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New Document Reveals How Jews Manufactured Corbyn "Anti-Semitism" Hysteria In Quest for Power
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UK Labour’s election of Keir Starmer, a self-described Zionist with close familial ties to Jewry, is a drastic establishment repudiation of Corbynism.

The elements of the Judeo-Left who did everything in their power to betray their own party and cause Jeremy Corbyn to lose through their bully pulpits at publications like The Guardian are licking their lips at the certain prospect of a sweeping party purge of those labeled “anti-Semitic.” The goal is to solidify Jewish control over a party Jews abandoned in the 1970s and 80s for the Tories, but still distrust.

A gargantuan internal party dossier detailing the conspiracy to undermine and destroy Corbyn goes back to 2016, with the founding of a group called “Labour Against Anti-Semitism” (LAAS). The LAAS uses the “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance” definition of anti-Semitism, which includes any and all criticism of Israel, once again demonstrating the power of the pernicious myth to give moral leverage to immoral causes like non-stop global war and ethnic cleansing.

LAAS is led by a figure named Euan Philipps, who is described in the investigation (pg 401) as being rude and insulting as he filed loads of discrimination complaints described by staff as “spurious.” Some discourse that Philipps reported as anti-Semitic included party members attacking Blairites (fans of the Zionist warmonger Tony Blair), expressing support for George Galloway (a veteran radical who in recent years has bucked his party to become pro-Brexit, criticize Zionism and push back against anti-white sentiment), criticizing finance-capitalism, and of course, criticism of Israel of any kind.

The large number of anti-Semitism complaints, despite being non-sense, were reported uncritically in British media. This put pressure on Corbyn to purge some of his most fervent supporters and cause infighting as the party campaigned for election.

According to the report, in 2019 half of all “anti-Semitism” complaints came from one person (pg 843). The investigation remarks that none of the claims had any evidence, and were largely just people expressing non-racial political views Jews don’t like. Thanks to the political correctness of the left-wing organization, the powerful and connected Jews in question sought to sow division and waste resources by causing Labour hierarchs to “investigate” and sometimes suspend opponents of Zionism or neo-liberalism. After a while, some involved in the “Dignity at Work” anti-harassment program realized it was a subversive strategy and began to take these complaints less seriously.

Corbyn’s supporters, rather than simply booting all the interlopers, decided upon the limp strategy of calling the other side anti-Semitic for assuming all Jews support Israel (95% of American Jews — among the most “liberal” — support Israel) or going out of their way to prove innocence while being barraged by thunderstriking calumnies. The problem is that the “controversy” was always in bad faith and specifically a rejection of some of Corbyn’s views on economics and foreign policy.

One of the most shocking vignettes from the Jewish conspiracy against Corbyn was when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with British Jews at a secret meeting and promised American intervention in the immediate aftermath of a Corbyn victory. What this intervention would’ve looked like is left up to our imagination as Boris Johnson won in a landslide in December 2019.

Corbyn’s experience is by no means exclusive to the left. Right-wing groups are also subjected to similar strategies by Jews who seek to weaken their ability to advance the interests of their voters.

Jews have utilized similar tactics to cause internal havoc and trigger purges in conservative-populist parties like Alternativ Fur Deutschland (AfD), Vox, and of course the famous “de-demonization” of Front National.

William F. Buckley’s draconian crackdown at the behest of Norman Podhoretz completely neutered the American right. This was so effective that only recently has it started to recover, and even that’s up for debate.

Any organization that expresses a strong and principled alternative to the plutocratic status quo, never-ending wars, globalization or mass immigration will be labeled anti-Semitic by Jews, whether that is their intent or not.

Jewish elites see political consensus on these issues as vital to retaining dominance in Western nations. Whether left or right, those who present opposition to these policies will be dragged into an open confrontation with Jewish power, which usually ends in the target getting in the fetal position and enduring a beat down.

The question going forward is: who is willing to fight back?

