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Inside Boris Johnson's Plan to Transplant Almost Half of Hong Kong's Population to Britain
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China’s coming National Security Law, which will give the mainland the right to engage in counter-espionage against foreign intelligence operatives organizing riots in Hong Kong, has been met with indignation by the governments of America and the United Kingdom.

The irony is especially rich in Britain’s case. During the country’s 2019 general election, UK intelligence services helped elect the Conservative Party candidate Boris Johnson by leading cyber crackdowns against pro-Corbyn internet activists. The excuse was that they were foreign interlopers from Russia, though no hard evidence was ever provided.

Now, the hypocrisy has gone into overdrive as America and the UK are engulfed in Hong Kong style frenzies of looting, murder and terrorism as regular citizens plead to deaf ears to their leaders for swift and decisive action. The similarity is not lost on Washington asset Joshua Wong, a chief organizer in the Hong Kong Independence Movement, who recently endorsed the nihilistic rioting of “Black Lives Matter.”

Nevertheless, the Tory Jew Johnson and his Secretary of State, an Indian named Priti Patel, plan to flood almost half of Hong Kong’s population into the overcrowded schools and hospitals of the voters who elected them primarily to curtail immigration. The indigenous racial majority’s decline into minority status, which is slated for 40 years from now, will be hastened. This is being promoted as a geopolitical attack on Chinese sovereignty in defense of liberal ideology, and if the policy is successful, British workers will have up to 3 million new competitors for jobs in an era of exploding COVID unemployment.

Lord Norman Tebbit, who in 1990 shot down the idea of granting mass citizenship to Hong Kongers due to the impact it would have on Britain’s racial demography, signed a letter last November endorsing the mass exodus. Both the institutional left and the right of the United Kingdom have dropped all pretenses of protecting the nation’s European character.

In the letter, various Lords condemn the British National (Overseas) passport system as it only provides holders with temporary visas to visit the UK, rather than a full path towards citizenship with the ability to work. The coming change to the visa system would be the most drastic in the country’s history.

The Chinese state has responded with fury at Johnson and co’s decision. According to the Chinese foreign ministry, the offer to airlift Hong Kong’s population to Europe is an act of foreign meddling and will be met with withdrawal from planned trade agreements.

The irony of Boris Johnson’s offer is that most experts believe eligible Hong Kongers probably won’t take it. The median salary in Hong Kong is 50% higher than what the average Englishmen makes. The rise of Chinese racial nationalism — which Xi Jinping’s Schmittian legal theorist and Hong Kong expert Jiang Shigong has offered as an alternative to the liberal system — may also keep BN(O) passport holders home.

Many on Chinese social media have been seeing what life is really like in America, UK and other Western liberal plutocracies, and want nothing to do with it. The truth about interracial strife and how the state responds to it has been traveling back to Asia through what its diaspora is seeing in New York City, Los Angeles and London, where Asian people are just as likely to be lynched or have their stores looted as white people. The image of English police officers kneeling before a crowd of African and anarchist criminals while allowing the out of control mob to senselessly beat them does not hurt the Chinese government’s credibility but bolsters it.

Britain is a country where the secret police will aggressively pursue charges against you for protesting Jewish power, stating the obvious about race, or even affirming that a man in a dress is not a woman on social media.

It is a country where the nation’s native population is a hated and attacked minority in its own capital city. It is a country where the police arrest young white women drugged and raped by 100 Pakistani criminals while her attackers go free. The United Kingdom, with its downwardly mobile and forgotten middle class, nihilistic cultural values, and corrupt, flagrantly unresponsive elites and institutions is not a place where any advanced race wants to live.

Anglo-liberalism — touted around the world as the final stage of history– is collapsing amidst its own contradictions. An advanced and ascendant civilization like the Chinese is unlikely to board a sinking ship in the large numbers the Zionist Boris Johnson hopes they will.

