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SPLC Hires Another Extremist
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The Southern Poverty Law Center has responded to accusations of lacking ethics and promoting extremism by shedding all pretenses of Martin Luther King liberalism and going on a hiring spree of open anarchists and communists who seek to advance the interests of left-wing paramilitary groups.

Their newest hire is a far-left activist named Hannah Gais.

A source close to Gais described her to National Justice as a “quiet weakling” who is a “neurotic” and “sociopathic” social climber that changes her opinions depending on where the wind is blowing and who is listening. She lives in New York City in an apartment full of cats with her boyfriend, Tom McKay.

We were told that in Brooklyn, there are a lot of “woke” freelancers but comparatively few media and think-tank jobs. The high cost of living in these cosmopolitan bubbles has created a ruthless ecosystem where unimpressive figures are constantly plotting to “cancel” other Antifa content-producers they perceive as rivals, particularly if they are male. Though most of these people socialize together, paranoia about who could be voted off the island next is high.

One such drama was the take-down of Jack Smith IV. Smith was a rising star in hipster media who had scored a six-figure salary producing “woke” content about white supremacy and the alt-right for Mic.

Smith was ruined when an anonymous blog post emerged accusing him of being mean and behaving like a cad. No allegations of violence or sexual assault were ever made.

Our sources tell us that Gais was roommates with the accuser at the time. She was instrumental in Smith’s purge by publicly affirming all the spurious accusations and insinuations. His “union” threw him under the bus without flinching and Smith has been banished by the Antifa movement.

Gais has also aggressively pursued Australian socialist Aimee Terese for criticizing the nasty behavior and intolerance of so-called “radlibs.” Terese is regularly trolled, threatened and cyber stalked by a number of anonymous social media accounts that actively support Gais, like @WreckerCaucus on Twitter.

Name a canceled leftist and Gais is often found leading the cyber lynch mobs, Tweet torch in hand. Even Lauren Duca, another woke media personality who has gotten a position in academia due to her sex appeal and newfound “queerness,” has earned the ire of Gais.

Nothing compares to Gais and her ideological ilks’ crusade against extremism researcher Dr Eoin Lenihan. Lenihan established a strong link between anarchist and communist “journalists” and anarchist and communist organizers that preach violence and terrorism.

None of the journalists cited in Lenihan’s work have ever disputed the data. Instead, they grouped up in their familiar internet mob form and used their platforms to characterize him, troll him and mass flag him off the internet. Gais was a major figure during this campaign.

Gais is only one of many problematic and morally bankrupt figures on the struggling organization’s payroll. The SPLC has traded in their TV-movie created reputation of being Atticus Finch liberals to hang out with hammer-and-sickle waving communist death squads doing intimidation marches down main street with AR-15s. Looking at the avalanche of lawsuits they are being buried under, let’s see where this baffling behavior takes them.

We have attempted to reach Gais for comment on her publicly listed email and will update this story if she responds.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Political Correctness, SPLC 
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