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Leaked Anti-Defamation League Memo Exposes Elaborate Conspiracy to Enable Israeli Annexation of West Bank
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An Anti-Defamation League memo obtained by Jewish Currents exposes an elaborate plot by the Zionist organization to enable Israel’s coming illegal annexation of the West Bank. The main agenda is to snuff the opposition by controlling it.

The ADL’s public position on the annexation is to affirm support for a two-state solution and oppose the take over as an abusive policy invented by Donald Trump and fringe extremists in Israel.

Yet, in the secret document authored by the ADL’s Government Relations, Advocacy, and Community Engagement, there are specific directives to join with other left-liberal presenting Jewish groups (J Street, Bend the Arc, and NY Jewish Agenda) in publicly feigning opposition to the act of racial violence against Palestinians while privately working with “right-wing” AIPAC to ensure that Israel can smoothly achieve its goals in the West Bank without congressional opposition.

Of special concern to the ADL is members of the anti-white coalition of minority groups it oversees, who they fear may be compelled to speak out and push punitive measures against Israel. The ADL is currently working to consolidate its power over the Black Lives Matter movement. Israel’s decision could not have come at a worse time.

A number of scenarios featuring “eight top political and community engagement implications” are anticipated, such as the Tri-Caucus (Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus) condemning Israel for its ethnic cleansing and apartheid. Of special note for the memo’s authors is fear that the coming invasion will “pit ADL on the wrong side of the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

One particular factor the ADL repeatedly notes is how awkward it is to explain to black and brown people why they support them against white people in America yet support ostensibly “white” Jews in the brutal repression of Palestinians. The West Bank already has racially segregated public facilities and transportation. Arabs must use a different colored license plate than Jews in order to allow the IDF to monitor and profile them. The full take over of the Palestinian territory will inevitably require mass killings as stateless Arabs resist.

As a hedge against this, the ADL lists a group of politicians — largely Democrats and minorities in the GOP — that can be instructed to “proactively anticipate flashpoints.” The goal is to create a hedge on the left against potential outcry from less predictable figures like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib.

The politicians named as reliable collaborators for creating controlled opposition are Chuck Schumer, Chris Van Hollen, Chris Murphy, Brian Schatz, Pramila Jayapal, Hakeem Jeffries, Mario Diaz Balart, Steny Hoyer, Karen Bass, Jamie Raskin, and Ted Deutch.

As an example of how this fake opposition will work, the ADL memo refers to a letter addressed to Benjamin Netanyahu and signed by Representatives Jan Schakowsky and Ted Deutsch tepidly criticizing “unilateral annexation” as an act that will harm Israel’s long-term security interests, while at the same time doubling down on the importance of US-Israel relations.

According to the ADL, letters like this — deliberately intended to be ineffectual and quickly end debate — will be used to collect signatures in order to “discourage the far left from signing something more extreme on the annexation issue.”

The ADL’s cynical ploy is already beginning to impact citizens. Earlier today, some of the last remaining “alt” libertarians, conservatives and nationalists were purged from Youtube.

On Reddit, the Trump supporter section, r_thedonald, and major left-wing outpost for fans of Chapo Trap House, along with thousands of others, were abruptly deleted. This is unique in that it is one of the first times leftists are subjected to tech censorship. The crackdown on the anti-Israel left, which Chapo belongs to, is not surprising in light of the ADL’s leaked plans for a pro-Israel public relations war.

The ADL has also been demanding that the already tightly censored Facebook platform to wring out whatever is left of political dissent, which includes anti-war left-wing and Muslim groups alongside nationalists. Last week, the ADL directed various corporations to completely boycott Facebook until they shut down every last direct and indirect critic of Jews and Zionism. The other tech companies — many run by Jews and eager to submit — have gotten the message.

Black leaders who are not in the thralls of Jewish money are also being silenced. Prominent black community activist Louis Farrakhan, who is an ardent anti-Zionist Muslim, had his appearance on the Fox News channel canceled by ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.

While conservatives have focused most of their criticism against severely weakened and discredited organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, its clear that the ADL is the nucleus of political censorship right now. With the Zionist fifth column’s tentacles buried deep in every one of America’s institutions, its unlikely either liberals or conservatives will muster the nerve to say this out loud.

The power Jewish organizations wield, and the lengths they are willing to go through to manipulate, lie and victimize, is a debate all Americans must be willing to have. Our rights to criticize the powerful, whether in America or Israel, depends on it.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: ADL, Israel Lobby, Israel/Palestine 
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  1. Lot says:

    You’re so excited over a “leak” you make up the content of what is actually a bland centrist memo.

