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National Justice Investigates: Rising Republican Party Influencers Got Their Start At Talent Agency Run By Israeli Pornographer
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They’re prominent guests on Fox, they lead “grassroots” rallies, they write columns at The Blaze, they are keynote speakers at CPAC, a few were even used to blackmail perceived enemies of Israeli interests — and they all got their start as actors and models at the same Israeli-owned talent agency.

These up and coming conservative superstars appear to have had or currently still have active profiles up at shadowy Israeli-born pornographer Ami Shafrir’s Explore Talent, National Justice can report.

So far, National Justice has identified the following household names in the world of Republican Party politics as being actors or models featured for hire on the site in the last ten years:

1) Candace Owens — who began producing professional conservative content months after launching her Explore Talent profile in 2017.

2) Congresswoman Lauren Boebert — participated in the site’s gallery contest in 2011, two years before opening up the “Shooters Grill” restaurant that brought her national fame and helped catapult her political career.

3) Tomi Lahren — a familiar face throughout conservative media. She has previously worked at The Blaze and served on Donald Trump’s PAC alongside Rudy Giuliani. She currently works as a contributor for Fox News.

4) Mellissa Carone — Rudy Giuliani’s star witness in his election fraud lawsuit last December. She is currently running for office in Michigan.

5) Scott Presler — a homosexual conservative influencer, often spotted leading rallies in the run up to Trump’s election. Presler spoke at CPAC 2020.

6) Emma DiGiovine — the Fox News assistant who Jesse Waters left his wife for.

7) Anna Khait and Tarah Price — Two women hired by private intelligence operatives to seduce and blackmail National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster after Jewish mega donors Sheldon Adelson and Robert Mercer complained to Trump that he wasn’t sufficiently pro-Israel.

Raunchy Central Casting

One common theme in the modeling profiles above is the low quality and hyper sexual nature of the pictures. National Justice consulted with an expert in photography, who described the images as looking more like what would be featured on an escort site than people trying to get movie roles.

Below are the watermarked photographs used in the portfolios of Presler, Boebert, and Carone.

The Man Behind Explore Talents

Explore Talents is registered under the name of Amiram Moshe Shafrir, an Israeli businessman who — alongside his ex-wife Sarit — has never been far from trouble.

Shafrir made his fortune in the 1990s through Amtec Audiotext, a highly lucrative phone sex service that Israeli criminals battled for ownership of until the FBI intervened on Ami’s behalf. Shafrir and his wife also ran pornography websites such as the defunct, according to court documents obtained by National Justice.

Using money from his phone sex and porn sites, Shafrir was able to help start a number of online dating websites, including the Jews only J-Date, which Rabbi Schmuley Boteach would later claim defrauded him out of money in a bad business venture. According to the New York Times, users of affiliated porn sites were being wired into the dating sites to beef up their user numbers.

Throughout the arduous legal process, public records show that the dispute between various Israelis led to lawsuits accusing the Shafrir’s of being involved in illegal wiretapping, the use of bribed police officers, and even the alleged collection of blackmail material on American military officials who were secretly homosexual by Sarit Shafrir that she later transported back to Israel. Ties to organized crime, ripping off credit card customers, and even the trafficking of expired drugs to be sold to minorities were also alleged in court.

Eventually, Shafrir was able to survive the chaos and created Explore Talent, which itself is often accused of being a scam in the movie and television industry.

The relationship between Shafrir and the Republican Party is not clear, but it is clear that the conservative movement recruits women through his service.

All in all, the overnight transition of women from low-rent “models” on Explore Talent to congresswomen, high-risk spies, and nationally renown political personalities leaves more questions than answers.

The most innocent explanation — that GOP operatives are actively recruiting women who are broke and desperate for fame — speaks volumes about the state of American conservatism.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Tom Verso says:

    What is the difference between an:

    “Investigative Journalist” and a

    “Gossip (tittle-tattle) Columnist”?

