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National Justice Investigates: American Tax Payers Spend At Least $23 Billion On Israel Every Year
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Last September, Donald Trump accidentally upended an entire generation of myths invented by the left and right that purport to explain America’s costly and unpopular military adventures in the Middle East:

“The fact is, we don’t have to be in the Middle East, other than we want to protect Israel. We’ve been very good to Israel. Other than that, we don’t have to be in the Middle East. You know there was a time we needed desperately oil, we don’t need that anymore.”

As Mondoweiss pointed out at the time, the explosive admission went completely unmentioned in the mainstream media, which traditionally hangs on every one of Trump’s words and reacts hysterically.

Categorizing America’s foreign policy catastrophes as done in the service to Israel has until the Trump era always been dismissed by media tastemakers and political gatekeepers as rank anti-Semitism driven by reductionist, simplistic and conspiratorial thinking, even when intelligence officials like Michael Scheuer and foreign policy experts affirm the view.

Trump’s lack of subtlety when remarking on using American blood and treasure to incrementally advance the interests of the Jewish state is one reason why the Israel lobby, which is perpetually paranoid about the public noticing their activities, is not keen on reciprocating his often suffocating love.

Their paranoia is justified. This year Congress made the mistake of combining its \$900 billion dollar coronavirus stimulus bill, which suffering people are closely following the development of, with the yearly \$1.4 trillion dollar fiscal budget, which is typically ignored.

A deluge of popular anger was provoked by news that we would only be receiving a \$600 dollar check under the guise of budget austerity. At the same time, buried deep in the 5,600 monstrosity was a provision setting aside supposed budget constraints to give Israel an additional \$500,000,000.

Jews in the media responded to the controversy by calling indignant American tax payers, including actress Alyssa Milano and various left-wing journalists, “fools” and “anti-Semites.” They doubled down by stating that the \$500 million dollars provided to Israel was a drop in a \$2.3 trillion dollar bucket. They pointed out that other countries, such as Jordan, were receiving foreign aid as well.

But even critics of Israel do not properly calculate the true price Americans pay for a state that — unlike South Korea or Germany — does not provide any economic or military benefits to the homeland. America does not have military bases in Israel, nor does Israel have anything to trade.

The general figure provided for annual US aid to Israel is \$3.8 billion, but as former CIA intelligence officer Philip Giraldi has written, this figure excludes our completely artificial \$9 billion dollar trade deficit with them, as well as the \$8 billion provided in “loan guarantees” that are basically giveaways since the US Treasury pays interest and principal on these loans.

The Black Budget

Covert “black budget” funding to the Jewish state is another topic shrouded in mystery.

In 2015 a public interest group, the Institute For Research: Middle East Policy, sued the CIA for its refusal to comply with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request demanding records on how much is spent in service of Israel, including in respects to intelligence gathering efforts on American citizens that is then sent to the Mossad.

The Department of Justice fought a ferocious, four year long legal battle to keep this information secret and ultimately won.

Based on publicly available pre-1990 black budget expenses, the CIA is dedicating between \$13.2 billion to Israeli interests every year if spending has been tacked to inflation. The number may be even higher under the Trump administration, especially since it has escalated the conflict with Iran.

US Spending To Advance Israel

Rarely discussed is how US foreign aid to Muslim countries is, as Trump has constantly reminded us, nothing more than bribing them into cooperating with Israel. US aid to Israel, by contrast, is unconditional.

All of the nations that that share a border with Israel (Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and even to certain players in Palestinians and Syria) receive payments from the United States. Were it not for the peculiar, thankless relationship America has with Israel, US tax dollars would not be bankrolling the entire Egyptian military, nor would we be propping up the basket case monarchy in Jordan by handing them 4% of their GDP every year.

The following is a list of expenses — financial, geopolitical, and human — that the American people must shoulder to guarantee the security, stability and geopolitical expansion of 9 million Israelis.

1) Egypt — \$2.2 billion a year

The United States’ foreign aid to Egypt, about \$1.3 billion which goes to its military and the rest to its economy, is entirely predicated on the country’s military dictators maintaining a close intelligence and diplomatic relationship with Israel. The country’s current leader, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, took power in 2014 in an Israeli-backed coup that deposed the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt, which was once a regional superpower that fought the Israelis during the Six Days War, restored diplomatic ties with Israel in 1979 under a US brokered deal.

The single-issue relationship was put on display when Senator Rand Paul attempted to cut aid to Egypt during a 2017 Congressional fight. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), five US Senators and Benjamin Netanyahu himself all intervened to block Paul’s amendment, which was crushed in the Senate by a large majority after Jewish groups penned a letter demanding the aid continue as usual. According to both Netanyahu and AIPAC, America’s payoff to the Egyptian military establishment is the only thing keeping Israel’s formidable neighbor from attacking them.

2) Jordan — \$1.5 billion a year

In 1994, Jordan became the second Arab state after Egypt to restore formal ties with Israel.

Prior to 1994, Jordan received a smaller sum of aid from the US, but the country retained relative geopolitical independence, including support for Saddam Hussein during the first Persian Gulf War.

As a state bordering Palestine that for years retained its claim to the West Bank, the Jordanian monarchs have been a useful asset for Israel. The country’s establishment is widely despised by Palestinians, even though the Jordanian public is broadly sympathetic to their plight.

In exchange for breaking solidarity with the Arab world’s boycott of Israel, the United States signed a generous free trade agreement with Jordan, where we prop up their economy by buying 25% of their exports and hand them \$1.5 billion a year (close to 4% of their GDP) via USAID.

3) Iraq — \$1.1 Billion (Excluding cost of the Iraq war)

The Iraq war, and our continued presence in the country 17 years later, is the product of Jews in Washington primarily loyal to the state of Israel.

This is the opinion of the man who went before the United Nations and went down in history as having sold the weapons of mass destruction lie, former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In Karen DeYoung’s 2007 biography of Powell, Soldier, he singles out Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz as the real architects of war. In one interview with DeYoung, Powell even refers to Donald Rumsfeld — the Gentile who is usually blamed alongside Dick Cheney for the Iraq debacle — as a man controlled by the “JINSA crowd” in the Defense Department. The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) is an Israel lobbying firm similar to AIPAC.

If JINSA and the “card-carrying Likud members,” as Powell is reported to have remarked once, were not making foreign policy calls in Washington the war would’ve never happened.

It could be argued that the trillions spent on perhaps the most wasteful military conflict in American history was a subsidy to Israel.

4) Saudi Arabia – \$1.1 Billion a year

Saudi Arabia, the nation from which 15 out of 19 of the 9/11 hijackers originated, also lobbies the United States government through AIPAC.

The Trump administration was able to secure public Saudi support for Israel by promising \$100 billion dollars in modern weapons, including F-35s, to the Gulf state. AIPAC and the Israeli government are both considered to have been the kingmakers in the deal.

The Saudi government, along with another nation that recently established official ties to Israel the, United Arab Emirates, are both state-sponsors of terrorism, including sending American weapons to Al-Qaeda.

The official sect of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia is Wahhabism, which is the puritanical and violent dogma that inspires both the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Qaeda.

To understand how deep terrorist ideology has penetrated into Saudi society, a Saudi Royal Air Force pilot being trained to fly the F-35 in a \$740 million dollar US-funded Pentagon program killed three American servicemen and injured eight others at the Pensacola Air Station in Florida in a quickly memory holed terrorist attack just last year.

5) Afghanistan – \$5.4 Billion a year

As with Iraq, the 2001 war in Afghanistan and our ongoing presence there, is part of a containment strategy of Iran done in the interest of Israel.

According to former National Security Agency analyst Karen Kwiatkowski, the Pentagon’s logic behind the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq was to create a military pincer that would surround Iran. In a 2009 interview, Kwiatkowski stressed that Iran was not a threat to the United States or its interests, but rather only to Israeli regional hegemony.

The Israelis have been using Afghanistan to spy on the Iranian military and engage in various black ops against their country. The Iranians appear to be fighting back, including by restoring ties for their historical nemesis, the Taliban. Israel fears that an unconditional US withdrawal could end up working to the advantage of Iran.

When earlier this year Donald Trump said he wanted to withdraw troops from Afghanistan — a move supported by the overwhelming majority of the American people — JINSA and AIPAC were the sole interest groups to vocalize opposition and began pressuring the Senate to ensure it didn’t happen. The Jewish lobby succeeded, and Rand Paul’s bill last July that would’ve brought our soldiers home was defeated by a bipartisan vote of 60 to 33.

6) Palestine, Lebanon, Syria — Fluctuates

The three nations bordering or occupied by Israel receive aid from the United States in an attempt to present carrots and sticks that prevent factions from fully uniting, but the spigot is turned off and on regularly at the behest of Israel.

Last year, the US State Department cut aid to Lebanon’s military in half after a direct appeal to do so by the Netanyahu government. The complaint was that the Lebanese military was not doing “enough” to undermine Shi’ite military and political power. The US typically funds the Lebanese military as a counter-force to Hezbollah, but after the Shi’ite militia successfully defended Lebanon’s territory from an Israeli invasion in the 2006 war, the group has enjoyed nationalist support across the diverse religious groups in the country.

Hezbollah’s work in defending Christians from ISIS in recent years has also been a political game changer, as traditionally grievances from Christian organizations have been exploited by Israel to leverage against the Palestinian cause.

In Palestine itself, the Palestinian Authority under Mohammad Abbas has enjoyed about half a billion US dollars in aid, both to politically divide him from Hamas controlled Gaza, as well as subsidize the humanitarian costs of Israel’s occupation in the West Bank.

Abbas’ strategy of “negotiating” with Israel through America is in retrospect an abject failure. Illegal settlements in the West Bank have continued uninhibited, and the Palestinians in the territory narrowly avoided the full annexation of their land by Israel. While the annexation project appears to have been put off, experts believe Israel will attempt to do so once Israel has a better foothold in the region.

In Syria, which Wikileaks of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exposed as nothing more than a regime change operation on behalf of Israel, the United States continues to spend close to a billion dollars every year in “humanitarian” relief.

While the coalition of the Syrian Army, Russia and Iran have largely defeated the ISIS and Al Qaeda rebels, the US is combining its humanitarian aid to anti-Assad areas while attempting to starve the country with crippling sanctions. By providing support to certain regions through USAID, Washington and Israel are artificially extending the conflict between Assad and the anti-government fighters, the latter which would’ve totally surrendered otherwise.

