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Keeping Us Safe from White Supremacist Terrorist Russian Election Interferers
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The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published an article legalistically implying that National Justice is a covert troll farm run out of Moscow, with an accompanying photoshopped image of yours truly screaming in front of the Kremlin.

Their evidence? National Justice hired a Russian web developer who provides affordable rates to give us his cheapest and fastest option, which was to clone the design of another publication, Russia Insider.

The author, Michael Edison Hayden, has referred to my journalism as disinformation, with implications that Vlad Putin is controlling me behind the scenes because I have a Russian tech guy. He provided no examples of any of my reporting being inaccurate, only that he doesn’t like what I’m reporting.

Charles Bausman, the editor of a site that began covering culture and politics in Russia and became a hit, was targeted with the brunt of the slanderous attack. According to the article, Bausman — whose family roots in Lancaster go back to the American Revolution — is a secret agent who Putin parachuted into the middle of Amish country to help me make Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters look bad.

Not a shred of evidence is provided here either. Bausman once lived in Russia and was a guest on Russia Today five years ago. According to this logic, if this makes Bausman or anyone else suspect, then full time RT employees actually drawing checks from the Russian state like Larry King must be extra nefarious.

The next day, the SPLC published another article saying that Lancaster is a swing district being targeted by a pro-Trump Russian psy-op. They fail to mention that Trump defeated Clinton there by almost 20 points.

Hayden, an anarcho-communist and self-described Antifa member, first appeared on the scene in 2017 when the owners of Newsweek started hiring undignified and unethical people willing to churn out fake news at their clickfarm for pocket money. It later came out that Newsweek during this period was just front for a Moony cult’s money laundering operation.

At some point in 2018, two troubled women run out of the nationalist movement for their bad behavior approached Hayden to use him for revenge. After about a year of us making fun of him on Gab for being a failed softcore porn writer, Hayden was eager to oblige. With a little lunchbox full of half-truths in tow, he was able to gain employment in yet another racket, the F-rated “charity” known as the SPLC.

Since going to work for the SPLC as a “Senior Investigative Reporter.” he has dedicated his tenure to childish trolling like planting rumors that my mother is a Puerto Rican, that I am a meth head, that Trey Garrison used to be a gay porn director, and that Mike Peinovich, a pro-white radio personality, is a nefarious domestic terrorist who attends Purim dinners with Ashley Rae Goldenberg’s Jewish fraternity. Most of this is intended to provoke a reaction, which makes him upset when he doesn’t get it, but just when we thought he couldn’t get any lower he’s now accusing us all of being stooges for Mother Russia.

I am reluctant to psychoanalyze people, but projection comes to mind when you read about his insecurities over being mixed race, his habit of getting wasted at work, his history of making explicit threats to send Antifa after people, or the fact that he used to direct his wife Aadya Bedi in BDSM performances for fellow deviants.

While it’s easy to laugh at tragic clowns like Michael Edison Hayden, the post-truth sea he’s doggy paddling in has flooded every aspect of American life. Articles about white supremacist boogeymen working for Putin are standard SPLC fare to scam Mueller watching party attending MSNBC catladies out of money, but the moral panic they’re fundraising off is very real and very dangerous.

Last month the Department of Homeland Security released a bulletin affirming that calling 78-year-old Joe Biden old makes you part of a “Russian influence” operation. Expressing dismay at the anarchist violence engulfing our country unimpeded is also seen as suspect. Just like that, institutional actors and petty tyrants are able to cast the shadow of criminal treason, which is punished by death under US law, over anyone stating the obvious.

At this point the Russia hoax has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to have been a failed disinformation campaign invented by permanent bureaucrats at the CIA and FBI to try and delegitimize Trump’s surprise victory. The fact that most people in America now know this hasn’t stopped the evil nerds and megalomaniacs at the DHS and FBI from using their limitless well of taxpayer funded resources to launch a dirty war against the American people under the guise of “Russian meddling” and “white supremacy.”

