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New Evidence Shows Israeli Consulate Is Behind Matt Gaetz Extortion Scandal
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New details in the scandal surrounding Florida congressman Matt Gaetz is shedding light into the influence of Israeli operatives and the depth of corruption in the US government.

In text messages publicized by Dilbert creator Scott Adams, the Israeli consulate’s media director Jake Novak informed him of secret grand jury proceedings tying Gaetz to sex with minors and a murder conspiracy days before the New York Times reported that he was under investigation.

Gaetz holds that he and his father, Don Gaetz, are being extorted by former federal prosecutor David L. McGee and ex-Air Force intelligence official Bob Kent.

McGee and Kent, operating as intermediaries, demanded the Gaetz’s provide them with $25 million dollars to fund an unlawful operation to rescue Robert Levinson, a rogue Jewish CIA agent captured in Iran. Levinson, who vanished in 2007, was presumed dead, but the Israelis believe he is still alive.

The Israeli operative Novak owns the illegal operation in his private exchange with Adams.

“The backstory is this is screwing up my efforts to free Bob Levinson. Gaetz’s dad was secretly finding (sic) us. So I’m very much wanting this to be untrue. I’ve got a commando team leader friend of mine nervously waiting for wire transfers to clear,” Novak wrote.

A March 16th blackmail note provided to the Washington Examiner by Don Gaetz shows Kent offering to secure a Biden administration pardon for Matt if he quickly ponies up the cash.

“I would like to talk with you immediately about the current federal investigation, and the indictment that is about to be filed against your son.

I have a plan that can make his future legal and political problems go away.

Last summer, we located Robert Levinson in Iran and took two proof of life videos, but the U.S. government foiled our rescue attempt. We have one more opportunity to rescue Levinson.” Kent goes on to claim that financing them will make all their problems vanish.

The Gaetz’s took the threats to the FBI.

The elder Gaetz volunteered to wear a wire to the meeting with Kent and McGee in hopes of building a case against them. As Gaetz prepared to transfer a $4.5 million dollar down payment on the bribe to move catch the men in the act, the blackmailers were tipped off by officials inside the Department of Justice who got the New York Times to publish that Gaetz was subject to a federal probe — effectively blowing the entire investigation.

The entire affair as it has unfolded so far shows that these types of schemes didn’t die with Jeffrey Epstein.

Rep. Gaetz continues to deny having sex with a minor, allegedly procured by former Seminole County Jewish tax collector and accused child sex trafficker Joel Greenberg.

Nevertheless, a story published today in the Daily Mail claims that Greenberg is a linchpin in the case against Gaetz and that the congressman’s arrest is “imminent.”

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Corruption, Israel Lobby, Matt Gaetz 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks, Eric. Interesting story, but very believable, as this is a very common Jewish tactic—bribe and blackmail. Judaists tell our politicians and Joe Biden: “take my bribe and do what I tell you”. Those who refuse bribes are blackmailed.

    They bribe the Demogangsters and have turned them into bootlicking dogs, who follow the orders of their Jewish masters and vote blindly for bills the Judaists write, giving them billions in fake “stimulus” and foreign aid to Israel, etc. Biden the Alzheimer’s patient signs exex. orders they fabricate, without knowing what he is signing.

    Even Erdogan knows this:


    When somebody does not follow their orders, or refuses their bribes, they destroy them—with fake scandals, fake news, fake women claiming “he touched me”, fake charges, etc. Like they did with Roy Moore and a 100 other Republicans. They framed Meacham when he refused to give MLK holiday, etc. etc. They framed Trump with fake scandals and lies they made up.

    To paraphrase the Talmud, the Judaists are annie mills in human form, as they are gang raping their own girls in Israel too:

    30 Israeli men gang rape a 16 year old girl in Israel, which is as disgusting and repulsive as their of promoting alien invasion in Jew-S-A:

  2. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The story seems to have some disconnects. There’s a commando team somewhere waiting to rescue a person who vanished over thirteen years ago and is presumed dead but is really alive in captivity in Iran? But they need $25M first? They’ll bust him out of a place like Iran? So why is Gaetz of all people supposed to pay for this? Are these ‘sugar daddy’ websites really blackmail operations? The story as told elsewhere entails a 17 yr old. Age of consent laws vary state to state; is that under it wherever it supposedly occurred? The ghost of Epstein seems to be hovering over this. The commando team story is hokey, everybody seems really shady, the role of McGee and Kent rather murky.

