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Oregon: Liberals Celebrate Police Brutality Against Peaceful Protesters In Salem
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After spending the whole summer calling for abolishing the police and supporting deadly anarchist rioters, prominent left-liberal commentators are suddenly cheering on displays of violence by the Salem police department against right-wing groups.

A coalition made up of Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys and other patriotic groups went to the State Capitol to call on Oregon Governor Kate Brown to lift COVID restrictions and re-open the economy. The rally comes days after Mitch McConnell and numerous Senate Democrats refused to vote on a \$2,000 relief check to financially desperate families — a bill backed by Bernie Sanders, Josh Hawley and Donald Trump.

The rally was largely peaceful until police began inserting armed “Antifa” members to antagonize and threaten right-wing protesters. The event was then declared unlawful, and police began beating, tear gassing and tossing flash bangs into the groups of American flag waving patriotic groups. Scores of confused demonstrators were arrested.

On Twitter, left-wing figures expressed sexual ecstasy at the display of state violence. “Cops being aggressive with the Proud Boys might be my new kink,” said Washington Post commentator Holly Figueroa O’Reilly, who just last September said police officers were to blame for the violence that was engulfing our cities.

Failed Congressional candidate Mark Judson reiterated the sentiment, “Proud Boys — My Guess [….] After Trump* is out – you’re fresh out of friends in the Government. Spring is coming – and with it, no knock warrants.” No knock warrants are a controversial practice by militarized-police that surprise subjects. The states of Oregon, Virginia and Florida ban the practice due to the high probability of violence occurring during unannounced raids.

Former Wall Street executive turned gay Jewish activist Amy Siskind also shared images from Salem and indulged fantasies of a police crackdown against Trump supporters, calling it “A taste of what’s to come.”

The combination of COVID lockdowns with lack of state support are causing enormous pain on working people. The two major “liberal” media outlets, the New York Times and the Washington Post, are supporting Republican budget hawks in their opposition to providing people making less than \$75,000 a year with a \$2000 subsidy. At the same time, liberal elites are responding to calls from desperate people to lift COVID restrictions and allow economic activity in lieu of a negligent government with state violence.

As commentator Michael Peinovich has observed, whatever the merits of COVID and the lockdowns as a way to contain it, working people simply cannot financially afford to believe the pandemic is real. A Pew survey from July found that 25% of Americans believe there is merit to conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic.

With neo-liberal pundits switching from supporting rioters who destroy small businesses and kill people to encouraging the police to brutalize peaceful demonstrators, it’s no wonder so many people refuse to believe anything our elites tell us.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Coronavirus, Neoliberalism, Police State 
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  1. JimDandy says:

    That’s the gist of the critically acclaimed Watchmen, isn’t it? Police brutality is awesome when it’s used against the unwoke?

    • Replies: @frontier
  2. fnn says:

    Back in the 1990’s, Liberals and lefties were fine with police violence committed against the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians at Waco. Due to an epic MSM cover-up, the lefties didn’t find out the Branch Davidians were 40% black until years later.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  3. Now that Biden is in, it’s okay to crack down on the radical dupes who were just used.

    • Replies: @Rashomoan
  4. 30 of the 38 Oregon counties are red,with a whole lot of purple.
    Known as “Oregunians”, they are armed to the teeth. When the
    boiling point is finally reached in America,it seems likely
    the pacific northwest will take the lead or give the lead first.
    The “State of Jefferson” movement has been brewing for decades
    and now the greater I da ho project is gaining ground. We’ve
    got the best Government money can buy and more debt
    than anyone can imagine. Hoo-Rah, we’re rich…

  5. @fnn

    I still hadn’t heard that there were a hugh number of blacks in the compound. I recently watched the Netflix miniseries about Waco. It features exactly one black family in the mix. Apparently still a secret. Maybe it would’ve looked too much like Jonestown?

