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National Justice Exclusive: Black Police Major Ordering Arrest of White Parents Protesting CRT Is An NAACP Member Who Shot His Own Daughter
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Earlier today a group of white parents gathered at a school board meeting in Loudon County, Virginia to peacefully protest the anti-white racial hate their children are being subjected to in class.

The Loudon Co. Sheriff’s office, infuriated at the content of their message, subsequently declared the school board meeting an unlawful assembly and began arresting the parents.

A source familiar with the incident told National Justice that the decision to declare unlawful assembly and start arresting the peaceful parents was made by Maj. Easton McDonald, the black man seen in the footage directing the white officers to handcuff the parent.

Maj. McDonald is a supporter of an anti-white organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and has been the keynote speaker at recent racially charged events.

McDonald has a storied and controversial history at the Loudon County Sheriff’s office, including reckless actions that would typically lead to a white deputy being suspended or fired.

In 2014, McDonald used his firearm to shoot his 16-year-old daughter. On his way to the hospital, he caused a traffic accident.

According to McDonald, he believed that his daughter was an intruder. The shooting, an egregious act of incompetence, was even featured in national publications. Ultimately, the officer was neither prosecuted or reprimanded.

Despite McDonald’s history, he has been able to rise in the ranks in recent years, from Sergeant to Captain to a more recent promotion to Major. Undoubtedly, racial and political considerations have played a role in his advancement.

McDonald represents a relatively new breed of law enforcement officer that has been encouraged to selectively apply the law based on their political views or racial identity. While the parents at the school board meeting are correct that their First Amendment rights were being violated, organizations that have for years sucked up all the oxygen and resources in the civil liberties movement like the ACLU will not uphold the Constitutional rights of white people who dissent from institutional race ideologies like Critical Race Theory.

The majority of Americans oppose the teaching of anti-white ideology in school. For this reason, law enforcement in some districts are being encouraged to use force to silence those who oppose the racial and sexual abuse of their children in the education system.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Blacks, Political Correctness 
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  1. I love the USA. What a great country. Freedom splosion day coming up soon patriots! So glad we aren’t bound under tyranny anymore and there aren’t any taxes or laws that force us to live in ways we don’t want to. The bill of rights existing means this story must be fake. That piece of paper would smite anyone who dared oppose it.

    • LOL: Realist
  2. Loudon County, proof of the wisdom of my decision to split ten years back. Saw it coming. But of course, I’m a racist for seeing. I’m sure my ex is thrilled at all this with her Burn Loot Murder signs.. Thinking back, it was good to get away from her too. Ha!

  3. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The black police chief for the city of Chicago had a criminal son who died in a shootout with police. Trying to find a really clean black to be employed as police is nearly impossible. Whites are countenancing blacks to be in positions they aren’t qualified to be in because they’ve become weak and intimidated. When one has the government arrayed against you it’s hard to be otherwise.

    • Agree: Realist, eah
    • Replies: @aleksander
  4. If this doesn’t make the counties west of Staunton and Appomattox consider West Virginia’s invitation to join the Mountain State, then I don’t know what will.

  5. Angharad says:

    What can we do to help?

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  6. anarchyst says:

    The police “major’s” actions are typical of countries on the African continent.
    The only form of “government” that blacks thrive under is the “strongman” dictatorial form of “government”. The higher the status of the individual “citizen”, the closer he is allowed to sit to the “chief”.

    Attempting to impose a constitutional representative republican type of government on blacks is a recipe for abject failure.

    Blacks are “wired” differently than other races, and cannot grasp or comprehend the advantages of having a representative form of government.

    The “strongman” type of government is the only way blacks can have a somewhat functional society…as any digression from their societal “norms” is punished almost immediately without resorting to courts or any “legal system”.

    If blacks had not been forcibly removed from Africa, they would still be in their native habitat, where their numbers would be controlled by their environment. As is the case today, African blacks have an abundance of food, only having to be worried about being eaten by their natural predators.

    One glaring difference between blacks and all other human species is that of the quest for exploration. Almost every human specie has a natural instinct to “wonder what is out there” beyond the valley, mountain, river, stream or ocean. The instinct for exploration has never been seen in blacks and even today, is never evident in blacks…NEVER.