Future Expenses Under Trump’s “Israel-First” Agenda

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner have been able to secure support from multiple Muslim nations for Israel by directly offering big payments and controversial favors as a trade.

Here is what this “diplomacy” will cost Americans.

1) Morocco –\$3 Billion and the Western Sahara

Under Trump’s deal with Morocco, its king Mohammed VI will receive \$3 billion dollars in investments courtesy of the US taxpayer through the International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), a government entity created by Donald Trump, in exchange for recognizing Israel.

The more concerning aspect of the deal is Trump’s recognition of the disputed Western Sahara as Moroccan, as well as a deal to sell the Moroccan military billions in American arms to give them a strategic edge over Algeria and Western Saharan natives.

The interests of the Western Saharans are represented by the Polisario Front, a nationalist group seeking independence and self-governance. The Moroccans and Polisario Front have been engaging in intensifying armed battles since November, a month before Trump’s outreach to Mohammed VI. With American recognition of the Western Sahara, the Polisario Fronto will have lost diplomatic leverage and potentially have no choice but to fight the Moroccans — thus initiating a potential conflagration in North Africa if Algeria maintains its pro-Saharan position.

2) Indonesia — \$2 Billion

Trump’s DFC is reaching out to Indonesia — the world’s largest Muslim nation — to provide \$2 billion in US aid in exchange for normalizing relations with Israel.

The offer appears to have been rejected, with Jakarta announcing that it stands firmly behind the Palestinian cause.

Unlike Morocco, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Indonesia is a parliamentary democracy. Supporting Israel remains highly taboo among the vast majority of Muslims worldwide, so it remains to be seen if the Indonesian state will end up accepting America’s money.

3) Sudan — \$1 Billion and Taken Off State-Supporter of Terrorism List

Sudan is an important flashpoint in Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians. Iran uses Sudan as a transit point for smuggling arms to the Palestinian resistance.

The Israelis and the United States have exploited racial strife between blacks and Arabs in Sudan — funding the black side in Darfur (South Sudan) — during the country’s bloody civil war. The conflict has been winding down, but the Sudanese state and economy remains in dire straits largely due to sanctions over being a state-sponsor of terrorism.

During the 1990s, Sudan was blamed for housing Osama Bin Laden following the 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Under Trump’s deal, Sudan will be absolved of all blame after paying a fine and receive a billion dollars in debt forgiveness and economic aid in exchange for establishing formal relations with Israel.

4) Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, etc — Unknown

The Saudis have been sinking billions of dollars into fellow Gulf States to encourage them to support Israel since 2018, according to leaks to Arab media.

According to the documents, the Saudis were working on behalf of the US government in this endeavor, promising their neighbors a “generous aid package” from America just for collaborating with the Jewish state.

As written before, the Saudis and UAE are receiving over \$120 billion in US weapons — an idea that previously would’ve been a non-starter in Washington due to potentially undermining Israel’s qualitative military edge over Arabs.

By showing loyalty to Israel, Saudi Arabia has been able to secure support in Washington for its barbaric war in Yemen. When the US Congress passed a resolution to end US support for the Saudi war effort, Donald Trump vetoed the bill and, unlike the NDAA, no attempt was made to override this decision.

The full extent of what the US plans to provide Gulf States for their internally unpopular backing for Israel is not yet possible to know.

The Real Cost of Israel

While previous packages of US foreign aid to Muslim countries on behalf of Israel were presented as an objective pursuit for “peace in the Middle East,” the Trump administration’s efforts have directly led to new and bloody conflicts (the Yemen war), and opened up the floodgates for new ones around the world.

All that is certain is that Trump’s concessions and arm’s deals pursuit of recognition for Israel is objectively making the world more dangerous and unstable.

A perfect dollar estimate of how much Israel is costing our country is impossible due to the opaque nature of Washington’s servility to the Zionist state.

In spite of this, we can arrive at a range. The on paper cost of Israel, when we include the “loan guarantee” scam and payments to neighboring countries to advance Israel’s interests, is at least \$23.1 billion a year.

This figure excludes speculative figures on the black budget in service to Israel, which if correct, would bring that number to \$36.3 billion. It also excludes aid to Palestine and Lebanon (which may return next year), as well as costs related to the proxy conflict with Iran, which almost all foreign policy experts agree is entirely motivated by Israeli — not American — interests.

This number will balloon under Donald Trump’s plan, which is expected to be continued uninhibited under a Joe Biden presidency. Trump’s outreach to the Arab world will put us on the hook for at least an extra \$6 billion, which again, is an extremely conservative estimate since we are excluding the shady deals with the Saudis and other Gulf States.

Thus, the \$3.8 billion figure that already outrages much of the American public is at the bare minimum about \$23 billion per year, but could potentially be closer to \$50 billion.

This price of this luxury item in the Middle East is almost half of all American foreign aid, and does not serve any humanitarian purpose (often times, the other way around), much less the interests of the American people. Understanding the outrage this sum would provoke among US voters and taxpayers, groups like JINSA and AIPAC, along with the disproportionately Jewish owned media, ensure that it is never accurately reported.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. For that kind of money siphoned off the US taxpayer, we could have put an American on Mars and planted our glorious Stars-and-Stripes decades ago.

    • Replies: @Moi
    , @Stan d Mute
  2. Any amount under 25 billion calls for a new tv Holocaust movie.

    • LOL: Z-man
    • Replies: @Jake
  3. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    You know there was a time we needed desperately oil, we don’t need that anymore.

    The US is able to meet it’s energy needs. However, other countries aren’t energy self sufficient and import quite a bit of it. If we control the oil supply we control them. We have our fingers on other countries air supply tube. This makes the US a world power. They have to use dollars to buy oil which continues the role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and floats the debt-ridden US economy. The US clientele states, apart from Israel, such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, act as local security cops. They’re all dictatorships but are our dictators and therefore are good ones. They’re all in secret alliance with Israel because that’s the side of bread that has the butter for them although they might pretend otherwise so as not to stir popular discontent. Biden isn’t going to try to change this system.

    • Replies: @Aardvark
  4. The Zionist entity is a remarkably voracious parasite. What will become of it if it overreaches and kills its host?

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
    , @Anonymice
  5. meamjojo says:

    Sounds like a reasonable investment to me. \$23 billion is nothing to keep a non-Arab foothold in the ME.

  6. \$50 billion a year is such a small tribute to secure Yahweh’s many blessings.
    So fortunate to have the super bestest ally ever and God on our side.

  7. Fantastic article, Mr. Striker.

    Next time a Zionist tells you that you’re “singling Israel out” for opprobrium, you can point to this argument as evidence that Israel is unique in its manner of costing American money and goodwill throughout 1/4 of humankind — the Muslim world.

    [Just a little constructive critique: Please edit and re-submit. This piece is too good for a single editorial error.]

    • Agree: St-Germain
    • Disagree: Badger Down
  8. Excellent summary. Thank you, Eric Striker and National Justice.

    Israeli guile and parasitism are in a class by themselves. It’s time to kick these blood-sucking ‘victims’ to the curb.

    But ‘special people’ deserve special consideration. (So the fable goes.) All they want is preferential treatment. Is that asking so much?

    Translation: Israel first. The rest must wait.

    Consequently, international Jewry has become the enemy of fairness, impartiality, and equal treatment under the law.

    High intelligence, unmatched global cohesion, and tribal ruthlessness have made these self-pitying supremacists super-predators.

    They deserve to be unmasked for who/what they are.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Thanks: St-Germain, Katrinka, FLgeezer
  9. Franz says:

    Now get on back to Greg Hood’s article and tell us why 2K for taxpaying Americans is such an atrocity.

    The USA is going under, folks. 2K can help you prep a bit. And crash the economy a bit faster.


  10. anarchyst says:

    Let’s not forget that Israel has blackmailed the world with its “Samson Option”.
    If a nuclear device is “lit off” in an American or European city, it will have Israel’s fingerprints all over it. Israel is desperate to keep the American money spigot running, as well as sabotaging the Palestinian “peace process” that the world wants it to take seriously.


    Israel “targets” in the United States of America would be Los Angeles, Chicago or Atlanta. New York City is “off-limits” because of the proliferation of jews residing there. Of course, the “jewish message service” Odiga could be used to warn jews to leave, just as what was done before the twin towers came down.
    European “targets” would start with Rome (Vatican City), Paris or Brussels. Jews would LOVE to target Rome, being the center of its nemesis, the Catholic Church.
    In fact, if a nuclear device is “lit off” anywhere in the world, it will have come from Israel’s secret nuclear “stockpile”. With today’s situation in Iran, Israel may just have to “light one off” to get its “American lapdog” to respond appropriately.
    There was a “power outage” in Atlanta that was a convenient excuse for Israel to perform a logistical “sleight of hand” as an Israeli plane was allowed to land and take off during the “power outage” without receiving customs clearance or inspection.
    This is one of many Israeli companies that possesses a “special exemption” granted by the U S government that frees it from customs inspections.
    Just maybe another one of Israel’s nukes was just being pre-positioned or nuclear triggers (tritium) were being renewed, getting ready for “the big one”.
    As most Americans are tired of all of the foreign wars being fought for Israel’s benefit, another “incident” on American soil would be enough to galvanize the American public, once again, (just like WTC 9-11) to support another war for Israel’s benefit (Iran).
    Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as they are already distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them as most of them are not in Israel, proper.
    No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already in place. Look for another false flag operation with the blame being put on Iran or Syria. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble.
    American foreign aid is prohibited from being given to any country that has not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (the Symington Amendment)or refuses to abide by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines regarding its nuclear devices.
    Guess what??
    Israel does not abide by EITHER and still gets the majority of American foreign aid. This prohibition also applies to countries that do not register their agents of a foreign government with the U S State Department. Guess what?? Israel (again) with its American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) still gets “foreign aid” in contravention of American law.
    Let’s not forget the “security grants” that American taxpayer dollars fund, 95% going to israeli companies.
    There are forty or so congressmen, senators and thousands of high-level policy wonks infecting the U S government who hold dual citizenship with Israel. Such dual citizenship must be strictly prohibited.
    Those holding dual citizenship must be required to renounce said foreign citizenship in order to remain in the country. Refusal to do so should result in immediate deportation with permanent loss of American citizenship.
    Present and former holders of “dual citizenship” should never be allowed to serve in any American governmental capacity.
    In addition, any American citizen who serves or has served in Israel’s military (Israel Defense Forces) should automatically lose their American citizenship and be immediately deported to Israel.
    When Netanyahu addressed both houses of congress, it was sickening to see our politicians slobber all over themselves to PROVE that they were unconditional supporters of Israel. It was a scene out of the old Soviet Politburo which no one wanted to be the first one to stop applauding.
    Just who the hell do they work for?
    Certainly not for the interests of the American people and the United States, at the least they should renounce their United States citizenship and be deported to israel. Being indicted, tried for treason against the united States of America would be appropriate.
    Let’s not forget the “loyalty oaths” to a foreign country (Israel) which American politicians are required to sign in order to receive “funding” from israel. As much as I despise the two muslim woman politicians, they were absolutely right to call out the rest of the politicians for signing “loyalty oaths” to israel.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Ram
  11. ivan says:

    Trump in the end was a would be Pied Piper. Good riddance.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  12. ariadna says:

    This article would be improved by removing this jarring characterization of Saudi Arabia:

    “the nation which 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers”

    • Agree: Johnny Johnny
  13. @meamjojo

    Sounds like a reasonable investment to me. \$23 billion is nothing to keep a non-Arab foothold in the ME.

