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National Justice Exclusive: Police Officer In Kenosha Shooting Will be Exonerated; Riots Are Expected
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Rusten Sheskey, the Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer who shot a knife-wielding Jacob Blake last August, will be found innocent of wrongdoing in a District Attorney report set to be released by next week, a source told National Justice.

According to the insider, law enforcement in Kenosha is being mandated to take on 12 hour shifts every day starting now until January 4th.

Blake’s shooting last summer triggered explosive media-induced race riots that led to multiple deaths and millions of dollars worth of property damage. Left-wing extremists are expected to return to the town to engage in violence yet again after the investigation is publicly unveiled. The citizens of Kenosha are on edge, and rumors of the reports imminent release are forcing homes and small businesses to put up plywood to try and prevent destruction.

According to court documents obtained by National Justice, the August 23rd incident began when Blake went to the home of the mother of his children, in violation of a restraining order for raping her. Blake then took the woman’s phone and car keys as he loaded their children into his car and planned to leave, prompting her friend to dial 911.

Many left-wing and Black Lives Matter propagandists have focused on Sheskey firing upon Blake as he reached in his car because his kids were in the car, but they leave out the vital detail that he had no custody over them and was taking them against the wishes of their mother, which under Wisconsin law constitutes kidnapping. Blake had also had been previously seen with a deadly weapon, making the shooting even more justifiable.

According to leaked details of the DA’s report, Sheskey’s use of deadly force was by-the-book according to Kenosha Police Department protocol. Police officers are trained to fire upon emotionally disturbed and violent persons who refuse orders and reach into their car.

Another Kenosha citizen who spoke to National Justice on condition of anonymity expressed dismay at the breakdown of law and order in his city. The FBI is tasked with preventing political violence and terrorism, like what anarchists and Black Lives Matter have in store for Kenosha, but instead they deliberately allow it and punish critics and victims instead. The FBI is currently pursuing federal charges against Trump supporters for burning a Black Lives Matter flag.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Black Lives Matter, Blacks 
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  1. As someone in the blogosphere noted a while back, the FBI are merely Antifa in 3-piece suits. Both take orders from the same bosses, whose initials likely include A, D and L. That’s why Kyle Rittenhouse is charged with first degree murder by the same office mentioned in the article. Those who give the FBI and Antifa (and BLM) their orders were displeased that a master-race pedophile was killed in self-defense by the above person. Zeks defending themselves is not permitted in the open-air gulag Clownworld Murika.

    The FBI, along with most of what is termed “law enforcement” at the federal and state level are nothing more than murderous criminals and thugs who carry guns and badges who operate under the color of law.

  2. Wow, what interesting times, progress is progressing.
    Where’s the ” greatest generation” parade of B.S. lately?
    We’re # 1 ,the best, the brightest, most heroic,patriotic,
    God fearing nation of all. Good Luck, Kenosha citizens.

  3. Ironic that the author of this article states exactly what the problem is, without realizing it, that the police “rule book” allows these kinds of atrocities.

    For the record, objective analysis of this year’s protests reveals that 3.7 percent of them involved personal injuries, property damage or vandalism. Some portion of these involved neither police nor protesters, but people engaging in vandalism or looting alongside the protests. Incidents in which there was protester violence or property destruction should be regarded as exceptional, and not representative of the uprising as a whole.

    Authoritarian leaders almost always try to treat protesters as criminals and to delegitimize their claims by exaggerating any incidents of violence and property destruction. These narrative techniques shore up support for broad-based repression against these groups, at little political cost to the autocrat.

    • Replies: @anonymous-antimarxist
  4. @Exalted Cyclops

    Stupid question, Is Zek just another term for goy(cattle) or something even more demeaning. Please elaborate.

    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  5. Don’t be ridiculous, blacks aren’t going to riot in the snow.

    The trial of the four Minneapolis police officers is in the spring however, so that may spur riots.

    • Replies: @anonymous-antimarxist
  6. Well if Rusten Sheskey is not exonerated, I would expect mass police resignations across the country.

    In either case I am sure those brave (and Kosher certified) FBI agents assigned to protecting the nation’s synagogues of Iowa from bible verse graffiti from the gospel of St. John will be able to handle any situation.

    Steve Sailer tends to believe that the puppetmasters of BLM will be willing and able to control their golem once Slow Joe is sworn in. Perhaps Old Joe will somehow be able to demonstrate the same dindu whispering magic used to handle Corn Pop.

    One think for sure is that if there are riots in the next weeks, Trump will be blamed by the (((MSM))) for not conceding the election and thus preventing Old Joe from working his magic.

    Personally I think the golem will continue to go on a rampage every chance it gets until it is stopped with whatever force necessary. If we are very lucky that will be sometime in 2025.