A DHS threat assessment report released on October 6th blames heightened social and racial tensions, lack of faith in America’s plutocrats, and other sentiments universally expressed in failed states not on the consistent pattern of incoherence and conflict in multicultural societies or the media and state openly gaslighting and oppressing us, but on Russians hiding in our Fruit Loops.

This “expert” opinion, while largely ignored or mocked by the man on the street, has now been made into policy through a campaign to get social media platforms to hand over their content moderation to the Anti-Defamation League and censor anyone critical of our highly neurotic and spiteful oligarchs.

While some Trumpworld conservatives are ready and willing to dismiss Russia bullshit as a lie, they are quick to play their role in the dialectic when faced with the white supremacy hoax.

The goal of flooding our airwaves with concern trolling about an imminent white supremacist threat is a dirty political trick intended first to conflate the legitimate and peaceful expression of nationalist beliefs with acts of terrorism, and secondarily to discourage Trump from deploying his tried and true campaign strategy of dog whistling to the disenfranchised and discriminated white majority to win.

The “lethal” white supremacy threat, according to the the aforementioned DHS report, claims 39 people died in eight incidents at the hands of white men with racist views since 2018. None of these men belonged to a nationalist or ethnic advocacy organization — not even the Ku Klux Klan.

During the same time period, “white supremacists” have been less lethal than lightning (54 deaths), plastic bags (40), and peanuts (100). Leftist anti-white race agitators the DHS does not mention and refuses to condemn killed 19 people in just 14 days of their rioting, likely surpassing the right-wing “extremist” death toll by now. The FBI’s own 2019 homicide data shows that last year blacks (13.4% of the population) committed more murders (6,425) than all non-blacks put together.

The FBI, traditionally obsessed with its prestige, is undergoing a historic public confidence crisis that its pathetic behavior is only exacerbating. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 46% of people want to see a government crackdown on the FBI versus just 23% who don’t. The numbers would be even more lopsided if 90% of the media wasn’t dedicated damage control for their obscene and systematic corruption.

America has become a dark and paranoid place where your rights and freedom are now completely predicated on the political interests of federal prosecutors, agents, judges and big capitalists. Speaking with friends of mine from across the political spectrum, some who are well-known and popular artists, entertainers, commentators and intellectuals, they all express the same view: if you say something outside of the suffocatingly narrow window of allowed opinions, powerful people will accuse you of being a foreign meddler or white supremacist and destroy you.

Future historians will one day look back on this moment with shame and confusion; a lead-in-the-pipes event of chaotic yet totalitarian madness.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Exile says: • Website

    Great piece. Very timely considering today’s Potemkin hysteria over the “White Supreemis kidnap plot.”

    The story is not a day old and Our Guys have already uncovered evidence that at least one of these “White Supremacist Far Right Militia Terrorists” has the odd habit of appearing online with an Anarchy flag as part of his backdrop.

    When that future hysteria of this deeply messed up time in American history gets written, there should be a long chapter on the collusion between Antifa and members of the Deep State agencies like the FBI to false flag crimes and make deeply corrupt use of the confidential informer and witness protection procedures they ostensibly established to protect us all from sophisticated criminal and terror organizations.

    Once upon a time, there may have been a few of those that weren’t actually established and run by the FBI and its accomplices – but we won’t know until this sewer of corruption is actually drained.

  2. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    Eric, they have absolutely managed to undermine you in every way that’s for sure. I generally find that I agree with the sentiments and/or overall points you make in your posts that appear on Unz. But I am also not stupid enough to fail to notice that this whole site could be honey pot set up and managed by all kinds of intelligence agencies and/or the FBI to act as a gateway to arrest and imprisonment, so I would never, in a thousand years, ever do anything in physical reality based on anything I read on this website. I would not join a club of like minded Unz readers. I would not attend a meetup. I would not donate to a political cause. Etc. Etc. Because it’s all just a trap, or very easily could be a trap. And the smears against you (Eric) that are popular on the internet, which I don’t have to repeat, might be true or they might just be a way of giving you credibility as being independent of the FBI as a trick.