    America can deal with other regions sensibly without having a settle state (assuming one buys into the delusion that Israelis see themselves as extensions of Europeans, and are pro-Western Civilisation) in their midst. One cost that Striker does not mention in thus article is the cost of housing refugees and the cost of dealing with their unique culture in Europe, something which has come about due to Israeli wars. Another cost is the hit America’s reputation has taken due to its uncritical support of Israel.

    Why does America need a foothold in the Middle East again?

    • Agree: Exile, Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  14. Exile says:

    Russia and China get by quite well in terms of both energy and geopolitical influence without being joined at the hip to any particular country in the ME.

    For a one-time payment of \$23 billion, America could have a border wall from Texas to California. That wall should be patrolled by the soldiers currently tied down in protecting Israel’s interests. The benefits of this would grossly outweigh any “foothold” Israel supposedly provides for “our” values and interests in the ME.

    And that “foothold” is largely illusory anyway. The reality of U.S.-Israeli “cooperation” is vastly one-sided, giving Israel what it wants.

    Look at the shameless bootlicking devotion lavished on Israel in the U.S Congress and throughout our government even at the state and local level – while Whites in America can’t get any of the things Zion Don promised domestically, much less internationally, because Israel’s diaspora virtually rules our country.

  15. Mercian says:

    Let’s be honest, the average American is only worth about \$600 to the US government because it would be extremely easy to import a whole new group of people who would love to be Americans. Which is the whole point. There is only one Israel. We can be, and are being, replaced.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  16. Anon[365] • Disclaimer says:

    The more money congress approves for Israel, the more money comes back to them in campaign kickbacks, lobbying and favorable media attention from the jewish lobbying and media groups. Fail to support Israel and they probably won’t stay in congress long. Not to mention all those US dollars given to those muslim countries gets funneled back into the US via arms sales, so the defense industry also wins.

  17. Trinity says:

    But what about those elderly starving “holocaust” victims living in squalor, and starving? Haven’t you seen that commercial? The elderly Jews, victims of the “holocaust” need your \$hekels, goy. Please help. lolol. When are they going to run out of victims of the “holocaust?” WWII ended 75 years ago, so how many people were even around back then. The Bible promises 3 score and ten, which is 70, I am guessing the average lifespan would be around that, maybe slightly more. So the youngest holohoax victims have to be in their early 80’s at the very youngest.

    What exactly does being subservient to the nation of Israel do for America other than cost us thousands of American lives fighting their wars, taking Americans money for the doing nothing but spying on “our” government, attacking American ships, indirectly or directly bringing terrorism to our shores like 9-11, etc. America receives nothing but grief supporting a nation that has spied on them, attacked them, bombed American installations in Egypt trying lure the West into a war with Egypt, and lest we forget the Jews in “our” government are totally devoted to Israel’s interest first and foremost and could care less about America and work openly against taking away the civil rights of the Founding Stock of America aka Whites and importing nonwhites to genocide the Whites who built America through FORCED ASSIMILATION. Yes, FORCED ASSIMILATION IS GENOCIDE. Look at how the Jews took over Palestine.

    We are actually paying for a Greater Israel while Jews work openly to DESTROY Europe and America. Can you get any more retarded than this?

  18. Stan says:

    ‘Beware of trap’: Iranian FM warns Trump ‘Israeli agents’ are preparing ‘attacks’ on US forces in Iraq to spark war against Tehran

    New intelligence from Iraq indicate that Israeli agent-provocateurs are plotting attacks against Americans – putting an outgoing Trump in a bind with a fake casus belli.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @anon
  19. @Trinity

    But what about those elderly starving “holocaust” victims living in squalor, and starving? Haven’t you seen that commercial?

    When are they going to run out of victims of the “holocaust?”

    Thanks to intergenerational transmission of Holocaust™ trauma, never. Jewish researchers have found that the Holocaust™ has a profound psychological, social, and cultural effect on all generations of Holocaust™ survivors.

    4th Generation Holocaust™ Survivors need \$hekels too.

    Can you get any more retarded than this?

    Probably not, but there seems to be no shortage of stupidity…

    Never Again!

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • LOL: Garliv
  20. Trinity says:
    @Adam Smith

    They have a NEW AND IMPROVED commercial about “starving Holocaust survivors” that features a younger woman narrating instead of that shyster above. They have upgraded or should I say degraded the scenery around the ACTORS to appear even more barren, filthy, decrepit, etc., it looks as though a woman lives in a tiny shed in the new (((production.)))

    \$end the \$hekel\$ A\$AP, goy, NOW.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
    , @Adam Smith
  21. Katrinka says:

    I listened to Strike and Mike discuss this very important subject on their program the other day. What I don’t understand is if Jews are so damn smart why do they have to live off of the goyim in this disgusting fashion? They aren’t smart…they are criminals!

  22. Katrinka says:

    The guy that started that hustle became a multi-millionaire. He recently died and left the scam to his daughter. That is why you now hear the younger woman’s voice over on the ads. Grifting is a Jewish family affair.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  23. Katrinka says:

    He was great at advertising and lousy at delivering. I can’t understand why his fan base are so unable to recognize that fact. It is one thing to talk about doing things and another to actually do them.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  24. utu says:

    A deluge of popular anger was provoked by news that we would only be receiving a \$600 dollar check under the guise of budget austerity. At the same time, buried deep in the 5,600 monstrosity was a provision setting aside supposed budget constraints to give Israel the equivalent of \$5,000 dollars for each of their citizens.

    How did you arrive at the \$5,000 figure? The twitter message you linked to claims “The new COVID relief bill contains \$500,000,000 for Israel.” This is 56 dollars and 80 cents for every Israeli citizens out of 8.8 million.

    So what’s wrong with you, Mr. Striker? Lazy or poor at math?

  25. I can’t wait until the sayanim and hasbara brigades show up in this comment section. We will be treated to Talmudic sophistry at its finest.

    • Replies: @Anon
  26. @Adam Smith

    This McCarthy chick is crazy.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  27. Whatever the money- many Israelis are well aware of it:

    • Replies: @obvious
  28. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Why does America need a foothold in the Middle East again?

  29. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    They’ll do what they’ve done over 100 times in the past, find a new victim. Next up to drain, China which has at least 8,000 tons of gold & some say it may be close to 20,000 tons which they are using to back their digital currency.

    Huh, imagine that, using Gold to back a nation’s currency instead of using your armed forces to bust up nations that want to escape from the misers controlling our Treasury.

    Today’s Jewish Billionaires Are Much Worse than 19th c. Robber Barons – Don’t Give up Your Guns Just Yet …

  30. @Bardon Kaldian

    To steal oil? Sure, but why not just pay for what you buy. It would be cheaper in the long run than killing Asians and feeding the parasite.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  31. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    We spend a helluva lot more on Israel over that 23 Billion. We keep 2 carrier groups near Israel to protect that SLC in case some nation objects to Israel killing their citizens & stealing their land/resources.

    There’s the lavish amount of free weapons we give to Israel, some of which they reverse engineer, then rebuild, slap a Yid sounding name on it & then sell to Commie China, like air-to-air missiles & their stealth fighter.(Like those bomb & ammo bunkers in Israel the Pentagon keeps filled with weapons just in case we need a quick fix to bomb anudda nation, in reality, Israel has the keys and steals the weapons to use against Syria & the world’s largest concentration camp, Gaza)

    If you’re wondering why their stealth fighter looks similar to our F-35, ask Israel who had access to the blueprints & schematics.

    There’s the ‘loans’ which are never paid back, our quisling Congress turns them into grants while our vets sleep on the streets since they never received enough health care to get them past the horrors they saw fighting endless wars for Wall Street & Israel.

    We also must calculate the immense damage done to America by Jews controlling over 90% of the MSM, Hollywood, TBTF Wall Street banks, the Treasury & FED, plus Congress & WH. (Americans pay over 600 BILLION a year to the FED, as a fee charged to borrow our OWN money)

    Their biggest weapon, the Holocau\$t ™ was the biggest con of the 20th Century, and would’ve kept that title until the Covid hysteria was dropped into our laps.

    The real holocost survivors are those on the planet that have seen the 6 gorillion figure a zillion times yet haven’t succumbed to that toxic propaganda & still can think for themselves.

    • Agree: GMC, Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  32. @Badger Down



    The US presence means buying on US terms, mostly. And Israel is not a parasite, but an unsinkable US aircraft carrier.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Mr. Anon
  33. “The fact is, we don’t have to be in the Middle East, other than we want to protect Israel. We’ve been very good to Israel. Other than that, we don’t have to be in the Middle East. You know there was a time we needed desperately oil, we don’t need that anymore.”

    Anti-Semitism makes you stupid. In this case, it messes with your comprehension.

    Trump is obviously saying that the US was in the Middle East to secure a stable supply of oil and that this is no longer needed, but that supporting Israel, through measures like recognising their capital as their capital, is important to him.