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. All true. But the reality is that I don’t feel at all sorry Corbyn. Since he never saw fit to defend himself against the onslaught, why should I have bothered to fight for him? No: Uncle Jezza was just another sheepdog like Bernie Sanders, I’m afraid. And as such, he got what deserved. Goo riddance …

  2. Nodwink says:

    It seems that the Labour Against Antisemitism folks have read this article:

    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @suicidal_canadian
  3. jim jones says:

    Why I left the left” Melanie Phillips

  4. GeeBee says:

    How utterly priceless! Any and all criticism of Jews – or indeed anything at all that any Jew, anywhere doesn’t like – now counts not merely as ‘anti-Semitism’ but as an example of ‘Neo-Nazism’.

    Splendid, say I! It is surely right that these unspeakable vermin know that trouble lies ahead, whatever label they seek to attach to us. We’re not going away any time soon…

  5. @jim jones

    That vile wench was fine with Labour being anti-white and flooding UK with non-whites. But when Labour called for justice for Palestinians, she was infuriated.

    Jewish ‘Left’ is a joke. It’s about Jewish supremacists using the cover of leftism to push “Is it good for Jews?”

    As for Anglo cucks or Anglucks, maybe it’s time for them to die.

    • Agree: jbwilson24
  6. Richard S says:

    They’ve wildly overplayed their hand this time, with the number of people on the socialist left who’ve been forced to become wise to the lies of the “men in little hats” after the vicious campaign of falsification during the English election.

    The neurotic lack of self-awareness means that they just can’t realise how they’re perceived by the great mass of goyim, and how dangerously thin the ice they’re skating on has become.

  7. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:

    The question going forward is: who is willing to fight back?

    Millions of goyim are waking up so it’s only a matter of time. The Tribe is, predictably, in desperation, moving from covert control to open oppression which digs their own graves. An exposed, belligerent parasite is placing itself right at the bottom of the food chain.

  8. @Nodwink

    We really need to start saying that the slur “neo-nazi” is a racist canard. We need to absolutely strip the word of its strength and punish them for using it. It should be to us what a blood libel was to Jews.

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  9. “The question going forward is: who is willing to fight back?”

    Patience, patience.

    What I have noticed about Jews is that they are myopic in some ways, completely blind to their own weaknesses.

    Jewish power is becoming impossible to ignore. Take the Trump impeachment debacle, or the hooked nosed vulture lawyers hovering over that Blasey Ford woman during the Kavanaugh affair. The #MeToo list looks like a synagogue donors roll, etc etc. They don’t even bother to hide it any more, openly chortling about their influence.

    The fatal mistake is the Jewish belief that disparate groups of gentiles will never unify together against Jewish power. Hence multiculturalism, turning every country into a Brazil where low functioning mulattos live in slums while the Jewish elite controls the levers of power.

    The Coronavirus scare is going to teach people a lesson, once the dust settles. It will turn out that the banks, hedge funds and other large (mostly Jewish) businesses that have access to Fed funds and whacks of capital will run around purchasing assets from distressed owners. This is not new, as empirical research shows that the same groups cleaned up after the 2008 GFC and housing crash.

    The heavy handed ‘stay at home’ tactics combined with a rather obvious uptick in the wealth of the top 1% is going to make a lot of people angry. A couple more catastrophes like this, plus an attack on critical infrastructure systems like electric/gas/water, and you’ll basically have uprisings in major cities.

    The only people stupid enough not to notice that Jews are continually increasing in power (despite alleged losses of 6 million in WW2) are white people, and white people are dying out. I’ve spoken to many Somalis, Arabs, Indians and others openly about Jewish power, and they are all quite aware. As are the Chinese and other East Asians.

    The problem with being a tiny, despised minority is that you can’t suffer too many casualties. There are a few million of them and 7 billion gentiles. Take a few infrastructure systems down and the mob has the upper hand. Police forces and militaries with sufficient Muslim (etc) members to disrupt official government response. The burka-clad ladies in Luton and Birmingham won’t need much convincing to start sharpening the knives.

  10. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance”

    Ah yes, the tried and true subterfuge of the money-making Holocau\$t ™ scam. It’s like those multi-purpose tools one sees advertised on the Boob Tube, and this one is both a shield and a club, to smash any uppity Gentiles who have read actual WWII history and realize that the Holocau\$t ™ is the biggest scam of all times.

