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New FBI Initiative Will Put "Hate Crime" Quotas On Local Law Enforcement
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The Department of Justice and the FBI have a message for local police departments: start charging more white people with hate crimes or invite an investigation.

Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta told an assembly of FBI agents yesterday that they are now tasked with hounding police departments in their district if they do not register any “hate crimes.”

Gupta and FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division Jay Greenberg have declared “hate crimes” by “racially motivated violent extremists” (a euphemism generally reserved for right-wing white men) to be a national threat priority — a rare designation.

According to Greenberg, the FBI will be increasingly specialized in pursuing “hate crimes” through increased training in the matter, an aggressive media campaign designed to recruit victims in “underrepresented and targeted populations,” and putting federal pressure on local law enforcement to charge and report hate crimes when they otherwise wouldn’t.

Hate crimes laws are political and racially motivated. Blacks and Jews are heavily overrepresented as supposed victims in the FBI’s “hate crime” database, while whites are charged at higher rates than general crime rates. For example, last month a black man who shot five white men in a multi-state shooting spree told police his sole motive was that he hated white people, yet neither local prosecutors or the FBI have charged him with a hate crime.

According to the FBI’s 2019 hate crime report, blacks are 49% of victims of racial bias while Jews are 60% of crimes motivated by religious animosity. Most of the blacks in the data were victims of “intimidation,” an often Constitutionally dubious charge. A large number of reported hate crimes targeting both blacks and Jews are hoaxes, as seen in famous cases like the Jussie Smollett incident and the thousands of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers that were the work of a Jew in Israeli.

Just yesterday, a white man was charged with “ethnic intimidation” for putting up stickers that say “I Love Being White.” The FBI wants more police departments to exploit the legal gray area and lack of First Amendment advocacy groups for white dissidents to juke crime statistics and distort the reality of crime. Blacks commit roughly 90% of violent interracial felonies, a statistic the Critical Race Theorists at the FBI find inconvenient.

The mad rush for white racists at the FBI is bound to cause more embarrassments for the increasingly discredited agency. Last year, the theater put on by the FBI over NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s “noose,” which turned out to be a hoax, served to reveal the hyper-politicization and lack of seriousness at the Bureau.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Civil Liberties, FBI, Hate Crimes, Judicial System 
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  1. El'geherg says:

    The fact that someone named Vanita Gupta is an Associate Attorney General tells you all you need to know about the general decline of the U.S.

  2. The nationalization of policing is an usurpation of State’s rights.

    During the Trump years, many Democrat-controlled localities forbade their police from cooperating or sharing information with ICE. As egregious as this seemed, they had that right.

    Now that the federal government is on the warpath against Whites, they are trying to creep into a controlling role by the use of ‘joint operations’.

    In ‘joint operations’, the FBI will co-opt municipal and state police to assist with raids on the homes of targeted whites. This way everyone gets their hands dirty, and the FBI solidifies the Washington regime’s grip on the policing function in middle America.

    The correct response of Republican-controlled jurisdictions is to forbid their police from working with feds in politically motivated persecution of Whites. No ‘joint operations’ or sharing of information in cases which are questionable. This includes the January 6th witch-hunt.

  3. Tom Clark says:

    “In accordance with the principles of Doublethink, it does not matter if the pandemic is not real, or when it is, that victory over COVID is not possible. The war on COVID is not meant to be won. Pandemic is meant to be continuous. The essential act of the lock-downs is the destruction of the economy. A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. In principle, the war on COVID was planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects. And its object is not victory over COVID, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”

    — George Orwell, 2021

    Blacks are not exploited by “White Supremacy”;
    they are victims of “Jewish Supremacy”.

    • Thanks: Right_On
  4. Larry47460 says: • Website

    Really? Nothing on Jay GreenBERG?? ROFL Our Israeli SCUMBAG ENEMY who DID USS Liberty, ISIS, 911 and Epstein RAPE and BLACKMAIL are the biggest oppressors here trying to cover their CRIMES. CORRUPT PRISSY CHRISSY WRAY SHOULD BE EXECUTED and the FBLIE that smashed Hillary’s phones and SANITIZED Epstein’s island and FAKED the MAGAbomber and FAKED Staged Shootings and IGNORED Real vote fraud and ….. Get it? DEFUND THE FBLIE! AND DONT PAY TAXES TO THESE THIEVING USURPERS! BUY GUNS AND AMMO NOW. ONLY GIVE EM BACK LEAD FIRST!!

  5. “an aggressive media campaign designed to recruit victims in “underrepresented and targeted populations”

    If you reward something, you get more of it.