    • LOL: mark green
    • Troll: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @annamaria
  34. GMC says:

    Well, the Americans have been programmed and propagandized for decades, in order to keep this kind of research – way from them. Same agenda has been used to keep the US populace from understanding any facts about other countries, esp. Russia, China, Iran, or even Israel etc. I haven’t been to a University in a very long time, but I’ll assume the curriculum is heavily ” corralled” to keep the students focused on what the financiers of the institution – want them to learn=more programming.
    But the nitrous oxide kick, was when Obama signed that Propaganda Law in 2013 – this law, making it Legal to add the US populace, in with the Radio Free World propaganda machine . And of course, it made sure the Americans would get that 24/7 programming that the rest of the world has recieved for the past 50 years.
    Years ago I suggested in some posts , that the first protest marches, targeting the liars and fakers, should be easy and closer than Washington. They should be at every news company, every TV satellite station, radio talk show offices, and those are within reach of the normal American, no matter where they live. Probably got deleted – lol

  35. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Those shifty Arabs were able to sneak into WTC 4–a gold & silver bullion storage basement–the night BEFORE the Israeli masterminded 9/11 FF & steal hundreds of millions in Gold.


    Missing Gold Precious Metals in WTC 4 Vault: Only a Fraction Recovered?

    Plus still trying to figure out how TWO passenger jets leveled SIX WTC buildings and severly damaged anudda one.

    Geese have grounded passenger jets, forcing them to make an emergency landing when they slammed into the jets, yet on 9/11, pass jets were able to shear thru hardened steel beams?

    Again, Amazing!

  36. @Stan

    If there were no Americans in the area, then injuring Americans couldn’t happen.

    Go to the root of the problem – American invaders in the Middle East.

  37. The half naked fakir (Gandhi) had a powerful weapon against the nation of shopkeepers, i.e. the British: Satyagraha. Basically, what that meant was to abstain from buying anything made by their overlords. And the one thing that colonial empire could not stand was the boycott of its products, the life blood of a trading nation. In a similar vein, the colonized American people can abstain from supporting their oppressors by withholding their purchasing power. And without the commerce to back them up, the Jewish stranglehold on America will loosen up, pronto!

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  38. @Bardon Kaldian

    I think buying oil at a slightly higher price is probably a better option, both in humanitarian terms and financially speaking than spending trillions of dollars on occupation wars, which cost blood and reputation.

    Also, the oil thing seems to be a state-sanctioned conspiracy theory to divert attention away from the corrosive effects of the Jewish lobbies who regularly push for war.

    America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

    And another one

    IRAQ: War Launched to Protect Israel – Bush Adviser

    WASHINGTON, Mar 29 2004 (IPS) – Iraq under Saddam Hussein did not pose a threat to the United States but it did to Israel, which is one reason why Washington invaded the Arab country, according to a speech made by a member of a top-level White House intelligence group.

    Zelikow’s casting of the attack on Iraq as one launched to protect Israel appears at odds with the public position of President George W. Bush and his administration, which has never overtly drawn the link between its war on the regime of former president Hussein and its concern for Israel’s security.

    “Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I’ll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 – it’s the threat against Israel,” Zelikow told a crowd at the University of Virginia on Sep. 10, 2002, speaking on a panel of foreign policy experts assessing the impact of 9/11 and the future of the war on the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation.

    “And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don’t care deeply about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American government doesn’t want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell,” said Zelikow.

    Some recommended reading on the topic of Neo-conservatism, a book that is freely available on this site

    The Transparent Cabal:
    The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel
    by Stephen J. Sniegoski

  39. cohen says:

    Anti Semite, Anti Semite and more Anti Semite alert. Rabbi shmok or Schmuck Schumer is going to introduce a new bill to ban all sites like UNZ to smearing the Holocaust Industry victims.

    Jonathan Pollard, the convicted Israeli spy, is enjoying retirement in his new found country while US is gladly pouring money in to projects beneficial to Israel directly or indirectly while Americans are shitting on streets. No pun intended

    A new term is being promoted. That is Grand daughter/son of hohocaust survivor.
    I deserve some handouts from US Govt. as I am a friend of a holocaust survivor’s son.

    Does anyone know what birth years are considered or designated for Jews to qualify as holocaust victims. I thought it was between 1922-1945?. Germany was to provide handouts for German/European Jews born between 1922-1945. Just Curious.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  40. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greg Bacon

    When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State I remember inadvertently coming across a small notice on the State Department’s official website to the effect that she had petitioned Congress for \$15 million to subsidize Jewish war memorials (Auschwitz) in Europe.

    I wonder what the total American tax dollar subsidy is yearly for all the holohoax propaganda both here and abroad?

    And what is the actual percentage of Homeland Security’s grant budget for Jewish interests? I’ve read they currently get 90% of all Homeland Security dollars. Any credible confirmation of that?

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  41. @meamjojo

    The US has no ‘foothold’ in the ME. They are there at the pleasure of Israel and if Israel told them to leave tomorrow they would have to leave.

  42. Wuok says:

    ” The Israelis and the United States have exploited racial strife between blacks and Arabs in Sudan — funding the black side in Darfur (South Sudan) — during the country’s bloody civil war”

    The writer has a very little knowledge about Sudan. Darfur is a region in west of Sudan. It is inhabited by black and Arab tribes that follow Islam. War in Darfur started in the year 2003. On the other hand , South Sudan is an independent country which separated from Sudan through referendum nine years ago after a long, bloody conflict.
    Yes, Israel and the United States largely supported rebels in southern Sudan during the civil war , but it is not them that caused the problem. They took advantage of the situation to weaken Sudanese government for it was a staunch supporter of the Palestinians’ cause.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  43. Jake says:

    That’s not the way they look at it. They see the picture this way: if not for Judaizing Christian teachings that anti-Semite Christians call heretical, there could not have Anglo-Saxon Puritanism and therefore there could not have been WASP culture. And without international Jewish banking, WASP Empire never could have done more than terrorize and culturally destroy non-WASPs native to the British Isles. In other words, without Jews and Jewish financing, there never could have been a WASP Empire.

    Therefore, WASP Empire always owes Jews. And WASP leaders always are more than thrilled to screw non-WASP whites to make that machine run for them.

    WASP leaders do not pay tribute to Jews for any reason other than to maintain their power over non-WASP whites. Without Jewish banking, that would go the way of all rotten empires.

  44. Hubbub says:
    @Adam Smith

    It’s not uncommon for trauma to be passed down for many generations, waiting to be called forth when the times demand — like slavery, for example, is in American history.

  45. anon[292] • Disclaimer says:


    2 ” Rhodes recounts, for example, how Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once nicknamed him “Hamas” after he dared to speak up for Palestinian human rights, angrily shouting at him- “Hamas over here is going to make it impossible for my kid to have his fucking bar mitzvah in Israel.”– The World As It Is, by Ben Rhodes

    3 -bill “was drafted with the assistance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.”

    4  -Total silence of NYT on sole Israeli ploy on transferring to the Evangelical the origin of the Zionist lies that Saudis that Iran is a bad actor .

    5 The ZOA issued a report earlier this month alleging that McMaster is anti-Israel and charging that he is undermining Trump’s Middle East agenda and the US-Israel relationship by firing officials supportive of the Jewish state and critical of the Iran nuclear deal.

    6 here Elliot Abrams are openly thwarting the expressed wishes of American citizen .

  46. Thim says:

    I paid about \$40,000 in federal taxes last year. Good to know where it goes.

    We have to take over the media. The tv and the social media. Wake me up when some pols start talking about that. No one is now.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  47. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    The entire world could have all the energy it needs without using any fossil fuels if Molten Salt Reactors were approved for use. That technology was proven over 50 years ago.

    There are too many people dependent on not having abundant cheap energy available and they control the approval processes.

  48. @meamjojo

    I’d rather keep the Arabs in ME, then bring them here so as to keep a foothold.

  49. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    I can’t say that I’ve read most of these things, but, as I recall, only during Dubya & after did US get involved into idiotic Middle East mess as some kind of almost blind Israel’s ally. Until Reagan, and even Bush sr.- no.

    Of course I don’t know details, but my big picture is:

    1. Israeli lobbies are powerful, but not that powerful to decisively influence US policy.

    2. there are other segments of US elites that influence US ME policy more than Jews & Israel.

    3. the chief problem, in my view, is that US is, basically, an oligarchy. It has not always been so. To bring back a dose of sanity, one should abolish super PACs & other mega-donor shit. Then, all these lobbies will still remain influential, but will lose much of their power.

    Israel is a good economy, but it still remains something of a schnorrer, if you know what I mean. 3-4 billions don’t change much. Bigger problem is US nosing around & staging coups & whatnot.

  50. Trickster says:

    Well quite a bit of it went to that sunny Mediterranean country.

    But if you knew where the rest went you would be even more disheartened……Somalia, counting fish in the Gulf, gender equality in Pakistan, schools for pygmies in the Congo, funds for African countries (the planes missed the connection to the subsahara countries and were temporarily diverted to Switzerland) and so forth.

    Its a giant game of musical funds and when the music stops at the last chair, despots worldwide and their bankers end up sitting in each others laps.

    The US taxpayer gets to fund the party. What greater honour can there be ? We ought to be thankful we are contributing to the rest of the world while we do without. The poor shall inherit the earth LOL.

    Our sympathy for the unfortunate is making us one of them !

  51. What d0es Yahweh do for them? I mean they are chosen by him. He parted a sea for them. Conjured up locusts. Multiplied fish for the hungry. Oh wait that was done by a guy named Jesus who is supposedly rotting in excrement. Why do they even need money when they got their homeland for free? Shouldn’t the SOB god, who has yet to conjure up a Messiah with a shiny homeland, do a little providing for a change? Also shouldn’t people who are god’s chosen pee liquid gold or something? Kinda a bum deal to get nothing other then inability to provide for themselves. Then again who am I to judge their god, but he does sort of sucks. Needless to say we goy should get to keep our 23 billion because we aren’t chosen by any god. It’s only fair.

