondering the imponderable as I am wont to do, when, scotch in hand sunk in my comfy old leather armchair, I mused upon the historicity of our jewish guests…

    After three thousand years of scribbles about the goat faced ones, we have nothing of note to mark their passage through time, no great architecture, no culture or works of art, monuments or statues to starkly proclaim ‘shlomo was here’… it’s as though they never ‘created’ anything.

    quite frankly, nothing of worth…

    • Replies: @advancedatheist
    , @jsigur
  9. Look at all the statues all over the world of political and military figures. US currency features images of politicians that were successful at becoming president (top scumbag). Modern presidents get their own libraries. etc, etc, etc.

    This is all state worship. The state allocated funds to build temples and other symbols to their strongest supporters. Those supporters are in most cases murderers and the average persons is stupid enough to want those statues and temples maintained as some sort of sick symbol of their heritage.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  10. Mulegino1 says:

    “The Jews could be put down very plausible as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered they lack any of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and their charity is mainly a form of display.”

    ― H.L. Mencken, Treatise on the Gods

    This is the public face of Jewry in ascendance. Once the Jews reach a critical mass of power and influence, they metamorphose from “helpless innocent victims” into their privileged position of cultural iconoclasts, corrupters of society and amoral supremacists whose sole overarching imperative is “for the good of the Jews.” There are no concessions to greater humanity, because, quite frankly, Jewry considers itself detached from and superior to the rest of homo sapiens.

    To the Jewish collective, criminality and the propagation of perversion, deception and corruption are not evil. On the contrary, they are highly refined arts, pursued for the good of the tribe.

    The Jews have a special penchant for the elevation of ugliness, as is evinced by their corruption of true art. Ever since they rejected the Incarnate Logos, they have been blinded to the sublimity and beauty underlying the cosmos, which they (as a collective) hate and spoil as a virtual mitzvah.

    The only way out for the Jew is a rejection of the Jewish identity. Nobody can be blamed for being born or bred as a Jew. It is the conscious acceptance of that identity (and all it implies) that is the root of the evil.

  11. apollonian says: • Website
    @Chris Moore

    History Is CYCLIC, Necessarily, According To Spengler

    “The Jews have always been a criminal alien regime living amongst and preying upon a generally law-abiding citizenry.”

    But is ur statement really true? Take central-banking, legalized counterfeiting (see on fiat currency; use their site search-engine): who accepts this fraud/criminality? But Satanists are expert at it, such fraud, as we see, and the stupid, corrupt, dis-honest goyim just lap it all up–they love it. Infinite currency–what a brilliant invention.

    For what happens in our CYCLIC existence is that a prosperous society naturally breeds up inferiors and weaklings who wouldn’t have survived but for victorious ancestors who now provide for these inferiors and weaklings, who now become so numerous that they come to rule, and they love infinite currency, as we see.

    Thus it’s CYCLIC process, generation and corruption: victory and prosperity leads to hubris and now Satanism (extreme subjectivism) by which the inferiors rule and hold they’re “good,” pretending they’re God the creator, or co-equal therewith. So a place is thus made for the top Satanists who now lead the inferiors and weaklings who defeat and exterminate the just and productive, destroying the now thoroughly satanic society, as needs to happen.

    And remember: “justice” is something needing definition which subjectivism affects for the more numerous, prevailing weaklings and inferiors, who rule by means of the leadership of Satanists and Satanism–it’s all a CYCLIC process, demonstrated by history, explained so well by Oswald Spengler.

    • Replies: @advancedatheist
  12. Chris Moore says: • Website

    I may or may not be an anti-Semite. It depends on how you look at it. For example, I’m a big fan of Moses, because Moses was someone ready, able and willing to do what needed to be done to Hebrew ANARCHISTS.

    Anarchy is chaos. Modern Hebrew anarchists LOVE chaos, except in Israel’s environs, where they direct their chaotic energy towards killing LAW abiding Muslims and Christians. Same goes everywhere their gang preys.

