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New Documentary Investigates the History of the Great Replacement and Mass Immigration In Sweden
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“Why Is Sweden Multicultural?”, a new documentary by journalists at Palaestra Media, is the most thorough investigation on the origins of Sweden’s failed multiracial experiment ever published to date.

The film examines the role of various interests, including the local Jewish community, in formulating a policy that has dragged Sweden from a successful nation admired around the world to now, in 2021, an incoherent and failed state.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. This is a great documentary.

    It should be part of a series where the same question is answered for New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, etc.

    When all the documentaries are watched side by side, some interesting connecting dots can come to light, i.e. which books and art, which intellectuals, which trans-national organizations, and which politicians facilitated this synchronized ideological shift across multiple Western countries.

    Because this shift took place simultaneously on three continents, with the complicity of both the left and right, the support of news and entertainment media, and the blessing of majority religious entities, it bears scrutiny of its individual national components.

    What makes a public figure in Sweden, Ireland, Canada, and Australia all bend to the same ideology at the same time, even though these countries have different electoral systems, different laws, different economic potentials, different religious makeups, and different languages? The question should be answered by the viewer, drawing his own conclusions from a forensic examination of each.

    Here’s hoping for this to become a series.

  2. It’s almost as if Jews just can’t get enough jollies with their PoP or Power of Prophecy. Traditionally, it meant Jews had a special link with the one and only true God and were blessed with spiritual will to peer into His Mind. Holiness + Big Think. These days, Jewish holiness(in the eyes of Jews and goyim alike) has a lot to do with the Shoah — “nobody knows the trouble we seen, nobody knows but we Jews” — and cult of Jewish Genius. So, goyim look upon Jews as the geniuses, teachers, and visionaries of the age with the ADDED advantage of tragic wisdom that comes with the Holy-Caust.

    With such an edge, it’s as if every Jew wants his or her piece of PoP. In a way, PoP is the universalized narcissism of Jewishness. It isn’t much different from what has become of physical narcissism. Once, it used to mean the beautiful being obsessed with their own beauty. But over time, what with celebrity culture spreading vanity everywhere and in conjunction with the cult of ‘equity’, everyone(and that means the ugliest fattest women) feels it’s a right to regard himself or herself as beautiful. If some fat ugly guy with hairy chest wants to believe he is one hot chick, we must accommodate his delusions as well.

    But as Jews control the media and academia, the universalization of trashy narcissism among goyim flows from the near-universalization of PoP among Jews. It used to be only a handful of Jews dared to claim prophetic power(which was still many times more than among goyim). But over the years, as most Jews, boys and girls, went to college and felt smarter than majority goyim, as well as drawing inspiration from seminal Jewish thinkers of the modern era, many of them wanted a piece of the prophetic pie.
    But when so many Jews want to be Big Thinkers, it means a lot of silly ideas get added to the mix. But, Jewish Power is nothing if not about Jews helping Jews, or at least Jews tolerating other Jews. And over time, much of Jewish Pride has come to derive from the rule of JEWS SAY, GOYIM OBEY, especially with the fading of Christianity and its ‘antisemitism’. (But then, even Christianity is an indication of JEWS SAY, GOYIM OBEY. Even in their anti-Jewishness, goyim took instructions from Jews who created Christianity. Even in hating Jews, goyim need guidance from a bunch of Jews. Jews Say, Goyim Obey.) So, it tickles the Jewish Mind that whatever crazy shtick they cook up, goyim follow along like so many sheeple.
    If Jews say ‘diversity is our strength’, Jews chant the mantra like programmed robots. If Jews say, ‘homosexuality is like rainbow colors’, goyim are waving ‘gay’ flags all around. If Jews say, ‘pride’ is now synonymous with globo-homo, goyim just sing and dance along. If Jews say ‘whiteness is evil’, goyim nod along and expunge white-whatever from society. If Jews say ‘blacks are sacred and always victims no matter what’, goyim blame all black problems on whites or non-blacks. Jews have come to believe, ‘whatever we say, idiot goyim obey’. Over time, Jews have come to not only expect but DEMAND it of goyim. Jews feel entitled to PoP over goyim. Even the most ridiculously stupid Jew now feels, “Whatever I say, goyim better obey.” It’s like a Jewish Right.

    So, perhaps so much of the crazy shit that’s happening has less to do with Jewish conviction in the ever sillier ideas they come up with. What they really relish is a sense of power. It’s like they’re playing the game of ‘Simon Says’ with goyim. Whatever Simon says, the players must do. And those who deviate from the rule is weeded out until only worthy remainers are those who stick to the rule of whatever Simon says.