    • Agree: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Hudson
  3. Anonymous[735] • Disclaimer says:

    What was Levinson doing in Iran? Stuxnet? Green color revolution/ attempted coup? After Solemani, I am somewhat surprised there are any spooks left alive in Iran. Was never a huge Matt Gaetz fan, but if he fights back all the way on this, I will be.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  4. @Anonymous

    I’m kinda with you. I don’t know if I can trust Matt Gaetz, but I do know I can’t his enemies. So, barring (further!) unforeseen development in this most bizarre case, I am going to support him.

  5. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Rep. Gaetz continues to deny having sex with a minor, allegedly procured by former Seminole County Jewish tax collector and accused child sex trafficker Joel Greenberg. Nevertheless, a story published today in the Daily Mail claims that Greenberg is a linchpin in the case against Gaetz and that the congressman’s arrest is “imminent.”

    Gaetz sounds like another “Jew”-loving neocon golem, custom-made to be rolled by the tribe.

    These Zionist-lackey reprobates are a dime a dozen in lib-conned America. No wonder it’s going down the tubes.

    The Zionists will always have plenty of scum to extort, bribe and blackmail so long as the West continues to deny or fight the righteous fury of the Moses-Jesus-Christian tradition towards Hebrew-Khazar organized criminals.

    Look at the mess these reprobate “anti-Semitism” fighters have made not only of the U.S., but of the world.

  6. Exile says:

    Everyone involved in this is rotten and questionable and Gaetz’s own narrative smacks of Tom Clancy a little too much. Plus anything Dilbert-guy signs off on at this point is a no-go for me.

    I’m satisfied to be eating popcorn watching Shlomo possibly losing containment on one of his Epstein operations. The one thing I do know that’s legit amid all the mud and smoke is that Israel is blackmailing an enormous number of goyim with influence and/or access for Zionist ends and that’s a big component of AIPAC’s stranglehold on American and NATO politics – from top politicians to bit players like Prince Andrew.

    The last thing anyone involved (in whatever this Zio-op is) wants is to have someone running around yelling about being blackmailed to help out Israel.

    • Agree: schnellandine
  7. Rahan says:

    Normal age of consent is 15 and 14. At most sixteen.
    This “at 17 it’s underage rape” thing only helps globohomo in the long run to make the very concept of pedophilia murky.

    Like they class “making holocaust jokes” and “stabbing Jews” in the same “antisemitism” category to serve their agenda; just like they class “pinching someone’s ass at a party” and “gang rape by strangers” in the same “sexual assault” category to serve their agenda; classifying making out with a normal fertile teenager and abusing a pre-pubescent child in the same pretend category also serves their agenda.

    Sooner or later they will push for consent for pre-pubescent kids, first along tranny and homo lines, precisely through this merging of different categories into a swampy mess they can twist any way they like.

    That aside, pretending 17 and 16 year olds are like toddlers, also plays into the gnarly hands of old wrinkled roasties who want to shame men into not dating younger. These days they already pretend it’s weird for a man of 40 to date a woman of 25. You can’t shame someone for being fat, you can’t shame a women for being a slut, you can’t shame psychotic moms for castrting their kids, but you can shame a man for dating someone younger than him.

    This is yet another, not unimportant element, in the whole “let’s dismantle all mating rituals and get this race to die out” matrix.

  8. The entire affair as it has unfolded so far shows that these types of schemes didn’t die with Jeffrey Epstein.

    I think what is generally overlooked is that the longstanding ‘Sayanim’ concept utilized by war-driving elements within the Jewish diaspora, rapidly evolved into a structured, foreign-legion / farm-club style of operation, once the state of Israel was up and running. It has now become a full spectrum war against civilians globally via NSO Group, Black Cube etc.. aided and abetted by cowed and complicitous Political elites.

    This deniability scheme then transformed from simply diaspora operatives forming a company as a foreign sayanim asset, to fully coordinating ops with wealthy and corrupt elites acting in the US and other states with the full knowledge of the Israeli Intel apparatus.

    The pillaging of nuclear material in Pennsylvania was an early example of utilizing the diaspora to act as full agents within deliberate operations (i.e. – Pollard) sanctioned by the Israeli state, but kept at arms-length for (weakly plausible) deniability.

