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Missouri: Black Career Criminal Murders White Baby and His Father
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A young father and his infant son were murdered by a black criminal in Kirksville, Missouri last week.

22-year-old Braxton Cottrill, 18-month-old Parker, 18-year-old Alissa Anders, and 21-year-old Randall Yarrington were shot in an alleged ambush by 22-year-old Anquan Glover. Cottrill and Parker both died, while Anders remains in critical condition.

The shooting occurred on December 30th, yet the black suspect has not yet been apprehended.

Glover’s criminal record runs deep into his juvenile years, but these records are sealed. In just four short years since turning 18, Glover has been charged with felony assaults, first degree robberies, jumping bail, a myriad of reckless activities, and even a separate shooting.

In 2017, Glover followed a car into a Quik Trip parking lot full of people he claimed had “snitched” on him. He approached the vehicle and opened fire on the motorists with a handgun.

According to court records obtained by National Justice, Glover — who had received charitable pleas for previous offenses — was sentenced in 2019 to separate five and four year prison sentences for the numerous charges he had incurred in relation to his spree of criminal activity.

While in custody, Glover was again charged for a previously unresolved armed robbery in Jefferson City, Missouri as well as felonious damage to prison property while incarcerated. In April 2021, he was again sentenced to a year in prison yet was released years before his accumulated time was completed.

Glover was free to murder Cottrill and his son thanks to a series of sweeping reforms by the Missouri Supreme Court that make it difficult to secure convictions, water down prison sentences, and forbids judges from taking a criminal’s record into account during bail hearings regardless of the gravitiy of an offense, all of which have led recidivism.

The Supreme Court’s reforms — dictated by fiat rather than legislation — are consciously intended to privilege non-white criminals in the justice system. Many of the changes were based on recommendations from the court’s Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness, which receives policy recommendations from anti-white black and Jewish college professors such as Mikah Thompson and David Achtenberg.

While some Republicans in the state legislature have tried to battle these reforms, ultimately releasing dangerous black serial offenders back to the street is a bipartisan issue in Missouri.

Republican Governor Mike Parson has been a leading figure among conservative officials who support “criminal justice reform.” Since taking office in 2018, Governor Parson has overseen efforts to significantly reduce Missouri’s prison population by encouraging early release and probation sentences over incarceration. His stated reason for these policies is that he wants to save money.

After years of progress against crime, Missouri is now currently home to some of the most dangerous cities in the world. St Louis’ homicide rate is higher than in Mexico’s cartel hubs, numerous Brazilian favelas, and much of sub-Saharan Africa. Springfield, with its small population of 167,000, is one of the most dangerous metro areas in the United States. Kansas City broke its record for homicides in 2020.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Baxter says:

    Retired English psychiatrist recently write an article on what he calls “learned stupidity.” He says, “people selected for intelligence and then denied the use of it are particularly apt to become stupid.” I like how he thinks and I think something similar is going on in the white population of America. But it’s something else…it’s like a pathological self-hatred compelling them to act against the natural instinct for self-preservation.

  2. R.C. says:

    Shocking! (Not.)

  3. @Baxter

    Thank you for bringing up “white stupidity”. It’s a convenient and easy term to use for the attitude of most white people. That is to say, it’s convenient for lack of a better explanation. What I’m saying here is, I don’t have an explanation to offer. But how people can fall so low, is really quite a paradox. I would temporarily guess that the actual reason is that white people simply have no leadership that takes their concerns seriously. Obviously the democrats are hopeless. The Republicans are little better with present “leadership.” Liz Cheney, Mitch “mumbles” McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, LIndsay Graham, etc.

    Let’s go back to discussing hopelessness.

    • Replies: @Chensley
    , @Exile
    , @simple mind
  4. Chensley says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Seems to be the problem is atomization (too much individualism).

    Bootstraps/libertarianism is economic atomization. Modern jobscape requires people to move across the city or even country to get a job.

    Feminism drove a wedge between husbands and wives, and mother and children.

    Secularism/atheism separated individuals from their religious community.

    I’m sure there’s more examples. The gender/drag book hour with kids is similar to the effects of feminism and driving the wedge between child and parents.

    It’s a widespread deracinatioon campaign on all fronts.

  5. Republicans doing what they always do best – betraying those who vote for them. So über-Republican Missouri has its own Blumpf-like grifter-con as Governor, complete with a ‘Platinum Plan’ for releasing feral black killers onto the streets. Straight out of Jared Kushner’s playbook. Quelle surprise!

    YT never learns the lesson. Doing the same thing over and over – year after year and decade after decade – and expecting the result will somehow be different this time is literally insanity defined. The R-jerseys have a legislative majority in that state. If they had any spines (not to worry, they’re at least as spineless as the Kentucky Undertaker and the Pink Palmetto Princess herself), they would impeach and remove the degenerate blackrobed kritarchs on the MO Supreme Court and charge them all as accessories to these murders, among many others.

