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Portland: Anti-Defamation League Covertly Worked to Get White Good Samaritan Falsely Indicted for Murder
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Portland Prosecutors, the Anti-Defamation League and the Anarchist Violent Extremist organization Rose City Antifa colluded to indict an innocent white man of murder, recently leaked grand jury documents show.

On July 29th, a white man named Jascha Manny was working as a doorman at Mary’s Club, a strip club in Portland’s Old Town neighborhood.

During his shift, he witnessed a group of black men threatening a homeless person and shining a high-powered strobe light in their eyes as they tried to sleep.

As the encounter escalated, Manny rushed to confront the tormentors in hopes that they would leave the person alone.

It was then that 19-year-old Lauren Teyshawn Abbott Jr pulled out a firearm and began shooting at Manny. The bouncer responded by returning fire, killing Abott and injuring his associate, 23-year-old Kolby Ross.

The entire incident was caught on video from multiple angles and witnesses supported Manny’s testimony, but thanks in part to the ADL’s intervention, left-wing District Attorney Mike Schmidt called a grand jury in August in an attempt to indict him for murder and assault.

During the proceedings, prosecutors centered their argument for criminal charges on prejudicial information secretly provided to them by the ADL’s “Center on Extremism,” which asserted that Manny had pro-white political beliefs.

The Jewish group, which works closely with local law enforcement and the FBI, had laundered this specious information from Rose City Antifa, a domestic extremist group that openly avows violence and was actively involved in organizing Portland’s brutal 2020 riots.

There was never any evidence that Manny was motivated by race when he decided to return fire against the blacks shooting at him. The goal of the ADL’s intervention in this case appears to have been to offend the assumed political sensibilities of jurors into indicting an innocent man.

According to local news reports, the grand jury was shown images and writings demonstrating Manny’s alleged political ideology, but after seeing mounds of exculpatory evidence, they declined to indict.

This vindication did not change the mind of left-wing extremists. In response to DA Schmidt’s statement that his hands are tied, anarchist, Jewish and liberal groups have organized a pressure campaign to obtain any kind of criminal charges for Manny, not for his actions, but for his materially inconsequential beliefs.

(Republished from Main Street Tribune by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: ADL, Judicial System, Political Correctness 
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  1. Mozzad says:

    How do I get on ADL’s “Center on Extremism” list?


  2. Has one of those fake anti-Semitic incidents ever threatened ADL headquarters? I didn’t think so.

  3. Anonymous[111] • Disclaimer says:

    The ADL was founded to defend, Leo Frank who very likely raped and killed Mary Phegan, an underage girl who worked in his pencil factory. Blame was deflected to a black janitor, but was not entirely successful; the folk knew how the game operated — it’s a large club and they weren’t in it. In the end Frank, was lynched by a mob: It is better that one man die, than a nation perish.

    • Replies: @Darkwing
  4. The ADL is constantly on the lookout for any white American who might possess a strong racial identity since this (separate) identity might pose a mild threat the utter and complete Zio-Jewish penetration of White American society, sensibilities, and institutions. Ya think?

    Thus if/when a White American (of a threatening stripe) is involved in an interracial brawl of some kind, ADL operatives will be there to identify and ‘make an example’ of the designated ‘white supremacist’ (in this case, Jascha Manny) even if his conduct was otherwise commendable. What matters to the ADL is how the downtrodden and insecure Jewish People might (someday, possibly) be affected.

    Conclusion: the ADL is not constantly in our faces to ‘stop bigotry and hate’, but to keep generic ‘white Americans’ from ever seeing themselves (or their political interests) as being separate and distinct from Jews and Zionism. Such a bigoted view is unacceptably anti-Semitic!

    This fact further explains why any expression of ‘white pride’ or ‘white identity’ must be countered, nipped in the bud, and crushed (by the ‘anti-hate’ ADL.)