    And while it gets mighty cold in Wisconsin if January there sure will not be any Kyle Rittenhouse’s standing guard.

    But who knows, perhaps Kenosha will be spared, only because the malls along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile have been restocked for Christmas and are well heated.

  7. @Observator

    For the record, objective analysis of this year’s protests reveals that 3.7 percent of them involved personal injuries, property damage or vandalism.

    Since no link is provided, I can only guess from where you pulled that statistic.

    Just make sure you wash your hands and spray down your keyboard.

    Oy Vey!!!, the quality of Hasbara coming from the Promised Land is really going down hill.

  8. @Johnny Smoggins

    Gosh Dummy,

    Don’t you know why they built The Mall of America? In this great country free sneakers should be a year round happening.

    Says that right on the plaque at the bottom of The Statue of Liberty. Would the Rabbi be lying?

  9. Rusten Sheskey, the Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer who shot a knife-wielding Jacob Blake last August, will be found innocent of wrongdoing in a District Attorney report set to be released by next week, a source told National Justice.

    Remember the case of the Omaha bar owner and war vet Jake Gardner who committed suicide from just this summer?

    Gardner was originally not charged with anything. The Douglas County attorney, Donald Kleine, ruled initially that Gardner’s actions were nothing more than a textbook case of self-defense — a solid legal defense.

    But that all changed after political pressure mounted, especially as Spurlock’s death sparked another wave of rioting and protesting in the city.

    A special prosecutor was assigned to re-open the investigation into Gardner’s actions on that day by Douglas County District Court Judge Shelly Stratman and while initially it was expected to result in the same outcome, the criminal charges soon piled up.

    I am sure that either the Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor or the prospective Biden administration will promise a “special prosecutor” to reevaluate the case.

    It ain’t over until YT is found guilty or takes his own life.

  10. Realist says:

    According to the insider, law enforcement in Kenosha is being mandated to take on 12 hour shifts every day starting now until January 4th.

    Release the Rittenhouse

  11. @Exalted Cyclops

    Absolutely the ADL. That disgusting nest of (((vipers))) was, in fact, founded in response to one of their own in Atlanta, Georgia who raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl. The ADL made its mission clear from the very beginning.
    This pervert, Leo Frank, was sentenced to hang, but the (((fix))) was in, and the judge unilaterally commuted his sentence to life. Fortunately Leo Frank got what he so richly deserved anyway.
    Look up “100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty.”

    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  12. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge IV

    Indeed. This very site has several fine articles on the mafia known as the ADL. The likely are in control of most police departments in Clownworld Murika – certainly all major city departments – along with state and federal “law enforcement” agencies. There’s a good article on this site about Myer Lansky’s longtime involvement with them.

  13. @anonymous-antimarxist

    “Zek” was the term used for inmates in the Soviet gulag – per Solzhenitsyn, who spent time there.

  14. @Exalted Cyclops

    I remember that article about the Lansky connection. Didn’t really surprise me. After all (((they))) have been working tirelessly to make all the things the Jewish Mafia did as criminals into legal activities; all of which used to be illegal, unethical and immoral. The whole Rule by Frivolous Lawsuit thing is one example. Nationwide gambling is another. Nefarious financial wrangling is another. Etc. Etc.

  15. Cobbett says:

    I once knew a gurl named Keynosha. She was pretty fly.

  16. fnn says:

    Forget George Floyd, it’s still no big deal when the FBI shoots a civilian:

    Last Tuesday, an FBI agent pulled out his gun and repeatedly shot a passenger on the Washington subway. At the bottom of B6 in Saturday’s Washington Post – buried past an article headlined, “Despite the upcoming solstice, winter has already arrived” is a short piece headlined: “Police:‘Verbal exchange’ preceded Metro shooting.” There were zero news reports or disclosures for the two days after the shooting – except for a brief FBI note that there had been an “officer-involved shooting” on the subway.

    If someone had shot an FBI agent without provocation on the subway five days ago, we would already know all about the shooter’s life – how many cat videos he liked on Twitter, how many crude jokes he told in high school, and whether he had any unpaid jaywalking tickets from 1997. If the person had any right-wing connections, the Southern Poverty Law Center might have heaved in a bucket of derision. If the person had any ties to radical leftists, Fox News might have hyped the case to expose the depravity of anyone who distrusts law enforcement.

    But instead, the shooter was an FBI agent – so we don’t even know his name – or whether he has unjustifiably shot other people before, or been accused of excessive force in formal complaints. Instead, all we know is that the guy was a federal agent – and thus will benefit from all the immunities which politicians, judges, and FBI officials have heaped upon that class.

    Two days earlier, a Post piece groused that “the FBI would not even answer questions about whether the person who was sent to the hospital was still alive.”

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