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Splinter News, the Dirtbag Left and the Death of Left-Populism
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The 2016 left-populist insurrection created a major headache for the neo-liberal Democratic establishment. Midwest white primary voters made self-described socialist Bernie Sanders so competitive that it was uncertain who would win until close to the end, when Hillary won California.

Clinton’s campaign was unapologetically “globo-homo.” A parade of celebrities, plutocrats and anti-white NGO activists like Sarah Silverman, Black Lives Matter and transgender leader Sarah McBride lectured America on white privilege, the necessity of open borders, the non-existent gender pay gap and “transphobia,” while military generals gave fiery speeches in support of Clinton’s neo-conservative foreign policy agenda and Wall Street mogul Michael Bloomberg voiced his class’s endorsement.

2016 Bernie, on the other hand, was largely focused on improving the living standards of America’s working and dying middle class. Many of Bernie’s supporters – especially in the majority white rustbelt – refused to support Clinton in 2016, a major reason for why she lost.

To prevent this from happening again in 2020, top Zionist neo-liberals have created a network of “Bernie-Not-Bernie” publications meant to pressure the left-populist movement away from talking about class and onto frivolous accusations of sexual assault and calling people Nazis on the internet.

Splinter News and the Dirtbag Left

The recent closure of Splinter News is telling in the wake of Bernie’s failing campaign, which is collapsing thanks to his embrace of “antifa”-style liberal talking points Elizabeth Warren can easily claim for herself at no cost. One of their last articles is a story about Bernie’s heart attack. The Splinter product, which was owned by Israeli businessman and major Hillary Clinton donor Haim Saban under his Univision/Fusion media umbrella, has played an important role in coopting the previously independent “Dirtbag Left” – holdovers who refused to support Hillary in 2016. The Splinter product was created to reorient the populist left back to homosexual and anti-white identitarianism, which the elites see as desirable and no threat to their money and power.

Splinter’s main agenda was to ostensibly support Bernie Sanders, while undermining his 2020 campaign with left-liberal purity spiraling along the way. First they told Bernie not to run, and allow Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren to take his torch. Katherine Krueger wrote editorials demanding he stop trying to appeal to Trump voters, who like Bernie’s views on labor rights and health care and the Democrats need in the rustbelt to win in 2020. Other articles kept the pressure on Bernie to switch away from the immigration-skepticism he’s historically had in congress (a popular position) and take the kookiest views possible on the border, like giving illegal aliens free health care. They bashed Bernie when he did not go far enough in endorsing “reparations” (a massive wealth transfer from white people to black people). They constantly piled on facetious accusations of racism and sexism originating from the Clinton smear machine.

Bernie’s new positions on immigration, reparations, guns, taking rights away from white nationalists, etc are big losers with the working class voters Sanders was appealing to, including many democrats. He has been left stuck competing with Warren for people in the tech industry and the wealthy suburban vote, which will never support a self-described socialist. The social media mobs, led by agents financed by Clinton donors like Zionist super-racist Haim Saban, kept the gun to his head while he dug his own grave.

This has been a work in progress, with figures such as Jeff Bezos mercenary David Weigel and Will Sommer (famous for doxing a black day laborer who posted a lame Trump meme) of the Jewish neo-con run Daily Beast coming around to peddle their connections and influence to Current Affairs, Chapo Trap House and the Jacobin. These publications and podcasts have, since 2016, done a full 180 on their message. They went from criticizing anti-white bigotry, anarchist paramilitary violence, blue check journalists and modern art to now being indistinguishable from The Guardian or Huffington Post.

“After Clinton lost, Libby Watson and Katherine Krueger started to ingratiate themselves into the anti-identity politics, largely white and gentile dirtbag left social scene. Their whole shtick was concern trolling about how they liked Bernie Sanders, but he wasn’t giving enough space to ‘marginalized’ voices. Certain individuals on the dirtbag left started hosting these people on their shows and began to notice that they started getting a lot of positive publicity, support from institutional DNC activists like Michael Moore, and of course, lots of new financial opportunities like corporate book deals. They stopped platforming populists and socialists who rejected identity politics. This Faustian pact trickled down to the Bernie grassroots run out of Brooklyn and corrupted it” a source close to the Dirtbag Left told National Justice.

The connections are not hard to find. Will Menaker, a star at Chapo Trap House, began a relationship with Katherine Krueger, editor of Splinter, after Trump’s election.

A list of Chapo Guests from 2016 to 2019 shows a drastic shift away from hosting independent intellectuals and anti-woke old-fashioned leftists like Connor Kilpatrick, Carl Beijer, Matt Taibbi, Adam Curtis, and Lee Fang (a few of these people have been canceled since then) towards prioritizing unimpressive neo-liberal journalists and insufferable “SJWs” like Jake Flores, Shane Bauer, Will Sommer (a recurring guest), David Weigel, Sam Seder, etc.

The intentions of these newcomers into the scene is no secret. Seder, a Zionist MSNBC liberal, did a whole segment on his show “Majority Report” berating Bernie Bros for voting for Jill Stein over Wall Street owned warmonger Hillary Clinton. A source tells us that Seder has also been busy erecting a parallel network to the “dirtbag left” in New York that has oozed into everything through his connections to the fabulously wealthy Verso Books (a “radlib” publishing house run by Trotskyites) and employees like Jamie Peck, who have founded “too-woke-for-Bernie” anarchist podcast dedicated to bashing 2016 left-populists like “The Antifada.”

In the end, the campaign to buy off the willing and destroy once prominent voices unwilling to play ball has been successful. Connor Kilpatrick, Angela Nagle, Amber Frost, Red Scare, etc have either been totally purged from the left or are under permanent siege. Figures associated with the Bernie revolution, like Nathan J. Robinson and Bhaskar Sunkara, by acquiescing to forces demanding they change their editorial lines, are responsible for paving the road for the seemingly inevitable Elizabeth Warren nomination.

These dupes appear to realize the angle that was run on them, and are now trying to walk back everything they have been doing since the liberal anti-Nazi crusade began since Charlottesville began.

But everyone, from Currrent Affairs to Bernie Sanders himself, is now being afflicted with the curse of “woke capital”: a lot of money, but nothing to do with it. Voters and readers are walking.

While it required brutal repression and a full court press to shut down the Trumpian populist-right, the populist left is dying thanks to some strategic payoffs and status dispensing.

The neo-liberal system is breathing measured sighs of relief as challenges to globalism, plutocracy and capitalism are suppressed…for now.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Bernie Sanders, Democratic Party, The Left 
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