    In practice, under this model, a White person can be easily set up to commit a chargeable defense, usually caught on camera. For example, a Black person claiming a perceived racial slight can use threatening language and intimidating actions to corner a White person, such as blocking the path of their car and striking it while yelling aggressively.

    A cornered White person is expected to take the blows and verbal abuse, even if it means sacrificing their honor, property, or physical well being. Assertive self-defense by Whites can lead to hate crime prosecution, which is the purpose of the media campaign.

  6. Exile says:

    Quota-based “violations” ​+ mandates to fix the numbers so that 13 don’t do 50 = a society where cops are more dangerous to White people than the criminals are.

    This is exactly the kind of “law enforcement” the Jewish-Bolshevik Cheka and NKVD inflicted on Russians. Read Solzhenitsyn.

    And it’s not what today’s FSB does in “Putler’s” Russia today – unlike “free democratic” America’s FBI.

  7. we’re all palestinians now. but here is my question for young white guys: why can’t you be crypto-liberal? why do you care so much about “visible white representation”? the response is probably: they will attack whites no matter what.

    i can accomplish more than you guys as a crypto-libtard-hippie in actually defeating jewry. what do i sacrifice though? visibility. even leftists know that the politics of representation is bullshit. certainly jews know this and seek representation without visibility.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Brian Roberts
  8. KenH says:

    IOW, the DOJ-FBI is demanding that local police consider every negative interaction between whites and blacks as a white on black hate crime regardless of the evidence. The burden of proof will be upon the hapless white person to prove that he didn’t act with racial bias which is completely upside down but will probably still be accepted by activist left wing judges and virtue signaling conservative judges.

  9. Rahan says:

    Gupta and FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division Jay Greenberg

  10. Some folks have no idea of what the F.B.I. is, that is, the nature of what it does. It is mostly a humongous information processing institute where thousands of people collect and organize facts about ordinary citizens. The frightening thing about all of this activity involving citizens, is the thought one has about its ultimate use. What was legal one day could be changed the next day, instantly making some citizens criminal or potential criminals. And the final concern is, who decides which citizen(s) gets investigated.

  11. Just yesterday, a white man was charged with “ethnic intimidation” for putting up stickers that say “I Love Being White.”

    Dumbass did it to himself. From the story,

    but the ethnic intimidation charge makes it a misdemeanor to “assault another person, or damage or deface the property of another person, or threaten to do any such act” because of someone’s race, color, religion, nationality or country of origin.

    The “I (heart) being white” stickers were found on cars parked outside the On the Border restaurant at 1102 Walnut St. and inside a bathroom at Totopos Street Food and Tequila, at 1388 Kildaire Farm Road, on Saturday.

    Vandalizing people’s cars and other private property are the acts of the 13%, not a White man.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  12. Exile says:
    @Dr. Rosenpenis

    This is the kind of thing LARPers and disinfo/demoralization trolls tell White men to keep them from organizing and actually flexing social and political power.

    The idea that covert Grey Men can somehow win a social/cultural struggle on their own is pure (((Hollywood))) and it feeds the myth of the lone warrior hero that Jews have promoted for White men inclined to action.

    Jews are not scared of atomized cartoon White ghosts in the machine like Tyler Durden or even cabals of secret operatives. So long as you are operating in the shadows alone you don’t have real power.

    They’re terrified of White men being given moral legitimacy – and the overt White advocacy and open rejection of a Jewish role in White policy discussions which follows from it.

    That’s the level-up from the adolescent fantasies of too many of us from the 2016 vintage Alt-Right to 2021’s grown-up White advocacy and organization.

    We don’t have the luxury of fantasy-copes like “I’m secretly fighting Jewish power without putting skin in the game.”

  13. @Chris Mallory

    After a few months of reading some of Mr. Striker’s columns, I suspected that there was more to it than “putting up stickers” but didn’t care enough to check.

  14. @El'geherg

    Vanita Gupta

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    Vanita Gupta an Obama appointee….JFK instrumental in getting Obama’s father into the US-LEGALLY…

  15. @exile,

    i do not necessarily disagree. but the game is not just a skin game or even a race one, if you define race reductively or materially. you can’t ground morality in pure biology, hence you can;t have moral legitimacy if you are purely racialist.

    this nietzschean “musclehead” ideology eliminates the possibility of ethics by reducing everything to a biological struggle. “us better apes than those worse apes.” grug bullshit. and honestly this “animalizing” tendency of materialist-racialists is not even based in a very strong framework of human biology.

    the advantage of liberals, however stupid they are, is that they can generally mobilize people via moralization. materialist-reduction eliminates any possibility of real virtue, real good versus evil, by making everything a biological struggle. honestly, i personally reject it because it limits me both as a white man and as a human being, or “being” in general. it is philosophically stupid, grug, and childish. and it just mimics jewish race-materialism anyway. it destroys what is aryan about aryans: the good, the ideal, the and spiritual.