    Center-left secular Jews want the a pozzed up Israel that’s really nice to Arabs. They’ve been politically marginalized in Israel, but still control Israel’s Supreme Court. In America they are more powerful but rapidly declining due to low birthrate and high intermarriage. A 60% intermarriage rate and 1.4 TFR for secular leftist Ashkenazi means the average such person leaves behind 0.28 full blooded new AJs.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @UncommonGround
  2. Baxter says:

    Enlightening article. Mr. Striker has written some pretty (in my opinion) damning articles regarding Israel and America’s relationship with that state.
    Something I have learned is truth frequently lies in proportion. By that I mean truth can often be found not just in the amount of evidence, but in what way the evidence or information is presented.
    If you told me Israel is a rogue, criminal, apartheid-like state and America is complicit in its doings, I might listen, but I might not believe you.
    If you told me Israel and Israeli special interests groups spend lavishly to influence Congress, then showed me what their money has bought, who is being bought, how long its been going on and how American law has been affected, I would probably be of a very different opinion.
    I am convinced now many Jews and Jewish special interest groups are and have been manipulating politics in America for the benefit of Israel.
    Does that now make me anti-Israel or anti-Jew? No. It makes me realize politics in America, from the top down, are controlled by money.
    The reason I’m taking the time to write this is because I believe the best way to fight an opponent (in the freak show that is modern America) is to highlight their wrongdoing truthfully and lampoon it. Mock it, hold it up to satirical criticism. Never engage an opponent head-on.
    If I wanted to bring scorn on Jewish money buying politicians, I would create a cartoon series mocking it.

  3. The actual text of the ADL memo or a link to it would useful. This is not in fact provided.

  4. Exile says:

    The Palestinians are just the latest enemy of the Jews to be slated for genocide.

    We should care because we’re next on the menu.

    Zionism is nothing less than Jewish supremacy and those who do not submit are always slated for destruction.

    “First Jews came for the Palestinians, and the world did nothing…”

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @A123
  5. Exile says:

    Lot is best understood as a “Jignat.”

    While the Jewish elite is united in their ethnocentrism and sense of Jewish supremacy over the goyim, they have strategic and tactical disagreements about how this is best accomplished and exercised.

    Lot’s Jignat faction, which tends to exercise its power through the political Right in Europe and America, prefers overt hardball politics, chest-beating supremacist rhetoric and military and economic muscle. They are the Jewish “iron-fisters.”

    The mostly Leftist Jewish elites Lot is attacking here are the opposing Jewish faction, best understood as “optics Jews.” They prefer to slow-boil their enemies with covert strategies like demographic displacement and cultural subversion and exercise their power mostly through the American and European Left. They are the Jewish “velvet glove.”

    Jews make much of how there can be no Jewish conspiracy against goyish interests because of the strategic and tactical disagreements of these two factions.

    But the fact is that after the Palestinians, our nations are next on the menu and the only dissent among elite Jews is merely over whether to finally fry us or to continue slow-cooking us.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  6. R.C. says:

    Hidden in plain view, but don’t try to talk to the victims of systemic racism; those honkies won’t believe it anyway.

  7. @Lot

    A 60% intermarriage rate and 1.4 TFR for secular leftist Ashkenazi means the average such person leaves behind 0.28 full blooded new AJs.

    Don’t worry too much, the situation isn’t so bad. Keir Starmer is not Jewish, he is married to a Jewish woman. Their children are raised as Jewish. Keir himself fired immediately Rebecca Long-Bailey who was in his shadow cabinet because of a tweet of her which refered to an interview which suggested that there was a connection between the practices of the American police and its training in Israel. Robert Jenrick is a minister in the government of Boris Johnson. He is married to a Jewish woman. Their three children are raised as Jewish. Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism.

  8. The full take over of the Palestinian territory will inevitably require mass killings

    The Zios are rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation.

  9. A123 says:

    All infidels (Christians & Jews) win by the Jewish Nation reclaiming Jewish land for the Jewish people. It proves that the Muslim Jihadi colonists can be turned back.

    Now that the 2-state Shiastinian solution is no more, we can now move on to real steps towards peace in the Middle East. For example, how can the Muslim Occupiers of Judea & Samaria receive repatriation and compensation?

    PEACE 😇

    • Agree: Lot
    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Fran Taubman
  10. @Exile

    Exactly. Can anyone truly believe that e.g. Soros is anti-Israel, as maintained by Jewish diversionists here and elsewhere? Does Soros promote Black/Brown immigration to Israel?

  11. A123 says:

    Soros is anti-Israel, as maintained by Jewish diversionists here and elsewhere? Does Soros promote Black/Brown immigration to Israel?

    How is telling the truth about George IslamoSoros a diversion?

    The IslamoSoros hates all Jews, and specifically targets the Jews of Israel for extermination: (1)

    Financing tied to billionaire activist George Soros is a common yet largely under-reported theme among organizations that lead or support the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign attempting to delegitimize the Jewish state.

    In January, Israel released a list of 20 BDS-supporting organizations whose members will be banned from entering Israel due to their BDS activism, prominently featuring six American groups. At least four of the six BDS-promoting U.S. groups receive funding tied to Soros. Scores of other U.S. organizations that support the BDS movement are financed by Soros.

    The IslamoSoros would love to flood Israel with Black/Brown muslims, fortunately the Jewish Government of the Jewish Nation will not let him.

    Christian Hungary has also shown The IslamoSoros can be stopped. His NGO’s promoting tolerance of Muslim rape-ugees have been turned back.

    PEACE 😇


    • Agree: Lot
  12. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website

    Thank you Eric for this.

    Is the memo available for download?

    Recall the 2019 Goldberg video (consult Bitchute – search project Pogo, Zephyr) which predicted coronavirus, financial collapse, and mass censorship driven by the ADL. It mentioned Adam Green of KnowMoreNews as a false flag (not easy to believe, but then Adam’s flawed pronunciation of certain Hebrew words comes across like an act).