    On the other hand, self-identified Jews do understand how ethnic pride is unifying and inspiring. (This feeling is both normal and natural for Jews and non-Jews alike.) Racial pride, in fact, an essential source of Jewish unity and Jewish cohesion. It works magic for them. This also explains why Jews don’t want Whites to drink from this same well. It could spell trouble (in the form of rivalry and competition) for America’s most ‘fragile’ (and organized and ethnocentric) sub-group: those wonderful and glorious Jews!

    Yet, the poor, persecuted, and downtrodden Chosen People do manage to thrive. Amazing. Their key trick is to maintain a unique double-standard in American life. It is this:

    Jewish nationalism and Jewish continuity are to be viewed as sacred.

    But White nationalism shall be depicted as racist and deplorable. Nazi!

    It’s works. The trick works. (But for how long?)

    The aim of the ADL is to keep whites atomized, disunited, and ashamed of the very thought of participating in anything that can be called out as ‘racist’. (This value does not apply to religious Jews, secular Jews, Jewy Jews, or Zionists of any persuasion since that kind of ‘race unity’ is GOOD FOR THE JEWS!)

    These kosher rules are fortified by the Hollywood geniuses who do a smack-up job of producing non-stop programming about Nazis, Emmet Till, Adolf Hitler, Jews in gas chambers, white-on-black crime, MLK, Jews banned from WASP country clubs, KKK, ‘anti-Semitism’, and on and on. This one-sided narrative is designed to manufacture and instill toxic doses ofWhite guilt which, in turn, produces a certain type of political paralysis among White Americans. This, too, is Good for the Jews!

    Thus this latest Jew assault on a White defender of law and order is designed to shame, punish and isolate not just him, but all potential (White) sympathizers who have seen and tasted the glories of Jewish-orchestrated diversity up close and hard.

    Today’s lesson: Whites must never push back too hard against marauding negros–even when they are acting like crazed Zulus.

    More importantly, no one may ever criticize Jews as a people. Never! Never! Bad! Bad!

    Unfavorable generalizations about this downtrodden tribe is always unacceptable to the supreme powers that be. Period.

    These background facts explain why Organized Jewry came down so hard on the most successful Black entertainer in world history (Kenye) as well as pro athlete, Kyrie Irving. Public speech shall be monitored and regulated (by Jews) always and forever. Got that? Sure, it’s authoritarian. It’s extra-judicial. It’s endless. But it’s good for the Jews!

    Welcome to Brave New (non-racial) America. I’m feeling safer already. Aren’t you?

    • Thanks: Ulf Thorsen, follyofwar
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  5. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    Thanks for the article.

    The ADL has a long history of dirty tricks against their critics.  A most infamous case is that of Edgar J. Steele, who died in prison.

  6. SafeNow says:

    This reminds me of the recent incident of the pickup that went out-of-control at a parade, killing a parader. The press reports highlight the fact that the driver had a gun in his truck. Now, there are laws against discharging a firearm near a parade. Maybe there are even laws against carrying. But the gun aspect has nothing logical to do with reckless driving. Yet there it is, and the driver’s legal situation is now, quite irrationally, much worse. We have come to the point where people are asking themselves: If some mishap occurs, would this look bad at my trial?

  7. “Coming to the attention of the authorities.”

  8. Darkwing says:

    Frank raped a 14 year old boy not girl

  9. Why any low tier glowie target ever takes the bait and shoots up a supermarket instead of ADL headquarters, or Tim Wise baffles me

  10. The ADL should be stripped of their right to exist as a legal entity recognized by government.

    They can be a private social club for Zionists, under the watchful eye of an America First security apparatus.

    Until then the ADL is under the protection of the ZOG regime, and their boot is on our necks.

  11. Good to see Striker’s writings finally appearing at TUR again. Thought he’d disappeared and had to get a real paying job or wound up in jail. Hope we continue to see more from him on a regular basis.

  12. @mark green

    Dave Chapelle, in his recent stint as SNL host, went about a far as he could to expose Jewish ownership control of entertainment, especially over black rappers and the majority black NBA. Chapelle rehearsed a different stand-up than the one he used in order to get it past Lorne Michaels.

  13. Pommie says:

    We have to wake up to this con game to save ourselves.

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