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Sweden: the GOP's Ideological Take Over of Sweden Democrats
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American neo-conservatives have successfully infiltrated and control the “populist” right-wing opposition party in Sweden, Sweden Democrats (SD).

SD won 18% of the vote in the 2018 general election. Once considered a fringe “far-right” party, they have grown thanks largely to hopes that they will do something about Sweden’s disastrous immigration situation.

SD’s ideology is one that combines economic liberalism with anti-Islam appeals.

A Swedish activist recently tipped National Justice off about a meeting on Wednesday of a SD delegation with the International Republican Institute, a neo-con capitalist think-tank founded by Ronald Reagan and led by open borders warmonger John McCain until his death in 2018.

The IRI, on behalf of the US intelligence agencies, has been aggressively courting European “nationalist” and “populist” parties that have grown in recent years. They have tried to “correct” parties flirting with anti-liberal ideas they believe are emanating from Russia and suppress the proliferation of ideas and news in Europe that undermines the neo-liberal order via the Beacon Project. The US government is believed to have successfully tamed or coopted populist challenges to the European Union and international finance in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Washington’s point man in the Sweden Democrats, according to our sources, is Mattias Hans Karlsson, who led the party from 2014-15. Karlsson grew up in the Swedish NS skinhead scene, but was dismissed as a “patriotard” for his libertarian conservative views.

Karlsson, on behalf of SD, visited the White House last August to discuss a partnership with the State Department’s bizarre new program to spread homosexuality around the world. The party has for years made shielding homosexual activity and Jews a key part of its platform and central to its publicity stunts. The goal isn’t a Sweden for the Swedes, but to create and defend a new civic Swedish identity centered around moral depravity and individualist-nihilism.

How many of these “acceptable” nationalist parties trying to transplant the institutional Judeo-American right’s feckless and unpopular values on European soil are being directed and controlled out of Washington by John McCain types?

Whether Karlsson and the Swedish Democrats think this is a clever way to gain money and influence, or whether they actually believe Swedish is a raceless liberal cosmopolitan identity centered around sodomy and how many millionaires their country produces may be up for debate, but they are increasingly indistinguishable from the failed conservative parties Swedes have rejected before.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: European Right, Sweden 
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