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New York: Lebanese Government Defends Intellectual Freedom of Diplomat Against Zionist Intimidation Campaign
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The Lebanese consul in New York City refused to cower to a Jewish-led mob demanding the firing of Abir Taha, a Lebanese intellectual and career diplomat who serves as the consul general.

Taha, whose books have been published by Arktos, has written academic books about Nationalsocialism, geopolitics and Nietzschean philosophy, as well as novels influenced by Eastern spirituality. Jewish groups are calling her Nazi and anti-Semite.

A group called Outlive Them NYC, who describe themselves as “antifascist Jews in occupied NYC organizing to defend all our communities,” led a mob that blocked the entrance of the Lebanese consul demanding Taha’s resignation just two days after the tragic August 4th explosion in Beirut that killed 178 people and leveled a large portion of the city.

According to the consulate’s website, the Jews and leftists flooded their system with emails and almost collapsed their network as retaliation for their decision to defend Taha’s intellectual freedom. The result of this action is that thousands of Lebanese citizens who required both conventional services as well as information on the status of loved ones potentially impacted by the explosion were significantly delayed by the callous haters.

The Lebanese have doubled down on defending Taha’s free speech and professionalism. In a public statement, they declared that “[Abir Taha] is a career diplomat (من الملاك) who has joined the diplomatic corps and who will remain in this corps until she retires, because she is part of the administration, not a political class or group. Indeed, she is politically independent, with no political affiliation or loyalty to any party or politician. She only strives to serve Lebanon and its people, her only pride, loyalty and duty.”

In a shocking display of arrogance, the foreign emissaries were subjected to an ultimatum by the mob of New York Jews and “antifa” members demanding that Taha be fired by August 10th “or else.” The release concludes that, “What is currently happening to the Consul General : harassment, threats, insults, blaming her for all of our country’s woes, insulting the Consulate staff members, and lastly, giving her an “ultimatum” to resign until August 10, 2020 “or else” (…) … all of this is really sad and unfair since she and the entire staff of the Consulate General of Lebanon have been tirelessly serving our community, even during these difficult times, without any interruption or delay. She certainly doesn’t deserve this. The entire staff of the Consulate certainly doesn’t deserve this.”

By taking a principled stance, the Lebanese state breaths a breath of fresh air into the American police state, where citizens live in fear of their opinions being known and are arbitrarily blacklisted from employment for questioning the narratives of the elite.

The disgusting act of trying to leverage access to embassy services right after a tragedy to enforce US-style political correctness was celebrated by Al Arabiya, a media company owned by Saudis, which reported that the consul had to close its doors on August 12th in response to the protests.

There is no evidence of this being true. The consul appears to be open during its usual hours and Taha is still listed as its head.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Thank you Eric for bringing this story to light. Your tireless work on behalf of ordinary Americans for truth and justice is widely recognized and appreciated.

  2. Thank you Eric for bringing this hidden news item to our attention.

    It is high time that real defense of free speech and more importantly Truth Speech is taken seriously by the hibernating American public. That the besieged Lebanese govt should stand up against the political pressure of the US superpower on this matter is heartening.

    Compare this to our political elite, which has given up all defense of the principles of our US constitution and sees it only as a floor mat to be used for their meaningless right/left debating circus.

    Lebanon is being ground down and hit hard politically, economically and militarily for standing for truth and justice. Our US politicians are spineless and do not even sound a peep anymore for ending the unceasing and unwarranted Israeli air attacks on Lebanon, Syria and Gaza.

  3. Chris Moore says: • Website

    So Jewish Antifa is attacking Lebanon, in addition to attacking the USA. And the corrupt Marxist-Zionist establishment is backing them to the hilt in both cases.

    When are these “inner circle” Marxist-Zionist fanatics and killers going to be brought to justice? When their “outer circle” bodyguards are stripped away.

  4. ATBOTL says:

    Eric Striker is the best writer on He’s covering the most important and relevant stories, not just rehashing “blacks are bad” for twenty years.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  5. A123 says:

    The Lebanese government exists to serve Iran…

    Shouting, Death to America! -&- Death to Jews! is typical of those who to obey sociopath Ayatollah Khameni. There is no reason to believe this is a “breath of fresh air”.