    The picture of “Goldberg” in the video is of Sharyl Sandberg’s deceased husband Dave Goldberg.

  13. Jeshurun Tsarfat [AKA "JT"] says: • Website

    Soros isn’t anti-Israel in any sense except when its Likud and AIPAC telling the story. Not when you look at JStreet. He’s never hidden his Jewish identity, although he downplays it in public, his son and family are deeply involved in Israel.

  14. Icy Blast says:

    90% of the readers of Breitbart believe Soros is anti-Israel! And the same goes for the Alex Jones people! The “Kosher Sandwich” concept is for these ridge-runners an impossibly stupid conspiracy theory.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  15. Exile says:

    I’m not sure which is more over-the-top Jignattery here – calling the Palestinians “colonists” on “Jewish land” or signing off with “PEACE.”

    Keep it up – more of us are Noticing.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Lot
  16. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Yet, in the secret document authored by the ADL’s Government Relations, Advocacy, and Community Engagement, there are specific directives to join with other left-liberal presenting Jewish groups (J Street, Bend the Arc, and NY Jewish Agenda) in publicly feigning opposition to the act of racial violence against Palestinians while privately working with “right-wing” AIPAC to ensure that Israel can smoothly achieve its goals in the West Bank without congressional opposition.

    As I’ve always said, all members of organized Jewry are Zionist-style fascists. That’s their essence, that’s how they operate. Only they’re far batter at fascism than Nazi style fascists, because their fifth columns pose as neocons, liberals and leftists.

    Consequently, both Right and Left see them as their “secret weapon” against the other side. These would be the infamous “useful idiots” that the Right believes are only being duped on the left, when in fact the Right is filled with Jew-loving “conservatives,” aka useful idiots. And of course, so is the Left.

    None of these “Jews” are even Moses Ten Commandment true Jews. They’ve long since become Zionist fascists. It probably goes all the way back to their crucifixion of the last true Ten Commandment Jew, Jesus of Nazareth.

    The point being, in the coming war against Zionist fascism, don’t hesitate to bring these fake-Jews and their useful idiots on either side to justice.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @mark tapley
  17. Israel annexed the West Bank a long time ago

    They just continue to call it the federal reserve

  18. Anonymous[325] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Moore

    You’re all mixed up. They aren’t fascists and they absolutely are acting like true jews. This is what judaism is.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  19. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The IslamoSoros hates all Jews, and specifically targets the Jews of Israel for extermination

    That’s another hasbara lie. Soros is a Rothschild “Jew.”

    And of course, the Rothschilds are dedicated Zionists, and by some accounts “own Israel.”

    What a pathetic and soulless way to make a living, doing hasbara for Zionist-style fascists. And so transparently.

    Do you understand what it means to lack a soul? Some people call the soulless “sociopaths.” Whatever the vernacular, you’re destined to lose in the long-term because you can’t hide the fact that you’re monsters. And the long-term may not be so long, and is looking shorter and shorter…

    What are you people? Do you even know? What do your rabbis do to you to make you like this? What was done to them?

    I guess only the Serpent knows.

    • Replies: @A123
  20. A123 says:
    @Chris Moore

    That’s another hasbara lie. Soros is a Rothschild “Jew.”

    Sorry. Your Taqiyya lie will not work. (1)

    Regardless of his ancestry it is obvious to all rational observers that The IslamoSoros is a Muslim. Trying to deceive infidels into believing that The IslamoSoros is Jewish, is painfully obvious & feeble Taqiyya deception.

    The IslamoSoros is 100% dedicated to Jihadi extermination of Infidels.

    Do you understand what it means to lack a soul? Some people call the soulless “sociopaths.” Whatever the vernacular, you’re destined to lose in the long-term because you can’t hide the fact that you’re monsters. And the long-term may not be so long, and is looking shorter and shorter…

    Smart people call the soulless “Muslims”.

    The Muslim ceremony Submission to Satan/Allah imprisons or destroys the soul. The result is often a sociopath, for example Ayatollah Kameni.

    You are correct that Muslims can no longer hide the fact that they are monsters. Accurate translations provided by sites such as have broken the ability to deceive. Time left on this planet for the Death Cult of Allah/Satan is indeed short.

    PEACE 😇


  21. Jewmerica has been under zionist control ever since the founding of the central bank by the Rothschild clique of Rockefeller and J.P.Morgan (Rothschild employee) interests engineered by Paul Warburg (Rothschild crony) and pushed through congress by Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather of Nelson Rockefeller.

    The Jews with their anglo operatives in Britain instigated the war with Germany knowing they would be fully supported with American blood (over 120,000 Amer. youth) and treasure committed by the syphilitic shabbos goy Woodrow Wilson and his Jew handlers, Bernard Baruch of the War Industries Board to hand out huge contracts to his cronies and Eugene Meyer, later head of the FED with live
    in handler and Rothschild employee Edward House. 21,000 people in the U.S. became millionaires or billionaires from this contrived event. This is where the Zionist criminal Bush family got started with Samuel Bush.

