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New FBI Data Shows Whites Underrepresented and Blacks Overrepresented As "Hate Crime" Offenders
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The FBI’s newly released study of hate crimes in 2019 is a bucket of cold water on the media-induced “white supremacist violence” moral panic.

According to the data, white people (61% of the US population, 73% if “Hispanics” are included) are only approximately 53% of “hate crime” offenders. The number is likely much lower as “Hispanics,” who are categorized as white even when they are not of European descent, are recorded in a separate chart as being behind 10% of bias-motivated crimes.

The mainstream media has interpreted these findings as the most violent year for “hate crimes” in more than a decade. What every reporter is omitting is the only newsworthy element of this report: blacks, 13% of the US population, are wildly overrepresented as hate crime attackers (24%).

These numbers do not control for the low bar in charging a white person with a hate crime and the difficulties in charging non-whites with the crime.

In the United States, almost all interactions between a supposed white offender and a black person are charged as hate crimes, while the reverse is rare.

Police departments are under enormous political pressure to juke statistics so that Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League can paint white people as violent and hate-filled.

In 2019, an 11-year-old white girl in New York was charged with a hate crime for a school bus fight with a black girl. A prosecutor in Dekalb, Illinois has been abusing the state’s biased crime statute against white people for incidents like cutting off a non-white driver in traffic and saying “you people need to take responsibility for your actions” and another case where a teenage boy was prosecuted after being filmed running away from a black gang that jumped him.

More recently, white people publicly expressing disagreement with Black Lives Matter or painting over leftist graffiti are automatically charged with hate crimes in many parts of the country. In New York City, Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature are pushing through a law that would make it a “hate crime” for a white person to call the police on a black person.

According to government data compiled by Vincent James, there are 547,948 black-on-white crimes every year compared to 59,778 white-on-black incidents.

As for the “white supremacist terror threat,” the Department of Homeland Security reported that between 2015-2019, white nationalists committed 29% of all domestic terrorist attacks, while black nationalists were behind 32%. Muslims were involved in 27%. Whites are significantly underrepresented in this field as well.

These politically inconvenient numbers may explain why the FBI is four months late on its report on “white supremacist domestic terrorism.”

Zionist groups, the press and left-wing activists may also struggle to retain attention for their crusade against right-wing white men without Trump in office.

In a blow to the fight against “white supremacist terrorism,” New York City Jewish Congressman Max Rose, a vocal advocate for classifying right-wing white men as terrorists, was soundly defeated in his House race.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Hate crime statistics are totally distorted. They are manipulated over several levels
    As a result, the number of anti-white hate crime might be underestimated by a factor of 1000. Imagine the dozens of hateful stares, remarks, harassments and attacks against whites happening in one “diverse” school class alone, every day. That never enter crime statistics.
    Multi-Level coverup – Compounded repression – Victims of minority criminals under-report, police hesitate to investigate and to report minority criminals to media, media downplay, ignore, hide minority crime. Knowledge of police and media coverup makes victims… …

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  2. Hate crimes are a bogus and politically motivated creation that were in fact, created to hinder white Americans. There is no reason for a category called “hate” crimes The philosopher and genius Blaise Pascal wrote that all men hate each other. Crimes have been well defined by U.S. justice system and are judged by well defined criteria.The philosopher and genius Pascal said all men hate each other.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  3. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks are the leaders in crime overall, whether of the ‘hate’ category or others such as domestic violence, burglary, assault, carjacking, murder, etc etc. Everyone with any exposure to them is well aware of this. The ‘hate crime’ category is just a gimmick, a tool to be used for political purposes. However, the power of the state is used to persecute ordinary white people who in fact do less along those lines than blacks and other sub-groups. Murder could be called the ultimate hate crime and do we ever have a bumper crop of blacks murdering people in places like Chicago. The concept is a creation of the left wing-commie coalition which is almost all white since blacks don’t create any abstract concepts. The problem is the white enablers.

    • Agree: darold
  4. fnn says:

    The philosopher and genius Pascal said all men hate each other.

    Most humans can barely conceal their essentially chimpanzee-like nature most of the time. In times like these in the West the predatory instinct rises to the fore. Those who can should escape to Japan or one of the small number of good places in Latin America. Nearly all the whites in the US are Judaized and negrified monkeys who won’t lift a finger to defend civilization or the white race.

    • Replies: @White Guy In Japan
  5. @fnn

    ” Those who can should escape to Japan”

    C’mon over! I need some drinking buddies that aren’t shitlibs.

    • LOL: BuelahMan
  6. KenH says:

    When it comes to hate crimes whites are overcharged and blacks are undercharged. It seems from many stories I’ve followed over the years blacks stand a good chance of having the hate crime charges dropped by the prosecutor or thrown out by SJW judges who adhere to the post 1965 Constitution of black innocence and blamelessness. There’s many cases where blacks were clearly motivated by anti-white bias but never charged with hate crimes.

    No such luck if you are white. Hate crimes are selectively enforced against whites and should be abolished.

    Hate crimes are completely unconstitutional because they punish thoughts and speech yet they’ve been upheld by the courts. This is why speech codes could likely be upheld.

    The kangaroo federal courts are always expanding Constitutional rights for protected classes of citizens while finding restrictions to impose upon members of the founding white racial stocks.

  7. darold says:

    White people, under Biden/Harris are racist by breathing air. White people should be made by law to hand over all their possessions to any black who demands it.

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