After the handful of foreign assets like Joshua Wong leading Hong Kong’s own “antifa riots” flee to take a think-tank sinecure in Washington, the world will finally see that elite supported barbarism is just as unpopular on the Chinese island as it is among the citizens of the burning cities of America.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    This is criminal and evil beyond belief, that madman Boris Johnson would flood UK (which is already overcrowded with Muslim thugs who are raping and killing white women in broad daylight) with even more aliens.

    I hope the people will rise up and the Parliament will block this insane plan.

    This madman BoJo had coronavirus and was on a vent. The reduced O2 supply to his brain during the corona in the ICU and on vent causes encephalopathy and has left this mad man with ventilator encephalopathy, leading to his dementia.

  2. Pheasant says:

    Thats what Britain needs more middle-man minorities.

    More people pooling thier money and buying the suburban houses meant for British people to be able to raise families and illegally subdividing them and renting them to immigrants who do not pay taxes.

    Chin*s can f*ck off.

    • Replies: @GammaRay
  3. Pheasant says:

    ‘The United Kingdom, with its downwardly mobile and forgotten middle class, nihilistic cultural values, and corrupt, flagrantly unresponsive elites and institutions is not a place where any advanced race wants to live.’

    Don’t I know it.

  4. Exile says:

    This is a larger-scale version of America’s acceptance of Vietnamese traitors in the 1970’s and Afghan and Iraqi traitors of the Forever Wars of today.

    Once you pierce the veil of civic national illusions (“these people are committed to muh Constitutional freedoms”), what these immigrants really are are mercenary traitors to their own kin & nations.

    I’ve met quite a few of these types who tend to relocate to places like SoCal – especially Iranian Pahlavists who are still spending the loot they stole from American aid to the Shah – sending their kids to American schools with tax dollars they stole from us so they can take jobs from American kids.

    Only the sham Judaic ideology of neo-conservatism, now rife in Britain as well as America, white-washes traitors-for-hire as newfound American and British patriots.

    Everyone else from their own countrymen to wise Whites in “their” new lands recognizes them as the traitorous lumpen-bourgeoisie of their betrayed homelands – the least morally-fit sort of immigrants of all.

  5. Jiminy says:

    I heard something similar on the radio last night as well, only Britain wants Australia to take these people in. I certainly have nothing against the Chinese- they have been a part of Australia’s culture since the gold rush days. But this is something England should have recognised would happen back when it handed Hong Kong over to China. What did they really expect to occur? As well I always feel that nothing is solved by running away from the problem. Sure some will die, some will be locked up but changes have to start somewhere. That is the line of history for most societies. Plus Australia has too many people and not enough jobs. It now seems like everybody works either in a cafe or restaurant, or has a government job. All the other jobs went to Asia.

  6. Anonymous[122] • Disclaimer says:

    Britain is a shithole, especially the cities, where black and Muslim criminals prey on whites, and no doubt on Chinese too if there was large numbers of them. They would be crazy to move to this country.

    Blacks and Muslims are destroying whites in Britain, and from what I’ve seen Chinese, especially urbanite Chinese, are even less physically tough than white people so I doubt they would fare well here. There are safer towns and villages, but I doubt HK Chinese would want to live in those places. The big city is their natural habitat but the British big city is a very different place to what they’re used to.

    Maybe many have a naive view of Britain from films and TV shows? The reality is they’d get eaten alive in British cities.

  7. Britain is a country where the secret police will aggressively pursue charges against you for protesting Jewish power , stating the obvious about race, or even affirming that a man in a dress is not a woman on social media.

    The real tragedy is lots of Brits are still in denial over disproportionate and harmful Jewish influence in the corridors of power.

    Though Jews and part types make up a very small fraction of the general population, three of the last four leaders of the Conservative Party had Jewish ancestry – Michael Howard (Hecht), David Cameron and Boris Johnson (Kemal Bey). Prior to this Margaret Thatcher promoted a number of Jews to her cabinet like “Lord” Nigel Lawson (Leibson).

    The Labour Party also recently had a Jewish leader Ed Miliband, the son of an immigrant of Polish descent. Before him was Scottish charlatan and war criminal Tony Blair whose main enabler was another tribe member “Baron” Levy. Corbynism was really a Jewish movement courtesy of tribe affiliate Jon Lansman. In parliament the former speaker John Bercow (Berkowitz) in also Jewish.