    After that election, didn’t all those nasty accusations of British anti-semitism go dark? It’s like they were manufactured for one purpose and once that was achieved, like getting the clownish BoJo into #10, now all is well, especially when you consider that Johnson is descended from Rabbis.

    Remember that Al Jazeera video from several years ago, when they caught Israeli’s bragging about how they can get rid of any Brit politician?
    Guess it was just anudda coincidence that the cries and wails directed against the Labour Party went into high gear not long after that video came out.

    Gentiles in the West better wake up and realize that a war has been declared against us Goyim, by a nasty group of Zionists who won’t give any quarter. Wake up or consign yourself and your progeny to a life of poverty, tyranny, endless wars for Israel and a MSM that hates our guts telling us what to do.

    P.S. Since some nations, like Italy have trouble disposing of all those flu death bodies, why don’t they use that WWII Nazi technology for getting rid of the corpses?

  11. @jim jones

    Let me guess…

    She left the Left because it didn’t do enough for the Tribe – the group to which she has primary loyalty.

  12. @suicidal_canadian

    Been thinking about Émile Zola lately.
    About time we put our heads together and composed & published our J’accuse.

    Copy to each of the sacred 52

    and the 535 legislators and senators they control

    If it’s really well done, maybe do a GoFundMe and buy a page in NYTimes.

    Zola wrote:

    As they have dared, so shall I dare. Dare to tell the truth, as I have pledged to tell it, in full, since the normal channels of justice have failed to do so. My duty is to speak out; I do not wish to be an accomplice in this travesty. My nights would otherwise be haunted by the spectre of the innocent man, far away, men, in our own nation, suffering the most horrible of tortures for a crime [t]he[y] did not commit.

    Some may be aware that the sight of Dreyfus being stripped of his uniform/regalia rankled Theodor Herzl and provoked him to write Der Judenstaat.

    Few may be aware that Herzl did absolutely nothing to accelerate freeing Dreyfus. The prolonged expressions of “antisemitism” served his purposes.

    Very very few may know that Scheurer, a French Protestant bureaucrat tried valiantly to obtain Dreyfus’s exoneration and release through quiet bureaucratic channels, but his efforts were stymied by one Joseph Reinach, a Jewish banker “hated because he was as wealthy as Rothschild,” and a major backer of those ostensibly campaigning for Dreyfus’s vindication. In fact, Reinach sought to prolong the debacle because his real target was the capitulation of the Jesuits and through them, the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

    Ruth Harris discusses this in her book, The Intimate Politics of the Dreyfus Affair

    NB @46 min, having described how Reinach played on Scheurer’s anti-Catholic and rationalist leanings to target Jesuits as the evil-doers in the Dreyfus Affair, Harris states that, nevertheless, the Jesuits were not in any way involved in the plot.

    Scheurer died before Dreyfus was released.
    Reinach’s machinations achieved his goal: Roman Catholicism was de-coupled from its position in French governance and culture.
    Sufficient “antisemitic” hysteria had been aroused so that Herzl was able to organize the first Zionist Congress in 1897

  13. As an Irish person who knows that when it came to to Ireland it never really mattered which party was in power in the UK, we Irish could always expect to be treated in the same manner, as truculent sub humans who were just ungrateful for all that mother England did for us, the British labour party was never a friend of Ireland when they were in power, the default setting of anti Irish racist thinking always came to the surface,

    Then Corbyn came around and I dared to hope, could this man who certainly seemed to believe that a country should be run for the benefit of “the many and not the few” , it was a good electoral slogan and the man himself seemed to be genuine, and indeed he seemed to understand the basic point that the British presence in Ireland distorts the political landscape and should end, could he deliver?

    I then noticed with dismay that the antisemitism rubbish was being used against him, the establishment had nothing else, this was their last card and it had to fail, I mean its such utter rubbish that surely it couldn’t be a game changer,

    And instead of going on the attack and pointing out to the Jews in Britain that they are such a small minority of the population that their specific concerns are not priority, he retreated into stupid gender pronoun/PC rubbish and got his arse (we don’t sat ass in Ireland) handed to him,

    And what at tragedy it is for the general populace in the UK that they have not produced a labour leader who will actually take a stand for the rights of working people,

    Again the Jews with their ‘is it good for the Jews’ barometer,

    That will come home to roost someday

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