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Speeches from National Justice Party's 4th Meeting
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“White People Awake!” speech delivered by Joseph Jordan to the 4th mass meeting of the National Justice Party on April, 10, 2021.

“Conservatives: The Bane of National Revival” delivered by Alan Balogh to the 4th mass meeting of the National Justice Party on April, 10, 2021.

“The Lie of Limited Government” speech delivered by Mike Peinovich to the 4th mass meeting of the National Justice Party on April, 10, 2021.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alt Right, White Americans, White Nationalists 
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  1. Alfa158 says:

    Mike is a very sharp guy, but I ended up listening to the speech instead of watching it because, the way he twitches around I was getting motion sickness. I wish I still had that energy.

  2. Tom Verso says:

    While I totally embrace the political sentiment of these three speakers, in general their talks seem more akin to a Christian Revivalist Meeting. … damming the devil (Jews, Republicans, etc.) and praising the lord (White People).

    There was virtually nothing said that anyone who reads Unz Review regularly and various other similar sites would not already know. In general the assault on the history and culture of European people (aka Whites) is well documented. One does not have to go to a ‘revivalist meeting’ to learn about it.

    So after the three speakers reviewed the injustices … the question:
    What Now?
    After we walk out of the tent what do we do to mitigate the injustices?


    Run a National Justice Party candidate in a primary?

    Have more secret meetings?

    Produce “Right Stuff” pay walled podcasts?

    Create “National Justice” related websites with no comment sections?

    Exactly what is the process by which the European/White dis-enfranchised become franchised again?

    Perhaps the three speakers addressed these questions. Frankly, while I began listening to all three, I did not complete one. I grew tired of the clichés and the rancorous revival tent yelling by the audience.

    Rancorous booing and chanting NJP, to my mind diminishes the high moral seriousness of the issues. But, rancor is characteristic of Mike Enoch’s “Daily Shoah” program. I from time to time listen in when he is not behind the pay wall and soon tune out. So it logically follows that his party would be of a similar milieu.

    Let me end as I began. I absolutely embrace the general objective of NJP. But, from what I heard from their meeting and from time to time on “The Right Stuff” channel, these people have zero chance of building a revolutionary European/White re-infranchising movement.

    I wish they did. I hope that I’m wrong.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Realist
  3. Beautiful. Fills me with hope, joining today.

  4. @Tom Verso

    I enjoyed Mike’s speech.

    In particular I like the way he trashed the GOP for using the excuse of “limited government” to get out of doing what they should be doing.

    Of course, the small hat donors make sure that the GOP will never do anything positive for white people.

  5. Realist says:
    @Tom Verso

    You are correct…just more pissing and moaning.

  6. Incredibly inspiring.

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