    Jackals are anarchists, too, and also in a somewhat orderly, organized fashion. When they begin encroaching upon civilization, and some Moses with a long rifle comes along to put them down, they just limp off.

    “Human” anarchists, however, limp off and plot revenge. For decades, centuries, millennia on end. They become misanthropes. Some of them even confess to their misanthropy.

    So this is why I’m a fan of Moses. The Hebrew jackals say this makes me an anti-Semite, but I’m not so sure about that.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  13. @apollonian

    Money is not a fact of nature or some spooky metaphysical reality. It is instead a useful fiction which enables us to cooperate with strangers beyond our immediate families and tribes.

    To me it’s hilarious that hard-money obsessives think that fiat money is phony or fraudulent, but that their titles to property, court judgments, patents, copyrights, trademarks and so forth are somehow “real.” No, all of these things are just useful ideas in man’s mind.

  14. I wonder if it’s the same museum….

    But instead of punishing the attackers, Israel honors them in a museum. Told of the display, retired Air Force Major General John Morrison, NSA deputy director for operations at the time, commented, “I am offended by that.” And retired Army Lieutenant General William Odom, NSA director from 1985 to 1988, and also unaware of the display, remarked, “I am astonished that Israel should put glory on the people who killed my SigInt-ers [signals intelligence personnel].” [10] The Liberty’s blood-stained flag is exhibited at the National Cryptologic Museum in Fort Meade, Maryland.

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  15. @hillaire

    Jews gave us that ridiculous Christian cult. Religions can seem kind of spooky when they arose in the remote past and a lot of the circumstances around their origins have long since vanished. But we’ve seen new religions arise in the past 200 years from cults with documentable founders which catch on and become sustainable belief systems after their respective founders die. Once you see this happening as an explainable social phenomenon, then you have to question the supernatural origin stories of the older religions and see them instead as naturalistic developments in human history.

    As I like to say, apparently it it not that hard to start a cult which has a shot at becoming a new religion after a few generations. I couldn’t do it because I don’t have the right sort of personality. But some people do have that ability.

    • LOL: 36 ulster
  16. greyz says:

    what about Henry Kissinger, Madelein “worth it’ Albright, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Sacha ‘borat’ Cohen, Chodorkovsky, Elliot Abrams, Blinken, etc, etc

  17. Angharad says:

    I agree 6 million times. A Jew is gonna Jew.

  18. @advancedatheist

    Fiat currency is fraudulent because it’s supposed to represent wealth but is conjured out of nothing for the benefit of those that control its issuance.

    If property is somehow not real, then you wouldn’t mind turning over yours to me and we can dispense with any currency units in exchange since fiat currency isn’t real anyhow. How does that sound to you?

    • Agree: Hibernian
  19. apollonian says: • Website

    Atheists: Dupes And Suckers For Satanism

    Atheist: first, u can’t prove there is no God, period. Atheism is mere jumping to conclusion, not founded, a foregone conclusion of the ignorant. Thus true Christians understand TRUTH is God (JOHN 14:6), worthy of worship, because we assume the metaphysics of that objectivity by which such reality is understandable, basis of truth, denied or ignored by Satanist dupes like urself.

    Too bad u can’t see the conflict of philosophy within all the mythological style and wherewithal, which mythology only makes such philosophy graspable for the common folk, more honest than u, who don’t have time for formal philosophy.

    Second, note I gave u a ref. by which money can be understood in rational fashion for what it is and must be, and why, but u don’t have the intelligence to appreciate.

    Third, fiat currency is well-known as gross fraud; u’re just not smart enough to grasp the concept, and that’s no one’s fault but ur own. U obviously can’t figure-out why u can’t have infinite currency as it eventually proliferates to worthlessness–which history PROVES and demonstrates.

    And fourth, we see, typical Satanist as u are (u just aren’t smart enough to grasp it), u imagine that ur assertions are reality, as if somehow u’ve become God, the creator. It’s only urself u’re fooling, sucker. Try to getting a clue, fool.