  6. Baxter says:

    I think you might be on to something about a lack of leadership among white people. White Americans are rudderless, for lack of a better word.
    On the other hand, black Americans have no shortage of black “leaders.” There are many black leaders and look at the state of black America. I live outside a medium-sized American city (75% black) and it is a horror to behold. I can take you on a drive and show you black accomplishment…There isn’t any!
    For my part, I would be very skeptical of a white leader figure.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  7. Steafon says: • Website

    I appreciate the news article but to sensationalize it in the headline with “Black Career Criminal” is overkill. If a juvenile record is “sealed”, there is no valid reason to introduce it in an article. 4 years is not a time span to make someone a career criminal. Additionally, the 4 years of alleged criminal activity does not point to an indictment.

  8. KenH says:

    Was this ambush related to a drug beef or was it just a cold blooded black on white racial assassination? The Missouri Supreme Court has four Republicans to three Democrats so at least one Republican judge decided join with the left wing Democrats and deliver an illegal, activist ruling undermining state criminal law primarily for the benefit of the criminal black underclass.

    Something needs to be done about renegade stat and federal judges who willy-nilly strike down laws as “discriminatory” if it doesn’t conform to their personal political ideology.

    So called criminal justice reform does not apply to whites for if it did two of the three men in teh Ahmaud Arbery case would not have been sentenced to life imprison without parole. The father did nothing and the son made the mistake of defending himself when violently attacked by the black criminal “jogger” Arbery.

  9. Katrinka says:

    Criminality is a mind set. Do you really believe that this feral jogger was suddenly going to turn his life around and go straight? Why would he? What would be the motivation? No, he would simply become even more dangerous over time as his mind deteriorated. I believe the punishment should fit the crime. Society should relieve itself of this garbage.

    • Replies: @Steafon
  10. @Steafon

    If a juvenile record is “sealed, there is no valid reason to introduce it in an article.”


    • Replies: @Steafon
  11. Exile says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Despite the corruption and subversion of both major political parties, billions of dollars in media, academic and entertainment messaging, social stigma, threats of job loss, criminal conviction, civil suits, loss of banking/access to finance, deplatforming, censorship, and other coercion/intimidation a super-majority of Whites are aware of what’s happening.

    They’re just coping by either denial, crypsis or collaboration.

    As a group, Whites are oppressed, not stupid.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  12. Steafon says: • Website

    There is no argument on whether the punishment should fit the crime. The issue was with the “label” of “career criminal”. As for the “mindset”, we do not know what the perpetrator mindset was. We do not know if this was a random act or an act of retaliation or not. You are making a lot of assumptions when you have no more details about this crime than what was presented in this article. I did mention INDICTMENTS as well, meaning that anyone can be charged with anything but that does not indicate guilt by law or fact.

    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  13. Steafon says: • Website
    @anyone with a brain

    Because if it is “SEALED” that literally means that this cannot be used against him in this instance. Further, this means that we have no details of any crime, charges, or indictments. There is nothing to report.

  14. Obviously, society is to blame. Because race is a social construct, criminals must also be a social construct, particularly black criminals.

    • Replies: @simple mind
  15. Wokechoke says:

    In St Louis the newspaper of record Post Dispatch is saying that they have successfully reduced homicide below to pre covid19 levels. From a spike of 260 in 2020 to a mere 200 for 2021. The County however has an ever increasing total going up 28%. Slippery deceptive stuff. The new Mayor has claimed credit for this drop talking about new techniques. Hmmmm. Much more likely that white targets of opportunity have dramatically dropped in St Louis City while gangsters have moved to the County to predate, deal and kill each other on different turf. Techniques my ass. Its just the city depopulation and the predators moving into certain suburbs.

    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  16. @Wokechoke

    Beware of big-city police departments who make such claims. Both Second-City Cop (deplatformed) and Nicholas Stix have documented the use of a program by the name of ‘Compstat’ which allows departments to re-classify murders as accidents, etc. – thus utterly cooking the books. This is of course done with full connivance of fake-news organs like the Post-Dispatch. With St. Louis (dubbed Bell-Curve City, by Unz’s Paul Kersey), your point about the predators moving out to the suburbs is also very much in play. The city population has been declining for a long time – and it’s not just whites leaving. Not only do you have predators moving to the suburbs, thanks to Section Ape rentier-racketeering and Church of Woke operations in college towns like Kirksville, they are being moved into places they were largely absent from previously.

    • Agree: frontier
  17. Trinity says:

    As long as Whites remain lambs, Blacks are more than happy to be wolves. Weakness never works. The Jew shit stirrer and their Black pets only respect force. Sixty plus years of Whites being slaughtered, and denial won’t make it go away. The war on Whites is America’s longest war. Would be interesting to know how many Whites have died over the last sixty years due to Jew hate speech and Black violence.