  52. Garliv says:

    The Israelis and the United States have exploited racial strife between blacks and Arabs in Sudan — funding the black side in Darfur (South Sudan) — during the country’s bloody civil war

    Point of correction in an otherwise excellent article. South Sudan got independence by splitting from Sudan in July 2011. Darfur is still a region within the Sudan: western part of Sudan. It is still in conflict with Khartoum government. And it is correct that US exploits racial strife in the Sudan for geopolitical games.

  53. @Bardon Kaldian

    I disagree with your assertion of the Israel Lobby being nothing unique and just one of many other lobbies, no other lobby has politicians brown nosing another country, one that has not been the best of allies, like the Israel Lobby does.

    But I agree that the US problems are deeper than merely ‘da joos’, the elite WASPs seem to have formed their own race of sorts, one which identifies more with elite interests and Jewish interests by virtue of Jews being such a large percentage of the elite, than it does for its own people. There is a similar phenomenon in the UK, with the class-caste system. This is personified with university societies like the Bullingdon Club where toffs smash and destroy restaurants in the Oxford area and then pay the cost of repairs, all for fun.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  54. Z-man says:

    The cost is even more. To our dignity, our sovereignty, our abandonement of our Christian European heritage and ways of life for the glory of Zion and the globohomo beast.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  55. @RoatanBill

    There are too many people dependent on not having abundant cheap energy available and they control the approval process

    Yes, a lot of environmentalist groups also seem to oppose nuclear power, instead pushing the delusions of renewable energy. This is despite there being a huge cost in producing solar panels. The Fukushima disaster only ended up strengthening their demented anti-nuclear posture.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Mustapha Mond
  56. Interesting. For the longest time, it was repeated over and over that the U.S. spends only 3 billion a year on Israel.. An eight fold increase is an indication of something. Don’t ask me what. The only thing I am certain of, is that while our Congress keeps sending the hard earned money Americans make around the world, they ignore the U.S. homeland. As President Trump has said commenting on the second rate airports, power systems and other infrastructure in the U.S., it’s a disgrace, even compared to the infrastructure of some third world nations he has visited. We have so called representatives, that do not care how decayed and dumpy the nation looks or how it serves its citizens. Trumps whole time as president has exposed this state of affairs.

  57. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    I’m not against renewable technologies, especially solar. Wind belongs in the oceans where a more constant wind makes them a reasonable option and they don’t take up vast tracts of land. Every single family home should be self sufficient for their own energy needs and solar is a reasonable way to achieve that goal. Renewable energy for industry, apartment dwellers, etc is mostly a bad joke. A Walmart roof might largely power a Walmart, but it’s certainly not going to do the same for a manufacturing plant up north.

    Most people are totally unaware of the difference between the light water reactor that requires a pressure vessel such as the ones that failed at Fukushima and Chernobyl and the molten salt variety that does away with all that pressure containment baggage. Further, most have never heard about thorium and how it could power the entire US for a hundred years with the thorium already mined and buried in barrels in the Nevada desert. The average person is too incurious and / or too ignorant of scientific developments to gain an understanding of what’s possible and that’s how they are forever being screwed by TPTsB.

  58. @Katrinka

    If you can’t trust these grifters, who can you trust?


    Google informs me that Yael Eckstein has an annual salary of \$824,000 and was recently declared one of the most influential Jewish people by The Jerusalem Post . The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews raises \$130,000,000 each year mostly from Evangelical Christians.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  59. @Trinity


    Too many Holocaust™ Survivors right here in the U.S. and around the world aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. As a sponsor, you can help change that.

    For just ₪80 \$hekel\$ each month, you too can sponsor a Holocaust™ Survivor!

    What You Receive When You Sponsor a Holocaust™ Survivor:

    • A welcome kit, including a photo and information about your Holocaust™ Survivor.
    • The opportunity to write letters back and forth with your Holocaust™ Survivor.
    • Annual updates and ongoing print communications highlighting the impact of your sponsorship on your Holocaust™ Survivor and their community.
    • A personalized online account where updated photos, videos and information about your Holocaust™ Survivor will be shared to keep you engaged.
    • The joy of knowing you’re truly making a difference!

    What Your Sponsored Holocaust™ Survivor Receives:

    • A brighter future, thanks to you.
    • The opportunity to receive a message from a far-away friend.
    • Safe and friendly places to learn and play.
    • Your continued support and investment in their community.
    • Change that lasts a lifetime.

    In 2019, more than 211,000 sponsors worldwide supported programs that directly benefited nearly 6 million Holocaust™ Survivors in 22 countries around the world – including the United States. Thanks to our growing community of Holocaust™ Survivor sponsors, we continue to increase our impact and reach, helping more Holocaust™ Survivors than we did the year before.

    For about a ₪3 \$hekel\$ a day, you can change the life of a Holocaust™ Survivor!
    Sponsor a Holocaust™ Survivor Today!

    • Thanks: Katrinka
    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Z-man
  60. Moi says:
    @Joe Stalin

    Yes, but whites seem to enjoy getting screwed by the yids, nigs and spics.

  61. Mr. Striker: Your disgust with US Israel policy is fine as far as it goes. It fails however to address the pervasive and now almost complete co-option of the United States by Jewish interests. It seems that so many well-intentioned commenters such as you, are reluctant, for whatever reasons, to “call a spade a spade.” I think that this arises in large part because you fear being categorized as an “anti-semite.” To say anything negative about the Jews in modern day America is to be automatically consigned to the basket of “holocaust deniers” whether that has any relevance to what you are saying or not. I am Jewish and was raised in the American liberal Jewish tradition by my parents. This means that I was thoroughly imbued with the notion that to be a good American is entirely consistent with being a supporter of Israel and Zionism; that our interests as Americans and Jews (and Israelis) are in complete synchronicity. I have learned from sad experience, having been a close and I would hope accurate observer of the world around me, that Israel’s interests and those of the United States are very different. A pervasive world view that characterizes liberal American Jews and Israelis both and completely, is that a globalist leftist leveling of the great diaspora is the ultimate salvation of the eternally marginalized Jews on the planet. It is often couched in “equality language,” and is self righteously “hung out there” as ” Jews caring for the world’s downtrodden masses. ” If this sounds frightfully coincident with communism, you would be drawing an accurate conclusion.

    Believe me, I know what I am talking about, Mr. Striker. I know the Jews inside and out. They will have their own term for me. It is “self-hating Jew.” By pathologizing me in their careful assessments (I am being ironic) they will believe that they can marginalize the impact of whatever I might be saying. It will be for others to judge whether I am “mentally challenged.” All I can say is what is truthful from my standpoint. American Jews (in the vast majority) are loyal to Israel and its interests. They are not loyal to the United States and they despise its Christian essence. I certainly don’t want to try to provoke a modern day pogrom against the Jews. I just think that as a loyal American I ought to let you all know exactly what you are contending with when you criticize American support for the Israeli Project.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  62. geokat62 says:

    They took advantage of the situation to weaken Sudanese government for it was a staunch supporter of the Palestinians’ cause.

    You’re right. Israel, through its Lobby, is working overtime to convert the green and black colours on this world map to red and blue, and that includes Sudan, which is green:

    It divides the world’s countries into [four] different categories: those with which Jerusalem has “recently developed/upgraded” relations are marked in red; states that entertain “good relations” with Israel are in blue; and “overtly hostile enemy states” are in black. With the rest of the world, in green, “Israel does not have special relations.”

  63. This is why:

    …according to Open Secrets, which provides the top 100 individuals or married couples donating to the 2020 campaign. Among the top 25 on the list, 15 are Jewish or of Jewish origin


    Pols of both parties are good little shabbos goy whores

    • Replies: @mark green
  64. ” . . . The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews raises \$130,000,000 each year mostly from Evangelical Christians.”

    \$130 million a year? This Yael Eckstein chick pulls down \$824,000 a year?

    Where does all this money go? Has the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews ever been audited?

    • Replies: @Lapdogus IV
  65. Trinity says:
    @Adam Smith

    Those MORONIC Christian Zionist GIVING their money away to Jews that literally mock their Lord and Savior and everything Christianity represents HAVE PLENTY OF IMPOVERISHED WHITE AMERICANS THEY COULD HELP. I attended a church for awhile a few years back and noticed we were always sending money to help Haitians. I had enough with that shit. We had plenty of poor Whites and others right in OUR city that needed help, but yet we were sending the money to Haiti? Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible that a man who neglects his own family is worse than an infidel? Obviously these White Christian Zionists, ( face it, Black “Christians” are so racist they will only send money to help other Blacks, and some are so cheap and selfish they don’t send money to anyone) have no problem NEGLECTING THEIR WHITE BRETHREN and would rather send their money to anti-White Blacks in Haiti and Africa, Southeast Asia, or those poor starving Jews who love Christians so much.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  66. Trinity says:
    @Adam Smith

    Why doesn’t this rich Jewess adopt the poor old lady and take her in? IF she really cared she makes enough money to help out lots of poor “holocaust survivors.”

    • Agree: Adam Smith, annamaria
  67. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    My maternal grandfather worked at Bechtel Corp and was a high-ranking engineer on the San Onofre nuclear power plant project in the mid-60s. When I was young he made very clear to me that nuclear power would be mankind’s energy salvation if only two things were observed without fail: 1.) Plants were designed and built with a cost-is-no-object approach to safety, reliability and upkeep; and 2.) the nations of the world united in the “Atoms for Peace” program all decided on a single repository for the waste that was 100% safely located and internationally protected by treaties, with costs of storage and protection of the site shared by all participants.

    He was very unhappy with the placement of the San Onofre plant in a seismically active zone, which ran contrary to his fundamental concerns outlined above, but the free use of sea water as coolant was a deciding factor (again, cost overrides safety.) He felt as soon as you made it a profit-driven endeavor with all that entails, nuclear power became dangerous and risky. But that was in speaking to his young, precocious grandson, not to fellow corporate executives and engineers. And as he noted, the gas/coal/petroleum industries were not too sanguine about widespread nuclear power competing for energizing our country. Thus, nuclear power never realized its true potential as a clean, reliable energy source, at least from his perspective.

    Regardless, if we took the taxpayer money that we yearly gave to Israel as outlined in the subject article, we could have had an awful lot of very safe nuclear reactors making America’s energy future green and clean for generations, but our leaders (both past and present) have very different priorities, obviously…….

