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Secretary of State Antony Blinken and New Israeli Government Coordinate to Blame Iran for Mercer Street False Flag
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An Israeli-led coalition of the United States, Romania and the United Kingdom are pushing the world to mobilize against Iran.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken took to the United Nations Security Council to demand global action to hold Iran “accountable” for the July 29th sinking of an Israeli-owned vessel captained by a Romanian citizen in the North Arabian Sea. Two people died in the supposed drone attack.

Blinken, who presents as a moderate but holds Jewish extremist views on Iran, did not provide any evidence for the claim. While many hoped the Biden administration would restore the nuclear deal, US policy towards Iran is in practice just as hostile as the campaign run by Zionists in Trump’s cabinet.

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s new president, has adamantly denied any role in the attack on the Mercer Street tanker. Representatives for Tehran have openly accused Israeli intelligence of deliberately sabotaging the ship. Last May, Iran warned the UN that Israel was orchestrating attacks on ships in the Persian Gulf to frame them in order to subvert their diplomatic interests, especially the restoration of the nuclear deal with the US.

A number of American commentators have pointed out the inconsistencies in US/Israeli claims about the Mercer Street. One columnist, conservative icon Pat Buchanan, compared the attack to the infamous “Gulf of Tonkin” false flag that served as a catalyst for the Vietnam War.

Foreign policy analyst Philip Giraldi has reiterated Buchanan’s sentiment. It is not in Iran’s interest to attack the Mercer Street, an empty, civilian, Liberian flagged (albeit Israeli owned) ship in international waters. The new administration in Tehran has shown eagerness to get the sanctions lifted on their country, and they know they would be blamed for such an incident. Giraldi and Buchanan both suggest that whoever did attack the ship — likely Israel — has a vested interest in thwarting a new nuclear deal and isolating Iran even further.

Meanwhile, US and British Special Forces have been dispatched to Yemen to find the supposed drone operators they say are responsible. No public statements by the Pentagon or US government have made any mention of a link to Yemen, but information about the operation was leaked to British tabloid Express, which has typically been an unreliable news source.

At the same time, there is a lot of movement happening on the intelligence front. CIA Director William Burns is expected to arrive in Israel today to meet with Mossad’s head David Barnea. The purpose is to discuss the incident and Iran. This is a bad sign for the Iranians.

The amount of noise being made by Blinken and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who has threatened full blown war against Iran over the suspicious incident, suggests that a direct confrontation could be approaching.

The real trigger appears to be the election of Raisi, who the New York Times has dubbed a “hardliner.” With starvation sanctions failing to move the Iranian people, Zionists in Washington and Israel are running out of patience with one of the only states in the world willing to directly confront world Jewry.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Iran, Israel, Joe Biden, Tony Blinken 
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  1. Kharzar power on full display…

    Enabled by Deep South White “‘men” ROLL TIDE TYRONE!!! SEC Football Tards…

    The ADL



    13 old Mary Phagan’s corpse…google the autopsy photo….

  2. al kayder says:

    my concern is that because israel has lost support from the left and from everyone, except boomers, they will have to do extreme and terrible acts to regain support.

    i worry they will get desperate and engineer another major event so they can force us to attack Iran.

    they do not have much time either. they lost the support of generations and the boomers aren’t going to be the main demographic for too long

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @anon
  3. al kayder says:

    also, blinken does appear to be connected to the warburgs. the ftn guys claim it was not the same warburgs but i have not found evidence otherwise.

    keep your eyes on blinken he is the problem. he is the point man for zog,

    they have gotten so frustrated they literally have placed a fucking warburg, jewish mafia going back to the del banco family in venice, agent directly in the position.

  4. Secretary of State Blinken–a Zionist Jew, and an Israel Firster–is demanding action against Iran. No surprise there, to be sure–that’s what Israel First, Zionist Jews do.

    “The real trigger appears to be the election of Raisi, who the New York Times has dubbed a ‘hardliner.’ With starvation sanctions failing to move the Iranian people, Zionists in Washington and Israel are running out of patience with one of the only states in the world willing to directly confront world Jewry.”

  5. Gulf of Blinken Incident.

    Jewish Supremacists use US power to murder countless Muslims. Zionists carry on with erasure of Palestinians who live under Jim Crowitz. US whore politicians of both parties support Zionist supremacism and imperialism and dehumanization of Palestinians, Syrians, and Iranians.

    But the big moral panic in the US about someone yelling ‘dinger’ at a stupid ball game cuz it sounded like ni**er to the kind of people who mistake blankets for KKK robes, like at Oberlin College.

  6. Phipps says:

    American Jew = Israeli Jew.
    Israeli Jew = terrorist and murderer.
    Blinken is a dirty, filthy Israeli Jew.

