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Iran Publicly Accuses US Government of Orchestrating Bombing That Targeted and Killed Scores of Afghan Children
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85 people were killed and 147 injured — mostly children — in a ruthless bombing of the Sayed Al-Shuhada school in Kabul. The school formally educates girls.

The attackers were targeting the Hazara population, which is part of Afghanistan’s Shia Muslim minority. The latest bloodshed threatens to plunge Afghanistan into a sectarian conflict as the Biden administration begins withdrawing troops from the region.

No group has officially taken responsibility for this slaughter. The Afghan government has publicly accused the Taliban, but they have formally denied involvement. Some Arab media outlets are reporting a rumor that it was ISIS, but the group has not confirmed culpability.

A statement from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has accused the United States, stating that the Pentagon has revived an ISIS in Afghanistan by infiltrating heavily armed “Takfiri” (a pejorative term for ISIS and Al Qaeda supporters) fighters from Syria and Iraq to provoke a civil war as the American occupation winds down.

While the Afghanistan war has been unpopular in America for years, a number of Jewish and neo-conservative think-tanks have protested against ending it because it theoretically could allow Iran to expand its geopolitical footprint in the region.

If the US leaves and the country stably transitions towards independence, Iran could potentially fill the power vacuum.

But another scenario, where the US leaves and the country spirals into civil war, could potentially destabilize Iran through a massive refugee crisis that it has been partnering with the Afghan government to prevent.

The Iranians have not released details on why they believe Washington is playing an integral role in the uptick of violence in Afghanistan. In 2019, a spokesman for the Taliban and various local government officials complained that American special forces had raided a Taliban-run prison that was holding dozens of ISIS commanders and evacuated them via helicopter to an unknown location.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Again I say WOW.
    Which peaceful religion of love would do this?
    Where is this merciful and just,all powerful,
    forgiving father of the enlightened sinners going
    to get his next tax deductible donation from,a gubmint grant?
    Good thing the mars rover is sending back pictures…
    otherwise,who could believe the news today?The Almighty
    dollar\$ of debt,CREATOR of jobs and reality simultaneously.
    Progress in the name of prophet\$,what a business?Fear me,or else!

  2. Larry47460 says: • Website


  3. Ram says:

    As the ISIS was being vanquished there were reports of some of them being airlifted out of Iraq to Afghanistan to await further orders. The US seems to have found a use for them.

    The Thaaliban are dependent on the local population for their upkeep and wouldn’t dare oppose them for silly reasons.

  4. 85 people were killed and 147 injured — mostly children — in a ruthless bombing of the Sayed Al-Shuhada school in Kabul. The school formally educates girls.

    This would be the work of the same Great Satan that brought down the Twin Towers and has been spilling blood in the Greater Middle East ever since. Mass murder of little girls means Satan must remain to prevent the mass murder of little girls.

  5. Did Tranny Story Book House push someone over the edge? I know Israeli’s have no trouble killing children but this seems a bit much even for them.

  6. Daesh, like ‘al-Qaeda’ is a creature and creation of the USA, with aid from its Atlanticist stooges and the Boss Man, Israel. Killing ‘enemy’ civilians is a mitzvah for Talmudist Jews, and just fun and profit for Imperial psychopaths. I knew who was behind this (the ghoul like countenances of Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright came immediately to mind)and behind Daesh’s mysterious appearance in Afghanistan-Murder Incorporated, International, the greatest force for Evil in all history.

  7. American troops are gud muffins, they dindu nuffin

    They hate America its freedom. After all, can any Afghan enjoy the wonders of blacked porn, only fans and drag queen story hour?

    Why these savage nations like China and Russia do not even know the basics of civilization. Moscow and Beijing don’t even have a 100 black gang rapes a year and they dare call themselves international cities?

    The chutzpah!


    I’m no simp for Palestine but its nice to someone punching back against these purile leeches. Israel’s Iron dome and patriot missile defense systems don’t seem to be the unbreakable shield Tel Aviv and the Pentagon would have us believe.