    Swedes may be higher IQ than world average and all, but their one-dimensional Northern temperament and deeply embedded Christian earnestness turned them into emotional children for Jews to exploit. Of course, modern Swedes considered themselves to be well-educated, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, enlightened, and progressive, but their ‘eurotic’ conceit could be maintained only in a provincial and homogeneous world unperturbed by real world problems and events. Jews went to Swedes and said, “If you are all those things — intelligent, modern, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and progressive — , then you Swedes should pay special heed to us Jews because we are even more intelligent, modern, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, progressive… and furthermore steeped in tragedy because of the Holocaust under the Germans… with whom you Swedes did business with during WWII…” This worked like magic as Swedes came to feel guilt in their virtual collaboration with the Nazi Germans. In some ways, it was seen as worse than collaboration by the French and Norwegians. After all, some nations were under German Occupation and were forced to bend to German will. In contrast, Swedes did it of their own free will. Even though Sweden didn’t send Jews to Nazi death camps, it did business with the German War Machine when it was killing so many Jews. It implies that Swedish progressivism was a hypocrisy, and that means Swedes must do whatever possible to appease Jews as moral superiors and heed their advice as the divine word. The dire result has been of course obvious. SwEden became Swodom.

    While it’s true Germans acted monstrously and the Swedes were a bunch of hypocrites, Jews were no better in the 20th century. Jews kvetch about Holocaust Denial but they are seriously into HoloCause Denial. What caused the Holocaust? Even if we agree that what the Germans did was inexcusable, it was an extreme and radical reaction to Jewish bad behavior… just like even if we say the nuking of Japan was extreme and unwarranted, it was in large part in reaction to Japanese aggression and war-mongering madness. So, while it’s ridiculous to deny the effect, it is also ridiculous to overlook the cause. Even if the six million number is almost certainly false, many Jews were killed by the Nazi death machine. (Jews will say the Holocaust has been meticulously documented, but such assertion is misleading because there are laws and taboos in the West that insist on certain narratives and penalizes anyone who dares to revise, question, or counter them. It’s like so much has been written about the Race Problem in the US, but the Narrative demands that we focus on Innocent Blacks being lynched and never ever ask why whites used vigilante means to keep blacks under lid. We must pretend blacks were all innocent, and white people were infected with irrational ‘racism’. Never mind all the black thuggery and criminality. And according to the Jewish-run Narrative, lynchings were happening all the time, and every other Negro was hanging from a tree when, in fact, they were relatively rare, especially in the 20th century. And despite all the scientific evidence, virtually all mainstream discussion on Race is it doesn’t exist. So much ‘documentation’ and ‘science’ on race has resulted in so much BS.) Germans went crazy because Jews did much to drive them crazy.

    Jewish behavior in Russia of the 1990s and in the US especially since 9/11 goes to show they haven’t learned a thing. We expect the Japanese to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki but also expect them to reflect on their own war-making and mass mayhem in the Pacific. But while all of us are expected to remember the Holocaust, Jews never reflect on whatever they did to make so many goyim hate them. And as Jews control media, academia, and the deep state, so many goyim have been raised from cradle to believe Jews are the Perfect People who were set upon by ‘Anti-Semites’ because goyim are so very imperfect, whether they be European or Arab.

    And the Perfect People Privilege is shared by blacks and homos. If more black students are suspended from school, it can never be their fault. It must be ‘racism’. If blacks are incarcerated more for rape and murder, that can’t be their fault either. It must be ‘systemic racism’, a total perversion of social morality that burdens one race with all the guilt white another race is always exonerated.
    If homos spread HIV all around and dropped like flies, it can’t be because they buggered each other like a bunch of perverts. No, it must have been ‘homophobia’. Despite all the facts about homo-behavior-related diseases and black thuggery/criminality, the main cults of the West are globo-homo poo-ride and blacred BLM nuttery, along with Holy Holocaust narrative that insists on Holo-Cause Denial. Yeah, Jews were these perfect saintly people who were rounded up and killed for NO REASON. But Jews got PoP over goyim, and so, whatever they say, the goyim obey.

  3. Phibbs says:

    When it comes to cunning, scheming, manipulation, deception, treachery and arrogance, even high-level demons can learn from the Jews.

  4. Franz says:

    Three things apparent from watching this fine film:

    1. Media control is crucial. An impartial media requires strong rules and the ability to enforce them.

    2. Distance from WWII: All the nations of European people began their “race to diversity” within a certain distance from 1945; no matter what was happening before. The USA officially re-rigged its immigration codes in 1965, Sweden’s dive seems to begin in 1975, and so on. WWII is the big factor here; some ethnic arrogance the white world had before then was stripped away after.