    A good example of this was during the American space program of the 1950s and 1960s. Blacks were always complaining that the money spent on the space program would be better spent on “them”, improving “their” conditions, despite the space program’s greatest achievements, not only the moon landings, but the offshoots of space technology that improved life for everyone.

    When it comes to black-run governments (ha ha) there is NOT ONE that is not totally corrupt, unless there are non-blacks running it.

    Blacks are closer to apes and chimps than they are to us (real) humans.

    Repatriation of blacks to the African continent is the only solution.

  7. It isn’t just because of this incident but so many similar and even much more serious things that I always witness happening to whites, that make me wonder whether or not there is anything at all that will “grab them by the scruff of the neck” and finally wake them up to the realities that they exist in today. The ONLY reason the communist democrats were so shocked and are now carrying out a purge of even the mildest folks that attended the Jan.6, visit of Americans to the people’s house this year, is because they actually made their voices heard in large numbers. That’s a NO,NO, to people like Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the comrades. The proper behavior for whites according to the comrade commissars in the democrat party, is to be both not seen and not heard, while paying their taxes promptly, or else!!

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  8. Thomasina says:

    Whitey is not playing along with the globalist elites’ vision of the world, so they are being crushed. The elites could give a crap about blacks or POC, but they are using them to silence whites. Blacks, thinking they are suddenly special, don’t realize they are being used.

    Critical Race Theory is just another weapon in the elites’ arsenal. They are hunting whites the same way they did Gaddafi. Anyone who doesn’t play along gets taken out.

    The elites are the enemy here, the World Economic Forum, the Davos, one-world-government crowd. Point your anger towards them, the people behind the wire fencing.

    • Agree: animalogic
  9. Surely even the most brain-dead liberal (a tautology, I know) must get an unnerving sense that the legal system and Constitution are being replaced by despotism.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
  10. The legal system makes up a bogus concept called an unlawful assembly and then allows some bonehead to declare it and everything otherwise illegal is suddenly lawful. What a wonderful way of having a legal on and off switch for tyranny anytime it’s deemed required for the controllers to get their way.

    There’s no such thing as an unlawful assembly. That’s what needs to be opposed so some jerk cop can’t use it to say he was following orders or the law.

    It’s the entire legal system that has been so corrupted as to no longer resemble, even faintly, a free country.

    • Agree: El Dato
    • Thanks: Thomasina
  11. Message to the un-woke of Loudon County, Virginia:

    Get the fuck out of Loudon County, Virginia. Come home to Red America. Resistance is futile. Separation is the only way forward.

    If you can’t get out at least home school your kids before Loudon County turns them against you.

  12. Now that we recognize the insanity of allowing Marxist, constitutionally-opposed, and racist blacks into every area of law enforcement and government, yes will never be able to put the genie back in the bottle. All planned, all part of the game to bring the citizens of this country to the breaking point and for sure the end is nigh.

  13. Becky21k says:

    In fact he probably rose in rank BECAUSE of his incompetence. When one cannot fire someone because of the likelihood of racial lawsuits, they promote them to get rid of them.

  14. MadJack says:

    These laws, etc. are impossible to enforce without all those treasonous white bully boy cops. Look at those strutting assholes as they bravely face off against a lone middle-aged white guy. Pathetic scum.

  15. @anarchyst

    I’ve seen several authors apply the same ‘qualities’ to hispanics of all stripes … mexicans as well as the rest of them.

    They don’t value freedom … they do value top down control — and ‘strongmen’ … 

    Cut from the same cloth … 

  16. @MadJack

    And yet there are so many of our un-woke compatriots who still “back the blue.” To me, this is probably the most frustrating part of our current predicament. What the hell is wrong with them? How can anyone behold a pic like that and not come away with a deep and persistent loathing and detestation for these fucking pigs?

    As an aside, despite all their cheap talk about supporting the 2A, can there be any doubt in any reasonable person’s mind that most of these porcine faggots would robotically obey orders to confiscate our guns and murder our whole families if they had to to do it?

    • Agree: RoatanBill, Realist
  17. @anarchyst

    Abraham Lincoln’s mentor, Henry Clay, gave the inaugural address at the first meeting of the American Colonization Society, during which he stated “We must rid our country of a useless, pernicious, if not dangerous portion of the population.” Among the members of the Society were Daniel Webster, Francis Scott Key, James Madison, Winfield Scott, James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson.