  18. @Baxter

    We thought we had a white leader when we elected Donald Trump in 2016. Obviously, that didn’t work out so well, did it? MAGA whites are fooling themselves if they think Trump will do any better the second time around.

    • Agree: Trinity
  19. @follyofwar

    Any “president” with Jared Kusher as an advisor is not a friend of White America. Trump is nothing more than an obese, blustering coward.

  20. @Steafon

    As for the “mindset”, we do not know what the perpetrator mindset was. We do not know if this was a random act or an act of retaliation or not.

    Please, explain the mindset of a person that kills an 18 month old and his father, as well as severely wounding two others, assuming this shit stain on the underwear of humanity is guilty? If the punishment were fitting the crimes of these things there’d be about 8 to 10 of them hanging from trees on a daily basis.

    • Agree: frontier
  21. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    You have completely misunderstood the scope and standard of constitutional government. It does not provide “leaders” like a tribe in New Guinea. An elected federal official is not the “leader”, we don’t send “our leaders” to assemble in the federal Congress, or in the state legislatures.

    There is no civil government answer to the wave of black crime (or any crime wave), and all the reforms enacted in States like Missouri are normal for the government of free people in free States. What to do about alien populations who threaten public life and limb is a separate question. For decades “Republicans” abused the legal system to check the blacks and it was grossly unfair besides destructive of anyone who wanted to make living, travel around and mind their business, etc.

    There is no criminal justice answer to the question of different populations and the legacy of slavery in America. Try 40 acres and a mule instead and “let them root”.

    • LOL: frontier
  22. @follyofwar

    America Presidents are not “leaders”, this isn’t BC 500 electing the local war chief. Even though it descends from those times, Muh pReSiDeNt is now a corporation official designated to head a federal government of 50 States, with very limited scope and powers. You want change make it so at home, and you first.

  23. @Curmudgeon

    Everything is a social construct, without “society” none of us would even exist. No ghettos in the mountains, no black violence without the whole relationship and history of white and black in America. The body politic is diseased and all disease is caused by error on some level. Nothing to steal, and theft is impossible. No landlords collecting rent, no ‘hood. God says “Keep My Word or the tail will rule the head”

    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  24. The silver lining to the”criminal reform”story is the orcs usually murder the nearest people around them which is typically other orcs. From time to time they stray outta the hood & find some white victims. I have a strong feeling these murders were drug related. In my younger days dealing w/ the brothers on some gange purchases I can verify that 90% of the feral felonious eggplants are trying to rip u off or rob u.

  25. @simple mind

    No ghettos in the mountains, no black violence without the whole relationship and history of white and black in America.

    Good one.. Lmao!

  26. Al Ross says:

    Strange that the local TV station didn’t attempt to elicit a soundbite from Kirksville’s Alex Linder.

  27. Thomasina says:

    “Whites are oppressed, not stupid.”

    Correct. And you’re also correct in saying that they are “just coping”. They have no leadership; their leaders have deserted them for various reasons (blackmail, bribery, greed, fear). All they can do is cope.

    It’s either stay silent and get destroyed or agitate and get destroyed. Lose/lose. The elites know this, and they also know that we know.

    Today Unz has featured a review of the book “Hidden History”, how Germany was surrounded, baited and lied about prior to World War I, and how the elites set out to destroy her. And they succeeded. They didn’t care how many poor boys got annihilated; they only cared about themselves.

    Whites are the new Germany, being baited to make the first move. If anything, Whites have been too trusting and naive; they thought someone had their back. While they were waving the flag and having BBQ’s, celebrating freedom over the last five decades, the elites have been hard at work diluting the country with foreigners and shredding the Constitution.

    “You want to be all nationalistic and destroy our globalization scheme? You want your jobs brought back? Hell, no, we’re getting too rich to let you get in the way. Just enjoy your new Chinese neighbor who got rich off us going into China, and shut the hell up.”

    Elites don’t want educated, nationalistic populations. They want uneducated, diverse populations, with no glue binding them together. That way we all fight each other for turf, and the elites are free to loot.

    If Whites try to group together, you can just imagine what the worldwide media would say, that we are racists.

    That’s why the ONLY thing that will save western civilization is Christianity. Take it right back to the roots. I’ve actually thought about this, discarded this idea many times, but always come back to it. What do you think?

    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  28. @Thomasina

    That’s why the ONLY thing that will save western civilization is Christianity. Take it right back to the roots. I’ve actually thought about this, discarded this idea many times, but always come back to it. What do you think?

    As a non religious individual I don’t know if you’re correct about this or not, but I know one thing for an absolute certainty, the answer is not with this corrupt, bigot filled anti white government we’re currently ruled by. One can only imagine what the future holds for our children and grand children, but if places like South Africa and Haiti are beacons of hope for the woke, it’s not going to be pleasant.

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