  7. Patriot says:

    What do Iranians fear most?
    War with the USA.

    What could trigger a war with the USA?
    If Iran started attacking oil tankers.

    What will Iran never do?
    Attack oil tankers.

    What does Israel want most of all?
    For the USA to go to war with Iran

    How can Israel get the USA to fight Iran?
    Conduct blackopps terrorist attacks and try to blame it on Iran

    What is the wish of every Americam parent?
    Not to have their American child die fighting in Iran in order to continue the Jewish genocide of Muslims.

    There is absolutely no reason for American soldiers to be in the Middle East. If Jews want to genocide their neighbors, they should do it themselves and not try to trick us into fighting and dying for that shitty little country of fast talking money lenders, hedge fund owners, Ponzi Schemers, and pedophiles.

  8. Richard B says:
    @al kayder

    i worry they will get desperate and engineer another major event so they can force us to attack Iran.

    They’d only end up losing even more support. Though it’s hardly someting the media would report on, it would appear as if more and more people from a wide variety of groups (including Boomers, by the way) have simply had enough.

  9. Blinken has also appointed Amos Hochstein as a watchdog for Nord Stream 2, an agreement between Germany and Russia. That means, if Amos thinks that Germany or Russia do anything that doesn’t please him, this will be reported and any of the countries can be punished. Amos Hochstein wasn’t born in the US and he served the army of another country, not the American army.

  10. anon[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @al kayder

    ….my concern is that because israel has lost support from the left and from everyone, except boomers, they will have to do extreme and terrible acts to regain support……

    Agreed. It has become evident over the last decade or so, the Likud’s ( paranoia has become pathological. One notes the hysteria and bizarre intolerance of the most minor slight. This behaviour is not the sign of a confident party. Desperation and fear appear to be the root cause of much of the Likud’s self destructive behaviour.

    Imagine how frustrated and angry you’d be if you were a Likudnik ? Its been 70 plus years, and still the ‘Jewish State’ is not accepted in polite society. Those damn Pali’s refuse to listen, their kids keep dangling those big old keys from some shack they ran away from in 1948. Imagine the dissonance inside a Likudnik’s mind. On one hand, he’s taught that the ‘Jewish State’ is the font of all that is good and beautiful. On the other hand, he knows how most of the world sees his country as a Apartheid state. No wonder these people are lashing out. They have boxed themselves into a strategic dead end. They see no other way out.

    After the 1967 War, plenty of Israelis were concerned that the occupation would eventually destroy Israel. 50 years later, maybe they are being proven right

  11. TGD says:

    I’m confused. Striker writes that the Mercer Street is “Israeli owned,” but the Jew owned company that manages the vessel, the Zodiac Group, says that the ship is Japanese owned.

    I understand that in the world of ocean shipping, layers of convoluted vessel ownership is the norm. This tactic is used to hide the true ownership from the various taxing authorities. The biggest player in oil tankers is the Norwegian, John Fredricksen. Through his front company, appropriately named “Frontline,” he owns “Golden Ocean,” “Ship Finance International,” “Seadrill” etc.

    Some of the biggest players in ocean shipping were the Greeks Stavros Niarchos and Aristotle Onassis. It takes a genius at financial manipulation to amass a fortune in shipping.

    So who exactly is the true owner of the Mercer Street ?

  12. Larry47460 says: • Website

    Iran didnt do Epstein. (RAPING little girls to BLACKMAIL BOTH PARTIES)
    iran didnt do 911
    Iran has been fighting ISIS (That’s WHY Drumpf MURDERED General Soleimani!)
    Iran didnt do USS Liberty attack.
    All those heinous things WERE DONE by our so-called ALLY ISRAEL!
    Bomb Tel Aviv NOT Tehran.
    And BOTH Biden AND Epstein zioTrumpy support ISRAEL.
    NEITHER should lead US. Somebody GIVE Iran the NUKES to get the job done with!

    • Agree: Patriot
  13. Notamason says:

    I am a BOOMER and I have never supported the nefarious activities of the Jews Global Activities. So this Clyde us not entirely correct. Let the Jews find another shoulder to cry on for money. Deport the ADL supporters.

  14. roonaldo says:

    The Mercer Street did not sink.

  15. Altai2 says:

    On the topic of Anthony Blinken, a tale in two parts during his time in the Obama admin.

    Refugees for thee but not for me. His talk with Grover for the consumption of children was during the ‘refugee’ crisis in Europe in 2015/2016.

    A few months later he gives his speech at the American Jewish Council (AJC) which is just AIPAC without the word ‘Israel’ in the name.

    I guess Palestinian refugees and the right to return were off limits for Grover to ask about. He doesn’t want to get blacklisted form Hollywood.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  16. @Altai2

    Piss on Blinken, that Zionist, Israel First cretin.

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