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National Justice Exclusive: Anarchist Mob's Plan to Attack NYC Subway System Leaked
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Documents obtained by National Justice reveal a plan by Anarchists to cause mayhem in the New York City subway system, titled “J31,” later today.

A video posted to social media shows the organizers promising to “fuck shit up.”

The plan was promoted last week at a meeting of communist groups, soccer hooligans and anarchists hosted by a Rabbi identified only by his first name “Joseph” at Congregation Beth Jacob Ohev Shalom, a Synagogue in Brooklyn that enjoys tax-exempt status. The event was billed as an “antifa” fundraiser for David Campbell, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the vicious and unprovoked beating of a man in his 50s.

The pamphlets include a map titled “Theater of Operations,” along with instructions to coordinate “autonomous” flash mobs to jump the turnstile, hold train traffic, obstruct the platform and bait the police into clashes.

Why the Synagogue in question allows these groups to meet and plan illegal activity on its premise remains an unanswered question. Concerned citizens can file IRS complaints against Congregation Beth Jacob Ohev Shalom here.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Defamation League has been goading the NYPD into trying to chase down law-abiding citizens engaging in protected speech, such as a banner hung by Patriot Front featuring the words “Defend American Labor” in South Brooklyn early in the month. Some of the same individuals involved in protesting for police action against the nationalist banner drop are planning to participate in the subway mayhem, sources tell us.

Working people in New York can expect to be late for their jobs and inconvenienced on their way home, depending on how many leftists choose to participate in this operation.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Jews, Political Correctness 
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  1. melpol says:

    Synagogues are religious not political organizations. They have no right to have IRS tax status as a religious only group if indulging in political action. Besides it creates anti-semitism to have a Rabbi help in shutting down the NYC subway system. If the rioters were wearing skull caps they might provoke hate crimes.

  2. jrepp says:

    FUN FACT: the two people behind this crazy protest group, Decolonize This Place, are both professors

    • Replies: @James J OMeara
  3. @jrepp

    I think you mean “perfessors”. As in providing “edjumacation.”

  4. anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

    With the way everything is infiltrated and provocateurs all around how do we know this isn’t just another Fed operation playing on both sides? Antifa might just be a Fed operation just like the phony right-wing groups are. Games are being played, for what end who knows?

  5. Cliff says:

    Meanwhile in Massachusetts the Governor Charlie Baker folded like a cheap suit after watching ANTIFA storm the New York fare gates. He immediately submitted a budget proposal outlawing arrest and lowering fines for the crime of fare evasion. He claims that his transit police are racists who targeted blacks without releasing any statistics. He should be nominated for a Profiles in Cowardice Award.

  6. Rules for Radicals

    There’s but one Radical to horrify everyone else

    Neo Nazi Drag race Burka Dominatrix populist Race Ist Christian never Jewish always anti something

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