    • Troll: Exile, RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @St Germain
    , @Biff
    , @Exile
  2. El Dato says:

    They just be “Israeli Art” students.

    • LOL: Biff
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  3. It makes sense to get political whores from the porn industry, doesn’t it?

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @anonymous
  4. @Tom Verso

    It doesn’t take an investigative journalist to know that all “conservative” blue checks are owned by the Chosenites. In a normal world, a bimbo like Boebert would be nowhere near politics, but this isn’t a normal world. Her only credential was confronting Beto O’Rourke at a townhall. I bet it was staged by CNN.

    • Agree: Pixo, Exile
    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  5. Politics today is so far through the looking glass that I would hesitate to say that ANYTHING is impossible — but something about this story just rings “fake news” alarm bells. I am withholding any opinions until I get more and better information.

  6. Tom Verso says:
    @St Germain

    You write:
    “It doesn’t take an investigative journalist to know…”

    But my point is, the author presents himself in this article as an “investigative journalist.”

    Also, it would be absurd to imply, as the author does, that Candace Owens is in the same class as the likes of Lauren Boebert, whom you characterize as a “bimbo”.

    Owens clearly is very intelligent and articulate. As a former teacher of adults, I take into consideration her vocabulary, sentence structures, spontaneity of response and recall of facts.

    Also per Wikipedia: She worked for Vogue Magazine and a was a vice president of private equity firm and wrote a book.

    One could go on with her so-not Bimbo credentials.

    So, what exactly is Striker’s point about Candace Owens?

    I’m not familiar with the others on his salacious list.

    But it seems that, in this case,
    salaciousness is the end product of his “investigative journalism”

  7. To be fair, a lot of people starting out seeded their profiles far and wide, with only minimal interaction with the websites.

    Most people have to slog through gig employment until they land better jobs. Getting your name out there is part of building your brand.

  8. anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    “I’m beginning to believe from some of the things in your paper that the National Alliance is not a patriotic organization at all, but is radical and wants to destroy America. …”

    When the stock market takes a nosedive, most conservatives will groan, and most Alliance members will chortle. When food prices take an especially sharp jump, the same reactions occur — even though conservatives and Alliance members eat the same food, and both have to tighten their belts. And when a politician is caught taking bribes or cavorting with homosexuals or prostitutes, the conservative will grit his teeth and vow to vote against the rascal at the next election, while the true radical will smile and say, “Bless you, Senator.”

    *Big Grin*

  9. Biff says:
    @Tom Verso

    What is the difference between an:

    “Investigative Journalist” and a

    “Gossip (tittle-tattle) Columnist”?

    A time clock vs an oven timer.

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
  10. The GOP-Zionist establishment is scraping the bottom of the barrel now. After the Trump debacle, they’ve lost grip on their boomer Christians and young supporters. Plus, after 5 years relentless persecution by the deep state and big tech, the right in general has soured on the old GOP platform of capitalism, patriotism and military worship.

    I see this as an attempt to use sex to lure back boomers and zoomer coomers back into the old buckleyite plantation. Now they’re literally bringing porn stars to CPAC and having strippers throw money at the audience at TPUSA. Its absolute bottom of the barrel measures.

    • Agree: Exile
  11. Emma DiGiovine is a prime butterface. Waters’s old wife was better looking than her but damn, Emma has a tight bod.

    This Tarah Price chick is pretty hot though, so is Tommy Lahren.

  12. Rahan says:

    Mr. Striker, brilliant stuff as usual!

  13. Mr. Ed says:

    Mr. Striker: The next-to-last paragraph should have ‘nationally renowned’; you forgot the ‘ed’,

    Otherwise, quite informative; thanks.

    Don’t support the GOP!

