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Kaleb Cole Convicted After Federal Judge Bans the Unvaccinated from Jury In Politically Charged Trial
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A federal judge has utilized a novel strategy against Kaleb Cole as the controversial Atomwaffen trial concludes, recent court documents show.

Cole is the only defendant in the case that has decided to take his case to trial. Over the last several months, a number of revelations regarding the FBI’s outrageous conduct during the investigation of Cole and others has emerged in preparation from the trial. He was rapidly convicted today after a two day trial.

In what may have tilted the scales against the defendant, judge John Coughenor decided to strike all unvaccinated persons, regardless of COVID status, from sitting on the jury at the start of the trial.

In America, the COVID vaccine has become a highly partisan issue. Individuals who get the vaccine tend to show high levels of public confidence in the status quo and lean politically liberal, while those who have held out against taking the vaccine are prone to have skepticism against the federal government.

By banning the unvaccinated, the judge sharply reduced the chances of jury nullification.

Judge Coughenor’s decision may have legally polluted the trial before it even began. According to some legal experts, banning unvaccinated jurors violates the fundamental 6th Amendment requirement of recruiting juries from a cross-section of society. In Cole’s case, he may already have grounds for an appeal before the trial even started.

There are currently no federally imposed rules on jury vaccination research. These rules are implemented in individual trials on a case by case basis.

There have been cases where judges have agreed to implement COVID vaccine mandates that was later reversed upon looking at demographic data showing almost half of potential candidates in the community were not vaccinated.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Redistricting and gerrymandering have finally entered the court room.

    Soon, we’ll have elections for jurors. The political parties will run candidates to become jurors that the public can vote for. Then only their honorable and distinguished representative jurors will sit in judgement during trial. The parties will seat only those that they already know will vote one way. True democracy at its finest.

    • Thanks: beavertales
    • Replies: @Occam's Clippers
  2. There is a parallel bureaucracy working within the legacy bureaucracy.

    It is a hand-picked club of progressive ideologues. The judges who interfered with Trump’s executive orders, the FBI chiefs who conspired with the Democrats to throw obstacles to Trump’s presidency, the mandarins who assist in displacing Americans with foreigners, George Soro’s paid-for prosecutors, corrupt election officials.

    They are trying to shape the future in the image of a progressive boot on the neck of Americans, forever.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  3. Al Kayder says:

    one thing foucault was right about is that liberal power has a medical tyranny loophole. that historically power uses medical reasons. state of exception uses it internally to police citizens.

  4. @RoatanBill

    The government wants no part of elected jurors.

    Society would be better served by professional jurors (despite the possibility of partisanship), but the government is almost always going to favor pulling in those who have little experience or knowledge of the courtroom other than what they see on TV.

  5. You have Life?  Good.  Then Life has you as well  All of you! Every organ, every drop of blood and, of course, your brain: your mind. But I have free will!, you say. Of course you do. Sort of.

    Now Life is normally quite placid. Even though Life lives on by consuming itself; the feasting is benign, as it is with all Life’s wards; with one notable exception. You.  And the rest of the human race. We are Life consuming gluttons extraordinaire. Think Gettysburg, Dachau, Hiroshima and …factory farming: ad nausea.This is not new, of course. Our behavior is old news. Life has cut slack to humans because we have a uniqueness that has warranted observation over time. Time may have just run out. Humans now have the ability to destroy the biosphere. Our pernicious conduct may have convinced Life that without its prompt.interjection; it is inevitable.

    Enter Mr.Covid 19. Force Majeure of modern plagues. Sponsor of the blame game to end all blame games. Seven billion people have an opinion…and an asshole. The ones who have a microphone or a computer demonstrate both, daily. Think Life has a hand in all this? Maybe the plague is a worldwide distraction to give the Biosphere a little breathing room to heal from ongoing human assault? Hmmm.

    Millions are dead. Millions are becoming infected every day. The virus twists and turns and presents a new face constantly. We rush to keep up but seemingly always lag behind. How so? Is it out of our hands?

    • Troll: schnellandine
  6. anaccount says:

    He must be among a small fraction of Atomwaffen members that are not Feds, fed informants or total idiots. WN’s need to stay far away from groups like Atomwaffen.

    • Agree: Chris Mallory
  7. Exile says:

    Trials like this are political show trials and defendants need to approach them as such.

    Nullification and/or putting the prosecution on trial is the only way to go – attack their motives, the process, the evidence and the character of everyone involved in bringing these cases to court.

    The system is hearing the hoofbeats and stomping feet of the angry mob. They queered the jury in this case because they feared jurors who weren’t sheep would refuse to convict.

    Bad news for Cole in the short run but it shows we’re getting stronger. They’re having to show their control hand very openly and oppressively now. The pretense of a just society is crumbling more and more every day. Keep the pressure on.

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