    The first thing to keep in mind is that you should never take action based on something you read on the internet. Each of us as to come up with a way to vet information that we find persuasive. A lot of us will be wrong and arrested or worse. But it’s the only way to avoid centralizing into an organization of idiots who drive themselves off a cliff legally because they fell for some FBI trap. There are no innocent rabbit holes on the internet once you see how algorithmic recommendation engines are designed to lead you down a path of entrapment. Stop clicking just any old link. The old way of using the internet where you bookmark familiar sites that you trust and never deviate from that bookmark list is the only safe way to use the internet. Google is most emphatically not your friend. Clicking on links that google recommends, once you get tagged as a white supremacist by their algorithms, leads no where other than to doom. Just don’t google anything and don’t click on links unless you know the people who made the link personally or else its just a cattle-call website like this one where everything is very familiar and easy to smell test.

    But… I have no doubt we are all being tracked if wee have visited this site on a computer that can be linked to us in real life. The mere fact that you ended up here reading posts one day means you are already disqualified from participating in any real world “movement” because you are already on an algorithmic treadmill that leads straight to the FBI and nowhere else.

    You can still enjoy the articles though. A lot of them are well written and make interesting points. Just don’t use anything you read on the internet as a basis for taking any kind of political action ever… Except maybe voting for Joe Biden.

    • Replies: @Exile
  3. botazefa says:

    Future historians will one day look back on this moment with shame and confusion; a lead-in-the-pipes event of chaotic yet totalitarian madness.

    If only that was a reasonable hope.

    Google et al will memoryhole all of this and future historians will not have any evidence other than that our era was when violent white supremacism was defeated in glorious fashion by the goodthinking peoples of Oceana.

  4. Exile says: • Website
    @American Citizen 2.0

    This comment is amateur grade scare-porn, likely from an antifa member or ally if not one of the glowbug agencies themselves.

    Their talent pool is really this shallow nowadays as credible and serious young people don’t join organizations like the FBI or stay long even if they believed the hype as idealistic recruits.

    One legitimate rule about reading Unz comments – always suspect a commenter who uses some shallow appeal to fake patriotism like “American Citizen,” or an allusion to the Founders or the Revolutionary War.

    “American Citizen 2.0,” you glow-in-the-dark operators really need to get better at this. It’s frankly insulting to be trolled on this basic-bitch level.

    And it shows that the National Justice Party is really hitting a nerve.

    • Agree: Richard B
  5. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    These supposed anti-racists have no hesitation in venting racial and ethnic slurs against targeted groups such as Russians, “rednecks” and others not on the sacred cow list. The whole Russian thing promoted by the mainstream Dem party is such an idiotic fantasy it boggles the mind to know that many idiot Americans have bought into it. The Russians have a powerful military with all sorts of modern missiles and nuclear weapons and don’t give a hoot about who is US president, they can hold their own. This one anarcho-communist character seems to be very seriously perverted sexually so his behavior is perverse all around. That movement seems to draw sexual degenerates as its most active members.

  6. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    You are probably one of the top 10 obnoxious commentators on this site. If you don’t like my posts, which you never do, and you always feel inclined to be insulting, which you always do, then feel free to ignore me but I really don’t care what you think either twerp. And I find your comments generally to be bossy and moronic. You put the “asshole” in “white privilege” to such an extent that half the time I feel more inclined to join the ranks of Antifa rather than keep jerking around with you idiots. You are not doing physics, curing cancer, building a lasting monument… nothing that indicates you have any intellectual ability other than to spaz out when you see the words “George Soros” online.

    Also, sharing any personal information here will always lead to doxxing so I will not tell you about my background but if you were a patriot you would shit your pants right now man and apologize for being a twat. So suck it. I make an effort to sincerely express a point and work through thoughts in real time. I am happy to consider alternative points of view. You aren’t.

    One of the biggest reasons these White Nationalist movements fizzle is that the people they attract are mostly mean spirited 85 IQ whites who struggle to keep an hourly wage job. At best your ethno state is going to be a trailer park surrounded by a chain link fence in Indiana or a federal prison.

    Also, as I have mentioned in about 50 other comments when you and your friends go down this path of being insulting, which is always, I write these comments as a kind of journal for myself on current events. The comments are not written for you.