  14. Trinity says:

    Remember when Fox News started out and all the women on there looked like clones. All blonde, all Barbie-doll types. Then they started adding some brunettes, a few redheads, and less attractive “journalists” and “news reporters.” How many scandals at Fox over the years? Trying to remember the name of a CNN anchor who retired recently. She was attractive and always looked bored to tears, frankly she often looked like she would fall asleep. Brooke Baldwin, yep, that is her name. Tell me she didn’t land that gig because of her looks over someone much more qualified.

    And then you have to wonder how many of the males performed some sort of gay sex act as well. Look at some of Hollywood’s male stars and tell me you honestly think that guys like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, (((Sean Penn))), George Clooney, & company don’t swing both ways or one way for that matter. “Beards” have been used in Hollywood for forever. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are two others that set off the gaydar alarm.

    • Replies: @Truth
  15. Exile says:
    @Tom Verso

    What’s the difference between Tom Verso and a subversive butt-hurt troll with personal beefs who posts dishonest comments in bad faith?

  16. Truth says:

    Remember when Fox News started out and all the women on there looked like clones.

    There was a good reason for that…

    • Replies: @CauCasiAnn
  17. Corvinus says:
    @Tom Verso

    Speaking of Owens and Boebert…

    From Alt Right leader Vox Day…

    There will be more exposed in a similar manner, because none of them are legitimate. All you have to do is listen to them talk to recognize that none of them have an original thought in their heads. Anytime you see someone who is superficially intelligent and verbally skilled but lacking in analytical depth or any apparent sense of curiosity, you can be relatively confident that they are a manufactured persona who is essentially an actor playing the part.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
    , @Gumbo
  18. Rebel Roy says:
    @Tom Verso

    Sounds like Tom Verso just loves his little niglet Candace Owens.And Tom loves how”articulate” she is but in a group of White people she’d barely be average.She is obviously a quadroon so lots of non-African genes in there.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  19. Tom Verso says:

    Thanks for that input.

    First, it is not my intention to promote or support Owens ideologically or politically.

    However, what I have experienced in her speech and writing, as I said, she is anything but a “bimbo”, as you say.

    Nor, is she “just another pretty face with a great body” as Striker seems to imply.

    But I would be interested in a link to the Vox comment.
    As such it is generalized ideological value judgement which communicate the same opinion expressed by you and implied by Striker.

    What are examples of “superficial intelligence”?
    What are examples of “lacking in analytical depth”?
    What are examples of “lacking curiosity”?

    Vox is very intelligent, so I assume that he has provided a factual basis for his value judgment.

    More generally, that is my point.

    Meaningful, political/economic discourse with a mind towards changing society must be factual and logical. Denigrating name calling or implication is preaching to the choir.

    The true believers like the passionate followers of Striker, the other TRS commentators and the many other Web alt-politicos love to hear and enjoy the ‘trash talk”, but they learn nothing beyond what they already know and feel.

    Thus, continuing with Owens’s example (and that’s all it is – an example):

    1)What specific factual statements has she made that are demonstratable false?

    2) What specific logical inferences has she posited that are demonstrably fallacious?

    3) What specific value judgements has she posited that stand in contradiction to the values of her critics?

    Those three questions, to my mind, should be the basis of all political/economic discourse. Most especially on the part of those who want to change the political/economic reality.

    Lest wise that’s how I see it!

    • Agree: Ace, Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Exile
  20. Truth says:

    Yes; quadroon indeed!

    Quadroon: Kwad-roon, noun;
    Definition: black woman who makes a white racist’s happyworm come to life…

  21. @Tom Verso

    ‘Also, it would be absurd to imply, as the author does, that Candace Owens is in the same class as the likes of Lauren Boebert, whom you characterize as a “bimbo”.’

    Glancing over her Wikipedia page, I’ll take the bimbo. Owens sounds like your typical quadroon con artist to me.

  22. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    This is really a rather strange story. Foreign pornographer getting Republican ‘influencers’ started? Controlled candidates, blackmail, etc? Weird stuff.