    The Kazar Jews secured the strategic bridgehead in Palestine in with the Balfour treaty addressed to Lord Rothschild and occupied by the British military. Russia also fell under Bolshevik (Jew) control in 1918 with critical aid from Jewmerica and the International Jew bankers including 20 million from Jacob Schiff, great grandfather of Al Gore’s daughter’s husband.

    After the Jew instigated WW2, Jewmerica assumed funding for the Kazar criminals and the phony state of Israel was recognized immediately by shabbos goy crook Truman. Today we pour 11 million per day into this Jew terrorist operation just for “defense” along with lots of other special benefits.

    Once recognized by the Global banker run U.N. the Kazar thugs murdered thousands of Palestinians and drove out about a million more. The “two nation solution” was never anything but a swindle from the beginning.

    The zionist Jews have controlled the Presidency since Wilson and practically all of congress is in their aIPAC and other Jew groups pocket. Trump has always been under Jew control. They are his primary donors and the current Sec. of Commerce, Jew Wilbur Ross (former Rothschild managing director) bailed Trump out of his over 1 billion dollar personal casino fiasco debt in the late 80’s. The Jew global bankers are big players in the current 6 trillion theft to Wall St. under the fake virus cover. This same group pulled the bailout for the super rich in 08.

    The only way to stop the zionist takeover the country is to get limited gov. constitutionalists in the House.

  22. @A123

    The U.S. never had any trouble with the Arabs until we started invading and occupying their lands. We were held in high regard all over the world until we took up Britains torch as official satellite for the Kazar Zionists. As we have balkanized and destroyed the Arab nations of the middle east to fulfill the Yinnon Plan for Greater Israel and in the process killed hundreds of thousands and driven out millions more, do you expect the Arab people to thank us for the plunder and destruction. There were no WMD’s and Saddam was never a threat, in fact he was an ally. But the Jews needed him out. Same with Geddafi. The most prosperous country in Africa destroyed for Israel’s benefit. The Jews black proxy warriors in S.A. are doing the Jews work there.

    The Arabs did not instigate the world wars. They did not overthrow Russia, killing 30 million while they plundered the country along with the annexation of eastern Europe. China didn’t fall into communist hands with massive U.S. help because of Arab actions. Nor are they driving the “War on Terror” for the Zionist agenda.

    The Arabs did not found the Frankfurt school to subvert western culture and were not the driving force that has inflicted the racial unrest, hate laws, antisemitism legislation and anti white culture. The Arabs did not push the feminist agenda to destroy the family unit or the me too mov. or the radical homosexual agenda. The Arabs did not push the 1965 Immigration act through congress. I don’t believe Jacob Javits was an Arab. The Muslims don’t own all of the MSM or all of the major film studios. Does Trump say he is the “greatest friend the Arabs ever had in the White House.” Or when Pelosi said that “one thing is certain, if the capitol should crumble we would defend the Arabs.” I don’t think so. There are some Arabs that are proxy warriors for the Jews just as the negroes have been since Jew banker Jacob Schiff founded the NAACP in 1907. The Jews were the instigators behind the so called civil rights movement not the arabs. The current 6 trillion dollar heist for Wall St. under cover of the fake virus was not engineered by Arabs but the same Sovereign Global bankers that congress is servant too and pulled a similar “bailout” for the super rich in 08. Also Note that the massive influx of immigrants into Europe is the fulfillment of the Warburg (I don’t think they were Arabs) Kelergi plan for the Pan European Union started in 1923.

    • Replies: @Fran Taubman
  23. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The Muslim ceremony Submission to Satan/Allah imprisons or destroys the soul. The result is often a sociopath

    Interesting how much Zionism and Islamism are alike. They both take away your free will and turn you into monsters.

    Then there are the Marxists, “liberals” and neocons in the West, who have also submitted to brainwashing sickness.

    Who brainwashed them? But you already know the answer to that, don’t you? It’s the same sick and insane Syndicate that started two world wars and is trying to start a 3rd.

    • Agree: mark tapley
    • Replies: @Anon
  24. KA says:

    Umar Lee, representing Muslims for a Greater St. Louis together with Moji Sidiqi and Israeli-American restaurateur Ben Poremba, started a petition earlier this week with the aim of removing the statue of King Louis IX and renaming the city.
    “For those unfamiliar with King Louis IX he was a rabid anti-semite who spearheaded many persecutions against the Jewish people,” Lee wrote. “Centuries later Nazi Germany gained inspiration and ideas from Louis IX as they embarked on a campaign of murderous genocide against the Jewish people. Louis IX was also vehemently Islamophobic and led a murderous crusade against Muslims which ultimately cost him his life.”

    Muslims are being hoodwinked and being driven down the slope of the stupidities .

    Islamophobia is the creation of the Zionist . More accurately by Liberman Podohoretz and Bernard Lewis , with ample support from JINSA AIPAC and Israeli leaders . Cohen of Guardian ,Goldberg a Syndicated columnist and people like Krauthammer and magazine like Weekly Standard advanced the hatred through popularizing an oxymoron term like Islamofascism.

    That history should be appreciated to understand the current “taqiya” doctrine of ADL J Street and Israeli labor and Americans for Peace Now.