    Jefferson wrote “Nothing is more clearly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion have drawn indelible lines of destruction between them.” He also astutely observed, “We have a wolf by the ears and we can neither hold him nor safely let him go. Justice is one scale and self preservation in the other.” Another thing Jefferson wisely asserted is “The amalgamation of Whites with Blacks produces a degradation to which no lover of his Country, no lover of excellence in human character, can innocently consent.”

    The easy solution would have been to send them all to the Caribbean and South America. Then the owners could have been fairly compensated for their investments. One reason that this policy wasn’t considered was due to Southerner’s awareness of the harsh treatment of Slaves in those locales. In fact, threats to sell them to a South American Sugar Plantation were used to persuade uncooperative Slaves to be obedient. There was a ready market for them, and they would have brought a premium because they were already domesticated. Only 6% of the Africans transported across the Atlantic were enslaved in the British Colonies in North America or the United States. The majority, 94%, were unloaded on islands in the Caribbean and in South America. Cuba and Brazil were the last regions in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw African bondage; in 1888, 23 years after the War to Prevent Southern Independence. Slave Ships began operating exclusively out of Northern Ports shortly after the first Africans arrived on the Continent and they continued their monopoly on the trade until Cuba and Brazil ceased buying the merchandise.

  18. @MadJack

    Hopefully, they will all be Darren Wilson’d into anonymity, obscurity, under scrutiny, and receiving threats for eternity.

    Maybe, they will be Derek Chauvin’d to prison for life. Or, sent to the Swiss Cheese Factory by one of their Protected Species.

    At the very least, their families should rescind their invitations to them during the holidays. Their friends should disown them, and they should be regarded as pariahs by the community. I’ve long argued that the Police have absolutely no concept of right and wrong. They only know what’s legal and illegal, and even that is subject to their orders for the day. A good example of this is the smiling School Resource Officer that stands by while condoms are handed out in the Junior High School and the Transvestite reads Fairy Tales to Kindergartners. They will gladly hold the door open so that a Transgender Male can go into the restroom with little girls. They will stand aside while every store in a shopping center is looted, entire blocks are burned to the ground, and innocent people assaulted and murdered. They will arrest the Blue Lives Matter citizens that take to the street in support of them, and kneel before the Black Lives Matters criminals that are trying to massacre them. They will readily throw their own Fraternity Brothers and Sisters under the Bus to appease the Protected Species.

    A perfect example of the mindset of a Police Person is reflected in the line uttered by Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness in “The Untouchables” when a reporter asks “Mr. Ness, what are you going to do now that Prohibition is over?” Ness responds “I think I’ll go have a drink.” So, after a dozen years of failed efforts to slay the demon rum, he immediately decides to imbibe. They are literally, by and large, Automatons, wholly incapable of discernment or reason. I strongly suspect that the Military and the Police Acadamies utilize a very effective means of brainwashing. How else can you explain the 101st Airborne drawing bayonets on concerned Mothers in Little Rock, or Police People dressed from head to toe in body armor standing idle while rocks, bottles of urine and bags of feces rain down on them? That’s not discipline, that’s programming.

    Somebody should remind them that they aren’t White. Not in the sense of identity. They are Blank, they can be colored Swine Blue, Pansy Pink, Commie Red, Oreo Black, La Raza Brown, or Rioter Rainbow. They are as malleable as Play Doh and much like the Army Man who claims to defend your rights and freedoms, who purportedly believes in The Constitution, and then tells you that you’re a traitor because you oppose our intervention in some foreign conflict. The same mindset that labeled Robert E. Lee an insurrectionist because he couldn’t bring himself to make war on his own family, his friends and his neighbors, and chose to defend them instead. That surmises the attitudes of the Police and the Military, rather than “To Protect and Serve,” their motto should be, “To Make You Submit and Shut Up and Obey or Else!” Or, “To Remind You That The Only Right You Have is The Right to Remain Silent.”