    3. I would recommend a serious, scholarly initiative for independent individuals and groups on one exclusive subject: What specific animus does Judaism, world wide, have against Europeans AS Europeans? Missing from those who hate Jews or love them is a REASON for (a) Jews wanting to be in Europe at all and (b) why they want Europe and Europeans not to exist? I consider it a pressing question. Jews coming to Europe to destroy it makes no sense without a motive.

    • Replies: @beavertales
    , @Inselaffen
  5. Viking22 says:

    Here is another excellent recent documentary on the topic of Sweden’s failed immigration policies

    “A very interesting film, which features the participation of reputable academics from both Sweden and the USA; a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Soheila from Iran who works against honour violence; and finally, people who have seen how the stigma of being accused of racism means they keep quiet about what they really think about Islamism and gender activism.

    Multiculturalism seems to create a divided society and the women who really suffer from patriarchal oppression and misogynistic cultures and dogmas are not defended by modern feminists, who have other priorities, like fighting their way to the top of academia using quotas, or engaging in silly activities like galloping around statues of old warrior kings – the patriarchy, right? – pretending to be horses. A must watch scene from the film!

    Freedom of speech, the domination of the most oppressed women by men from patriarchal cultures, and the indoctrination of school children into cultural relativism and gender are some of the burning issues that the film deals with in a very thoughtful way. This reviewer hopes many people see it and that they start to think critically about these issues as we realise our ignorance of Islamism and the real oppression under our noses.”

  6. gT says:

    As others have said before, every Swede you come across and ask about the situation there says that everything is fine. They even seem offended that you could suggest anything untoward is happening there.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
  7. Al Kayder says:

    if we shout “WHITE POWER!” and start “VIKING METAL BANDS!” we will win

    • Troll: beavertales
  8. @Franz

    “What specific animus does Judaism, world wide, have against Europeans AS Europeans?”

    They distrust us as a race.

    As Barbara Lerner Spector declares, “without this transformation (to multiculture), Europe will not survive”. Nobody has explained what this slip of the tongue meant, but it suggests a genocide of Whites is on her Jewish mind. Would Jews engineer another war in lieu of multiculture, perhaps a nuclear holocaust-final solution to the White race? She has held back the curtain just a little into her deranged mind.

    Here is an insight. In a Holocaust memorial in Berlin, a Trump MAGA hat is on display. The caption reads: “Like the Golem of Cheim, the animated clay creature in Jewish folklore that grew uncontrollable and threatened the entire universe, Trump seems to gather power with every TV appearance and every crackpot speech. And like the Golem, he now threatens to crush his creator if any attempt is made to remove the magic animating letters from his forehead. In the Golem’s case, it was a holy name; in Trump’s, it’s a white baseball cap proclaiming, ‘Make America Great Again’.”

    Is it starting to become clear that Jewish power has an agenda, which does not include Whites having any right to self-determination? That the Jewish agenda is fearful, power-mad, and insane?

  9. @Franz

    2. Distance from WWII: All the nations of European people began their “race to diversity” within a certain distance from 1945; no matter what was happening before. The USA officially re-rigged its immigration codes in 1965, Sweden’s dive seems to begin in 1975, and so on. WWII is the big factor here; some ethnic arrogance the white world had before then was stripped away after.

    Let’s be clear: All the European nations under American hegemony (i.e. ‘the west’) began a ‘race to diversity’. The half of Europe under Soviet hegemony was shielded from that and it’s no coincidence that half is managing to actually explicitly resist it (at least somewhat) today.

  10. darío says:

    Swedish state television showing multicultural propaganda to young children.

  11. @gT

    gT – I spent 3 weeks in Sweden – the last week of September and the first 2 weeks in October, 2019. I stayed with a fellow ham radio operator friend and his wife. He lives south-west of Stockholm and being a successful retired person in his early 70s, he knows exactly what is going on in his country but prefers not to talk about it and I am careful not to bring the subject up during my contacts with him on the radio and in our communications via e-mail and Skype.

    He is a very intelligent person, having lived in the USA for a number of years. He and his wife have a very beautiful home out in the country-side. Like myself, he has resigned himself to the fact that he, as being only one individual, is powerless to do anything about the situation in Sweden, so he prefers not to think about it and to be content, enjoying his retirement (which is exactly what I am doing).

    Thank you.

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