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Op-Ed: South Africa's Jewish "Oranias"
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The Guardian’s Dennis Webster, a hipster from rapidly gentrifying Johannesburg, recently ran a Rockefeller Foundation financed hit piece on the Boer town of Orania, located in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

The offense appears to be the 1600 person white enclave’s success, economically and culturally. Webster’s implication is that this is apartheid, and must be destroyed.

Orania is an ethical and model reservation. Its bank is owned by its people and uses its own currency. It trades its pecans with China and is completely self-sufficient, with plans for a university and other formal institutions. It has no violent crime (50 people are murdered in South Africa every day).

Most importantly of all, the work in the community is done entirely by formerly unemployed Boers, rather than cheap black labor. For institutionally discriminated against and racially despised Boers living without electricity or running water, Orania is their only hope for work and a life with dignity.

Orania’s former president, Carel Boshoff, once responded to Jewish and liberal critics of his national-socialist experiment by proclaiming that he agreed with black leaders about white privilege. He created an option for the nation’s white minority to opt out and stop oppressing black people with their skin color!

This has not stopped Jews like Ludger Schadomsky or the Israeli Benjamin Pogrund from expressing feigned outrage. The Zionist media has been globally defaming and campaigning against a small group of people minding their own business to the detriment of no one since the 1990s. In no corner of the earth can whites who are not millionaires and billionaires exist unharmed, even those who are traditionally philo-Semitic, like the Calvinist Boers.

Jewish Orania

25 years after Nelson Mandela took power, everything in South Africa is worse for everyone but a few thieves. Post-Apartheid South Africa is the most unequal nation on earth, with a 26% official unemployment rate (16% in 1994).

Jewish and English capitalist interests are only ones who benefited from the fall of Apartheid. The ANC promised to protect their money, but in exchange it wanted its leadership to be able to loot too.

While ostensibly socialist, the corrupt African National Congress (ANC) under Mandela immediately began privatizing state-owned enterprises and undoing Apartheid era economic policies meant to protect workers and sovereignty once in power. From 1994 to 2010, the percentage of the economy driven by finance went from 6% to 13%, thanks to neo-liberal policies walked along in 2002 by then President Thabo Mbeki’s chief economist, the Jew Alan Hirsch.

Politically, there is no reason to vote. Aside from cartoonish levels of black corruption, all the major parties are controlled by Jewish money. The ANC has always been in the pocket of the Oppenheimers. The Democratic Alliance, the right-liberal conservative party the white minority votes for in vain, is headed by a Jew named Hellen Zille who hates her own voters. The Economic Freedom Fighters, an openly anti-white party led by Julius Malema which promises to take Boer land and give it to blacks, is believed to be financed by billionaire Nathan Hirsch and proven to be taking money from gentile tobacco boss Adriano Mazzotti.

EFF parliament members recently promised to take the land home to less than 2000 whites in Orania away by force and give it to blacks. Julius Malema, a man who defiantly calls for farm-killings and laughs at the country’s rape epidemic, knew he crossed a line when he made “insensitive” comments about Israelis. He abruptly apologized to South African Jewry.

Malema and other low-lives target the rural Boers because they are poor and their race guarantees them no international defenders relative to Jews and a select number of white lackeys collaborating with them in hopes of staying inside “mini-Apartheid” suburban communities with barbed wire and private security.

Here are some “white” racial enclaves the Zionist media won’t attack and Julius Malema won’t dare threaten:


This 3,000 person Johannesburg suburb is lined with mansions and enormously wealthy. It is known for its Jewish super-majority, which is manifested by scores of Kosher butchers, Jewish restaurants, Synagogues and schuls. It is 75% “white” (compared to 8% nationwide), with a minority of blacks living there to provide manual labor and other services.

Jews in the area use a special private contracting firm called the CSO, which keeps blacks from outside the suburb out and those inside in line. The CSO militia not only protects Jews in their day to day business, but even has been accused of attacking pro-Palestinian activists with impunity.

The Izinga Estate

In Durban, Jews are settling down in Umhlanga, which, despite its Zulu name, is only 17% black.

One of their projects is the Izinga Estate, a mini-Israel inside of South Africa, with a fence totally surrounding it, massive homes and every luxury imaginable. The project is being bankrolled by billionaire property speculator Jonathan Beare, a figure never criticized by EFF members who want to reclaim “their” land. Hostile journalists and “Economic Freedom Fighters” have not expressed any interest in ending this Zionist racial segregation being brought to an African nation.


A section of the Johannesburg metropolitan area that was racially integrated after Apartheid, Norwood, is also home to a large Jewish community. Blacks are only 30% of the population, but they are being driven out by hipster-gentrification occurring at a breakneck pace. Publicity for the area is very good, in spite of this racial dynamic.

The Jews and urban bourgeois hypocrites who bash Orania don’t want to live around blacks either, but every neo-liberal NGO-backed “journalist” the Oranians let into their village to libel them as monsters on the world stage is a step closer to their demise.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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