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Portland: Anarchist "Collective" Announces Plan to Escalate Violence In War with Mayor Ted Wheeler
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Portland’s liberal establishment has a message for Antifa: we don’t need you anymore.

Earlier this week, Mayor Ted Wheeler — previously known for his tacit support for anarchist violence during the Trump-era — made a decisively Trumpian threat to “unmask” and ruthlessly prosecute his city’s anarchists.

While rioting has died down in most of the country, Portland remains as violent and chaotic as ever as it nears reopening. Anarchists not only have failed to be quelled by the election victory of Joe Biden and the Derek Chauvin verdict, they have been increasingly picking fights with wealthy liberals by firebombing government buildings, destroying Apple stores and Starbucks, and causing havoc in Portland neighborhoods where rich people live.

Unlike Trump’s election year toothless surge in federal troops in Portland last year, this time the threat to shut down Antifa may be serious. An increasingly oppressive FBI, Department of Justice and state prosecutor’s office has made obsolete Rose City Antifa’s previous role of using violence to deny Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer their right to publicly march. Now that Trump is out of office, the Democratic party sees anarchists and “antifa” groups as a political liability and nuisance.

Wheeler recently hosted a round table with federal prosecutors and local Sheriffs promising to use tactics previously reserved for the right-wing and pro-white victims of Antifa violence, such as pre-trial detention and absurdly high bail, to force the anarchists they have empowered since 2016 back into Pandora’s box.

He seems to be serious. Wheeler has recently called on Reed College to expel an accused anarchist rioter and is encouraging liberals to snitch on local Antifa to his police force.

But Portland’s feral anarchists are making it clear that they are not intimidated. In a video circulating online, a masked man claiming to represent an “anarchist collective” has put out an ultimatum: either Mayor Wheeler resigns or they will escalate the violence further. The group behind the video posted Mayor Ted’s personal address in the clip.

What will make or break Ted Wheeler’s campaign to “take back” Portland is the willingness and ability of the FBI — the most important tool politicians have to shut down mounting local opposition — to aid him.

Over the years, FBI agents have barely hidden their ideological sympathies for Antifa, while at the same time, the Portland city council has severely curtailed the ability of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force to operate in their city.

Nevertheless, if FBI agents and their fellow bourgeois cosmopolitans have to endure Apple stores closed due to rioting or personal harassment as they go out to enjoy Thai-Mexican fusion cuisine, it may prompt them to aid Wheeler’s quest.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, FBI, Portland 
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  1. It’s hard to decide whether Mayor Ted should be ridiculed and derided or simply felt sorry for. His mentality lacks what every school boy understands clearly, “If I don’t sock the guy bullying me right in the kisser he will continue to bully me until I do.”

  2. If I was the powers that be, I would leave Portland antifa alone so they could fail hard and serve as an example of how the choice is between globohomo or nothing. It is time these young Americans realize there is no alternative.

    I am a Marxist-Leninist(non-practicing) of the Caleb Maupin sort. In my view Americans are incapable of advancing into history. They have too low Assabiyyah to achieve anything and that is due to a chicken-egg style set of conditions born from being of diverse immigrant backgrounds and low Assabiyyah.

    There simply never was a native toiling class in the United States. Toilers(people working for wages) were almost 90+% immigrants, Natives usually were yeoman farmers, craftsmen or merchants.

    The only kind of “-ism” that can succeed among Americans is “money-ism.” All other political ideologies require Assabiyyah and Americans simply don’t have it.

    If anyone has any suggestion as how to raise Assabiyyah in the U.S please share. I don’t live in the U.S anymore so my curiosity is purely intellectual.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  3. Anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    I hope antifa lynches that Traitor.
    It would be poetic.
    Jan 6th was a day of PATRIOTIC BEAUTY.
    Jan 6th was BOSTON TEA PARTY 2.0
    Boston Tea Party 1.0 was not “neat and orderly” either.
    Ashli Babbett made Jan 6th the BOSTON MASSACRE.
    Bigoted Racist Hater WALLS —
    No, wait, those walls are not to protect AMERICA and YOUR FAMILY.
    THOSE walls, tanks, and troops are to protect THEIR FAT ASSES.
    Walls are only Bigoted Racist Hater WALLS — when they are meant for YOUR Family’s protection.
    There is NO “war on terror”
    If those Yellow Bellied Cowards in Washington DC actually thought there was a real threat to their precious fat behinds …………. That Mexican border would have been sealed tight by noon of 9/12/2001.
    All summer B-urning L-ooting M-urdering took place across the Nation and THAT was called “mostly peaceful protest”
    But when some Americans “Dropped in for coffee” at “The PEOPLE’S House” THAT became the APOCALYPSE!
    You don’t give a crap about Citizens victimized by INVADERS why should WE give HALF a crap about you being “victimized??
    It was beautiful watching the CLOWNgress cowering beneath their desks.