    • Agree: mark tapley
  25. KA says:

    Only sociopath with hasabara skill or faith in ” taq taq taqihya philosophy” I see are those who support 2 state solution democracy liberty also support Netanhoooooo who has promised that there will never be a state of Palestine and there will never be democracy for the non Jews living in Israel or greater Israel. Now Netnhuuuu is not unique Its a default position . Sharon, Peres , Shamir and Begin are the recent examples of being the placeholders .

    • Agree: mark tapley
  26. @Chris Moore

    Most of these Zionist Jews are no more religious than my dog. Religion is just another facade to draw sympathy for their “right to a homeland” sales pitch so the idiot Zionist Christians will keep shelling out money for the Kazar criminals. This is also used as a justification for the ongoing pillaging not only of the Palestinians but the whole Middle East while Jewmerica pays in never ending blood and treasure.

    No doubt some of the Zionists Jews really believe they are the “Chosen.” Jesus condemned the Pharisees (Jews) and prophesied the destruction of their temple. An interesting note is that the Jewish historian Josephus said that as the Romans were entering Judea the large group of Christians in Jerusalem got out of the city. They knew what was coming.

    The Zionists are lots worse than Mussolini’s Fascists or the Nat. socialists. They are on course for total control of all land and resources under the U.N. Sustainable Development Initiative Agenda 2030.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  27. @Icy Blast

    Thats why the Zionist Jews control the MSM and most of the alternative media. No big deal for a criminal syndicate that has controlled the Presidency for over 100 years and has almost all of Congress in their pocket as well.

  28. It’s not hard to unmask the obvious hasbara shills on this thread (and site). They try to appeal to common enemies (Islam! or sometimes Blacks!), otherwise will settle for creating diversions or simply jamming the conversation.

    It’s harder to deal with otherwise sincere ‘nationalists’ tapped into Jewish disinfo like Breitbart or Alex Jones. (Not all of it is disinfo, but they are captured sources and their followers reflect that.)

    But the hardest for me to stomach is someone like Norman Finkelstein, whom I regard as fundamentally honest and yet who, despite perfectly dissecting the corrupt Kushners, is still an anti-Trumper (as if Trump stands any chance against such mobsters, with their deep state backing).

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  29. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Moore

    Yes, why submit to something ? One can always go to heaven after killing millions of children women elderly and fleeing soldiers by just announcing ( sometimes before the acts ) : Jesus is my Savior . Bush with Cheney did it recently . Church going Obama did many times .

    It is like pagan system of faith where morality ethics and legality are kept under the wraps from the gazing eyes of the abstract notion of justice and always kept psychologically separate from the practices of worshipping of the idols with flowers and milk ( sometimes jewelry)

  30. @Anonymous

    To act like a true Jew sure beats the “Judaism for wimps” called Nazism.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  31. @Parsnipitous

    Trump is the most critical component of the Zionist control of the Executive department. He has always been controlled by the Jews. From his first project with the Pritzkers in Manhattan to his loans from Soros to his massive personal 1.2 billion personal debt in the casino fiasco absolved by Jew Wilbur Ross (former managing director for 25 years of Rothschilds Inc.) now Sec. of Commerce. Top donors to this Adolescent imbecile that can barely put two sentences together are all Zionist Jews; Adelson, Kusners, Singer, Marcus. No wonder this boot licker for the Zionist Jews always exclaimes his love for Israel, marches in their parades and gloats about his tree of life award from the Kazar thugs. As he often says “Israel never had as good a friend in the White House as I am.”

    The Jews said they would put up puppets as leaders of all the countries. What a glorious example shabbos goy Trump is to the whole world. He is a full fledged member of the club of shills for Jews. And you can be sure they have a ton of dirt on this amoral womanizing degenerate from his junkets with pal Jeffery Epstein on the Lolita Express.

    • Thanks: Parsnipitous
  32. Altai [AKA "Altai_2"] says:

    Why an elaborate conspiracy. Hasn’t Israel learned it can do whatever they want in 2020 and the Western media and supposed anti-racism anti-colonialism outrage machine will turn a blind eye. Now that Syria is kaput there is little incentive for Israel to hold back. Every foreign leader already hates Netanyahu.

    Much like the statue-topplers have come to realise that there will be no pushback for their ethnic animus, maybe Israel has finally realised it can do things without Western censure that it would nuke itself for if the roles were reversed.

    The interesting question is whether the crazies who want the West Bank, cause Judea, will have destroyed Israel as a Jewish state by absorbing all those Palestinians. Or maybe they think they can just pawn them off to Sweden as asylum seekers? The concept of ethnic qualification for political asylum has already allowed the ethnic cleansing of Christians from Iraq.

    • Replies: @A123
  33. A123 says:

    The sane people trying to reclaim their ancestral homeland of Judea & Samaria are not going to make the mistake of treating Muslim Occupiers as citizens. Instead they will receive a status as foreign national pending departure. Where the non-Palestinian Muslims go is up to the “Muslim Pillar of Charity”…. Or, is that a myth?

    Iran has been the #1 supporter of Iranian al’Hamas. It would be logical for the 2MM Shiastinians of Gaza to move to Iran since they are sociopath Khameni’s personal cause.

    The failed, far-left Israeli courts are causing the delay in extending the Rule of Law to Jewish citizens on indisputably Jewish ancestral lands. They may try to do something insane, such as trying to declare that Muslim Occupiers are citizens. Both Gantz and Netanyahu are working to make sure that the courts cannot screw-up the now inevitable reclamation of ancestral homeland the Jews.