    Jews are overrepresented in the media and their opinions are taken as facts. For example in 2017 obnoxious Israeli-born Jewess Rachel Shabi, who isn’t even a historian, wrote in the New York Times, no doubt because of tribal networking, that “Britain is an Immigrant Nation” yet DNA evidence shows otherwise.

    • Agree: Miro23, anonymous1963
  8. @Anonymous

    The Chinese are not all veering to cities, plenty of them live in smaller UK towns, including semi-rural ones. I went to uni with a woman who had Hong Konger parents. Her parents had moved to bought a house in Colne, and once the daughters became adults, the parents moved back to HK. The sisters didn’t get along, so the older sister bought her own place. Anyway, she can speak but not read Chinese and has no intentions of following her parents to HK, and feels ‘totally westernised’ and happy in the UK. She had a desire to seek spiritual happiness and she wasn’t sure where to find it outside of religion.

    I also had a male Chinese friend in his 50’s who lives in Lancaster, who’d been born in the UK (his father had passed) and he once visited his roots on the mainland at the urging of his mother (he also speaks but doesn’t read Chinese as it goes) but he said he could never live in China and would never go back again.

    Across much of Lancs, Yorks, Merseyside, Anglia, NE, you’ll see plenty of Chinese and Indian/Pakistani presence outside of suburbia and urban areas. yes, they seem omnipresent in house auctions. At one house auction, a Chinese woman had flown in especially to bid on numerous properties that she could rent out.

    Plenty are owned by Pakistanis and Indians too and rented out to repatriated ‘family’ etc. The family repatriation rules are outdated and includes disabled or elderly relatives who will never contribute and be a perpetual drain on taxpayer funds. Same with Commonwealth countries -the Commonwealth vanity project is a huge portal for citizens of former colonies to get a golden ticket too. And if you thought that was bringing in the numbers, consider EU membership opening doors to the UK from the commonwealth nations of France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy. Hence the UK now has Algerians, Mozambiquens etc getting access to the UK, having never set foot in France or Portugal – just applied for their passports which were granted.

    Blame the oligarchies (aka Bolsheviks, globalists etc), they are the ones who created and remain in charge of these ‘systems’ because they have all the power and wealth.

  9. A123 says:

    The irony of Boris Johnson’s offer is that most experts believe eligible Hong Kongers probably won’t take it.

    This is probably the single most important sentence in the piece.

    BoJo is not going to flood the UK with people moving from HK. The “proposal” is a rhetorical flourish intended to shine a spotlight at Red China’s abuse of its own people.

    It is a leading indicator for a Trump-like effort, weaning the UK off of Chinese imports.

    PEACE 😷

    • Replies: @Miro23
  10. Please, Britain, do take all the Joshua Wongs, Nathan Laws, Jimmy Lais & Anson Chans, etc. from Hong Kong; they’re stinking up the fragrant harbor!

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  11. barr says:

    Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF), founded in London in 1865, Charles Warren, who led the Fund’s first archaeological expeditions in Jerusalem in the 1860s, dreamt of a body like the East India Company, “to govern and farm Palestine for twenty years.” Warren continued:

    “Let this be done with the avowed intention of gradually introducing the Jew, pure and simple, who is eventually to occupy and govern this country. Let the Jew find his way into its army, its law, its diplomatic service. Let him superintend the farming operations, and work himself on the farms.”
    -Charles Warren
    This was a plan for Zionist settler colonization, twenty years before Theodor Herzl’s “The Jewish State.”

    Don’t you enjoy the comeuppance ?

    • Replies: @barr
  12. barr says:

    Rep. Ted Deutch in an hour-long briefing yesterday with a pro-Israel organization, the Florida congressman repeatedly slammed Palestinian leaders: for not taking the Trump plan seriously, for demanding that Jerusalem be the capital of a Palestinian state, for not recognizing “that Israel is a Jewish state,” and for rejecting supposed offers for peace from Israel.