    • Agree: anarchyst, RoatanBill
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @animalogic
  19. The school district in Virginia is Loudoun County not Loudon. If you are going to report a story please do a little research & get the facts straight. Pretty shoddy reporting.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  20. anarchyst says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Here is an excellent article on the “thin blue line”:

    No One Cares If You Go Home Safe At The End Of Your Shift
    Jan 02, 201812:50AM
    Category: Politics
    Posted by: Michael Z. Williamson


    Here at the house, I have a couple of decades plus of military experience. I have tools to dig in or out of natural disasters. I have extinguishers and hoses. I have a field trauma kit and bandages. I have weapons both melee and firearm. I know how to use them. I know how to trench, support and revet. I understand the fire triangle and appropriate approaches. I understand breathing, bleeding and shock. I know how to detain, restrain and control. I have done all of these at least occasionally, professionally. I’ve stood on top of a collapsing levee in a flood. I’ve fought a structure fire from inside so we could get everyone out before the fire department showed up, which only took two minutes, but people can die that fast. I’ve had structures collapse while I was working on them. I’ve been in an aircraft that had a “mechanical” on approach and had to be repaired in-flight before landing. I’ve helped control a brush fire. I’ve hauled disabled vehicles out of ditches in sub-zero weather.

    My ex wife has over a decade of service and some of the same training.

    We have trained our young adult children.

    My wife is a rancher who knows her way around a shotgun, livestock, sutures and tools, hurricanes and floods, and works in investigations professionally.

    Our current house guest is another veteran.

    This means if anything happens at the house–and last year we had a lightning strike, a tornado and a flood within 10 days–we’re pretty well prepared.

    Now, we’re probably better off than 95% of the households out there. The level of disaster that necessitates backup varies.

    If we find it necessary to call 911, it means the party is in progress and it’s bad.

    You will probably not be going home safe at the end of your shift.

    And you know what? If it gets to that point, I really don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit if you get smoked. I don’t give a shit if you fall under a tree. I don’t give a shit if you get shot at.

    Because at that point, I’ve done everything I can with that same circumstance, and run out of resources.

    If my concern was “you going home safe,” then I’d just fucking hunker down and die. Because I wouldn’t want that poor responder to endanger himself.

    Except…that’s what I pay taxes for, and that’s what you signed up for. Just like I signed up to walk into a potential nuke war in Germany and hold off the Soviets, and did walk into the Middle East and prepare to take fire while keeping expensive equipment functioning so our shooters could keep shooting.

    There’s not a single set of orders I got that said my primary job was to “Come home safe.” They said it was to “support the mission” or “complete the objective.” Coming home safe was the ideal outcome, but entirely secondary to “supporting” or “completing.” Nor, once that started, did I get a choice to quit. Once in, all in.

    When that 80 year old lady smells smoke or hears a noise outside her first floor bedroom in the ghetto, she doesn’t care if you go home safe, either. She’s afraid she or the kids next door won’t wake up in the morning.

    If I call, I expect your ass to show up, sober, trained, professional. I expect you to wade in with me or in place of me, and drag a child out of a hole, or out from a burning room, or actually stand up and block bullets from hitting said child, because by the time you get there, I’ll have already done all that. And there will be field dressings, chainsawed trees, buckets and empty brass scattered about.

    I don’t want to hear some drunk and confused guy squirming on the ground playing “Simon Says” terrified you so much you had to blow him away. I don’t want to hear that some random guy 35 yards away who you had no actual information on “may have reached toward his waist band. Or that “the tree might fall any moment” or that “the smoke makes it hard to see.”

    Near as I can tell, I don’t hear the smoke jumpers, or the firefighters, or the disaster rescue people say such things.

    But it’s all I ever hear from the cops. If you and your five girlfriends in body armor, with rifles, are that terrified of actually risking your life for the theoretically dangerous job you volunteered for and can quit any time, then please do quit.

    You can get a job doing pest control and go home safe every night.

    Until a bunch of fucking pussies with big tattoos, small dicks, body armor and guns blow you away for minding your own business.

    Because what you’re telling me with that statement is, your only concern is cashing a check. That’s fine. But if that’s your concern, don’t pretend you’re serving the public. If you wanted to help people at risk of life, you would be a firefighter, running into buildings, dragging people out, getting scorched regularly.

    If you’re cool with writing tickets, then there’s jobs where you can do just that.