    So, let’s just go ahead and ignore each other so that we can avoid these kinds of exchanges in the future. Good luck in your endeavors.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Richard B
  7. jsigur says:

    I remember back in 2017 when Picciolini pulled the successful “Crusader Girl” out of the movement claiming she had been brainwashed by boy friends who were part of the Russian conspiracy./ Crusader Girl’s behaior in all of this makes one wonder if she was actually a fake white nationalist all along for the comments she later made about the racialist movement didn’t jibe with her excellent analysis of the Jewish problem and several other surrounding issues. I never understood why the leaders back then at Daily Stormer and the alt right didn’t attack Picciolini for what he did as well as focus scrutiny on the narrative that Crusader Girl finally came to her senses when she met a professional holocaust survivor ( Jewish woman who goes around giving paid lectures in support of the Jewish claimed Holocaust)

    Not a peep from any of those folks many of which had done video segments with Picciolini. Apparently the Pic has fallen on hard times since then unrelated to his work against us with nefarious schemes in the group he created to convert all white ppl to being internationalists

  8. KenH says:

    The “lethal” white supremacy threat, according to the the aforementioned DHS report, claims 39 people died in eight incidents at the hands of white men with racist views since 2018.

    The Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016 by a radical Muslim killed 50 and injured 58 which dwarfs any “white supremacist” attack in history. And before any smart ass replies with the OKC bombing Tim McVeigh was not a white supremacist or white nationalist contrary to media lies. He bombed the Murrah Federal building to avenge the ATF siege of the Branch Davidians in Waco who were a multiracial Christian congregation. He was motivated by government overreach and abuses of Constitutional rights and not by pro-white ideology.

    Of course when Muslims committed lethal domestic terror attacks we were told that they weren’t real Muslims and/or were mentally ill. No such excuses are ever offered for White nationalists.

    The 2017 Las Vegas shooting which the FBI has whitewashed and stonewalled and that killed 61 and injured almost 900 was likely perpetrated by one or more persons with radical left wing views judging by the victims who were mostly patriotic and pro-Trump. The fact that the FBI is covering up is an indication the perps were definitely not right wing or pro-white otherwise the FBI would move heaven and earth to find them and discredit right of center political views.

    There’s many more examples but the political establishment and FBI ignore and gloss over them since it doesn’t fit the dominant political narrative.

    The FBI has lost all credibility and the public’s trust. They are an appendage of the Democrat party, ADL and left wing political establishment in general. As such they need to be abolished.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @AaronInMVD
  9. AaronInMVD says: • Website

    Ah, the 1990’s when independent actors unhappy about creeping USG totalitarianism could strike at the beast. Now the FBI has to go out and propose plots to random passerby and hope they can entrap someone replying “that sounds like a good idea” so they can get the numbers to sell congress on their latter day COINTELPRO.

  10. This is a genuine question: can anyone actually name an actual breathing “white supremacist”?
    I’m just interested to see a specimen from this exceedingly small species.

    • LOL: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  11. Exile says: • Website
    @American Citizen 2.0

    First of all, what the hell kind of doxxing risk are you concern-trolling about? Unz Review asks for a “real or fictitious email” and an anon handle. Ron Unz can’t do the rest of your online opsec for you.

    There are feds and antifa on this site. Is this news to anyone? You claim the whole site could be a honeypot, so let’s not do anything but comment anonymously online until somehow the world gets better from all of our determined online outrage – don’t organize, don’t join groups, just stay atomized behind your keyboard.

    Everyone knows Striker is an acitivist, not just an e-guy. You’re aggressively signaling that people should not listen to him and should ignore what he says about White solidarity.

    White nationalists like Striker have to deal with this “they are feds” ooga-booga constantly, both from antifa and jealous grifters like the America First and AmNat crowds. The same guys that troll Brad Griffin here troll Striker and your post echoes their disinfo.

    And sowing this kind of paranoia and division is exactly what an antifa would do as well – telling Whites that they should be dysfunctionally paranoid of being arrested for perfectly legal political activism and information exchange.

