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Ireland: Investigative Journalists Uncover Plot by Zionists and University Officials to Bring "Antifa" Violence to Dublin
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Irish journalists at the student publication The Burkean have published a series of phone calls and social media communications exposing prominent officials and left-wing activists in an international conspiracy to astroturf American-style anarchist paramilitary activity aimed at stifling political discussion on Irish college campuses.

The investigation began when the journalists created a twitter account adorned in “Antifa” imagery that solicited the public for recruits to create an American/German style “Antifa” group that would target nationalist students. What they found was not the occasional mentally ill person, but prominent university administrators.

In one recorded call with Jacob Woolf, the leader of the Jewish Society at Trinity College (there are only 2500 Jews in all of Ireland), Woolf told the journalists he would travel to New York City to meet with prominent Zionist acquaintances and raise money to start an official “Anti-Semitism Watchdog” in Ireland to aid the “Antifa” group. What makes Woolf’s offer so interesting is that he is a leading organizer for People Before Profits, a Trotskyite activist group that claims to fight for Palestinian rights.

Woolf also expressed a desire to try and “infiltrate” The Burkean itself in order to spy and blackmail the journalists working there. According to him, he had influence with a senior manager at Trinity College Dublin and could have dissident students caught in his sights expelled on a whim.

Michelle Byrne, another prominent conspirator, was recorded promising the fake “antifa” members to collect the private information of right-wing students using her database and hand it to them for the explicit purpose of physically attacking them. Byrne is the Deputy President of the Union of Students Ireland (USI), which is supposed to represent hundreds of thousands of young people regardless of their political affiliation.

In response to this reporting, the USI suspended Byrne pending investigation.

Other prominent political officials and prize winning university administrators were recorded trying to help the undercover journalists in a conspiracy of political violence.

Woolf’s participation as a leading left-wing figure personifies how the line between “anti-fascist” extremists and above-ground Zionist organizations has become blurred in recent years. Members of groups like these often belong to the same tightly knit ethnic networks. Not long ago, the “antifa” group Hope Not Hate teamed up with the pro-Israel “Community Security Trust” Jewish vigilante group to publish a dossier of opposition research and surveillance they conducted on Vanessa Beeley, a left-wing anti-war journalist who exposed the White Helmets in Syria as frauds.

As for the broader public in Ireland, The Burkean’s excellent work has provoked outrage among the broader public. Institutions like Trinity College, unlike contemporary American Universities, are culturally expected to live up to their traditions of spirited intellectual exchange.

In recent years, Ireland has become a laboratory for radical neoliberal excesses, particularly in the fields of economics and mass immigration. In response, organizations like Justin Barrett’s National Party have emerged to organize native Irishmen in their proud nationalist tradition against the globalist forces destroying their country.

Young Ireland appears to be on the brink of a drawn out battle with Zionist interlopers like Jacob Woolf, who is in the country apparently just to terrorize Irish people, as well as Michelle Byrne, a careerist moron who asks strangers on the internet to engage in violence against her own constituents for their beliefs.The Burkean’s stunning work may have set this conspiracy in the making back significantly.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Pheasant says:


    Sometimes I ask myself if I am too hard on these people and then I see things like this and remember how evil they are.

    Infiltration. Manipulation. Exploitation.

    Two Jews three opinions one scheme.


    • Replies: @Catdomnj
  2. Or. P. says:

    Also, don’t forget Hillary Clinton appointment as chancellor of N. Ireland Queen’s University in Belfast.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  3. Jake says:

    There is no white country too small and historically too bludgeoned by a larger neighbor to not need Jewish Leftists to save it from itself.

  4. And of course,the filthy,slimey whore getting in bed with the jew rats.

  5. Wow. Just wow. I really hope this serves as a wake-up call for the Irish, whose country is in the process of being destroyed by this (((globalist filth))).

  6. @Or. P.

    FYI: Northern Ireland is under British rule, while Dublin (where this story came from) is in the Republic of Ireland in the South. But point taken about Hellary.

  7. ‘HOPE not hate’ is just a clone of the ADL and SPLC.

    They want to sedate the Irish so that they accept Jewish-assisted national suicide like their beleaguered Brit peers.

    Key to this is dealing with dissenters like Barrett above and others like Gemma O’Doherty.

    Ironically one HOPE not hate board member is the ethnocentric UK-based politician Ruth Smeeth who is a member of Labour Friends of Israel.

  8. Surtr says:


    You should do a piece on how a country like Hungary controls its University and education system. Is it their political system? It seems like institutions like the University system understand they are the kingmakers and as such uncontrollable and unaccountable to the local population. Maybe some suggestions on a new way forward in education. The problem that I see in Ireland is the Nationalist party does not come across as high in Irish culture. A tough sell to call yourself a Nationalist while not flaunting a mastery in Gaelic, Irish history, and Irish culture. It is as though the “Nationalists” don’t understand what they are preserving making their plight less saleable. Gaelic is such a beautiful language. Would be a tragedy to me to see it like so many others lost from the world.