    If you want to tangle with bad guys and blow them away, fair enough. But understand: That means they get to shoot first to prove their intent, just as happens with the military these days. Our ROE these days are usually “only if fired upon and no civilians are at risk.”

    If your plan is “shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, then if anyone is still alive try to ask questions,” and bleat, “But I was afeard fer mah lahf!” you’re absolutely no better than the thugs you claim to oppose. All you are is another combatant in a turf war I don’t care about.

    Since I know your primary concern is “being safe,” then I’ll do you the favor of not calling. Cash your welfare check, and try not to shoot me at a “courtesy” sobriety checkpoint for twitching my eye “in a way that suggested range estimation.”

    If you’re one of the vanishingly few cops who isn’t like that, then what the hell are you doing about it? If there’s going to be a lawsuit costing the city millions, isn’t it better that it be a labor suit from the union over the clown you fired, than a wrongful death suit over the poor bastard the clown shot? Both are expensive, but one has a dead victim you enabled. So how much do you actually care about that life?

    How is the training so bad that it’s not clear who is the scene commander who gives the orders?

    How is it that trigger happy bozos who, out of costume, look no different from the gang bangers you claim to oppose, get sent up front to fulfill their wish of hosing someone down because “I was afraid for my life!”?

    Why does the rot exist in your department?

    If you can’t do anything about it, why are you still in that department?

    At some point, collective guilt is a thing.

    You’ve probably not been a good cop for a long time.

    And I still don’t care if you go home safe. I care that everyone you purport to “serve and protect” goes home safe.

    • Thanks: animalogic
  21. @anonymous

    Apocalypse 18:4

    It’s the Bible’s way of telling you to GTFO:

    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. [5] For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities.

  22. @Nancy Canning

    You’re bitching about spelling and conclude that it signifies shoddy reporting?

    Pretty shoddy commenting.

  23. @Angharad

    Ensure that Negros are taxonomically re-classified as other than H. Sapiens sapiens, and that they are disenfranchised from ALL Constitutional, statutory and regulatory protections.
    Negros are Sticks & Mud Age obsolete lesser hominids that are grossly misplaced in ANY modern civilization, and should be managed as such, strictly.

  24. @anarchyst

    In the UK, there was sufficient DNA in a ten thousand year old skeleton to establish eye colour and skin pigmentation. That person was black skinned and blue eyed. All those found in mainland Europe from the same time also had black skin. That doesn’t mean that the mutation for white skin hadn’t evolved earlier, just that it wasn’t very common yet.

    You can’t deduce anything by skin colour itself. Europeans are now all white skinned and there could be other characteristics that are a consequence of evolutionary pressure. If they’d remained black, that doesn’t seem to be likely to have changed those other characteristics.

    The ancestors of all Europeans (in fact of all modern humans) came from Africa and were all black at that time.

    Traditional US Blacks can be identified by skin colour but they’re only as black as a Tamil and fairer than an African immigrant. I’m confident you’re not the least nervous around the latter two because you know you have no reason to be so.

    Sometimes it’s wise to be slow to decide for sure. I’m old enough to remember when Koreans were poorer than most Africans and many people assumed Koreans would never amount to much. In fact I’m old enough to remember when many people felt the same about Japanese. Reading books written in the 19th century (and quotes from newspapers from even later) shows that the same opinion was held about Swedes, Irish and Chinese. There are still many people who assume the same for Indians and, in the 1950s, I met many who felt the same about Italians and Greeks. That came as a surprise to me because they were just other Australians in North Queensland. In other parts of Australia they were recent immigrants. [email protected]

    • Replies: @animalogic
  25. @Cowtown Rebel

    “Or, “To Remind You That The Only Right You Have is The Right to Remain Silent.”
    I wonder for how long? The value of the right to silence resides in the fact that a court/jury may not make an (negative) inference from the exercise of the right.
    In Britain (England?) they lost that right years ago…..

  26. @Donald A Thomson

    I agree.
    This is why I find it safer, less open to rigid categories, to speak of “cultures” & sub cultures rather than race. “Sub-culture” allows you distinguish between, say, “ghetto” & “middle or working class”. It’s also less susceptible to the reductionist instinct in most of us.

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