    However, I concur that she should be allowed to speak freely. Her words are the “Stench of Death” that reveal the evil of her Iranian Shia owners. Every word she speaks turns those who believe in The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit away from the sins & horrors of Shia violence.

    PEACE 😇

    • Disagree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @El Dato
  6. Lot says:

    She is coward and liar, claiming that the interview where she praised Hitler and advocated Aryan mysticism babble was fake and she was “hacked.”

    Problem is, the interview was online for 5+ years, and if it is fake it is an incredibly elaborate one that fooled the highly sympathetic interviewer and was by someone who has read all her books.

    You really believe someone hacked her 5+ years ago to do a fawning and nerdy interview on an obscure website to use against her 5 years later? Really?



    “ Your most inspiring work, in my opinion, is “The Epic of Arya.” This book is one of the most spiritually enlightening works I have read. I would put it on the same level as Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” and the “Bhagavad Gita.” What do you hope to achieve with this Aryan epic?

    The Epic of Arya is, as the title shows, the Aryan bible, the odyssey of the Aryan race, the race of gods, on earth. It is about the rise and fall of that glorious Race of Light and its coming rebirth and redemption through a higher consciousness and a spiritual mutation. This book is a future classic and has been compared by reviewers to Thus Spoke Zarathustra, as I have been called “Zarathustra’s sister” or counterpart.

    Only a return to the spiritual roots of this race can save mankind from decadence and degeneracy. The redemption of the Aryan Race will only be done through recapturing the Aryan spirit and reviving the Aryan Religion, the Golden Chain from Aryana to Hyperborea. Only a spiritual rebirth will save the race. We should therefore revive our gods and our ancient Aryan religions: Odinism, Zoroastrianism, Orphism, Mithraism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc… but of course in a new, modern, spiritual form. In my opinion, Aryan revival could find its source and inspiration in Nietzsche and Jung’s works. The Epic of Arya is a synthesis between these two great minds.”

  7. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Every word she speaks turns those who believe in The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit away from the sins & horrors of Shia violence.

    Too heavy on the AdultSundaySchoolMegachurchSeenFromTheOuterbelt schtick.

  8. @Lot

    Let’s cut to the chase, Lot: do you support the campaign of threats and intimidation against Taha?

  9. El Dato says:

    typical of those who to obey sociopath Ayatollah Khameni.

    Has been dead for some time now.

    And you too seem to be in need of changing batteries.

    Shia violence

    Top kek.

    The Old Testament: Secretly written by Shiis.

  10. El Dato says:

    And this text is bad how?

    • Replies: @Lot
  11. @Lot

    Thank you for bringing to our attention Abir Taha’s teaching and writing on the spiritual and intellectual force of

    “the Aryan Religion, the Golden Chain from Aryana to Hyperborea. Only a spiritual rebirth will save the race. We should therefore revive our gods and our ancient Aryan religions: Odinism, Zoroastrianism, Orphism, Mithraism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc… but of course in a new, modern, spiritual form.”

    The Epic of Arya “is about man’s eternal quest for the divine.”

    Samuel Huntington step aside; your “clash of civilizations” notion was politically jiggered from its outset: Zoroaster defined the clash first and better.

    I’ve come to perceive Jesus as essentially a Zoroastrian: (if Jesus actually existed it’s not implausible that his father was Persian). The temptations of Jesus in the wilderness describe the tension that every political leader (and every human) must confront: forces of Darkness or the forces of Light; the powers of the Devil, or of the Angels.

    The Epic of Arya is available directly from Arktos as well as from the usual bookselling outlets.

    Thanks again, Lot, for bringing this important work about the Aryan vision to our attention.

    • Agree: mark green
  12. Lot says:
    @El Dato

    I didn’t say it was bad. The Lebanese lady is claiming, falsely, the interview is faked and from an email hack.

  13. @ATBOTL

    Good point about rehearsing ‘blacks are bad’ for 20 years.

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