  6. Of course. Free speech is only for commies, so why should patriots get to have peaceful protests without being knocked in the skull?

    These shit bags look at the great success of the big Charlottesville lie and think it’s a magic template. They must feel bullet proof. At some point they will discover that they are gravely mistaken. And I will laugh and laugh and laugh.

  7. You know you are dealing with a cultural “elite” when their own hypocracy is so blatant yet they are so oblivious.
    That their hypocracy concerns condoning State violence — well, let’s say the gap between progressive & fascist is cigarette paper thin.

  8. Former Wall Street executive turned gay Jewish activist Amy Siskind

    An example of the new ruling class.

  9. Only 25%? I’m disappointed.

  10. frontier says:

    Nothing new, Trump or no Trump, selective enforcement has been the rule for many years. It’s only getting more obvious now, with the economy drained, it’s bound to be overused as a political tool.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  11. They have to live somewhere …..
    Police Use Armed Antifa / Black Lives Matter Against Patriots In Oregon then Police Attack And Arrested Patriots January 1

    Video Link
    How nice — the longer the riots last the more overtime money the PIGS the rioters are “protesting” MAKE!
    The question is — WHY did the police protect antifa at Sturgis?
    The police do NOT protect Conservative counter protestors.
    The police do NOT protect honest taxpaying Citizen OR their businesses.
    The police do NOT protect their own police stations.
    But there they are protecting Bolshevik criminals.
    Smells to high Heaven.
    Padding their paychecks.
    Obeying order from TPTB.
    Betraying their own people for a paycheck.

    • Replies: @darold
  12. JimDandy says:

    It was certainly the rule in TV fiction for a long time–those crime detective shows like Homicide and CSI (or whatever) essentially sang the praises of police brutality during interrogations, if the perps were Neo-Nazi skinheads, white Ivy League date-rapists, etc.

  13. darold says:

    When it comes down to us Vs them, I’m afraid the police are going to turn on us. What about the Military? Do you think the Military will actually attack us conservatives? WE who support a strong Army. If the democrats can use the military and police against us we have no chance of reclaiming our country. Not a prayer.

    What do we then do? Hide out in the woods in clusters. With vote by mail we will never win back the white house. Biden/Harris have already sold us out to China. Both of them have declared war on white history and the white male.

    Who, out there, has any answers to how we can fight back.

  14. JimDandy says:

    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on our faces— forever.

    That’s how I see things about half the time these days. Other times, I think of factors like hispanic social conservatism, the left’s inability to stop themselves from going too far, and so on. Overall, I think we are looking at the Brazilification of America. If you want a crude picture of what America will look like in 50 years, look at Brazil today. That is, though, I’ll admit, my optimistic side talking.

    Sadly, one of the things I think that is going to happen is the rise of actual “right-wing” terrorism here, though the people committing it probably won’t hold views that were very far outside of the mainstream even just a few years ago. The Overton Window has been moving steadily left for a long time now, and it is gaining momentum. The White Man is openly identified as the Emmanuel Goldstein of today. Hatred and oppression of white men is branded as virtue–and mandatory. This will inevitably result in individual backlash by men who have little to lose–“losers” who are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Government provocateurs won’t be necessary to drive these white men to commit horrible, pyrrhic acts. And the tragic consequences will extend much further than the casualties they inflict and the attendant suffering of loved ones and a fear-gripped populace. They will usher in new levels of fascistic invasions of our privacy, much greater constraints on what we say and what we read, how we are allowed to raise our children, etc.

    It’s kind of fascinating, really, this mass crucifixion of white men. Thus far, the white man’s reaction has been an exercise in remarkable restraint, if you think about it. And they will continue to resist not evil, because of their Christian values, whether or not they are in fact practicing Christians. But the outliers will become more numerous, and the ranks of those who can’t bring themselves to hurt others but also don’t want to live in such a world anymore will swell.

    I’m reminded of a superb essay published on Occidental Observer a couple years ago:

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