    The painfully obvious Iranian shills that post here will not be able to cope with these self evident truths. Just like they cannot cope with Christians in America.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  34. @A123

    Palestine is not the ancestral homeland of the Turkic Kazars. Where did you come up with that? They are not even semites and have no connection to the Biblical Jews. The Kazar thugs are invading occupiers and murderers. The U.S. commitment to the Zionist agenda has been a disaster for Russia, and all western nations as well as the Middle East. There was never a problem with the Arabs or Muslims until we began invading and occupying their lands and murdering their people for benefit of the Zionist Jews.

    • Replies: @A123
  35. A123 says:
    @mark tapley

    You are confusing ethnicity and religion. This is about religion.

    Answer these questions. How many Muslims were in Palestine in:
    — 40o BC?
    — 200 BC?
    — 0 BC/AD?
    — 200 AD?
    — 400 AD?
    The correct answer is ZERO. The violent Jihadi invasion of Palestine, and subsequent occupation, started ~600 AD.

    There is no such thing as a Palestinian Muslim. It is logical impossibility. There are two mutually exclusive groups:
    — Muslim non-Palestinian
    — Palestinian non-Muslim
    Any peace deal based on “Palestine for Palestinians” requires the relocation of Muslim non-Palestinian occupiers.

    Muslims wishing to openly convert and become non-Muslim Palestinian, would be permitted. However, such conversions would have to be carefully controlled to make sure that they are sincere.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  36. Lot says:

    Judeans and Samaritans are the natives of Judea and Samaria. Samaritans are not Jews but close and have lived there for thousands of years. “Palestinians” were mostly settled there in the 1800s by Turks and Egyptian-Arab colonizers. As the Ottoman Empire retreated, lots of Muslims resettled on Jewish Land.

  37. I am referring to the inhabitants of Palestine before the British occupation of WW1. At that time the big majority of people there were muslim with ap. 4% semitic Jews. These people are what I am referring to as the native population. Many had land titles going back 100 years in the Ottoman Empire. I am calling them Arab. Some are Christian.

    After the Balfour Treaty to Lord Rothschild, the Kazars under British protection began to bring in more European Ashkenazi Jews. They knew that to displace the native inhabitants they had to get their numbers up. This was accomplished by the Havara treaty forced on the German Gov. by the Kazar Jews use of the blockade of German exports needed to satisfy the criminal Versailles Treaty. After the U.N. ratification in 1947 (nice of them to give away other peoples land) the Kazar thugs now more populous and weaponized drove out about a million Palestinians and murdered thousands more.

    At that point Palestine became a bridgehead for the Zionist Agenda as expounded by Hertzel at the first Zionist convention of 1897. Much of the British aristocracy by the 1800’s were married with the jews as was Churchill for instance. By the late 1800’s the Jews led by the Rothschilds and their British conspirators including Alfred Milner, Cecil Rhodes, Balfour, Lloyd George, Haldane, Grey, Churchill, Edward VII and others instigated the Boer War. Germany was next on the list and this requiring the slaughter of WW1 and the assistance of the U.S. led by the Jew handlers of Pres. Wilson.

    I am not disputing your claim about the origin of todays Palestinians. Nor do I or most Americans have any affinity with the Muslims or their religion. What I am saying is that they are not the problem and never have been. The problem is the criminal conspiracy of Zionism. This group has used the Muslims as it has many groups. In fact one of its main tactics is to pit different ethnic groups or nationalities against one another. This is what they did in the world wars and what they are doing in America today with the fake Floyd type events. The Zionists have a special hatred for the white western nations and for Christianity. That is the reason for the 1965 Immigration act and the European Kelergi Plan, both products of Jewish Zionism abetted by their shabbos goy allies.

    • Replies: @A123
  38. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    And it has many advantages. Like paving the road with lots of Zionist Jew bucks for political success. Same thing in media and entertainment. Most people would rather be on the winning side and don’t mind being bought out if it moves them ahead. Most of them didn’t have too many values in the first place. They may find as the high level Jews controlling the USSR did, that once everything has been plundered it will be dog eat dog.

  39. @A123

    And how to turn Jordan into the real Palestinian state, which it always was. The Hashemites are the worst colonizers.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  40. A123 says:
    @mark tapley

    What is your solution to the Muslim occupation that began ~1,400 years ago?

    The issues that began in the early 1900’s will fix themselves when the issue from ~600 AD is fixed. Focusing on the irrelevant 1900’s is what the Lord of Lies wants you to do.

    Muslims hold a deep hatred to all Christians and Jews. There is no need for cryptic, deep, complex, & impenetrable conspiracy theories to explain the violence of Islam. The simple truth is that violent Muslim leaders like Mullah Merkel and George IslamoSoros hate Jews & Christians and want them exterminated.

    The Kelergi deception is about falsely blaming Jews for the actions committed by Jihadi Mulims. You have been tricked by the Lord of Lies into acting against your own interests. I wish you would open your eyes and see the truth. Alas, I cannot do that for you.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  41. @A123

    You see the Muslims as the greatest threat to civilization. Where there are too many of them they might be a problem because the more radical sects have not been sufficiently influenced by western cultural tradition or the rule of law and the separation of religion and state. Only since the Zionist controlled countries invaded and occupied their lands have they been a problem. Around the time of WW1 the British Archaeologist Gertrude Bell spent over 30 years traveling around the Middle East, many times alone and was never bothered. She finally retired in Bagdad.