    As for your mean-girl personal issues deflection and distraction:

    Your apparent contempt for the idea of Whites having sovereignty over our own lives and families tells me you’re more than “half-inclined” to join antifa. And I don’t see antifa doing physics or curing cancer either – what’s your point, exactly?

    Neither legitimate patriots or White advocates make a habit of using the “85 IQ White Nationalist” trope.

    Instead of flexing your anonymous credentials and pretending I’d be super-impressed, try impressing all of us with the content of your comments. Tell Whites something useful and empowering they can do to gain power and agency

    Persuade me – you’re certainly not going to intimidate me.

    If you choose to counter-signal in ways I find harmful to White interests, I’m not going to ignore you. Get better or deal with it.

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
    • Replies: @Wyatt
  12. @Exile

    I think you’re probably overestimating this bozo’s motives.

    He’s just another pussy who’s deathly afraid of losing his cushy position/lifestyle, and won’t wake up from his slumber until it’s way too late.

    There are shit tons of whites just like him in this country.

    That’s how we got to this point as a nation.

    • Replies: @Exile
  13. @animalogic

    Any white person in any nation founded by white Europeans, still with a white majority, who is proud of his forefathers and does not loathe himself, his nation and it’s history, or wish to see it destroyed and it’s population replaced is a “white supremacist/racist”.

    • Agree: Hugo Silva
    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @HallParvey
  14. @GeneralRipper

    Yes, I suspected that might be the answer. I actually cant think of any person who thinks whites are “supreme” (in a way similar to how the Talmudists thinks of themselves) Example: most Unz readers have no problem admitting that Asians are, on average, highly intelligent — esp’ in STEM areas.

  15. Exile says: • Website

    If he’s not a bad operator he might as well be. Preaching that level of bed-wetting defeatism and passivity is doing the ADL-FBI-DOJ’s work for them. And the dishonesty of claiming his comments on a public forum are some kind of personal journaling exercise is intolerable.

    If he’s genuinely so damned concerned about this site being a “honey-pot,” why would he be commenting here?

    He’s just throwing up too many red flags as either toxic or actually subversive, IMO. White people have enough problems without “sympathizers” like him.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  16. Wyatt says:

    It’s generally not worth responding to obvious idiots unless you’re gonna make fun of them. One of the best things you can do on the internet in response to something or someone obviously stupid is to just call them a fag and move on.

  17. @GeneralRipper

    Any white person in any nation founded by white Europeans, still with a white majority, who is proud of his forefathers and does not loathe himself

    Loathing oneself is a requirement for the primary religion of the west. After all, unless a person feels an overwhelming sense of inborn guilt, he might not see the need for himself to be redeemed by a change in his belief. He might not see his need for a personal savior.

    This guilt at being human is why there is so much need for confession. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” Self hatred for existing, self loathing, fear of eternal damnation and roasting in the fires of hell are all major aspects of the primary western belief system dating back all the way to antiquity.

    Fortunately, most true believers actually take such nonsense with a huge grain of salt. Most are willing to accept the most outrageous tenets so long as they don’t interfere with whatever the believer wishes. The Kings new clothes are wonderful even though they don’t really exist.

  18. Richard B says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    You are probably one of the top 10 obnoxious commentators on this site. If you don’t like my posts, which you never do, and you always feel inclined to be insulting, which you always do, then feel free to ignore me but I really don’t care what you think either twerp.

    You tell the other commenter that they’re obnoxious because they don’t like your post and are insulting. Then you respond by telling them you don’t like their post, and insult them.

    If you’re morally and intellectually superior why not just calmly refute their claims?

    The answer, of course, is in your response. You’re thin-skinned, and not as smart as you think you are. In short, you proved their point. But you didn’t stop there. You literally became unhinged. You fell apart, and in the process, gave yourself away.

    Reaction comments like yours are why they have the LOL and Troll option here. In fact, in addition to Gold Stars maybe Mr. Unz can start handing out Troll Badges to commenters like you.

    One thing’s for sure. Your hand must be hurting like hell from how hard you hit the Bitch Bell in your reaction comment. Quit your childhood and grow up.

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