  68. Quantitative Easing is double speak for printing money. At present there’s no country with currency backed by gold, silver or any kind of precious metal. All money is fiat i.e. Legitimate because of the laws of the land say so. Sometimes, this conjured magical money is not even printed but added electronically by the country’s central bank or by governments issuing Bonds. And every time QE happens, the result is inflation, which is but a hidden form of taxation, because both your labor and your currency are debased.
    Surprisingly, in this QE game, there are winners and losers. The countries with smaller economies cannot indulge in large scale QE without serious repercussions, while the bigger economies can get away without serious damage to themselves. This is due the fact that part of their inflation is exported. The lyrics of a Dire Straits song ‘Money for nothin’ and chicks for free’ holds true to a certain extent, but only if the economy keeps growing and the QE is within reasonable limits.
    An analogy will help you to understand this. If you drop a pebble in a small puddle, the ripples will be proportionally bigger than if you drop the same pebble in a swimming pool.
    Today, the biggest beneficiary of QE is the United States. Along with the ‘Petro Dollar’, the US dollar is also the ‘World Currency’. This gives the US a large lake instead of a small puddle to toss pebbles in. Some believe they have even tossed in the kitchen sink too and the chickens will soon come home to roost.

  69. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Agree & disagree.

    I agree that the Israel lobby is the most powerful lobby, by far surpassing any other lobby re foreign policy (basically, I agree with Walt & Mearsheimer). But US foreign policy, especially re conflicts like ME, is governed by various vectors, the Israel lobby being the single most powerful lobby- but US acts not as a sum of lobbies. US power elites are more. To use this popular term, “deep state” is deeper & stronger than any lobby. This is a complex structure, and Israel lobby can put pressure on it, but it is not decisive. For instance, exponents of power elites like Cheney & Rumsfeld are not a part of Israel lobby (although, they’re not enemies); they are those who orchestrated the Iraq invasion & further plundering & mess – and not any number of Jews & Israelis (frequently evoked absurd mediocrity, Wolfowitz & a few other Jewish figures were not decision makers). .

    I think Jewish power elites, pro-Israeli nationalists, are maybe 20% of US power elites. Those in power, when they think otherwise, easily override Israeli plans (Obama, Kerry). Trump was not a puppet of Israel, however we may judge his successes & failures.

    UK is a different situation, there are historical complexities …

    Anyway- to hell with plutocracy, oligarchy & other shit.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  70. Agent76 says:

    December 19, 2020 Net Worth of US Billionaires Has Soared by \$1 Trillion to Total of \$4 Trillion Since Pandemic Began

    Wealth Increase in 9 Months Exceeds Likely \$908 Billion Cost of Covid Relief Package GOP Has Stalled as Too Costly.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  71. Anonymice says:

    Israel’s parasitic nature is only one of our problems. It is the Israeli firsters on behalf of the country dearest to them exercising total control of our ME policy and undermining our constitutional rights to criticize the parasite that is the kicker. Besides controlling finance, elite universities, Hollywood and the media of course. Unprecedented.

    • Agree: annamaria
  72. frontier says:

    “\$23 billion is nothing”
    While true, the total cost of ownership is far more, or is that… of being owned?

    “to keep a non-Arab foothold in the ME”
    The political cost of that far exceeds a foot, more like an arm and a leg. The recent wars alone cost upwards of 10 Trillion, when opportunity cost is added… this “foothold” is on its way to cost the life of the body to which the foot is attached.

    • Replies: @obvious
  73. anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    The miracle of printing an unlimited supply of “money”, allows idiots to do what under normal circumstances would be consider insane.
    Unluckily, we are a country, not only controlled by idiots, but by power hungry idiots.
    The correct word for the average politician is “Traitor”

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @geokat62
  74. @ariadna

    I almost stopped reading after that.
    A more critical look at Saudi Arabia would show that King Faisal, the originator of the OPEC boycott, told the US bluntly, that there would be peace in the Middle East within a week of the US stopping arms shipments and military support to Israel. For that, he was assassinated in 1975 and there have been nothing but lickspittles since.

    • Replies: @obvious
  75. @Bardon Kaldian

    Note that, of the countries with the highest proven reserves, only Venezuela and Iran do not kowtow to the US.

  76. @Bardon Kaldian

    Israel is a people. Zionism is a political movement of a large portion of Israel. The Zionist Israel owns the US Inc. The geographical location of the Zionist owned (((US))) aircraft carrier is Wholly Land located in what was Palestine.

  77. anarchyst says:

    It gets much worse…
    Talk about a scam of epic proportions, here is the latest scam thought up by the “holohoax” crowd…
    Follow the shekels…the jewish “holohoax” crowd fears that their “cash cow” is coming to and end that they have come up with another discredited concept to “keep the dream alive” and to “keep the shekels flowing”.
    “Holocaust transference syndrome®” is their latest scam-a crackpot idea thought up by two jewish psychologists.
    These jewish psychologists claim that holocaust “memories” are transferred from “holocaust survivors” to children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, other relatives, and even unrelated jewish individuals (but only jewish individuals-not “goyim”)…and that they should be eligible to receive “holocaust®” reparations.
    You see, the idea is to have an unlimited, continuing stream of jewish “holocaust® survivors” to “keep the dream alive” (and the shekels flowing).
    It is interesting to note that the jewish organizations that handle “holohoax” reparations claims are themselves part of an international jewish criminal cabal that is raking in billions of shekels above and beyond what they are paying out in “claims”.
    The jewish holohoax is on its last breath…rightly so. It is time to put this “hoax of the twentieth century” to death…along with closing the publicly-funded jewish freak shows, the “holocaustianity®” museums.

    • Replies: @Iva
  78. @ariadna

    I can’t believe anyone can still believe the official 9/11 story….it’s so embarrasing…

  79. geokat62 says:

    The correct word for the average politician is “Traitor”

    I prefer Traitorous Shabbos Goy.

  80. @Temporary Insanity

    Muttmerica has already made boycott of Pissrael illegal.

  81. @Orville H. Larson

    Then there’s John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI), another shabbos goy outfit that gets its donations from (mostly) white southern Christians. It’s a perfect example of how cucked and stupid US whites are, buying their own destruction.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @geokat62
  82. obvious says:

    100% lies by the weak and petty scrabblers. ALL MONEY ISSUES BY FIAT and it is ONLY a “petrodollar” SUPPORTED by Israel and the Arab clients, who are now showing the alliance into the open. There is no such thing as “taxpayers” and none of you worthless parasites ever paid a dime in “taxes”. ALL spending VASTLY dwarfs any fake “taxes” nobody pays.

    Here is the American Taxpayer at work:

    Anti mask mob invades a grocery store. from PublicFreakout

    "Yeah you fu*king b*tch!" from PublicFreakout

    New year and this guy is still an asshole from PublicFreakout

    Israel trades EVERYTHING to the U.S. Dollar and they are the linchpin of the imperial system. By all means, cut off every penny tomorrow: the petrodollar will tank, the world will move to other energy sources and systems, and the Arabs will starve to death in the millions. Israelis and world Zionism will FINALLY have a free hand to wipe these people out for good, and conquer the entire East, with the help of China and India.

    No sooner than the Day of Reckoning in Europe approaches, when the Muslims go BUCK WILD… it’s coming. Everyone will have pick a side, and the first people we string up are wrong-talkers and other seditionists. Anyone who speaks wrong in wartime has a swift end coming.

    • LOL: Katrinka
  83. obvious says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    If it’s just 4 billion a year, there is no difference either way: \$2000/ year / adult. It is no more than the waste and fraud and corruption that plagues every society. Either there is work to do or we need to find work worth doing, it’s just that simple.

    It’s also a nonsense “question”, because the money is not “from America”, it represent the support that Americans have for their Israeli allies and cousins, and friends. America is a large continent of 50 States, not a giant body walking around “giving money” away.

    If the ARABS were ALSO cut off from American support (meaning the whole world is cut off), the entire globe would look differently anyway. New alliances, new friends, new enemies… the average moron on this site doesn’t understand the word “petrodollar’ and thinks his type-clicks are valuable.

    • Replies: @frontier
  84. obvious says:

    Once the United States collapses, Israel will expand and become the most dominant power in the region. Either Iran is destroyed in the 3rd world war or the energy systems are freed up, driving the price of oil down to zero. Either way the only domino left standing will be Israel, rest assured.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  85. @Bardon Kaldian

    power elites like Cheney & Rumsfeld are not a part of Israel lobby (although, they’re not enemies)

    This is a very weak argument. Cheney and Rumsfeld are both neoconservatives, for whom a de facto Zionist platform is an inextricable facet of their ideology. Even if you claim it was these two who goaded Bush into war, it would be no different than self-professed Zionists doing the same — a distinction without a difference. And the “war for oil” myth was demolished over a decade ago:

    Those in power, when they think otherwise, easily override Israeli plans (Obama, Kerry).

    On its way out the door, the Obama administration gave Israel the largest aid package of any preceding presidency in American history. Israel’s criminal conduct wasn’t affected in the least by anything they did.

  86. Anon[169] • Disclaimer says:

    Already here. Look at the Bardon guy.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  87. @Lapdogus IV

    Pols of both parties are good little shabbos goy whores

    Sad but largely true. The pro-Zionist bandwagon dominates Washington.

    Jewish money in the US political system is itself a scandal. Combine that with the fact that crypto-Israelis also dominate social media (Facebook, Google, YouTube) as well as ‘mainstream media’ (legacy networks, cable news channels, Hollywood, most all newspapers) and one begins to grasp the fact that America is a soft and gentle Zionist colony.

    Christians get to play the role of heroic foot soldiers, fighting ‘terror’. Evangelicals and their offspring are ready cannon-fodder for wars (past and future) in anti-Zionist locales such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Iran. Leaders of both Parties are all on board.

    In the ‘land of the Free’, all US politicians (with the glaring exception of a few radical outliers like Ilhan Omar) are unconditionally pro-Zionist.


    Money. Cohesion. Organization. Censorship. Taboo-management. Communications.

    They dictate the message. They shape the narrative. The goyim comply.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  88. 23 trillion a year is just the tip of the iceberg, over 10 trillion has been pissed off on the zionist wars for Israel that the ZUS has been forced to fight as the result of the Israeli and zionist and ZUS traitors attack on the WTC on 911 which was blamed on the Arabs and was used to destroy the middle east for the greater Israel project.