    The Saudis are controlled by the Zionist U.S. and Egypt is no longer a threat to Israel. The aggression of the Zionist controlled U.S. and it’s Kazar bridgehead in the middle of all the Arab states with the destruction of Iraq and Libya has naturally caused a radicalization of the Arabs.

    The Muslims did not drive the world wars or the current “War On Terror” launched by our Zionist government by implementing the long planned 911 fraud using the ludicrous story of some Arabs with rug knives. The Muslims would be minding their own business in their own counties if the Zionist Jews and their gentile allies were not balkanizing the whole Middle East in pursuit of the Yinnon Plan for Greater Israel. We have different prospectives on the evils overcoming our culture and society. People can read our comments and make their own decision.

    I am puzzled about your comments on George Soros (Swartz Gyorgy) he is a Hungarian Jew. Merkel is just another Zionist controlled puppet like Trump, Trudeau, Johnson and Macron. These puppet actors all make their pilgrimages to the wailing wall and supplicate themselves before the real Zionists rulers.

  42. @Fran Taubman

    ‘And how to turn Jordan into the real Palestinian state, which it always was. The Hashemites are the worst colonizers.’

    …not, of course, that the Jews intend to herd the Palestinians into the desert.

    But we all know where Palestine has always been, don’t we?

  43. @A123

    You are saying an invasion is violent? Are you sure?

    Oh, I see. A Muslim invasion is violent. Only a Muslim invasion. Of course.

    Everything you write is vicious lies. Following the conquest of Palestine and the rest of Syria by Omar there was peace. No dispossessions. No forced conversions. No resulting demographic change. Over a few centuries, voluntary conversions, as always happened everywhere when the elite were of a different religion from the plebs. Though the English call one day of the week Thursday they no longer worship Thor. Why?

    The ancient Hebrews were never expelled fron Palestibe but are today Muslims suffering slow genocide by today’s European Jews.

    But Omar, following the surrender of Jerusalem, did NOT want converts to Islam. That would have ruined his tax revenues. Both the Christians and the Jews of Palestine were People of the Book, protected by Islam but no longer elite.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @A123
    , @Not Only Wrathful
  44. @A123

    Keep talking you’re doing great! No one ever hears the Muslim/Arab/Palestinian side of the non-stop stories……… and that’s a fact

  45. A123 says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Following the conquest of Palestine and the rest of Syria by Omar

    Thank you for confirming the important part of my thesis. Muslim conqueror Omar arrived in Palestine to occupy it. Hopefully your concession will move the discussion forward.

    — When will the Muslim occupation, initiated by Omar, end?
    — How will you relocate the current descendants of conquerers?

    Restoring the natural, 100% non-Muslim, nature of Palestine as ancestral homeland of non-Muslim Jews is key to a resolving the current issues.

    PEACE 😇

  46. @A123

    To repeat, there was no dispossession and no demographic change. The Arabians conquered but did not displace the Hebrews. There was no Occupation going beyond initial conquest. There were for a time a new elite of a different religion, but they were few. Their army had other things to do. But as always happens over a few generations, the Hebrews adopted the religion of the elite and joined them. It was an era before modern so-called democracy. But that does not mean foreign military occupation. Are you saying the England of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I was still under permanent military occupation by the Norman conquerors?

    Try to grow up and learn. Learn from Jewish sources, Israel Shahak, Shlomo Sand, Ilan Pappe, …. Read their books. Read Galilee Flowers by Israel Shamir and The Wandering Who? by Gilad Atzmon.

    Learn the well-proven fact that already in the Hellenistic era, 300 BC — AD 300, 99% of the world’s Jews had origins outside Palestine, that Jesus at Matt. 23:15 was condemning centuries of Pharisaic proselytizing. There was no Roman or Muslim or later expulsion of the Jews from Palestine, whatever the liars Untermyer and Scofield and their lying assistants might have written.

    • Thanks: mark tapley
  47. @A123

    There is no cosmic justice to eliminate all wrongs. To justify the murder and eviction of a group of people who have lived in Palestine as did their ancestors for hundreds of years because of What Omar did in AD 600 is really too asinine to contemplate. If this is the standard demanded for territorial occupation then I think we all would require extermination and replacement. Who’s ancestors have not sinned. Some have claimed that we should give Jewmerica back to the Indians. When studied we find that many of them were constantly at war with other Indians and territory changed hands all the time. The entire continent of Europe has experienced constant ethnic and nationalistic turmoil for hundreds of years. It is not within the finite ability of mankind to correct all the past injustice. God said he would recompense. This includes what Omar did and applies to us as well. We are also instructed in Romans 12:18 – if it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

    One thing is very clear. If the Palestinians whatever their ethnicity and origin had suffered the outrageous injustices over so long from any other group other than the Zionist criminal syndicate that invaded, murdered thousands of innocent people and drove out close to a million more, the world would have risen in outrage long ago. These Kazar thugs are the supreme liars and hypocrites. As their atrocities and theft continue unabated they lecture from their controlled media about “returning to their homeland” while these fake semites work nonstop to censor our freedom of speech. Even having shabbos goy Trump use executive orders to limit colleges free speech. The Governors of many states have gotten laws passed limiting state employees and contractors from criticizing the “Chosen ones”. These outrages have been thrown out by the State Supreme courts in Texas, New Mexico and Kansas. We are winning battles against the ADL and other Jew groups. The Zionists have driven the World Wars and are driving the Current “War On Terror” a front for the Yinnon Plan for Greater Israel.

