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Interview with National Guardsman Whose Information FBI Agents Leaked to "Antifa" After Torturing and Threatening Him for His Political Beliefs
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The FBI’s war on civil liberties and political dissent is kicking up a notch.

National Justice interviewed Shandon Simpson, an Ohio-based member of the National Guard currently being discharged who was humiliated, threatened and tortured by federal agents. He was never charged for a crime.

A parallel military investigation found that, while initially his identity was withheld (he wasn’t charged with anything), the FBI later leaked it to Christopher Schiano of the “antifa” group Unicorn Riot.

Simpson was then ordered to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in hopes he would stay silent about what he was subjected to. Simpson having his rights violated has compelled him to speak out anyway.

Simpson’s ordeal should be considered within the context of the FBI’s crack down on “white domestic terrorists.” Multiple sources across the country have told National Justice that the FBI has harassed them, usually relating to political and social discussions held on the free speech messaging app Telegram.

Federal agents appear to be heavily infiltrated in Telegram chatrooms and are aggressively grasping at straws in hopes of netting a white villain they can parade for the cameras. The political goal is to take attention off the killing and rioting by anarchists and black groups going largely unpunished across the country right now.

The interview is as follows.

Eric Striker: So how did this all start?

Shandon Simpson: I received a call on my phone from an FBI agent asking where I was. I was at the time serving in the National Guard and deployed at Lafayette Park as a deterrent to defend against more rioting from leftists and black lives matter.

ES: What happened then?

Simpson: I was approached by about seven FBI agents from the counter-terrorism unit, two members of the CIA, and a military intelligence officer, who pulled me out in front of my unit.

They then began asking me if I was Zoltanous HN on Youtube and Telegram, where I have promoted the ideas of nationalism and third positionism. I had previously made it known that I was serving in the military through these channels and an undercover federal agent in the chat room sprung into action.

I never said anything illegal. They were asking me about a single out of context comment where I said my unit was being deployed with live ammo.

The FBI agents then began aggressively needling me about my political beliefs. They asked me about my personal views, whether I engaged in activism, if I was at Charlottesville, and whether I was a member of any nationalist organization, they named a few like Patriot Front and Vanguard America.

They also asked if I knew various journalists and political commentators, like you (Eric Striker) because they saw your telegram channel on my phone, and whether Richard Spencer was affiliated with any terror networks.

It was clear that their information on dissidents is being fed to them by very prejudiced second hand sources outside of law enforcement, like the SPLC or ADL. It was clear they were shooting in the dark and asking ridiculous questions that a person with even superficial knowledge of the nationalist movement would not have to ask. They were very desperate.

ES: I heard something about them threatening you with violence during the interrogation. What exactly did they say and why didn’t you get a lawyer?

Simpson: I was unable to get a lawyer because my superior officer gave me an order to talk to them.

At one point, one of the agents became frustrated at the fact that I wasn’t doing anything wrong and began to threaten me. He started asking me why I supported “losing causes” and told me he was going to wrap me in a Swastika flag and march me through the crowds of violent “antifa” rioters nearby. He never did it, but behavior this unprofessional really reveals how Christopher Wray’s claim that the FBI does not investigate and persecute ideology is a brazen lie.

When all was said and done they realized that I hadn’t done anything they could credibly charge me with.

ES: How did your information get leaked to the media if you weren’t even charged?

Simpson: Soon after talking to the intelligence agents, Ohio Governor Mark DeWine called my unit back from its Washington mission, citing information from the FBI claiming a person who had expressed “white supremacist ideology” on the internet prior to the deployment was in it.

An anarchist group affiliated with “antifa” days later published my personal information and the supposed offending screenshots from my telegram account that the FBI had obtained.

According to a parallel military investigation, the FBI leaked this material from their investigation to Christopher Schiano of Unicorn Riot, who published it on June 9th.

Shortly after this publication, my family began receiving harassment and I was sent death threats from anarchist groups.

ES: How did your military investigation go?

Simpson: When I returned back to Ohio, I was placed in solitary confinement for a week by the military, who said they were pressured to do it by the FBI.

I was not charged with any crimes. My lawyer told me he has never seen something like this happen before. Holding a person in jail for more than 72 hours with no charges is illegal, yet they brazenly did it anyway.

I am being discharged from the National Guard for bringing “shame” to my unit. This personal damage was inflicted entirely by the FBI through their illegal leaks to antifa. The fact that the most powerful law enforcement agency in this country has such a close working relationship with the same groups terrorizing the public right now should make everyone nervous.

ES: Did the FBI cease harassing your for your beliefs when you finally got home?

Simpson: No. I got another visit from them at home. My grandfather was there and they ordered him back inside the house.

They asked me more questions, mostly nonsense, and even began to grill me on intimate questions about my sex life by demanding to know if I was an “incel.”