  4. “Nevertheless, if FBI agents and their fellow bourgeois cosmopolitans have to endure Apple stores closed due to rioting or personal harassment as they go out to enjoy Thai-Mexican fusion cuisine, it may prompt them to aid Wheeler’s quest.”

    Hasn’t it already been proffered that many of Antifa are sprogs of many of the above mentioned people?

  5. El Dato says:

    Warhammer 40K: Ted Wheeler Edition

  6. “Wheeler recently hosted a round table with federal prosecutors and local Sheriffs promising to use tactics previously reserved for the right-wing”

    The sheriffs should slow walk all efforts working with the Feds.

    There needs to be a ton of payback for the post-January 6th oppression of patriots, the exemplary sentencing of Proud Boys, the Chauvin verdict, the post-Charlottesville demonization of UTR demonstrators, the constant pressure on 2A rights, and the slimey collusion with ADL and SPLC in the DOJ and the military and government bureaucracy.

    The feds are calling patriots Racially Motivated Violent Extremists, including policemen, military and sheriffs. They’ve declared war on half the country. If they show up now saying, “let’s be friends and deal with these anitfa thugs together”, it should be remembered: they are not your friends; you could be next.

    They created this lawless mess long before they stole the 2020 election. Let them reap what they’ve sown in the coming hot summer of Biden.

  7. @#2 regarding diversity among White Americans: “White Nationalism” is the bugbear of the Left, the nightmare monster under the bed or in the closet. Taking away the Left’s propensity for hyperbole in argument (and in thought?), they have nothing to fear at this time. American Whites are simply too diverse in terms of root origins (i.e.: the countries where the person who brought the family from Europe here).

    The coalescence of American Whites into a discrete self-aware People will happen eventually, but eventually can take a long time. It will happen like the natural process of converting carbon to a diamond, heat and pressure over a long time, probably not in the lifetime of anyone reading these words, but rather when we do become a minority.

    • Replies: @anyone with a brain
  8. SafeNow says:

    “they are not your friends”

    Agreed. Well put. And there are many non-friends. Tucker has recently recognized the plight of 36 non-violent Jan. 6 trespassers who are still in solitary confinement. They are not there due to friends. Trump’s lawyer was not raided by friends. Mr. Putin, called a “killer” by Biden, knows that Biden is not his friend. The Chinese know that Blinken, the Don Rickles of Anchorage, is not their friend. Fauci is not your friend. Jen is not your fren’. I am hard-pressed to name anyone associated with this administration who is a friendly, decent, dignified, fair.

  9. Notsofast says:

    oh, this seems to be getting good, i’ve been waiting for this since last summer. grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. at the time of the riots i said that these useful idiots were the s.a. brown shirts of the dnc and fellow globalists but that when their usefulness had come to an end, they would meet the s.s. in their snazzy hugo boss uniforms and long knives. these useless idiots have been so embolden that they think they are invulnerable children of destiny and i can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they find out they’re not in charge…. that is unless the fbi have other plans for them.

  10. BuelahMan says:
    @anyone with a brain

    Very few here will take such a person seriously. Apparently bragging about your affiliation with Lenin and Marx only proves what a dimwit you are.

  11. @Robert Pinkerton

    the white nationalism you speak of will probably not arise as you see it, but more like a caste system. The more European descended Americans will segregate themselves from the less European descended. Which is the end stage social structure of peoples with low Assabiyyah.

    The threats to the left are Boomers and SJWs.

  12. Wheeler is a fucking asshole and I sincerely hope bad things happen to him.

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