  23. Exile says:
    @Tom Verso

    Tom’s here to tell us how to lose political arguments. Again, if you’re explaining, you’re losing.

    We don’t need to write a 20 page legal brief on why we’re allowed to call a Black woman who pimped herself through an Israeli “modeling service” to thirsty negro-worshipping GOP reply guys a grifter and a fraud.

    Candace Owens doesn’t say anything that any 100-IQ grifter couldn’t pick up from conservative Twitter, Facebook or websites. She’s an “influencer” because she’s Black, reasonably presentable and doesn’t speak in ghetto patois, period.

    It’s on the white knights defending her (and the hating trolls riding their backs) to make the case – not us.

    Her “work” speaks for itself.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  24. Deeznuts says:

    I was looking forward to the proof that this is porn.

    • Replies: @HaHatruedat
  25. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Verso

    She worked for Vogue Magazine

    oh wow, now that’s an accomplishment

    and a was a vice president of private equity firm

    was she the obligatory kneegrow? i mean come on

    and wrote a book


  26. It’s amazing how the real point of this article goes over the heads of nearly everyone here, including the author. Especially all you racists concentrating on Owens. Actors hired by Israel to screw our government, fucking with our government, just like Russia. Yet hardly anyone in the comments even thinks about that. It’s amazing. The porn part doesn’t even matter, who gives a shit. The fact that Israel has operatives meddling in our government should concern you a lot more than it does.

    • Replies: @ApocalypseDevotee
  27. Israel controls both the Dems and the GOP.

    It’s a conversation that can’t be discussed.

    • Agree: sulu
  28. @Deeznuts

    haha best comment on here lol

  29. Hitmarck says:
    @Tom Verso

    So why are we skipping Candice’s first public appearance? An online pillory for the transgressions of little children, who will then be honed for all eternity by all the moral fashions of the chic and preppy USA.

    Social Autopsy

    Translated with (free version)

  30. ukelele says:

    Gorgeous and young students taking some sexy photos….
    Yep, reaaaally suspicions…

    Ps: This say more about you than about them.

  31. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    political whores

    Aren’t these fe/male whores elected by common vermin such as you? Aren’t these the same whores who call others “terrorists.” At least some “terrorists” have a cause, as freedom fighters and to fight oppression.

    Your Christian/Juden whores are in it simply for the money, and ultimately end up destroying your degenerate societies.


    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  32. @anonymous

    You’re just another asshole that makes assumptions to build a straw man to knock down and starts name calling all in one go. You are a real piece of work (POS).

    I don’t vote because it just encourages bad behavior. I’m an anarchist and don’t believe in the necessity of gov’t.
    I’m an atheist because all religions are just myths.

    You completely struck out, but that’s because you’re stupid.

  33. I have rarely seen such a litany of ‘antisemitic’ innuendo, scuttlebutt, character assassination and malignant envy, this week. Sounds like an Epstein operation in utero. One of many one supposes.

    • Replies: @Truth
  34. @Rebel Roy

    If that group of ‘White’ ‘people’ contained you, Reb, she’d be promoted to MENSA level.

  35. @El Dato

    The Art of Whore, by Ari ben-Sun zi.

  36. Truth says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Well i mean, every writer on this blog, including Striker, does it 100x more to a certain…other… group.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  37. @Truth

    every writer on this blog, including Striker, does it 100x more to a certain…other… group.

    Oh come on, not “every”. There are exceptions: Cook, Giraldi, Eacobar.

    • Replies: @Truth
  38. Truth says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You’re probably right.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  39. @Truth

    Looking at the Archive there were even more, now gone from TUR: Cockburn, Vltchek (RIP), Atzmon, Cohen, Romanoff, Shamir, Hopkins, Saker … Just lately TUR seems to have taken a downturn, and could the number of comments be going down? The discussions seem less lively.

  40. Bert33 says:

    Sex sells and if you’re trying to recruit young men then flashing the flesh is a surefire attractant. They learned that from the advertising industry.

