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Pittsburgh: Sexual Deviant Will Keep His Job As High School Teacher
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Parents and community members in suburban Allegheny County are enraged after it was revealed that a teacher at Avonworth High School is a gay pervert with a dog fetish. While this is disturbing to most people, he has not been fired from his job yet.

Problems began for Doug Haskins, the openly gay 9th grade biology instructor, in early January when students discovered a homosexual lifestyle Instagram page. Haskins, wearing a black dog mask, was featured with another man in canine-themed BDSM costumes.

After the discovery, a source told National Justice that students began barking at Haskins during one of his Zoom classes. Soon after, the Instagram pages vanished.

This slice of LGBT “culture” is called pup play. Men who practice it engage in various sex acts while role playing as animals. The masks are color-coded according to the gay handkerchief scheme. Black means “heavy S&M,” while red signifies a man who enjoys being fisted.

National Justice has been provided images of Haskins wearing black and red COVID masks to school.

While parents and students at Avonworth high want to see Haskins fired as soon as possible, administrators are dragging their feet.

According to notes from a January 11th meeting, the board was working on a settlement and release agreement with Haskins. On January 18th, they publicized the outcome of the negotiations, which merely suspended him from sponsoring extracurricular activities.

A source familiar with the dispute told National Justice that if Haskins had instead been publicly outed as having right-wing political beliefs or questioned the Holocaust, he would’ve been quickly terminated. Yet engaging in disturbing and deranged sex acts and telegraphing it to your students does not appear to be a deal breaker.

Pressure from families and students has, however, gotten Haskins to take a sabbatical, according to the source. As of the date of this publication, Haskins remains listed as an employee on the school’s website.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. gay troll says:

    At least he didn’t kill a white lady.

  2. Wilson says:

    seems more trustworthy than the average gay who has a fetish for youth

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  3. The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.

    The state also has no business censoring or punishing people who question official narratives.

  4. @Beavertales

    The state has no place forcibly taking people’s money and using it to pay for their children to spend time with perverts

  5. Sickening. But this is what comes of tolerating and accepting homosexual behavior.

    Homosexuality is not something to proud of or to wallow in. That’s like being proud of a drug addict.

    • Replies: @SanityClaus
  6. @Beavertales


    States that abdicate their duty to enforce healthy social mores will see the state dissolve within a few generations.

    • Replies: @beavertales
  7. @R.G. Camara

    “States that abdicate their duty to enforce healthy social mores will see the state dissolve within a few generations.”

    There has always been a homo minority. The difference is when homosexuality comes out of the closet and wants to dominate the political conversation, in excess of its reach.

    Modern gay and Trans rights are astroturf political movements, heavily backed by elites with antisocial agendas.

    • Replies: @Bill
  8. BuelahMan says:

    It wasn’t that many years ago when a pissed off dad would go take care of that freak. My idea of fisting is totally different than the weirdo’s big, gaping butt hole’s idea.

  9. Everyone in that school district that is interested now knows without any doubt that deviants and perverts are perfectly appropriate as examples for the children. The parents know, the children know, the other teachers know, the union leadership knows. And all of them (not that the kids have a choice) are at least ok with that, if not heartily in favor. They all register their endorsement by continuing to attend and support the schools, any mealy-mouthed statements to the contrary. Even the parents endorse this, else they would remove their children form the schools. Even the parents, who might well be prosecuted if they knowingly allowed their children contact with a person of that depraved public declaration. Let that sink in.

    It is the acceptance and embrace of perversion and depravity by the broad culture which is the problem. There have always been degenerates and perverts among the ranks of teachers and administrators, and scattered thinly throughout society. They used to have the decency to quietly and unobtrusively enjoy their perversions. No more. Now perversion is accepted, soon it will be mandatory, then there won’t be anything out of bounds at all. And a lot sooner than you might think.

    There is no irony, sarcasm or hyperbole in this comment.

    • Agree: Carlo
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  10. @BuelahMan

    It wasn’t that many years ago when a pissed off dad would go take care of that freak.

    The only thing that’s changed, is dad quite understandably doesn’t wish to go to prison on some political charge.

    Whereas in the past, the cops would’ve looked the other way. Or maybe charged him with misdemeanor assault.

    There was a guy in my hometown who’s son got molested. The guy who did it was convicted, but got off with a pretty light sentence. Not sure there was even any state prison time involved. Anyhoo, every time the father saw that guy in town, he’d beat the crap out of him. Eventually, the miscreant chose to go live in another town. The cops never interfered. This was in like 1990 (and in “Silicon Valley,” not Texas, or Idaho).