    Tons of articles found such as these.

    Unesco: Half of world\’s languages will disappear by 2100

    When A Language Dies, What Happens To Culture?


    • Agree: Futurethirdworlder
  9. @Surtr

    The tactics of these treasonous under cover Zionists will be used to undermine the work of those Irish MP’s who are Anti Zionists and supporters of the rights of Palestinians.
    Below are a few examples of that support.

    Ireland to host international summit on Palestine.

    Ireland passes BDS bill banning Israel settlement goods.

    Richard Boyd Barrett reads out shocking statements made recently by Israeli government ministers. These words come in the wake of the 2014 assault on Gaza which saw over 2100 Palestinians killed, 10,000 injured and 100,000 made homeless. Of those killed, over 500 were children – children whom the current Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, refers to as “snakes”.

  10. @Surtr

    Preservation of the Irish (Gaelic) language has a key part of the nationalist movement in Ireland since the 19th century, and most Irish have at least a passing acquaintance with it, having been required to take classes in it in school–some, in fact, even know it fluently. But let’s be strait here: there’s more to nationalism than merely preserving a language.

    Unfortunately, some liberal-lefty Irish have talked themselves into believing that that’s all that matters. They seem to think an Ireland inhabited primarily by Irish-speaking Nigerians or Afghans or whatever would be just fine, the ‘same’ as it always was, which is a perfectly ludicrous notion.

  11. Well, well–I guess we have to ask who’s afraid of Jacob Woolf?

    Good to see that it’s the Jew being infiltrated instead of the other way around. I must take my hat off to The Burkean’s counterintelligence capabilities. Very impressive.

    I also can’t help seeing Jacob Woolf as a walking satire of Leopold Bloom, the ludicrous Jew “hero” of Joyce’s Ulysses. It’s alway struck me as rather pathetic that the self-hating Irishman, Joyce, is the avatar of Irish literature. His idea of the Irish needing a messiah in the form of the silly little Jew, Bloom, has always struck me as the most repulsive of Joyce’s many conceits. And I guess Michelle Byrne has the proper initials to be the Molly Bloom of this sordid affair.

    The Jew is simply a vicious, conniving, little vermin wherever he goes, and the Emerald Isle is certainly no exception. Hope this story gets the very wide dissemination that it deserves.

  12. anonymous[166] • Disclaimer says:

    I was reading the Articles by Alfredo Jaliffe a self describe MEGA Mexican ultra nationalist…He openly without any qualms proposes that Mexicans-americans and their prole work actively to subvert the American CULTURAL-electoral system to bring about a Mexicanization of the American republic specially thos estate with Mexican electoral majority. IF a WHITE maga activists would say the tings that Alfredo Jaliffe advocates like Mexican Supremacists over the Southwest USA…Jaliffe also contends that the demographic war already was won with the mexican booming birthrate and immigration waves…in the words of a WHITE person these would be racists ,xenophobic remarks…

  13. In the land of the once staunch nationalist republicans. Unbelievable.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  14. @Commentator Mike

    Yup. The really sad thing is this: among some of the younger generation, nationalism (meaning, in the Irish context, pro-IRA sympathies) has basically just degenerated into little more than anti-Brit virtue-signalling–in other words, anybody but England (ABE). Thus, there’s a tendency for some so-called Irish ‘nationalists’ now to see absolutely any immigrant as being preferable to a fellow White man, so long as they are critical of the Brits. And some of these fake ‘nationalists’ are also openly supportive of Antifa. I know this from personal experience, having had casual dealings with such people through the years. Mind, not living in Ireland, I have no way of knowing how common this is, but it’s there.

    Very depressing. Mick Collins and Éamon de Valera would be turning in their graves.

  15. In reading this article I decided to click on the Vanessa Beeley link and read the dossier targeting this UK group, Keep Talking. The document is called Inside Keep Talking (IKT).

    The document is essentially the result of an infiltration campaign into a group of dissident voices who hold public events to discuss topics from unofficial perspectives, which the document labels, “conspiracy theories.” Naturally, the whole premise of the document is that goyim having unauthorized discussions is a threat to The Tribe Incorporated (TTI), which of course justifies an actual campaign of targeted intimidation against said goyim.

    While I have been aware of the mentality of TTI for a long time, having had to deal first-hand with their blackmail campaigns, I am always in goyish awe at the their ability to engage in complete doublethink, even over the course of 28 pages.

    When I sit down to write, I try my best to make sure that the various ideas I am expressing over the course of a document are logically consistent, or at least not in contradiction to one another. The reason is that I have, what Atzmon calls, an Athenian mind. I am interested in the truth, for its own sake. That doesn’t mean I get everything right, but that I desire to get things right.

    But TTI doesn’t seem to care one iota for truth, as is apparent throughout IKT. The sentence that first got my attention was the following:

    Believers in conspiracy theories tend to reject official versions of the truth,…

    Official versions of truth? Does that sentence not reek of pilpul? I mean, I could see writing “reject official versions of historical events” and that would be an accurate description of conspiracy theories. But to my filthy shkotzim mind, there are no “versions of truth.” There is simply the truth; even if we do not know what the truth is, it exists independently of the mind, and so there are no “versions of truth.”