    Most of Congress is in the Jew aIPAC pocket just like the Presidential puppet actors have been since Woodrow Wilson. There is no limit to to the sacrifice required in blood and treasure from America by the Zionist Jews. If we cut off the 11 million per day given to these Kazar Hucksters and throw the shabbos goy politicians out of office then the Kazar fake Jews can take their phony holohaux and little Ann Frank garbage and shove it. without the constant aid of Jewmerica the Arabs whatever their origin or Religion will eliminate this festoring cancer from the Middle East. And we won’t be out another dime or life.

    It’s too late to do anything about Omar, if indeed he was ever a problem in the first place. If we don’t change course it will also be too late to do anything about the zionist syndicate, our biggest problem.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @A123
  48. Fatidicus says:

    I think “PEACE 😇” is how Jared Kushner signs off his Palestinian PEACE😇treaty drafts, it gives off the same amount of chutzpah.

  49. A123 says:
    @mark tapley

    To justify the murder and eviction of a group of people who have lived in Palestine as did their ancestors for hundreds of years because of What Omar did in AD 600…

    So do you embrace religious change via conquest? There is no double standard. If it was acceptable then, it is acceptable now.

    It is a workable solution to the current problems. Netanyahu conquers Palestine just as Omar conquered it ~600 AD. The current inhabitants can convert, conform to the rules of the conqueror, or feel the wrath of conquest. Your proposal has simplicity on its side. “Conquerors, like Omar, make the 100% of the rules.”

    I would prefer a more humane alternative for relocation and compensation. The current occupiers did not ask to be born on stolen land. I believe the better strategy is helping the Muslim occupiers of Judea and Samaria return to ancestral homeland of the Muslim faith. To me this seems like a much more civilized option that could work for the long haul.

    However, humane options require the willingness to negotiate. If the Muslim side closes the door on all other options, then they are to blame for the inevitable consequence of trying to retain conquered land. Ultimately, justice requires that the land be re-conquered.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  50. @A123

    As I have stated, what Omar did 1400 years ago has no relevance to the situation now. The Kazar thugs intended to eliminate the Palestinians from the beginning. You are the only person putting forward this nonsense about the long forgotten Omar. Omar’s Muslims make no difference to the Zionist Kazars either, anymore than the Orthodox Russians or the peoples of Eastern Europe did when they were plunderd. The Zionists declared their intention to overrun Palestine at their first Zionist Convention in 1897. No one is on record as having said anything about Omar. The Zionist intended to gain the strategic bridgehead of Palestine no matter what and that also was a major motivation for instigating WW1. Without the massive assistance of the British the Ashkenazi phony Jews would haven gotten nowhere. Without the guarantee of Jewmerica’s entry in the war the British would have not risked starting it. The Muslims just happened to be in the Middle East. The great majority of them just wanting to be left alone. It would have made no difference if it would have been populated by Japanese or the Irish for that matter. Then you would have to fabricate some other flimsy excuse to cover the Kazar criminals. Maybe even one not so far in the past.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  51. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    He didn’t want Jews and Christians to convert to Islam because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to hold them as slaves. And this is an argument for Muslims “protecting” Jews and Christians…

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  52. @Not Only Wrathful

    Wrong. It’s on the record that his concern was that they couldn’t be taxed after conversion.

    I haven’t the time to find and cite the historians, the books. This is from memory. I hope someone else can.

    • Replies: @Not Only Wrathful
  53. @mark tapley

    The U.S. never had any trouble with the Arabs until we started invading and occupying their lands. We were held in high regard all over the world until we took up Britains torch as official satellite for the Kazar Zionists.

    This is hilarious in every way. Arabs you say? Who do you think they got to pump and refine all their oil? The West, and before we were energy independent we used to shake in our boots at the oil mafia called OPEC.

    Yeah keep telling yourselves the reason we are in the ME is because of the Jews, it is the stupidest statement on the planet. We are in the ME because we used their oil. No longer necessary and we will be leaving shortly.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  54. @Fran Taubman

    I did not say we had no interests in the M.E. I said that we never had problems with the Arabs until we invaded and occupied their countries. We did not need to contrive 911 and the WMD lies or starve 800,000 Iraqi children as admitted by Jew Albright. We did not need to invade and cause the deaths of a million innocent people and dislocate millions more. The Arabs had to sell the oil anyway. We never needed to invade the Middle East to obtain oil. You say we will be leaving shortly? Don’t hold your breath. As long is the Zionists are in power we will never leave. Palestine was taken over during WW1 as a bridgehead for the Zionist agenda. It is being set up today as a choke point for control of major oil and gas transmission. We do not need M.E. oil but the Zionists are determined to control all energy resources and movement.

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