  11. Bill says:

    There has always been a homo minority. The difference is when homosexuality comes out of the closet and wants to dominate the political conversation, in excess of its reach.

    Which is what happened when the state ceased to repress them.

    • Agree: Carlo
  12. Probably less harmful then the feminist hags children are subjected to en mass in public schools. Not defending this guy but have some perspective. The environment in elementary and middle schools is extremely toxic, especially to boys.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
    , @Rosie
  13. knowname says:

    Not sure what to think here. On one hand the guy is a pervert into some really weird shit. But he did not bring that to the classroom. It looks like he kept his private and public lives separate. The article says he was openly gay which means the kids probably knew he was a queer. I doubt they knew about his fetishes. I would like to know how the kids came across the gay instagram page. I think they were probably looking for it. I doubt it just popped up on their computers. Why were they looking for it? Being the cat is out of the bag I would think he would want to move as far away as possible. On the other hand what he did is worse than what some have done to get fired, like supporting Trump.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  14. @BuelahMan

    I looked up goatse on know your meme and those pigs won’t let me view their pages unless I disable my adblocker.

  15. Frankly, this seems a pretty harmless perversion and what OUGHT to be someone’s quiet hobby, shared behind discreetly closed doors with intimate friends – except for the unfortunate fact that Doug Haskins saw fit to leave large fingerprints all over the internet.

    If a fellow can’t dress up as a German Shepherd and enjoy being vigorously fisted by a chap dressed as a Chihuahua, there is no liberty left in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    Woof! Woof!

  16. @Billy Corr

    I think you have it backward. It appears that these types of behaviors are the only Liberties left in this god forsaken country.

    Robert Bork claimed this country was slouching toward Gomorrah.

    It appears we’ve arrived and gone native, or some of us at least.

  17. I don’t think that a school teacher should be arrested, have his/her life ruined, etc. due to him/her having a romantic relationship with a (legal aged) student.

    The government forces teens (up to 17 or so) to go to school, often putting them in close contact with 30-ish adults of the opposite (i.e. preferred) sex.

    WTH do government policy makers think is going to result?

    • Replies: @Ceeb
  18. @R.G. Camara

    Don’t like chocolate ice cream? What do I care.
    I prefer vanilla.
    I don’t fall for the bullshit of gay/straight. I don’t fall for the lie that transgendered status can be purchased through surgery and/or pharmaceutical hormones. The only real transgendered persons are NATURAL hermaphrodites. Don’t fall for the lie that sexual preference can be conflated
    with FAKE transgendered cyborg surgical/pharmaceutical persons.
    The pharmaceutical/surgical cartel is selling trangenderism to children by LYING TO CHILDREN
    misrepresenting surgery and synthetic hormones as hermphroditism.
    Only natural hermaphrodites, natural men and natural women have authority to participate in government. Cyborgs persons that are products of surgery/pharmaceuticals have not natural rights and cannot participate in government or hold any position of public trust.
    Intimacy between men is normal and has been practiced for thousands of years.
    Ancient Greece invented Geometry. They did not care about sexual preference.
    Neither did the Romans. Neither do I or anybody else with common sense.
    Julius Caesar was every womans husband and every mans wife.
    Your kind worship baby killers that serve the British Empire NATO HEROIN MAFIA.
    Your kind wipe your asses with our Declaration of Independence by pledging your service
    to the British Empire NATO HEROIN MAFIA.
    Your kind serve the king of Saudi Arabia. You are their slave.
    Islam is a child rapist pedophile cult.
    Moslems worship a child rapist pedophile they call their prophet.
    Islam is the official religion of the Pentagon and National guard. The pentagon are Islamic jihadists killing for Islam since 1995 conquering new territory
    for Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan and maintaining those Islamic dictatorshits.
    The pentagon baby killers and traitors are our children’s enemies.

  19. Students all have rabies shots –shouild be OK —

  20. @Brian Reilly

    Meanwhile in Pennsylvania:

    MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. – A petition with over 2,500 signatures is asking for a member of the Upper Perkiomen School Board to resign over a social post about Dr. Rachel Levine.

    “I am so enraged,” Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg said. “This is the school district in which I was raised and helped shape me into being the person I am.” . . .

    The petition shows a retweet allegedly by school board member Raeann Hofkin comparing a picture of the former White House press secretary next to one of Dr. Rachel Levene, President Biden’s appointee as assistant health secretary, who is a transgender woman.