ES: So I hear they made you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) about your experience. It is brave of you to speak with us on the record. I have never heard of law enforcement of any kind engaging in something meant to cover up sexual harassment or trade secrets. I guess that is by design. Why did you sign that?

Simpson: I was ordered by my superior officer to sign the NDA. I feared trouble for insubordination.

ES: How are you holding up?

Simpson: My family and I are still in shock at everything that just happened. An elderly relative of mine is particularly confused as to why they did this to me, while real criminals and terrorists on the left are allowed to act with impunity.

I’m sure the FBI is doing this to countless other people too afraid to speak out, but I’m not. It’s so important for those of us with dissident ideas to find legal support networks to defend our rights. The FBI would never treat any other class of citizen like this. They act like this because they assume we don’t have decent and aggressive legal counsel. Nobody’s life should be altered like this just because they disagree with the powerful.

Editor’s Note: The original piece had misunderstood the speaker and referred to his Ohio National Guard unit as a “regiment.” There are no regiments in the National guard and this error was corrected.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alt Right, Antifa, Civil Liberties, FBI, Terrorism 
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  1. Gunga Din says:

    The U.S. is now the U.S.S.R., the FBI = KGB. Maybe the country’s destruction might not be a bad idea?

    • Thanks: JimDandy
  2. He should have stuck with name, rank, and serial number.

    • Agree: Biff
  3. I just sent a rational, observant reporter to the scene of the article. His article:

    Traitorous tax parasite unhappy with treatment from fellow traitorous tax parasites
    Tax victims urged to care

    • LOL: Adam Smith
    • Troll: Bert
    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  4. Anonymous[101] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks Eric Striker for not making this interview a podcast or youtube video.

    But that is probably due to ZOG social media limitations.

    The interviewee is a fag. He wants to pursue justice and go after criminals and terrorists yet he joins the U.S military, lol.

    either way being a dumb fag is not a crime. hopefully he discourages other people from joining the U.S military and becomes an advocate for non-intervention.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @JamesinNM
  5. KenH says:

    I was approached by about seven FBI agents from the counter-terrorism unit, two members of the CIA, and a military intelligence officer, who pulled me out in front of my unit.

    What the F is the CIA doing getting involved in domestic law enforcement activities? I thought there was strict laws forbidding that? I can only suspect that they manufactured flimsy evidence about a foreign (Russian) connection to pro-white political dissent so they can bring the CIA’s resources and dirty tricks to bear.

    He started asking me why I supported “losing causes” and told me he was going to wrap me in a Swastika flag and march me through the crowds of violent “antifa” rioters nearby

    If pro-white political dissent is such a losing cause then whey did they feel the needs to send seven cheka agents, two CIA agents and a military intelligence officer to harass and threaten you? I wonder if these corrupt, partisan left wing FBI agents have ever threatened violent antifa members with wrapping them in a communist flags and marching them through crowds of neo-nazis? At any rate these are the actions of an establishment that fears it is losing control over a growing segment of the population and they are.

    I guess I’m also a little confused because it wasn’t long ago that the FBI was whining that they needed special legislation to access Telegram because their encryption was preventing them from monitoring “domestic terrorists” (i.e. pro whites exercising their 1A rights). Looks like that was a ruse in the hopes that users of that platform would let their guard down and make it easier for the American Cheka (FBI) to entrap them.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  6. Hey anonymous being a little rough don’t you think. He probably joined the guard to make some extra $, get some $ for school and who knows occasionally help the community. He did try to stop the Bolsheviks from pulling down statues more than you or me ever did.

  7. fnn says:

    There are other forums (you know who they are) still telling WNs it’s OK to enter US military service. It’s probably dangerous for even a paleo (let alone an Amnat) to sign up

    • Replies: @Ari Silver
  8. Chris Moore says: • Website

    He started asking me why I supported “losing causes” and told me he was going to wrap me in a Swastika flag and march me through the crowds of violent “antifa” rioters nearby. He never did it, but behavior this unprofessional really reveals how Christopher Wray’s claim that the FBI does not investigate and persecute ideology is a brazen lie.

    Classic (international banker-backed) Zionist/Bolshevik M.O. People need to remember they’re fighting the international bankers as much as the Bolsheviks. On the Right, they get confused because they’re taught that Marxists are the enemy, but they’re not taught that bankers are the enemy, too. In fact, the bankers use the Marxists as golem.

    It’s amazing how many on the Right refuse to see the bankers and their white golem poised to stab them in the back while they’re off fighting the Bolsheviks. It literally happened to this guy.

    Never take your eye off of the fake-Jew enemy. He wears all manner of masks, but he’s identifiable by the fact that he’s a sociopath working with other sociopaths. He’s of the “Left,” and he’s off the “Right,” but truly, he’s of his father, the Devil.

  9. Exile says:

    White men take note – the FBI and your state governors consider you an enemy because you are White and the military will not take any substantive action to defend you even when you have honorably served.