    Furthermore, if there were more than one version of truth, why is anybody obligated to accept the “official version,” and why should rejecting the “official version” make one the target of a smear campaign? It is mind boggling to me that any person, let alone an organization of people who think of themselves as brilliant, could write that sentence and take themselves seriously.

    After reading that line, my taste for self-torture was whet and I discovered some more (uncut) gems.


    The deeper we looked into the Keep Talking group, the harder it became to know whether it was far right, far left, a mixture of the two, or something else entirely. The old political labels no longer apply when you have belief in a hidden hand that secretly runs the world. This disorientating rejection of the basic notions of “truth” and “facts” bleeds…even into respectable academia.

    So conspiracy theorists reject basic notions of “truth.”Again, maybe I’m just a goytard, but it strikes me as odd that one would choose to put “truth” in quotations when accusing people of rejecting it.

    Moreover, that sentence follows a discussion of how “political labels” are difficult to attach to Keep Talking. Has it occurred to the geniuses writing this document that a group of people having a discussion that isn’t subject to an ideological label might be trying to get at the truth, and that those trying to just label their opponents might be the ones rejecting “basic notions of “truth””.

    Somehow the phrase “talmudic inversion” is coming to mind.

    The document goes on to document several high profile figures in the group and document their wrongthink.

    Gregson asserted that “Jewish people carry this mantle of victimhood”…

    “How dare he accuse us of indulging in victimhood! Doesn’t he know we’re victims!”

    Fantom gave his interpretation on the conspiracy surrounding the sinking of the ship USS Liberty in 1967 by Israel.

    Hmm. The USS Liberty wasn’t sunk. It was badly damaged and servicemen were killed, but it didn’t sink. Why couldn’t the writers of this doc even bother to get a simple fact like that right? Could it be that it is something they have heard Bad Goyim talk about, but that they have avoided reading about themselves because they don’t want to learn any facts about it? Strategic ignorance or something?

    Peled has also compared Zionism to Nazism, saying that “we don’t invite the Nazis and give them an hour to explain why they are right […] in the same way we do not invite Zionists – it’s a very similar kind of thing”.

    So, a leftist, anti-zio, former Tribe Inc “employee” is saying that he doesn’t believe in giving platforms to ethno-nationalists of any kind, goy or otherwise. And the writers of this document are accusing this guy of “hate,” and want to deny him platforms because he opposes their ethno-nationalism along with the goy varieties that the document authors also reject.

    “How dare you oppose our racism, you Nazi-hating Nazi!” Do they realize how transparent they are? Rhetorical question.

    Last one, but a good one.

    Moreover, the messianic self-stylings of conspiracy theorists…means that efforts to limit the spread of their ideas, be it through negative press coverage or other forms of perceived “censorship”, often simply reaffirm the belief that they are the victims of a conspiracy to silence them.

    “Our attempts to censor these goyim are giving them the false perception that we are trying to censor them.” WTF?

    Keep in mind, IKT is a document about the infiltration of evil goyim and self-hating former Tribe Inc insiders, where these bad people are characterized as engaging in hate speech in a nation with draconian anti-hate speech laws. They are literally claiming that their own conspiracy to silence people is a “conspiracy theory.”

    These people are high functioning retards!

    • Thanks: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  16. @Mario Partisan

    Thanks, Mario! I’m going to have to invent my own button for your wonderful post: Every Word Is True.

    “Our attempts to censor these goyim are giving them the false perception that we are trying to censor them.” WTF?

    It’s just like Gilad Atzmon’s famous recursive definition: ‘Jewish power is the ability to silence discussion of Jewish power.’

    • Replies: @Mario Partisan
  17. @Digital Samizdat

    Glad to you Dig it Sam! 🙂 Thanks a lot! I was gonna just hit the Thank You button, but you have to post in order to use it. So, since I’m at it, I found another great one from these Bozoblatts/Pennyweisses:

    Peled addressed the Keep Talking group in October 2019 with a speech titled: “Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”. During the talk Peled makes fun of the allegations of antisemitism in the Labour party, to the amusement of the audience.

    “How dare these shkotzim laugh at our slander! They need to take our threats seriously!…I mean not take our threats seriously!…I mean it’s a debunked conspiracy theory that we are threatening people!…and debunked conspiracies are no laughing matter!”

    What a clown world!

    • LOL: Digital Samizdat
  18. Run them out of Ireland the peaceful way or the hard way.

    Expose any and all links to foreign Jewish subversive groups. The light of day is a great disinfectant.

  19. anaccount says:

    I was planning on immigrating to my ancestral homeland even though I’d only seen it from 36,ooo feet. I wanted to get away from the hell I was born into but only recently became aware of. Ireland was the obvious choice but I was ignorant of how things have been progressing (rotting) in the only other country I belong to.

    I have nowhere to run now.

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