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Podcast: A Discussion with Kerry Bolton and Action Zealandia
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A discussion regarding the hectic week in the US with nationalist author Kerry Bolton and the activists in Action Zealandia is up.

You can find it on Youtube and Bitchute.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Tom Verso says:

    In this podcast, Striker responds to a question about the role of the National Jusstice Party.

    Very eloquently he says:

    “Our role right now is an information role“instruct people on their rights, “show them the forces that are doing this to themhelp them understand who the oppressors are …
    “education must always be the precursor to political organizing; many of these people (white working class) are stuck in their false consciousness”

    As with all political parlance, this is eloquently said.
    However, as with all political parlance it does not match reality!

    Given that millions of white working class people are struggling to come up with rent and grocery money, how can you expect to
    when you and other National Justice organizers (Mike, Jazzhands, etc.) hid behind paywalled (informing, instructing, showing, helping, educating) programs on The Right Stuff” network?

    How do you build a political movement by financially blocking off the financially challenged people whom you presume to organize?

    Nation Justice Party is like all political parties … give me money!

    • Replies: @Fatidicus
  2. Normally, I refrain from commenting on decisions that people make regarding their private lives, however, this seems to be an extreme case of white guilt by Sable Knapp who is the daughter of Iowa’s wealthiest real estate developer and married one of the Washington DC snipers. That seems like an extremely dangerous thing to do to me. He was black, and she obviously barely knew him when she decided to marry him since he has been in prison for twenty years. So, she really can’t say that she married him because she loved him, since she barely knows him and has never spent anytime with him in an unsupervised environment. They claim that he was abused as a child, and there are many that were abused as children that do not turn into snipers, or even criminals. Luckiliy, I do not know any snipers, so I have no knowledge of what goes through a sniper’s mind, nor would I ever want to know.

    Andrea Iravani

  3. Fatidicus says:
    @Tom Verso

    1. NJP =/= TRS. All the articles Striker writes are free, all the NJP stuff is free.
    2. Your tired concern troll is pointless. If there was no employment in the content production I doubt half of it would exist. I want to see you to create 10 hours of quality content (on top of the ~20 hours of free content) every week for free and then start your shit slinging, “Tom Verso”. Are you perhaps a tomvert to catholicism?

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  4. Tom Verso says:

    I have no criticism of the people at TRS for having a pay wall. Non what so ever! That is their business model, that is their business.

    However, I have said that the pay wall is an impediment to what they say is their objective: i.e. building a political movement in a population (i.e. white working class) that is under profound historic economic distress.


    The population that TRS people what to organize into a mass political movement cannot afford a pay wall fee. Indeed they cannot afford rent, groceries, healthcare, etc.

    A political movement can only be created by, as Striker says, informing the people to be recruited to that movement – i.e. communicating with the white working class.

    It is a contradiction to say you want to communicate with people and charge them for the communication, which they cannot afford.

    As you have noted, I have raised this issue on other comments (i.e. what you call trolling) and all respondents such as yourself rise to the defense of TRS. And insult me.

    But, they never address the political organization issue that I raise.

    For example, you and others say that the majority of material on TRS is free. And, I have addressed that response.

    In my comments, I refer to what I call the TRS “Flagship” programs Daily Shoa, Srike and Mike and Fash The Nation. They SEEM TO ME to be the defining political character of TRS.

    They are very political and promoters of significant social change. Indeed, Mike Enoch is the dominate voice on Daily Shoa and seems to be the head ‘honcho’, so to speak, of the whole TRS.

    He in turn is the Chairman of the National Justice Party that wants nothing less than a return to White prominence in American culture and government,

    If one limits ‘free time’ to these three progams than by my calculations only 1/3 of the time is free:

    Fash is .5 free;

    Shoa is .5 free (although this seems to vary)

    Stike and Mike is 0 free.

    Thus, in three hours of programing 1 hour is free and 2 hours behind paywall.

    Having said that, I have repeatedly state that is TRS business and I have no criticism per se.

    However, if it is the intention of building a social movement mobilized to affect social change, then it SEEMS TO ME that blocking 2/3 of your messagae is counter productive.

    That is just MY OPINION and all I have intened to do is present MY OPINION for consideration.

    Again, if TRS is just internet ‘talk radio’, then the paywall makes perfect sense.

    However, if TRS through its main political programs intends to build a political movement, then in MY OPINON they should reconsider the paywall.

    Frankly, it seems to me, that TRS has cult followers rather than analytical political organizers. They knee at the alter of TRS and say ‘Yah Sir’ rather then engage in a political dialectic. Consider the comments section of TRS and compare with those here at UNZ.

    Indeed, one cannot comment on TRS unless behind the pay wall. There is no comment section on Striker’s “National Justice” site; there are no comments on TRS’s “Dissident Mag” site; there are no comments on TRS’s “National Justice Party” site.

    In short, the TRS people who claims to want to build a political movement have systematically isolated themselves from the people whom they presume to communicate with and organize.

    Finally, regarding your comment about the COST. I can say unequivocally based on my many years of political action and more importantly the history of political action; no political movement has ever been built by charging people to join the movement. All dedicated political activist that I have known and the biographies of historic activist show; they work ‘day jobs’ and organized in free time.

    Of course they asked for donations from those who could afford it, but they did not block out those who could not afford membership in the organization.

    The TRS people are obviously very well educated, no doubt they can find a ‘day job’ to finance the movement until donations come in that will allow them to make organizing their ‘day job’

    I would very much like to dialogue with you and other TRS fans if you can raise above insults and deal politely and respectfully with the objective issues of how to build a political movement of White Folks.


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