    Thousands of rockets have gotten through the defense and struck Israel. Mind you the bulk these are from Katyusha rocket launchers and other Soviet era rust buckets.

    Just imagine how it would fare against a modern Russian MLRS system like Tornado-G or BM-30 Smerch. Even more, it shows that if Hezbollah and Hamas were equipped with modern Russian missiles like the Kalibr-M or the Iskander-M or Iranian missiles like the Fateh-110, they could inflict serious losses.

    Katyusha rockets are dirt cheap while iron dome missiles cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece and patriot missiles cost upto 2-5 million. Plus these missiles are limited in number.

    I can easily see a scenario where these defense batteries are depleted after countering massive volleys of rockets. That’s the opening for to fire ballistic or cruise missiles at Israel. A few well placed hits at strategic tagets like the power grid or Haifa port could send Israel’s economy crashing down.

    The Iranian built Fateh-110 missile mind you was used in the retaliation strikes agianst the US following Solemani’s death in 2020. The missiles proved highly accurate, having circular error of probability of less than 5 m against targets 200-300 km away.

    They destroyed several US helicopters on the ground and gave the pentagon cold feet. I recall how the US backed off from war after the strikes. They realized that losses would be heavy in an Iran war.

    In case of Russian missiles like the Iskander which can maneuver in flight and moves at mach 5-7 or the Kalibr-M cruise missile which can hug close to the terrain beneath radar horizon and go into a supersonic sprint in the last 40-50 km, even active Iron dome and patriot defense systems might not be able to stop it.

    Israel seems a lot less invincible today thanks to advances in tech. If only Russia would sell some advanced tech like the Su-30sm fighers, S-400 air defense or Kalibr-M missiles to Iran. Israel and its American golem would greatly constrained in the middle east.

  9. El Dato says:

    A statement from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has accused the United States

    Absolutely not impossible.

    This attack. involving three well-timed bombs designed to inflict maximum kill count is of a different style. It comes exactly at the right moment – when the US’ “lumpenleadership” is having an internal struggle about “should we stay or should we go”. Massacring girls is exactly the thing that can be used via NYT & al. punditry to weighten the scales. “why don’t we stay a little bit longer?”

    Related: Blinkenlights currently trying to schmooze bases from Pakistan:

    ‘No boots on the ground here’: Pakistan rules out possibility of housing US troops on its bases after withdrawal from Afghanistan

    During a press briefing last month, General Kenneth McKenzie, who heads US Central Command, said American diplomats were examining “what the art of the possible is” regarding basing agreements with Afghanistan’s neighbors to see where troops can be repositioned – but did not name Pakistan, which shares a roughly 2,600-kilometer land border with the war-torn country.

    Last week, however, US State Secretary Antony Blinken implied that Pakistan had been a “free rider” in the conflict – speaking aloud the popular American perception that it and other neighboring countries had benefited from the presence of US and NATO troops without making significant contributions.

    “The decision [to pull out] has concentrated the minds of pretty much everyone inside and outside of Afghanistan and the region as well. For the last 20 years, they’ve been – to some extent – free riders on us, on NATO, on our partners,” Blinken said. “They now have to decide, including Pakistan, where their interests lie.”

    Whenever the US says “you have to decide where your interests lie”, there are interesting events in store.

    • Agree: JimDandy
  10. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    I would like to see the Iranians give more information on this. The US fomented Shia-Sunni civil war in Iraq via mysterious mosque bombings which created great upheaval and many refugees. Some British special forces were arrested whilst being disguised as Arabs along with explosives only to be quickly rescued by British troops. The US employed jihadi mercenaries in its bid to overthrow the Syrian government. These kinds of tricks have been a part of the US repertoire all along. This incident is a particularly low atrocity.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  11. @anonymous

    The biggest irony is that the Iran trained and financed militias did the heavy lifting against ISIS in Iraq. How quickly things turned. But that’s another reason why Iran doesn’t trust the US gov. Then pulling out of the JCPOA. It just adds to decades of mistrust.

  12. BuelahMan says:

    Obviously we need to stay there longer to help straighten out their internal conflict. Maybe 20-50 years more will work.

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