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New Poll Shows Americans Hate Antifa; Are Significantly More Concerned with Black Crime Than "Domestic Terrorism"
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A new Axios-Ipsos poll finds a widening gap between the top concerns of ordinary Americans and the propaganda force-fed to the public by the press.

The main findings across all racial groups show fatigue with media and academic narratives about “racism,” a total lack of interest in the moral panic about white supremacist domestic terrorism, and a widespread disdain for Anti-Fascist paramilitary groups (Antifa) along with souring on Black Lives Matter.

Concern with black crime and gun violence was one of the top three worries for 31% of Americans — the public’s leading fear, even ahead of COVID-19 (30%) .

The Anti-Defamation League’s crusade against imaginary white “domestic terrorists,” which the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have decided to surge an enormous chunk of law enforcement resources in service of, was only a concern for 14% of people surveyed. When broken down by demographics, blacks are more than two times more afraid of being killed by other blacks (43%) than they are of racially motivated white “terrorists” (17%).

The inconvenient data doesn’t end there. 73% of those polled hold a negative opinion of Antifa, in spite of non-stop propaganda since Trump’s election painting the anarchists as noble freedom fighters. Individuals surveyed on Black Lives Matter, an institutionally backed organization that white people lose their job for criticizing, was opposed by whites 51 to 48, a likely undercount.

On the question of racism and the media’s portrayal of it, 44% stated that claims of racism are exaggerated compared to 36%. 40% also said that the 2020 George Floyd protests were harmful to society compared to 35%, with the figures strongly polarized on racial grounds (50% of whites openly disagreed, while 21% claimed to have no opinion on this matter).

In the realm of anti-white racism, an accumulation of 33% among all races agreed with the statement that affirmative action is anti-white vs 32% who disagreed. 42% of whites overall felt this way.

As for institutional confidence, 65% of Americans agreed that the media does not look out for the best interests of every day people, while 71% agreed that the local police do protect them. Local cops had high approval ratings among non-white participants, with 86% expressing that they were doing a good job looking out for them.

The most surprising fact revealed in this survey is regarding law enforcement interactions. 83% of whites reported having been stopped or pulled over by the police compared to 70% of blacks, 54% of Hispanics, and 58% of Asians, suggesting that police are racially profiling white motorists.

In the end, it’s clear that Jewish media neurosis and messaging cannot undo the facts people see every day on the ground.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. 71% agreed that the local police do protect them

    We then know that 71% of the population are deluded.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  2. Realist says:

    We then know that 71% of the population are deluded.

    It is probably more than that…many did not answer the questionnaire.

  3. RoatanBill: “We then know that 71% of the population are deluded. ”

    71% of the population as a whole, but 83% of white people! LOL. But then, 72% of whites said they have never been arrested, so they’ve never really interacted with the blue scum.

    As America continues its slide deeper and deeper into totalitarianism, they’re in for a rude awakening.

    • Replies: @Nick J
  4. The Jewish owned and dominated media never stops spinning its anti-white web of lies.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  5. On the subject of US funding of terror – here is an article on funding of Jewish Supremacists in Israel ;

  6. @RoatanBill

    It would be interesting to know to what extent is such a statement an indirect assertion of “Derek Chauvin was illegitimately framed.” I don’t regard cops as my special buddies. I try to minimize interaction with them. I have seen some people gratuitously express their gratitude to cops in restaurants with comments “Thanks for all you do!” I would never do anything like that. But I do agree that Black Lies Matter has promoted a wave of hoaxer stories about “police racism” in the last 7 or 8 years. That doesn’t make me pro-police, but there are certain contexts where I’ve had to defend police. How much of that accounts for this survey result? Are police really convinced that cops are their buddies? Or is such a statement just an implicit way of saying “I think George Floyd created his own mess”?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Colin Wright
  7. @Patrick McNally

    If a thinking person seriously considers what street cops do and what it is possible for them to do, then they must conclude that they are near useless in protecting anyone or fighting crime. Numerous court cases have affirmed that the police ‘have no duty to protect‘ the average person. Common sense and the courts verdict tell the tale.

    If some hooligan wants to attack you, there is usually no cop around so you are on your own. The law says you must be without a weapon, so you make a perfect target of opportunity and the criminals know it. The law protects the criminals from the retribution the citizenry would surely mete out if they weren’t generally afraid of the legal system. Most people play the odds that they won’t be victimized by some miscreant, typically one with a known criminal record.

    A street cop shows up after the fact to draw a chalk outline around your body. He stands there like the lump of waste he actually is while investigators and forensics people get to work to try to solve the crime the useless street cop didn’t prevent.

    What street cops actually do is hand out tickets for made up crimes like speeding, expired tags, and other money makers for the municipality they work for. This scam helps pay for the useless cops salary and generous benefits so that at some future date the street cop’s real usefulness may be utilized. Street cops protect the political class from the citizenry. They are an insurance policy for the filth in gov’t. They guard the mayors, the city council, etc when the citizenry might be enraged enough to lynch a few of them, for cause.

    The defund police movement is flawed in that it lacks specificity. It should be defund useless street cops. The population needs investigators and forensics people because they actually do an identifiable job for the public. If there were no street cops, then the public would demand their natural rights of self protection and the population would be armed to become their own cop. This would scare the shit out of the political class and is as it should be.

    • Disagree: By-tor
  8. “When broken down by demographics, blacks are more than two times more afraid of being killed by other blacks (43%) than they are of racially motivated white “terrorists” (17%).”