  20. I’ll admit that I just scanned over this article, but suffice to say no surprises here.

    TBH, the Anglo-American Empire has no shortage of monsters and war criminals celebrated as heroes, over the past few centuries and right up to the present time.

    Perhaps the difference compared to our Jewish betters, is that at least the Goyim make a token effort to rewrite the narratives or otherwise deny their crimes and atrocities, whereas apparently the Jewish traits of greed, brutality and cruelty are openly celebrated as virtues.

  21. @JimDandy

    ‘Whenever I bring up Ovadia Yosef, someone always makes sure to tell me that he was a meaningless fringe figure who wasn’t taken seriously by anyone.

    Ovadia Yosef would be better described as having been the one most important religious leader among the Jews in the last hundred years.

  22. jsigur says:

    Nothing grows in popularity without Jewish approval and or funding. As much as I hate this fact, it is also true that most of the fantastic growth of Western Civilization Occurred after the Jewish inventions and implementation of National Banks(begun in Amsterdam around 1600) and corporate entities (East india Company, etc.)
    There would have never been “colonialism” on the grand scale ( England for example did no expansion that wasn’t adjacent to its own borders; Holland led the world for 100 years then “mysteriously became a non-player at the same time Jews relocated to London England in 1660). If Jewish media hadn’t been on board with the counter culture movement of the ’60’s .there would have been no ” movement”

  23. Malla says:

    Presenting blood curdling communists, greedy capitalist

    It does not matter, rapists, scientists, mass murderers etc…. does not matter. They are Jews and thus holy and of superior souls than animistic goyims.
    Lubavitcher Rebbe Mendel Schneerson told a top Sephardi Rabbi that when 10 Jews come together, “God appears in that place”, even if they are 10 criminal Jews. When the Noahide laws are put in place on Goyim and the NWO UN International court of Justice, the Sanhedrin reigns supreme, if some Jew rapes your 3 years old goyim daughter, your daughter may have to be punished with maybe death as the filthy goyim shiksha whore daughter enticed the holy rapist Jew to rape her.

  24. @jsigur

    If American hadn’t defeated the Nazis we’d all be speaking German.




    like USA did before the wars




    instead of Press 1 for Spanish —


    Ever try to imagine what USA would be like had it not been dominated by Jewish “inventions and implementations” — and media, Hollywood, etc?

    • Replies: @apollonian
  25. apollonian says: • Website

    Real Christianity Is Determinism–No Moronic “Free Will,” Which Is Satanic Big Lie

    U just don’t get it, and hence u suffer as u deserve, buddy. Reality and hist. are CYCLIC, as I explain above (see # 11). Observe how the fools, called “people,” pretend to non-existent “good-evil” and “free will”–they’re enmired and submerged within SUBJECTIVISM, and that means Satanists/Satanism rules–which is what we’ve got, what’s happening.

    So what’s needed is the necessary “Copernican revolution” in thought/thinking–and the REAL Christian philosophy. Thus reality, as it’s objective (Aristotle), so it is DETERMINED–there’s no idiot “free will”–and this is in proper accord w. the real Christianity. For note no “works” will get one to Heaven–one only gets to Heaven by God’s grace and mercy, that’s all.

  26. @jsigur

    ‘…If Jewish media hadn’t been on board with the counter culture movement of the ’60’s .there would have been no ” movement”…’

    The thought makes the blood run cold.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  27. anon[978] • Disclaimer says:

    Epstein and Polanski are housed in a differnet chamber in the kid ‘s section.

  28. anon[978] • Disclaimer says:

    World including Britain woukd have been a better place. Inventions still woukd have raced to the finish lines in the usual course of time.
    How many new products were prevented from market because of the Facebookand Googke monopolies despite both getting built on the bases invented by other?