    Wars which cost the lives of millions of innocent people in the mideast and thousands and thousands of American lives , all for zionist Israel.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  89. R2b says:

    Holocaust industry!
    Sleeping christians, wake up!
    You support satan!
    Wake up! Brethren in Christ!
    Do not support Talmudic pharisaic ”Israel”!

  90. @HeebHunter

    For example, Sheldon Adelson operates casinos, so don’t gamble there because his money goes into subjugation of the White Christian Americans and same goes for the Starbucks, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. If you take away the weapon (money) what can the enemy do to you… nothing!

  91. Katrinka says:
    @Adam Smith

    Any Christian who supports an organization as disgusting as this one is doesn’t have both oars in the water. So many Christians are MENTALLY LAZY. Their entire view of politics and world affairs is based on FOX News coverage. FOX runs these ads all the time. Personally, I never watch FOX. I just know this to be true by talking to some older boomers that I know.

  92. obvious says:

    The moment the weapons stop, there will be another 6 day war in one week: Jews like to rest on the sabbath. And they will have no choice, it is “strike now or lose the chance”. What would you do in those shoes? The logic is inescapable, hence the policy of supporting all sides in line with Anglo American European interests for control and stability.

    Now Saudi Arabia would collapse in a week without question, were it not for Israeli support, just like the “Hashemite” Kingdom of Jordan. What do you think REALLY keeps the Iranians at bay? one word: PETRODOLLARS. You must have heard it backwards: King Faisal caused the petrodollar, raked in trillions with the oil embargo, and ALL of it went back into the London-New York system…where else can it go?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  93. Z-man says:
    @Adam Smith

    I see those commercials on Fox and other channels and as I click it off I think ‘any gentile who buys into that crap deserves what he/she gets’. (Wry grin)

  94. Mr. Anon says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    How many aircraft to we have stationed on this “unsinkable US aircraft carrier”?

    Oh, that’s right…………..none.

    In our many wars over the last 30 years, how many soldiers has this ally sent to fight alongside ours?

    Oh, that’s right…………..none.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  95. Mr. Anon says:
    @Adam Smith

    The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews raises \$130,000,000 each year mostly from Evangelical Christians.

    I wonder how much of that is spent helping poor Christians? I’m guessing it’s about zero.

    Grifter televangelists are routinely made fun of in popular culture. And yet I can’t recall the IFCJ ever coming in for any criticism.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  96. Iva says:
    @Adam Smith

    Not many people know , it is not in western history books, that Poles were the first who went to Auschwitz it was in June 1940. Jews were brought to a nearby camp by Auschwitz for the first time in 1942. So these lampshades made of human skin could have been made of the skin of Poles. 3 millions Poles died in WWII plus 2,5 million Polish Jews, but it seems like Jews claim that only them were the victims constantly asking for money. Poland NEVER got a penny for WWII. The USA forgave West Germany lots or loans and the left over amount was on a very small %. 

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  97. Iva says:

    Senator Rand Paul organized voting for #447 , because it was for Jewish organizations at expense of Polish people, so he serves Jews well.  Senator Rand Paul  doesn’t care that the bill was against international law.  Senator Rand Paul didn’t know that taking away from Egypt is taking away from Israel that is why he wanted to stop money to Egypt. He is happy to give to Israel. 

  98. geokat62 says:
    @Lapdogus IV

    Then there’s John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI), another shabbos goy outfit that gets its donations from (mostly) white southern Christians.

    While CUFI may get its donations from (mostly) white southern Christians, it gets its funding from the Zionist Project.

    Introductory paragraph to, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Israel Caught Funding Evangelical Christians:

    Stunning news has recently been uncovered by a group of Israeli journalists called Seventh Eye, who had filed a FOIA request with the Israeli government. The documents that were provided show how money is given to Christian Evangelical groups in the United States to disseminate pro Israel messaging.

    • Replies: @Change that Matters
  99. geokat62 says:
    @mark green

    The goyim comply.

    Thanks, mark.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  100. frontier says:

    the average moron on this site doesn’t understand the word “petrodollar’ and thinks his type-clicks are valuable.

    I usually don’t answer trolls but when an ignorant troll calls others “morons”… it’s time to answer. First off, the “petrodollar” does not benefit the US economy, not any more. Ditto for the dollar being the reserve currency. There would be some benefit only if the world economy was booming and international trade was increasing outside of the US. As it stands, Covid is driving the world in the opposite direction which means the petro-reserve status of the dollar is actually a drag on the US economy. The Fed money printing can still benefit rich individuals but only at the expense of the US economy as a whole… together with Covid, it’s way of raiding the US middle class, a fact very consistent with the latest stats.

  101. Aardvark says:

    Let us recall that Iran tried to create an oil trading bourse a few years back.
    The goal was to be able to trade oil for anything but USD (e.g. Gold, Yuan, etc.).
    IIRC, we sabotaged it twice before they gave up on it.

  102. Iva says:

    Poles trauma of holocaust doesn’t matter. They do not have rights to be traumatised and paid for their suffering. Poland didn’t receive one penny for it, and Jews want to be paid for generations. As polish Jew Engelking-Boni said “when a Jew dies it is a metaphysical experience, when non Jew die is like the death of an animal , nothing”. This is why they think they need to be paid forever.

  103. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:

    all those JEWISH MAFIA CARTELS MUST BE INVESTIGATED AUDITED BY THE IRS TREASURY DOJ DOD …laundering money, sex trafficking, drug money, tax evasions, etc.

  104. @HeebHunter

    Muttmerica has already made boycott of Pissrael illegal.

    Not exactly. They have enacted legislation that prevents the “government” from subsidizing or doing business with companies or people that openly advocate boycotting Israel. I know some states made signing the “I will not boycott Israel pledge” a condition of employment for “government” positions, but those statutes have been ruled unconstitutional (so far) when someone had the fortitude to challenge the state in court.


    How will anyone know what you’re boycotting or why you’re boycotting it. It’s not like they’re going to arrest you for boycotting Sheldon Adelson’s casinos, sabra or homedepot. Sometimes I see plastic tool boxes that say made in Israel on them. Check the labels. I never buy Israeli products.

    I boycott homedepot because Bernie Marcus is a huge supporter of Israel and donates heavily to GILEE. The Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) sends U.S. cops to Israel for brutality training. I boycott Amazon because of Bezos’ ties to the CIA. I boycott microsoft because I want my computer to keep working and remain virus free. I boycott “government” because it is evil.

    I’m sure there are other companies I should boycott too. Pepsi and Coca Cola are just two examples of companies with ties to Israel. (I don’t drink soda, but that is for health reasons. I like having cavity free teeth.) I’m pretty thrifty, and I don’t buy a whole lot of stuff, so my boycott probably does not mean much in the grand scheme, but if many of us boycott anything with ties to Israel or owned by jewish interests, it might make a difference.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we can vote or boycott our way out of the mess. It might have worked if we started sooner. Some of us have been trying for years, but without enough other people to help it didn’t do anything except keep our conscience clean.

    We should all boycott not only Pissrael, but all companies who are owned by jews. The fact that they are hell bent on passing legislation to make it seem as though boycotting Israel is “illegal” means that they are afraid of the boycott. (It cannot be the fear of lost \$hekel\$ alone.) Boycott must be more powerful than it seems.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  105. @Mr. Anon

    I too guess that the amount spent helping poor Christians is zero.

    Like making fun of hillbillies or rednecks, it’s perfectly ok to make fun of televangelists and Christians in mainstream culture. Most people will not dare criticize IFCJ or other jews because too many people are afraid of being called names. It’s long past time we lose that fear.

    • Agree: Trinity
  106. Trinity says:

    How much money does Israel give America?

    What does America gain by kissing Israel’s ass?

    WHY would America support a nation that has been caught spying on America (Pollard), bombed American and British buildings in Egypt to initiate a war between the West and Egypt, brought terrorism to our shores whether directly or indirectly ( 5 Dancing Shlomos is really a spit in the face of America whether Israel did 9-11 or not, it lets America and Americans know how these people view America.) SERIOUSLY, what kind of sick human would dance and celebrate watching their alleged “ally” lose over 3 thousand innocent civilians. THIS ACT ALONE should have ended America aligning itself with Israel. Hell, the alliance should have ended with The Lavon Affair, The USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard, etc. America supporting a nation that doesn’t give two shits about them is beyond insane. Hell, America not only supports Israel, it is subservient to this tiny little nation that shits on America and laughs about it.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  107. geokat62 says:

    SERIOUSLY, what kind of sick human would dance and celebrate watching their alleged “ally” lose over 3 thousand innocent civilians.

    Asked what the 911 attacks meant for relations between the United States and Israel, Nut’nYahoo, replied:

    “It’s very good.” Then he edited himself: “Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.”

    • Replies: @Trinity
  108. @Iva

    World War Two is the largest waste of human life from a single conflict in history. Approximately 80 million people died world wide. 27 million(ish) Russians died in the conflict. China lost 15-20 million people. With so much gratuitous death, it’s not surprising that 3 million Poles died. It’s not surprising that jews want reparations from Poland for WWII as their greed knows no bounds. Thankfully Poland is standing up to them.

    With so many innocent lives lost to the war, I find it utterly obnoxious that jews inflate their death toll and make the war’s casualties all about them. As far as I can tell, about 300,000 jews died in WWII. Horrible, yes. But it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the losses many other nations sustained. It’s especially egregious as zionists started both world wars and both were fought for Judea and Greater Israel.

    Perhaps Judea should make reparations to the world for starting both world wars and for the tremendous loss of life that ensued.

    • Agree: Robjil, John Q Duped
  109. Striker always puts out the park!

    Beware of a traitor named Brad Griffin who runs a supposed southern nationalist site called who’s in debt to the federal government by a lawsuit they enacted after Charlottesville. The SOB sold his soul and now is spreading disinformation by ways and means of the covid hoax and other pro .gov psyops. He was a cheerleader for Yang do you remember?

    Brad Griffin if your reading this, the lawsuit .gov has against you it will soon be made public. If I were you I would fear because the truth will soon come out and your Southern Nationalist friends will disavow you like the scum you’re about.

  110. Trinity says:

    And Israel is our bestest best friends in the whole wide world. smdh.