    And they should be even more concerned. FBI statistics show blacks are 6 times more likely to be murdered by blacks, than they are whites. More so, you will also find that, as a black individual, there’s almost a 100% chance of NOT being murdered by whites, as long as you’re not committing crime. Those blacks, killed by whites, were criminals. Those whites killed by blacks failed to defend themselves against black criminality. Whites, unlike blacks, don’t go off looking to kill people. That is, unless, they’re brainwashed, heavily indoctrinated members of the armed forces and when they do kill, it’s for the jew.

    There are only two threats to Americans US – jews, their anti white organizations and black criminals.

  9. Realist says:

    New Poll Shows Americans Hate Antifa; Are Significantly More Concerned with Black Crime Than “Domestic Terrorism”

    Being concerned is not the problem…not doing something about it is the problem

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  10. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    messaging cannot undo the facts people see every day on the ground.

    Reality has a weight of it’s own, breaking through the mental haze of cult-like programming that’s been imposed on everyone in this country starting with the educational system and spreading out through all the media. With all that school and media it’s a wonder anyone can think at all. I don’t need any poll, politician or television anchor to tell me what’s hazardous out there.

    • Agree: By-tor
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  11. Corvinus says:

    I would like to know what constitutes anti-white in your book. What are the metrics? Must all whites act and think like you in this regard? Furthermore, how is spraying the word of “anti-white” not similar in nature to the alleged propaganda as spread by the media? Certainly a man supposedly of high IQ and high time preference is able to offer a cogent response to these important questions about race, right?

    • Replies: @Løvstuhagen
  12. Corvinus says:

    Basically, you rely on confirmation bias to guide your thinking.

  13. Corvinus says:

    So tell us exactly what are you doing to directly stop the Orcs who already have invaded the Shire from overrunning you.

    • Troll: Realist
  14. Nick J says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Dr Robert, you appear to have it really bad with your cops. I take it that you don’t distinguish between cops by ethnicity, just cops are cops.

    Here where I live, at the end of the South Pacific we marvel at your American relationship with your boys in blue. Ours aren’t perfect but we at least trust them to sort crime and leave us alone. After all, who you gonna call?

  15. Sadly, the Talmudic agenda is always furthered because she plays both sides of many created oppositions. The suppression of what they are doing in occupied Palestine should be evidence of that–along with George Soros and Susan Rosenberg, as example, of what they did with BLM/Antifa. Now, it has somehow become part of the political right in America, the so-called conservatives, to be Shabbos Goys as standard operating procedure. The left have screamed “justice” all during the riots but are deafeningly silent on occupied Palestine…mental gymnastics all around, right and left, in American politics and society.

    The Talmudic Dialectic, where pilpul, false dichotomy, and illusion are purposely manifested for mesmerizing the goyim.

  16. @Patrick McNally

    ‘…I don’t regard cops as my special buddies…’

    Indeed. However, it is reaching the point where we all have to decide which side we’re on. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, as they used to say.

    I’ll take my chances with the cops. If you want to throw in with the blacks, well…

  17. Jews are too cowardly to fight Palistinians head to head. They hired mercenaries , ISIS, to tight Asad.
    Now, they use the press and federal money to try and hire stupid blax to kill white Americans.
    The only conclusion I can come to is that Jews are out of ideas.
    Too cowardly to fight. Too stupid to see blax are dangerous and feral. Too dumb to be in power.
    At the end of the day, real Americans have 300 million guns and the Kikes have blax and cowardly Leo.
    I am betting on the real Americans.
    Jews should pack up and leave for Tel Aviv.

  18. @Corvinus

    Little bit late… but I think that the definition of anti-white does not have to be overly narrow, nor does it have to be the concern only of knuckledragging Nazis. Plenty of people simply interested in maintaining the identities of Europe or N. America and not seeing demographics shift wildly, or even just people interested in basic fairness can see things as being anti-white if they are designed to promote policies which negatively impact white people in their own communities.

    • Replies: @photondancer
  19. @Løvstuhagen

    Your comment is fair but misplaced. Corvinus is an SJW troll who never responds in good faith. The regular posters on UR have learnt to ignore him.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  20. @RoatanBill

    71% agreed that the local police do protect them

    We then know that 71% of the population are deluded.

    Protect us from what? The cops in our village are bored to death. Our local white trash don’t keep them busy. About once a year some out-of-towner stirs things up, like last year’s comic bank robbery, or the guy who broke into our building in the wee hours and made a hell of a racket that woke up everyone– except me.

  21. @photondancer

    Corvinus is an SJW troll who never responds in good faith.

    Or neocon. He’s always defending stupid white decisions as what the people voted for.

    The regular posters on UR have learnt to ignore him.

    Or mock him. I hear these decoys help keep his species away:

  22. Thanks for that information – I am new here (so new as to not be able to reply with a ‘THANKS’ button as I do not have 5 posts). I will try to remember that going forward!

  23. 40% of whites disagree with the gov’t handicapping their children. In 2021. After all that has happened. Ok yeah US whites are doomed. I’m going to EE. Good luck saving the dodo birds. Those 40% should leave too. Poland took in no brown refugees, but hundreds of K of white Ukrainians and their economy has been growing twice as fast as the US, high quality of life, they have waterparks, beaches, McDonalds, iphones, all that crap fat Americans can’t live without.

    “Love it or leave it” Good advice. I’m taking that into practice. Let those 60% be eaten first instead of last. It’s what cowards without loyalty deserve. The USA is economically stagnant anyway, why stay in a place where you have no future? Plus, there’s very likely going to be another 1929 soon.

    40% is pathetic. I almost want to say they deserve what’s likely coming but I wont because the worst of it will happen to their children and grandkids and that’s not fair. But you can’t make a horse drink… You can buy a new horse though.

    • Agree: BlackFlag
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