    Serving in the present U.S. military either an active-duty or reserve capacity, including the National Guard, is morally a betrayal of your kin and your race and practically like signing up for a chain-gang.

    You will serve the White cause and your friends and families better in literally any other line of work than by putting your life and your freedom on the line for ZOG. Choose your careers accordingly.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  10. @schnellandine

    Bert pleasures himself while dreaming of servicing J. Edgar Hoover.

    • LOL: schnellandine
  11. The title says “After Torturing … Him”. What was the torture? It’s all appalling, the police state revealed, but … Maybe the solitary confinement.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. Anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Maybe the solitary confinement

    Solitary confinement is a form of mental torture.

  13. anon[267] • Disclaimer says:

    The interviewee is a fag. He wants to pursue justice and go after criminals and terrorists yet he joins the U.S military, lol.

    Nice deflection there fed. You shame a guy who seeks power, thereby shaming other dissidents into not seeking power.

  14. @fnn

    I disagree, you can still sign up and get some of the benefits just keep your politics private. The guard in particular is a great place to serve no reason for the patriots to give away an institution, just stay disciplined! The guard is local an organic institution that can and will serve nationalists. Keep the affirmative action coming it manufactures nationalism.

    • Replies: @fnn
    , @Exile
  15. anon[319] • Disclaimer says:

    These are the same people who let a literal communist stay at West Point for months even though he was public with his ideology. That tells you exactly whom you’re dealing with. Remember, the military is not your friend. Neither is the FBI. It’s a criminal secret police no different from the KGB. Remember that when all your dumb neighbors are pressuring you to fly that dumb flag and pop off fireworks tomorrow. What exactly are you celebrating anyhow? This is a police state that bans critics from the internet and from having bank accounts. It does not deserve your loyalty. Give it your scorn. That’s the least you can do.

    If you’re using the internet, be smart and use an anonymization software. This is an authoritarian regime, after all. Also, don’t give away any personal details or use your credit card to send money (or checks, cash only) or make a video with your real voice because there are software programs they use to match your recorded phone voice to it, dragnet fashion. And don’t agree to exchange email addresses or meet up in the real world, either. Mouthing off against the regime on the internet is actually pretty effective in undermining its legitimacy among the youth. Stay in the shadows.

  16. Stogumber says:

    I first learned about NDA’s in relation to German concentration camps. Then I found out that they were as normal in WW II detainment camps for “suspicious” Germans. Now I see that they are quite normal nowadays.
    In fact the NDA practice undermines public control of state institutions and should not be allowed in a democraacy.

  17. Shame what the Trump administration did to this guy.

  18. fnn says:
    @Ari Silver

    “Ari Silver” is probably your real name.

  19. Sounds like you’ve got an open-and-shut civil rights case against your fragworthy asshole superior officer for ‘ordering’ you to waive your constitutional, common law, and human rights against incrimination and coerced confession. Criminal FBI scumbags are clearly carrying out their prime directive of barking up the wrong tree. The lawyer you’ve got is not up to this job if he’s never seen this. Get a scorched-earth asshole with graymail and human rights experience.

    • Replies: @Exile
  20. @KenH

    CIA is allowed to participate in FBI investigations along with FBI agents. CIA is also allowed leeway for conducting operations on US soil as long as an FBI, DEA, etc. agent is attached to the operation.

  21. Exile says:
    @Ari Silver

    It’s not an “organic” institution when it serves ZOGbot Mike DeWine (typical Ohio GOP) and its officers order their men to cooperate with glowfag investigations and sign NDA’s to cover Shlomo’s tracks.

  22. Exile says:
    @Special Agent Aaron McFarlane

    Good luck finding an attorney in 2020 willing to sue the FBI and the Ohio National Guard on behalf of an ebil White Nationalist.

    A law student could “see” a case here but the question is getting an actual lawyer to take the case and stay on it after the ADLSPLCFBIATFECIA kills their pets and menaces their families.

    • Agree: Alden, fnn
  23. Yeah, right, because nobody could save Flynn, once FBI and DoJ broke all the rules to give him a good judicial ratfuck. You just have to make sure your lawyer is a real one, not a good cop. A Kathleen Zellner would make mincemeat of these FBI loser scumbags. In CIA propaganda cases like this your vindication may be overseas. Poor ol Sirhan Sirhan, patsy of patsies, is going to the IAHRC. Just a shame he had to wait so long.

  24. I will not take stories like this seriously unless the alleged victim takes legal action against his persecutors. This is wise from the viewpoint of politics, morality, and self-interest. If not done I will assume he is just another BS artist.

    • Replies: @fnn
  25. fnn says:
    @jack daniels

    Just Google “Shandon Simpson” + guard. Believe it or not, there’s an ordinary criminal who’s been in the news who has the same name.

  26. JamesinNM says:

    U.S. military personnel are hired mercenaries for the Satanic NWO and in no way protect America or Americans.

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