  111. @Adam Smith

    Some years ago a dermatologist prescribed a creme produced by the Taro company. It’s Israeli. At the time I researched it; the founder slobbered all over himself about his love for Israel. Never went back to that physician, never used that medication again. (nb. the rash did not clear up, it got worse.)

    Another company that has heavily penetrated US hospitals, physicians offices and pharmacies is Teva Pharmaceuticals, founded in Israel in 1901. In more recent times, it concentrated on stepping in with generic drugs immediately as patented drug patents expired.

    Just learned this about Teva:

    Apparently Teva has been caught with its hand in at least three cookie jars — bribery, involvement in opioid crisis, and price fixing.

    The financial analyst is ‘bullish’ on Teva now because the company has a new CEO who is being counted on to extricate Teva from its legal doldrums without suffering any financial loss.

    If you’re Israeli, lying, cheating, stealing, causing deaths-a-millions is not only not a problem, dodging accountability for lying, cheating, etc. is praiseworthy and a signal that profits are soon to flow.

    In some midwest states Giant Eagle grocery stores & gas stations hold a dominant position. They’re owned by a family that contributes heavily to zionist causes. Giant Eagle discounts gas heavily, but I consider it cheap virtue to pay an extra 10 cents rather than add to revenues that might end up in Israel.

    I suggest people call in to C Span Washington Journal and challenge moderators on their failure to report on Israel’s misdeeds. Demand an exposé on zionism; demand that C Span stop allowing verbal attacks on “white people.”
    I don’t watch corporate media but do watch C Span Wash. Journal. I think it’s ripe for strenuous criticism because it presents itself as the fairest of the fair, as do many callers to the 3-hour morning program. In my estimation, C Span is establishment (and zionist) Propaganda Central. Its operations are quite secretive: moderators note training as journalists but it’s not clear if they are practicing journalism while moderating Wash. Journal, or if they are running a focus group-as-conditioning- operation.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  112. This is a a very strange article given that no president ha been as openly proisrael than the current executive.

    It hardly makes sense to complain about Israel while supporting the one of the most assertive Israeli advocates without taking him on on the issue.

    And if what the executive said is accurate, its clear that we would support the state regardless of the issues regarding energy.

  113. gay troll says:

    Is that why Trump tried to buy Greenland?

  114. IronForge says:

    Vote Your Conscience.

    Stop Voting In/Appointing Dual Citizens and those Married to Intl_Vunerability(like Mitch McConnell and Wife Elaine Chao – Wife’s Family’s Business are too close to Beijing).

    Vote In Those Who want to End the Non-Humanitarian Aid.

    Vote In Those Who will Introduce Jewish Emigration+to+ISR Incentives. Transfer Active Duty/Reservists from US Military to IDF, USA Law Enforcement to ISR, Medicare/Medicaid/MedIns/Pharma Xfers, etc.

    BLMmers who whine can get Similar Emigration Incentives to Resettle in Liberia(LBR).

  115. @Trinity

    ” . . . America supporting a nation that doesn’t give two shits about them is beyond insane. Hell, America not only supports Israel, it is subservient to this tiny little nation that shits on America and laughs about it.”

    Right, so piss on Israel.

  116. @Adam Smith

    Listen it’s easy for Christians to be taken in by these people. We are taught to believe Jews and Christians are brothers and sisters in church and Sunday school. I was one of those for several decades simply because I didn’t know any better. I do know better now because of the internet otherwise I’d still be one of the saps the Jews love to deceive. The brainwashing continues unabated to this day. Let’s just hope more and more Christians are able to have their eyes opened to see the real truth about this massive centuries long hoax. And may the perpetrators and Christian leaders who willingly trick believers into believing these lies be cursed.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Change that Matters
  117. annamaria says:

    The Chinese and Russian ‘threats’ to the US are nothing next to the cancerous AIPAC.

    • Agree: anarchyst, ChuckOrloski
  118. @geokat62

    Thanks for the link.

    Until dispensationalism is destroyed the support for Israel is unstoppable. This is where the fight needs to be focused.

    • Agree: mark green
  119. @John Q Duped

    Listen it’s easy for Christians to be taken in by these people. We are taught to believe Jews and Christians are brothers and sisters in church and Sunday school.

    Not all Christians. Dispensationalism is one of the main evils here. Start by destroying that and you’ll go a long way to waking Americans up.

  120. anarchyst says:
    @Adam Smith

    israel’s favorite military song is “Onward Christian Soldiers”…so sad…

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  121. @geokat62

    Let’s see how that works out with China. I don’t believe it should be red, no matter how much money David M. Rubenstein and his ilk throw at them.

  122. annamaria says:
    @Not Only Wrathful

    Telling truth is antisemitism?

    Considering the shameless use of the profitable schema of holobiz and the creation of a zionist & neo-nazi union in Ukraine, there is not much to ‘comprehend’ about warriors with antisemitism.

    One can only imagine how the facts of Jewish Bolsheviks’ sadistic and murderous activities in Russia would make the usual suspects squeal ‘antisemitism.’ See Holodomor in Ukraine (6 to 8 million people of all ages were starved to death on orders of Lazar Kaganovitch), Holodomor in Kazakhstan (1 to 3 million people starved by Shaya Goloschyokin), concentration camps GULAG (organized according to a schema of a thief Naftali Frankel), and real gas chambers (designed by a Soviet secret police officer Isaj Berg in the 1930-s).

    And then there was certain Yurovsky (born to Ester Moiseevna) who personally conducted murder of the Russian imperial family, including their five children who were shot and bayoneted to death.

    The thuggish ADL could have stopped already associating itself with the rapist and murderer Leo Frank. Something is not right with the ‘warriors with antisemitism.’

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Not Only Wrathful
  123. annamaria says:

    “Anyone who speaks wrong in wartime has a swift end coming.”

    — Sounds like a snitch commandment.

    “the only domino left standing will be Israel”

    — This is not the time of the Balfour declaration anymore. The world has been learning hard way about zionist perfidy and sadism. As soon as the ZUSA collapses, the demented congress populated by the demented Pelosi, Biden, and other Cardins and Schumers will collapse as well, and there will be no one to order Americans to waste more American blood and money on the obnoxious supremacist entity of the Jewish State.

    Tell us what number of Jews worldwide prefer to live outside Israel. The Jewish State has been on life-support for decades; it has terrible birth defects incompatible with life. Neither Mossad (of Maxwell/Epstein/Wexler’ virtue) nor Sovietization of Knesset can help.

  124. aandrews says:

    It’s gonna take some reeeally strong bug poison to fix this shit.

  125. Katrinka says:

    They receive at least 90%.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  126. @Joe Stalin

    Screw Mars, for that money we could have paid every negro a handsome sum to voluntarily pack up and move to Africa.

    If we want to be a space faring species, we’ve got to leave behind the Stone Age populations.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  127. Ghali says:

    Despite being the richest and most corrupt religious tribe, the Jews continue to bleed America to death. Wake up Americans.

  128. @annamaria

    Read your post. You’re an insane person

  129. Ram says:

    ” being the center of its nemesis, the Catholic Church. ”

    No longer. It is a complete captive, and the Pope openly said that “within every Christian is a Jew”

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  130. anarchyst says:

    Us Catholics who do not subscribe to “Novus Ordo” or the flawed “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” do not recognize the jews as “our elder brothers”, but do recognize them as being of the “Synagogue of Satan”.
    Our numbers are few, but we DO exist.

  131. anarchyst says:

    It gets worse. In New York City, synagogues receive 24-hours-a-day-7-days-a-week “police protection” at the expense of New York City and American taxpayer. In addition, jews can easily obtain concealed carry weapons permits when it is almost impossible for gentiles to obtain them.
    It’s not called “Jew York City” for no reason.
    As to “Homeland Security” grants, approximately 95% of grants go to jews and jewish shell firms. In many cases, these “grants” are not used for security, but for vacations, find dining, and other non-security items. In fact, not too long ago, some rabbis were “caught” using security grant funds for such purposes. Of course, being jews, nothing was done about it.

  132. @obvious

    King Faisal caused the petrodollar, raked in trillions with the oil embargo, and ALL of it went back into the London-New York system…where else can it go?

    The petrodollar really came into being in 1971 when it replaced the gold standard. The phony oil embargo was 1973-1974. I was visiting Hamburg in May, 1974, and there were 7 tankers in the harbour paying demurrage charges, because there was no place to put the oil.
    Other than that, yes, Saudi Arabia cashed in and the money was re-cycled. but Saudis were recycling a lot of it by buying US banks cash on the barrel head. Time magazine was having kittens about all of the Saudi money and the “influence” it might have. Faisal was also a Nassar type Pan Arabist, not a big promoter of Wahhabism, the real reason for his assassination.
    SA and Iran have been competitors for dominance in the Gulf since the 60s, and the US played one off against the other until the revolution. Faisal understood what was going on and pushed back. His successors haven’t.

  133. @Trinity

    Good evening Mr. Trinity,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    I know a similar story about a local Episcopalian church here in my sleepy little mountain town. In this case it was Tanzania instead of Haiti. This was, at the time, one of those little churches, with a small church budget, that was trying to be a big church with all the necessary pomp and circumstance that entails. The rector was one of those narcissistic, social climber types. He decided that it would be great to raise \$35,000 to build a well in Tanzania. Some of the other fancy church goers thought this was a great idea. No longer content to merely compare shoes on Sunday, some of the more affluent members signed up to make the trip to Africa for the photo op.

    However, some of the old, original parishioners thought it was totally wasteful to raise so much for Africa when there were so many people right here in the community that needed help. This is Appalachia, surely \$35,000 could be used to help some locals. But their concerns were dismissed. It’s just not any fun helping the wrong sort of people. The rector needed a proper sort of charity where the fancy people could properly signal their virtue. They wanted their picture in the paper. They desperately wanted the bishop to notice.

    So, the church raised the cash and the rector and some of the other members made the long trip to the dark part of Africa for the photo op. And the villagers rejoiced. They now could get water without walking as far as they used to.

    But many of the older, unpretentious church members were unhappy about the way things transpired. Many of these members left the church. Some moved on to other local churches, while others left “the church” altogether.

    But the rector got his photo op with the bishop from Atlanta.
    Which was all that really mattered to him.

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