  41. I asked about this story on the other website and a bunch of Nazis spammed me saying “Google the USS Liberty” – what does this even mean?

  42. Gumbo says:

    “ Alt Right leader Vox Day…”

  43. @Exile

    That wasn’t explaining. Tom is asking you to quantify your aversion to Owens, as an example by giving reasons other than association. The questions seem to be relevant. Given there is such a thing as willful ignorance and simple ignorance of many things, any internet discussion will consist of ‘explaining” one’s own position I’d have thought./ Not that your phony truism has any merit anyway. I have read down this far seeking some quantification of the supposed problem. I distrust anything Israeli or Zionist. I also am wary of anything Jewish on principle but remain open minded. Still other than the obvious marketing tactics, I can’t see the bad in the examples given. Dems have a captive audience of goat-heads, who can be easily led any direction. They are given their opinions directly. Reps have to be more perspicacious to appeal to their base, because Conservatives have more fixed opinions and these must be catered to. The whole show disgusts me, but I am not going to fault them from doing what they must in their POV at least.

    Ad-hominem is a poor way to proceed anytime and I can’t see how your responses amount to anything else, since it is her person you evidently object to, her associations, rather than anything she says. Politics does what politics does. I don’t expect to see open minded truth telling at any cost ever selling politically.

  44. @Truth

    And all forced into those mummy wrap-dresses.

  45. profnasty says:

    I’m incredulous.
    It sounds as if he’s saying Jews use sex, drugs, blackmail and other vices, to exert political influence.
    Sorry, I’m not buying it.


    • LOL: Irish Savant
  46. R.C. says:

    The comments taken overall, sure shows that IsraHell didn’t like the facts presented and their trolls landed in legion. Great job author!

  47. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Candace Owens — who began producing professional conservative content months after launching her Explore Talent profile in 2017.

    Ah, chameleon Owens…the female version of con-artist Tariq Nasheed.

    For years Owens called herself “Caribbean,” not black. And hung around/dated whites in a rich, white hood.

    To punish a white ex who’d hurt her feefees, Candy held up her Race Card. She grifted nearly \$40,000 from her highschool, pretending to be a horribly harassed, endlessly oppressed…and suddenly “BLACK” female. All for the shekels.

    When her plans (funded by rich Daddy’s money) to become a professional dancer failed, she created a website. To advertise her Ginger Rogers-level skills? No. To dox children.

    She called it “Social Autopsy.”

    When that created a shitstorm, brave-stunning-bold Owens disappeared for a year.

    When she emerged, she changed colors/direction again. Seeing the attention that former feminist Cassie Jaye’s film (THE RED PILL) got…

    …Candace reinvented herself a la Zionist Charlie Kirk. She called herself Redpill Black. Why? To, literally cash in on Trump’s supplication to blacks.

    She was no longer “Caribbean.”

    Since then, she not only married a rich white beta, she now sports “white”-style hair…going from this:

    …to this:

    She’s gotten rich and famous, like Trump. She even recently interviewed Trump, not to mention having testified before Congress.

    She knows how to use the Female and Black cards.

    Yet BLM (for fun and profit) continues to say White Men hold down blacks.

    Tree of Logic (a smart, proud, NRA-supporting, black woman…and former cop!) has/had Chameleon Owens’ number from the git-go:


  48. GeneralRipper [AKA "Aytch"] says:

    They know this you jagoff.



    Hi IQ Guy doesn’t understand that.

  49. Oh la la, Pressler, what handsome fella !!!

    Glad to finally see some handsome men in pr0n who aren’t Democrat degenerates like
    (((James Deen))) or that fat lard (((Ron Jermy))) !!!

    Might makes RIGHT-both politically and ethically !!!

    If you ever come out to SD, hit up Blacks Beach, I’m the masc. guy with the football and cigarettes !

    • Troll: Realist
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