    During the 9/11 faux investigation, which rapidly exfiltrated the remaining Israeli surveillance assets out of US custody, The Gerald Shea Memo was probably one of the single most stark examples of the betrayal that played out against the American people –

    If you do no more than shoot down to the last pages of Mr Shea’s report, and look at the maps showing the Israeli surveillance teams positioned at all the future hijacker base locations, it tells you exactly what was taking place with ‘greatest ally’.

    Someone in Bush-world gained authority to utilize the Israelis as the intermediary to act under sloppy cover, stalking foreign threats from the Islamic world, likely based on the assertion that they were Arab language linguists at a time when the US had little such capacity.

    The Israelis blew it up into their own interests targeting US law enforcement assets, and enabled the entire hijack operation, while giving a completely worthless last second warning of no value, as Shea notes..

    Given the successful media ‘lid’ on a world event (anyone who posted about Shea’s report was targeted – it was seemingly excluded from the 9/11 hearings), and the total shutdown of even the FOX report of the Israeli sayanim/intel involvement by Carl Cameron..

    the Epstein black mail ops prostituting American children must have seemed almost risk free, comparatively. (“he was from intelligence..”)

    I have a plan that can make his future legal and political problems go away.
    We have one more opportunity to rescue Levinson.

    What is most notable about this is how markedly stupid the actors formulating this actually appear to be – almost child-like.

    The notion that Biden would pre-agree to publicly pardon what is alleged to be child rape claims against actors within the opposing party is something that you would need to be a complete buffoon to expect anyone else to believe, or to expect would be viewed as valid. Levinson is unknown to a super-majority of Americans, and except for his family almost no one even knows about the situation. Its not like ticker tape parades would take place for returning a later-day Francis Gary Powers.

    The primary possibilities that occur to me are, either the ‘plan’ was simply designed to act as cover against blackmail claims when this finally broke public, in the event of an indictment,
    or,.. whoever assembled this nonsense is extremely malevolent but not smart enough to see how lacking in plausibility the scheme was.

    I would have to speculate that they may simply be getting sloppy and careless given that such actions have gone unpunished and un-noted for so long, due to confidence on near total control of corrupted US public officials.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Digital Samizdat
  9. An example of the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

  10. Hudson says:

    Once u understand that Levison is the ‘cover’ story for the extortion …it all makes sense. Levison is probably dead or gone.

  11. Bumpkin says:

    I didn’t care about the Gaetz allegations as they are de rigueur for congressmen at this point, but I was curious about the alleged extortion so I just looked for more info on DuckDuckGo and found this Orlando Sentinel article. Amazing how the Israeli angle is practically airbrushed out, with the blackmailers shaming him for bringing the Levinson family name into this: the Sentinel certainly knows better than to question the jews.

    I suspect Gaetz partook and the jews found out and immediately jumped on the chance to extort him, will be fascinating to see if the blackmailers get slapped with anything given there appears to be clear physical evidence on them.

  12. Exile says:
    @Trial by Wombat

    Today’s generation of Jewish overlords are softer, dumber and more obvious than previous generations. Their full-spectrum dominance is breeding weaker Jews – the wages of decadence and success. What they used to accomplish more with guile, subterfuge and smarts they now bulldoze with money and naked exercise of power.

    We have a hard road ahead rolling them back but we should be encouraged by how much they’ve slipped from their more formidable past decades.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Trial by Wombat
  13. @Trial by Wombat

    The notion that Biden would pre-agree to publicly pardon what is alleged to be child rape claims against actors within the opposing party is something that you would need to be a complete buffoon to expect anyone else to believe …

    Not really. Biden’ll sign just about anything you put in front of him these days–no questions asked.

  14. @Exile

    What I found interesting was that, like clockwork, this dropped right before Easter, when you could get the REALLY damaging angle of the story out while no one was paying attention, and then claim it as ‘old news’ in the coming work week – a form of Carl Cameron shutdown redux.

    Secondly, when Gaetz’s dad had his own attorney contact Justice to determine if they were involved in the claimed ”free Levinson” mission, the DOJ Attorney, Goldberg, appears to have responded to a totally different question, seemingly ignoring the Israeli snatch and grab issue.

    Clearly, that was not the question being asked of Goldberg – what Gaetz’s attorney was asking DOJ about was if they were party to the claimed ‘rescue’.

    Gaetz was vocally anti-war which at one point spiked my interest in him, and had advocated pulling US troops out of Mideast occupations. This would not have been welcome by either Israeli or AIPAC interests, adding to the potential basis for the scheme.

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