    in fact most all of what you said i agree with. but flexing what power? seriously? numbers? most white people, white men, are not willing to reduce themselves to racial matter. even kevin mcdonald wrote extensively about white people forming moral communities. i take this seriously. when you reduce life to biology, it is jungle apeshit. it demoralizes the intelligent whites and stupidly imagines that grug hordes can really have any success in the modern world.

    if you want to form an NAAWP and merely advocate for whites, i’m for that. but all it does is make you another grievance group, albeit one that, like blacks, only has a negative identity to grieve about. define white? skin color? european descent? caucasoidal skulls? what? i’m not playing the jewish deconstruction game. i’m literally saying that it just means you are a deracinated ape with a higher iq than black apes, totally removed from any historical mission other than the final goal of becoming your own zookeepers in a human zoo reserved for white people.

    again, don’t get emotional or visceral. hear me out. i’m not against this nationalism at all. if white people want it let them have it. what i am saying is that it fundamentally misunderstands not only human nature but the nature of “white” people as those people specifically needing moral communities. what i am saying is that you won’t get white people to want it. i don’t think this is an ideological battle you can win. i generally believe you have to deal with the fact that most white people are moralizing liberals, not grugs. and they aren’t for grug nationalism. if you hang around wignat guys all the time you are hanging around a small minority.

    most white people are liberals who enjoy norms and morality rather than a nietzschean bloodrage cult. either work with this reality in mind or pretend that the nature of white people will change and they will no longer need to form moral communities. perhaps in time they will not have the luxury of morality. but i think it is hardwired for whites: morality, ideals, and purpose comes from living as something more than a jewish biohazard. most white people are inclined towards coldplay rather than megadeth.

    on a side note, i accidentally wrote “representation” where i meant “recognition” in some parts.

    again, i like striker. super intelligent guy. and i like a lot of wignat guys. but i think they have the wrong strategy in trying to radicalize and make visible a version of whiteness that really is different from the majority of whites who need moral communities. again, put the most genetically superior conan aryan in the doodoo jungle, without institutions and culture, and his genes don’t mean shit. and he isn’t going to build airplanes. no. you need history and tradition to do it for you. race needs something more than race.

    • Replies: @Brian Roberts
    , @Allan
  16. Phipps says:

    Jews infest the “Justice” Department, the State Department, the White House, the Congress and even Defense Department. Too many “under-secretaries” and “deputy secretaries” in the Defense Department and F.B.I. are Jews. Jews are like demons whose shadows can be discerned only with study. The illegitimate Biden Regime has a 30% Jew representation in its Cabinet when Jews are only 2% of the U.S. population. No question that the cunning, scheming, manipulative, deceptive, anti-Christian, anti-Caucasian, clannish, hateful, disloyal Jews are out to destroy America just like they destroyed white Christian Russia in 1917. Jews are natural destroyers. That is why they have been kicked out of more than 100 countries and territories since they murdered Jesus.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
    , @Allan
    , @Stanley
  17. @Phipps

    The question remains whether even Jews’ own outliers notice and chart their inevitable rise from perniciousness to open contempt of the host nation. If so they’re powerless to stop it.

  18. @El'geherg

    You do not want to be under the power of Indians.

    They are very evil when they get power over you. They make rules and make sure you are hassled daily. Look what happened to Windows updates after and Indian took over Microsoft. Constant reminders, constant hassles, forced compliance.

    They are truly like Jews but with less brains.

  19. @Dr. RosenpenisPenis

    So if you don’t care about preserving the white race, why are you worried about what the Jews are up to? Why are you even on this site?

    I don’t understand.

    You sound totally brainwashed to me, completely disconnected from the essence of this struggle. You sound like the “I’m not racist, but…” people. So dumb.

    • Replies: @Dr. RosenpenisPenis
  20. @Dr. Rosenpenis

    LOL, someone once told me they knew a guy who worked as the “District Diversity Officer” in a large city, and he was “racist as f*ck”.

    He just did it for the money, and hated all the useless brown slobs he had to listen to all day. Of course they all loved him because he seemed to care.

  21. Allan says:

    Jews are natural destroyers.

    Nice ironic comment given your seething indignation about the death of a Jew according to his own desire. Yep, it sure was according to the Jew’s own craving for self-destruction. Remember, JC is supposed to be one in being with his own Semitic god. So if you insist that “God” arranged it, you’re saying that Jesus provoked it, which is just what we suspected anyway.


    Evidence that I’m correct is right there in the tall tales called Gospels: JC, your favorite Semitic supremacist, desired and planned his very own assisted suicide. Then he set our for Jerusalem by way of Jericho to complete the final act of his ministry. Consummatum est, he boasted shortly before his final gasp for air.

