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Philadelphia: White People Who Want COVID Vaccine Are Being Turned Away for Their Race
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The city of Philadelphia is deliberately denying its white residents access to COVID vaccinations.

A city worker told National Justice that the City Council and Mayor’s office rejected offers to use the Lincoln Financial Field as a vaccination site solely due to concerns that more white people might get it than blacks. To prevent this from happening, the municipality has tasked an NGO called the Black Doctor’s COVID Consortium (BDCC) to distribute vaccinations based on race rather than need.

While it makes scientific sense to reserve vaccines for the elderly and sick, there is no evidence to suggest blacks are more biologically susceptible to COVID than whites. The BDCC has opened up vaccination facilities almost exclusively in majority black neighborhoods. White people have been traveling to these dangerous areas in hopes of receiving the shot, only to be turned away and shamed for even trying. The source told us that this is despite the fact that BDCC only advertises availability of treatment through black-oriented channels.

Refusing medical help to an individual solely due to their race is a violation of both established medical ethics and federal Civil Rights law. While some whites have been served by the Black Doctor’s Consortium, the group announced yesterday that it would start aggressively blacklisting sign ups from white neighborhoods and suburbs.

Previously, the city was using a group of university students called Philly Fighting COVID to distribute vaccines. The latter organization came under fire for opening up facilities in white working class neighborhoods like Fishtown, as well as an allegation that PFC’s leader was bringing home vaccines for his family and friends. The city council then pressured the Mayor Jim Kenney to break his agreement with PFC and give the rights to BDCC instead.

Fewer than 50% of Americans are interested in taking the COVID vaccine, citing its new RNA altering mechanism and the fact that it was rushed to market. For blacks, only 25% surveyed said they would take it.

For this reason, it is likely that vaccines will remain unused or wasted in Philadelphia because those who want it are being racially discriminated against.

While there is little reason for a healthy young person of any race to get the vaccine, the precedent set must be challenged on principle. If anti-white activism is institutionalized in medicine, what is to stop whites from facing discrimination while waiting for organ transplants or emergency room treatment?

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. eD says:

    If the stories about people getting the vaccine and then dropping dead, or Mike Whitney’s column neighboring this one on, are accurate, white people might be winning this one.

    • Agree: Wyatt
  2. Darkwing says:

    What do you expect it is Philadelphia, nothing new here, remember they are the city that bomb a entire city blok over a few anti government people

    • Replies: @Nachum
  3. Really, Eric, it’s all for the best. As this ‘plague’ has 0.04% death rate and the DNA-altering Pfizer vaccine has officially never undergone animal or (until now) human testing, we’re all probably better off just skipping the jab.

  4. BuelahMan says:

    Here’s to white people giving their shots to all jews and darkies. Its the best thing we could ever do for them, after decades of doling out reparations and giving away our place in society.

    They deserve it.

  5. Peg B says: • Website

    Mr. Striker, you said : “While it makes scientific sense to reserve vaccines for the elderly and sick,” – what “science”are you citing?
    Vaccine information sheets warn – or used to – not to give vaccines to sick people or pets.

    Also, what science are you basing the existence of covid on? Because there is no science that proves it; quite the opposite.

    • Replies: @Alden
  6. anarchyst says:

    White gentiles should not get the vaccines as they are “game changers” and will result in genocide. It’s about population control, NOT a common “virus”.
    I don’t care if jews or other “people of color” get the vaccines. In fact, I would encourage everyone but white gentiles to get the vaccines.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Alden
  7. northeast says:

    The same thing is happening in NYC.

  8. Nachum says:

    Black mayor bombed a black group, so We Don’t Talk About It.

    I was actually in Philadelphia that day on a class trip, but nowhere nearby.

  9. I thought they always did animal testing first?

    • Replies: @deke
    , @Alden
  10. deke says:

    That’s good for white people, right? The vax is a fraud designed to kill off the host.

  11. deke says:
    @Bill Jones

    Yeah, there’ doing it in Philly.

  12. Truth says:

    Hey, if any of you wants my shot, I’m SURE we can come to an agreement. I’ll even throw in the booster shot, free.

    I just ask that you bring me the card with the doctor’s signature, and use my name.

  13. Alden says:

    Me too. I’ll never get it. I don’t believe it’s gene altering poison ☠️ or anything like that. I believe it’s just normal saline. 💉 . The news stories and pictures of old people lined up leaning on canes and walkers is just more MSM lies , lies and more lies. Most old people are bombarded with texts and emails “ call your regular Dr office we have covid vaccine”

  14. Alden says:
    @Bill Jones

    They are doing animal testing first.

  15. Alden says:
    @Peg B

    Exactly right. Back when the polio vaccine was being given in schools they tried to do it in September and October before winter flu and bronchitis and spring measles mumps chicken pox season.

  16. Mr Jew says:

    This is a problem? Well, let’s make them think we want that vaccine really bad. That’s a good strategy.

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