    “The face of America is going from this to this. God help us,” the original tweet read.

    Deja Lynn Alvarz, a transgender activist, said, “Again, you know it gets so tiring. I can’t imagine how Dr. Levine feels.

    And in another corner of Allegheny County:

    Scott Twp. Commissioner Resigns Following Disrespectful Comment Towards Secretary Of Health Dr. Rachel Levine: ‘A Guy Dressed Up Like A Woman’

    Maybe if the Scott Twp Commissioner had worn a dog mask he could have kept his position.

    nb. Marjorie Taylor Green is being removed from the Education Committee for various of her white national list statements.

  21. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s not the only pervy type working within one school system or another. Most school systems are magnets for closeted sex deviants of one variety or another since it puts them in contact with young people of varying ages. That’s beside the fact that the education system is dominated by leftist types who want to brainwash the youth. School children have to be warned to be careful about those adults in charge of them for most of the day.

  22. Possumman says:

    So what is his pronoun ?? He’s a good boy.

  23. @knowname

    You are a dimwit. My guess is that kids will seek out ALL social media presence for all of their teachers as a general practice. And look at this freak’s pictures; enough to set most any sentient person’s GAYDAR off.

  24. @Wilson

    “seems more trustworthy than the average gay who has a fetish for youth”

    HBD and “evolutionary psychology” for thee but not for he, eh?

  25. @Alfred Muscaria

    Actually a pretty reasonable response. The students’ reactions (barking) show that he’s no threat to them, they openly mock him. What puzzles me is why he would insist (if he does) on coming back from sabbatical (“I have rights!” like the Scorpio killer in Dirty Harry). He can’t be an effective teacher and might even be in some danger from students or parents (see comments above). In a normal society he’d slink away, and that way the problem solves itself.

    Meanwhile the crazy wine aunts continue to teach.

  26. Is this Biden’s new Chief of Staff? If not, why not? WHY NOT?

  27. Rosie says:
    @Alfred Muscaria

    Probably less harmful then the feminist hags children are subjected to en mass in public schools. Not defending this guy but have some perspective. The environment in elementary and middle schools is extremely toxic, especially to boys.

    “Feminist hags” lol. Women schoolteachers are not particularly feminist. They some of the most traditional of women. I have never heard of or seen any evidence of boy-shaming in schools. White-shaming, certainly. Boy-shaming, no.

  28. Anerica76 says:

    Why are you obsessed with this man? He’s done nothing wrong to anyone.

  29. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    who tf cares what he does in his personal life? He did nothing wrong. He is with consenting adults.

  30. God says:

    Of those hypocrites that disapprove of what others do in their private lives, did you vote for your lord and savior Donald Trump who paid off a porn star prostitute to shut up about their adulterous affair he had on his third wife, the nude model Melania? And who was the “pervert” that discovered the Instagram location anyway, someone who gets off on that kind of stuff himself? The problem with our society is, and has always been the rightwing religious fanatics that believe the voices in their heads telling them everyone else but them is living wrong and needs to change or burn in hell forever. Talk about a sick mind – wow. I hope he sues the school district for millions. You a$$ holes need to stay out of every else’s private lives.

  31. Ceeb says:

    Everyone on here talking about how the school doesn’t care about whatever it’s teachers do are obviously just homophobic. Years ago when I was in elementary school there they fired a teacher who was actually a pedophile (a truly harmful sexual orientation) if you don’t believe me look up Walter Street. There is nothing dangerous about having a gay man teach children.

  32. As someone who has actually spent time in the classroom with Mr. Haskins I can personally attest that he is a fine teacher. Never once has he behaved in a way that made me feel threatened or unsafe in his class, and I’m sure if he did behave in that way word about such behavior would have circulated enough for me to be aware. This did not happen. I was very saddened to hear how kids would treat him during zoom calls and talk about him behind his back, but I am downright disgusted to see that adults on the internet behave in a similar manner. Someone’s sexual preferences has nothing to do with their work and how they interact with others, and thinking such is a sign of ignorance.

  33. Parent says:

    As the parent of a student, I do not care what consenting adults do behind closed doors. The problem here is the tremendously poor judgement of Mr Haskins in posting images of his private life online. If this man is not capable of making critical decisions for himself, how are we, as parents, to trust his judgement in the classroom? This is not about him being homosexual, it is about his lack of judgement.

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