    Nowadays, that sort of death occurs as suicide by cop. The basic idea is that some cowardly degenerate provokes the police into killing him. It saves him the horror of having to use his own hand to do the deed, and maybe it relieves him of the guilt of committing self-murder. It worked the same way with JC.

  22. Allan says:
    @Dr. RosenpenisPenis

    Your essay was a wordy way to suggest that healthy nationalism is a flower or a fruit, not a seed, though I agree completely with this sentiment.


    You ought to have noted more clearly, however, that most lightskinned Caucasians have scant idea what constitutes moral behavior. And how could we? Bad ontology begets bad ethics, and the most popular ontologies among us are rubbish. Most of us adhere to some mishmash of materialism, cosmological presentism, egocentricity, egalitarian humanism, and Semitic theism. Our notions about being are so backwards that we languish in the dark belief in the primacy of willpower. Thus do we encounter widespread popularity of both the Abrahamic cults and democracy, which is interesting given the self-rightous pomposity and mutual animosity so common among the adherents of each. The members of those sects are united by an ugly outlawry which can flourish only in lower realms of existence among lowly beings.

    So the first order of business for lightskinned Caucasians must be the extirpation of delusional notions about existence and a replacement of those delusions with truth. Cleansed thinking will make for clear seeing by people with little dust in their eyes. This is not, however, a good reason for anyone to bring up “natural law”.

    What we find under that phrase is halfbaked stuff, partly materialist, sometimes libernuttian, and usually mixed up with Christian ideas about the law and order of existence being subject to willpower. (Papists like John Hardon, S.J., will tell you that the natural law is “nothing else than the rational creature’s participation in the eternal law”, which in turn is “the unchangeable effective decree of God”.) Just as we must lift our gaze above willpower, superstition, and spiritualist egocentricity, so also must we lift our gaze above nature to a concept of existential law untainted by human desires and bourgie thirst for wealth, status, and sensual delights. This law isn’t about our births, as natural law nuts would like us to believe. It’s not even about us.

    P.S. You’ve given yourself a lovely juvenile nickname. It fits you well. So, are your parents proud that it fulfills their aspirations for you and makes the most of the clumsy training to which they subjected you during your time with them?

    • Replies: @Dr. RosenpenisPenis
  23. @Brian Roberts

    because evil. because moral reality. and because you cannot ground morality in biology. simple as that.

    why am i on this site? i like laurent guyenot and do not often find his works elsewhere. i am in fact suspicious of this site. kinda consolidates dissidents and of course is run by a jewish guy. funny that even jews have to get out in front of antisemitism as well. goys are not to lead anything.

  24. @Allan

    the nickname is from fletch.

    but yeah i am not trying to disrupt any of what striker or his buddies are doing. i rather like those guys.

    but when kosher white advocacy begins we’ll see what happens. if anything the unz review is testing the waters for kosher white advocacy. i promise jews are reading it, in convenient format, to see how they can get in front of the sentiments and ideas expressed therein. get blacks to take the blame for CRT etc. get justifiable white anger at jews directed back onto mexicans, blacks, etc.

    when kosher white advocacy begins, what will angry young white guys do? depends. probably go back to boy scout patriotism. i bet jews won’t really start heavy kosher white advocacy until whites make a deal:

    The New Jew Deal for whites: “we’ll let you have a majority only if you hate arabs and those pesky antisemitic leftists who betrayed us after we used them to put ourselves in power!”

    one thing that is never kosher: anti-judaism.

    here is the truth:

    Who has been the most useful shabbos goy throughout history but the generic white colonists leaving their homes to help build international jewish power by destroying world cultures? The Spanish, Dutch, British, and American Empires? Hello?

    What do you think the past four hundred years of european history is but a “white-jewish alliance” that only the German Nationalists understood was a scam?

    This is not a race war, it is a holy war. It is not a battle between two types of ape, but a battle between good (anti-judaism, Aryan Culture and Spirit) and evil (judaism). Tattooey redneck noahides in shitkickers are not Aryans. Aryan culture is most thoroughly expressed in Greco-Roman, Persian, and Indian (yes, Indian) society through the Vedas. Europeans didn’t preserve it. In fact the discovery of Indian antiquity reawakened Aryan consciousness in Europe. Savitri Devi married a brown dude. Goebbels read Indian scripture. Nazis hated white Americans more than many brown peoples, because they were such judaizers.

    Video Link

  25. Stanley says:

    ….” Jews are out to destroy America just like they destroyed white Christian Russia in 1917. Jews are natural destroyers. Jews were well on their way to destroying Germany before Hitler took over.

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