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New York: Blackface Wearing Zionist Extremist Dov Hikind Will Lead March to Put Blacks on Notice
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Former Jewish Defense League organizer Dov Hikind, who until recently was a Democratic assemblyman representing a heavily Orthodox Jewish part of Brooklyn, is calling on the public to march in a show of force against alleged black attacks on Jews.

On Twitter, Hikind demanded blacks themselves attend the January 5th rally: “We’re calling on all to come out & stand with us . We ask our friends in the Black community to join us & send the message loud and clear that we are one & together we stand up and say NO to Anti -Semitism.”

Hikind has retired from politics and now runs a Zionist activist group called “Americans Against Anti-Semitism.” He is a lifelong super-racist known for mocking blacks with blackface. He has claimed to have broken with the ideology of Kahanism after organizing numerous violent JDL protests in the 1970s. This does not appear to be true.

Last May, Hikind led a contingent of JDL members (pictured above) in a campaign of physical intimidation against the the clergy of a Christian church in Queens, which responded by canceling a planned pro-Palestinian event. The ideology of Kahanism interprets the Talmud literally and openly rejects the idea that non-Jews are human, especially blacks and Arabs.

A number of Jewish organizations, including the New York Times, have echoed Hikind’s demand that gentiles attend the “No Hate, No Fear” show of force.

Blacks Put on Notice

Violent crime in New York City is up, especially murder. All ethnic groups in the multicultural city are being impacted by this (most far more than Jews), but the NYPD is preparing a massive specialized police and surveillance offensive only in areas where Jews and blacks live in close proximity like Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park – none of which are particularly dangerous compared to the Bronx or Brownsville.

According to a press conference by Mayor Bill De Blasio on December 29th, up to 6 additional officers will be added per police patrol in Jewish neighborhoods, a dramatic increase of NYPD surveillance flood lights will be installed in nearby dwellings where blacks are housed, and the city will be creating Orwellian “Neighborhood Safety Coalitions,” which amounts to a network of informants in black churches, schools and hangouts intended to deter “acts of hate” against Jews.

Black leaders do not appear to have had much say in the development of these new measures targeting their community. The Mayor’s director of the Office of Criminal Justice, Liz Glazer, is Jewish herself.

These new policies accompany a call from Brooklyn City Council members to declare a state of emergency and deploy the military on Brooklyn streets where blacks and Jews interact. Governor Andrew Cuomo has not said whether he would or wouldn’t consider this option.

Putting all of this into perspective, black leaders who attend Hikind’s “solidarity” march should understand that the “solidarity” only goes one way.

As Borough Park Assemblyman, Hikind eagerly forwarded misbehaving blacks to the NYPD while refusing to allow secular authorities to investigate accused child molesters and other criminals inside the Orthodox Jewish community. This is a common double standard practiced by Jewish politicians in Brooklyn, where they create parallel societies that exclude non-Jewish constituents, often to their detriment.

Hikind has targeted blacks specifically for their “anti-Semitism” in recent interviews. He has focused his fire on Joan Terrell-Paige of the Jersey City Board of Education in particular for bringing up well-documented instances of the Jewish organ trade and complaints of abuse by Jews against blacks in her home city. Hikind has been trying to get the local black caucus to disavow her and get her fired.

How many blacks and left-wing organizations will march besides the JDL enabling blackface wearing hate-mongering Zionist on January 5th in support of the coming anti-black police crackdown in specific defense of the world’s most powerful and wealthy ethnic group? Those who do will be exposed as frauds.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Realist says:

    On Twitter, Hikind demanded blacks themselves attend the January 5th rally: “We’re calling on all to come out & stand with us .

    Hikind is an idiot…not many blacks like Jews.

    We ask our friends in the Black community to join us & send the message loud and clear that we are one & together we stand up and say NO to Anti -Semitism.”

    Jews have no friends in the black community. If blacks show up it will probably be to kill more Jews.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  2. @Realist

    I would be worried about blacks retaliating against them, they should wear hoods when they march to conceal their identities.

    • LOL: Meimou
  3. Listen you fools, unless you see actual evidence of attacks, you need to presume they are all fake. Because there has NEVER been one ounce of evidence that these stories are real. And in fact the history of fake reporting about alleged attacks on Jews shows this again is their standard playbook. They have a short playbook, yet it still fools people like these commenters above who think blacks actually attacked the Jews. The blacks here are NOT that dumb. They know they cannot do such a thing in Jew York City. So I say: prove you were attacked. As for blackface, it’s not a crime. It’s just a stupid thing people do. It’s not racist. Who gives an F about it. Honestly, dumb meets dumber every day around here.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    You can see how blacks have been treated by this group by looking at the original colonial flag of Nigeria.

    The star.

    The red shield.

    It’s everything you need to know.

  5. Right on..Blacks finally realize who their real enemies are ..

  6. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:
    @Against Jewish lies

    Well, it would be amazing if there were NO attacks on Jews, I mean, even statistically that’s not possible.

    You just need to focus meedja attention appropriately, and the wheels are greased.

    Also: Title misread as

    “New York: Blackface Wearing Zionist Extremist Dov Hikind Will Lead March to Put Blacks on Nooses”.

    The Internet has ruined me.

  7. “[A]lleged black attacks on Jews.”


    Gimme a break.

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