  29. anarchyst says:
    @Colin Wright

    It’s the JEWS…it’s always the JEWS…
    I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and saw for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of decent, law-abiding whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society.
    Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion–New York based leftist communist jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society–a favorite communist tactic). These New York-based “carpetbaggers” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists…and the ADL and $PLC being invented.
    Those of us whites who were in the middle of this “civil-rights” revolution had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”. No truer words were spoken.
    Let’s not forget their infestation of the nation’s education and entertainment systems, in which they can spread their jewish supremacist poison.
    The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but “non-violent”. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts were common, but never reported, as even the jew-run “mainstream media” was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then,”creating crises” was a part of the agenda.
    The “beginning of the end” of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus”–the prohibition on the use of federal troops for domestic “law enforcement” purposes. As most whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were “steamrollered” by the use of federal troops to crush honest dissent. We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there…

    • Replies: @apollonian
  30. apollonian says: • Website

    “End Of America” Already Happened, Long Ago

    Believe me, I thoroughly sympathize w. ur complaints. But note it’s futile and dis-honest to pretend the satanist leaders are doing anything but co-operating w. nearly equally corrupt dupes and rabble of the “people” who merrily go along w. leaders. Central-banking (literally legalized counterfeiting–see is the existential key to things giving Satanists their power. Morons think infinite currency is great panacea.

    Observe how they (“people” and Satanists) indulge in the putrid virtue-signaling, calling their opponents “racist,” pretending they’re soooooo “good” and “moral”–this is all founded in moronic general subjectivism (hence Satanism), obviously. Pretending to be soooo “good” is all the rage, especially among the stupid, ignorant youth.

    We live now in the era of “idiocracy,” truly, and the penalty for such abject, terminal, wide-spread sheer stupidity can only be massive death, I suspect (like covid and now the poison vaccinations, etc.).

    U talk about “beginning of the end of America,” but buddy that ALREADY happened in 1865–hello. And regardless, we still have the 10th Amendment of the Const. (see, the states still remaining sovereign, regardless of anything else. And soon enough, things will become so horrifically corrupt that even the Yankees and many minorities will agree we’ve just GOT TO BREAK-UP this stinking mess called a “union,” really now just a murderous, satanic EMPIRE.

    And as reality is (a) objective, (b) determined and hence (c) CYCLIC, this abject corruption we observe is part of the necessary course of things. That’s why that good old Christian (determinist) philosophy remains so potent for the necessary advocacy and political movement.

    For determinism is the crushing anti-thesis to the putrid Satanism/subjectivism which prevails and rages. And folks merely have to agree more actively w. one another that, in general, it’s Satanism which so much dominates and rules and needs to be ended.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  31. The CEO of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) is David Harris.

    Nice guy, right?

    Well, Harris, who claims that he and the AJC support human and civil rights, received the top award from Ilham Aliyev, the dictator of Azerbaijan, which has one of the most abysmal civil and human rights records in the world:

    Harris belongs in this Jewish museum. Who knows, maybe he is already in it, along with the AJC.

  32. @advancedatheist

    Money is not a fact of nature or some spooky metaphysical reality. It is instead a useful fiction which enables us to cooperate with strangers beyond our immediate families and tribes.

    Sure. It’s a shared delusion. Almost like an abstract… narrative that everyone must believe in. There’s a reason why financial manipulation and narrative control are the two most important weapons of semitic supremacism — in a way, they’re the same thing. Just different manifestations of the underlying word magic.

  33. @Mulegino1

    Observable truth, no matter how evil, must be recognized as truth:

    To the Jewish collective, criminality and the propagation of perversion, deception and corruption are not evil. On the contrary, they are highly refined arts, pursued for the good of the tribe.

    This is the cause of the evil:

    The Jews have a special penchant for the elevation of ugliness, as is evinced by their corruption of true art. Ever since they rejected the Incarnate Logos, they have been blinded to the sublimity and beauty underlying the cosmos, which they (as a collective) hate and spoil as a virtual mitzvah.

    What this means

    The only way out for the Jew is a rejection of the Jewish identity. Nobody can be blamed for being born or bred as a Jew. It is the conscious acceptance of that identity (and all it implies) that is the root of the evil.

    is that only rejection of embrace of having rejected the Incarnate Logos can save individual members of this hideous group and humanity from said group’s perfidy.

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