    Deutch did express “concern” over the Israeli government’s West Bank annexation plans, but did so reluctantly. Questioning a “rightwing” Israeli government’s decisions doesn’t “suggest any antipathy or outright attack against any policy of Israel,” he said, and is not “easy for all of us who love Israel and care deeply about this relationship.” monodweiss .net

    This is the fate of Trump . The more he is excoriated by Max Boot in WaPo and by Elliot Cohen in the Atlantic ,more he kneels down and asks for forgiveness and direction from Netanhuu Deutch Kushner and anybody who can utter filthiest words about Iran or Palestinian hoping the the rascals will go soft on him .

    But Flordians shouldn’t compare,in against Immigration as long as Trump touts the virtue of eviction abroad and US finances the evictions.

  13. Anonymous[939] • Disclaimer says:

    Why didn’t the “Hong Kongers” protest when the British were forced to hand back control to China in 1997? On the contrary the general consensus at the time seemed to be “good riddance to the colonial oppressors”.

    HK Chinese are no friends of the British, they are only pretending to be now because they risk losing their privileged status in comparison to other major Chinese cities. They would gladly bad mouth the British at any other time.

    • Replies: @Malla
  14. nymom says:

    I think the idea is just dumb.

    They have had years to arrange to leave Hong Kong as they surely knew this was coming down the pike albeit a decade or two earlier than anticipated.

    I would suggest they move to Taiwan if they are not happy with the situation. They will save themselves and London a lot of grief as that is probably where they will wind up complaining about the other immigrants there before them and what a horrible ‘racist’ place England is…

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  15. Give me a break. Taiwan is only 446 miles from Hong Kong.

    The Chinese who don’t want to live under Beijing’s rule already have a refuge less than an hour’s flight away.

  16. Bob Gwen says:

    I think this would be great. I would love for 3 million below average Chinese to go to the UK, where they can bring about more societal tension. And all that land in HK being vacated would surely be filled up with more pro-Beijing citizens.

  17. Anonymous[141] • Disclaimer says:

    Chinese despise the British, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen them rant about how the British decimated their country with opium, the Opium Wars, treated the Chinese in Hong Kong as second class citizens, etc. The idea that the Chinese don’t have a “colonial victim” mentality is nonsense.

    A lot of British people seem to be under the impression that the HK Chinese are pro-British but they are nothing of the sort. If they moved here they would be a fifth column in our society and would politically side with the other spiteful, anti-British immigrant groups. A lot of British people think Chinese are their friends because they’re smart enough to hide their contempt at face value, they’re similar to Jews in that regard.

  18. Miro23 says:

    When the US ZioGlob/deep state issue international rulings, the UK is always the first in line to comply and obey. Ref. Tony Blair with WMD and the Iraq war, or Boris Johnson with the China Wuhan virus or CIA sponsored activism in Venezuela, the Ukraine and Hong Kong.


    The United Kingdom, with its downwardly mobile and forgotten middle class, nihilistic cultural values, and corrupt, flagrantly unresponsive elites and institutions is not a place where any advanced race wants to live.

    Just follow the timeline of the BBC from its onetime world world leadership in impartial thoughtful reporting to its present sad status as a subservient Israel/Antifa/BLM mouthpiece.

  19. Miro23 says:

    Plus Australia has too many people and not enough jobs. It now seems like everybody works either in a cafe or restaurant, or has a government job. All the other jobs went to Asia.

    There are plenty of jobs in natural resource extraction (mining etc.) but wouldn’t it just be easier for the Chinese to take over this enormous empty resource rich continent, the same that the British did from the aborigines?

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  20. TG says:

    The rich have One True God and it is the easy profit that comes from ever cheaper labor. And the best way to get cheap labor, is to force increases in the supply of it.

  21. @Jiminy

    Wrong. They have not been part of Australian culture since the gold rush days. The Yellow Peril have been seen as a threat to Australian culture since gold rush days. Hence the White Australia Policy, abandoned after WW2 in the name of “social progress”. That term covers up the real motive, social subversion. (And the real motive was always to double the population to double sales.)

    And while we have our frenzies over racism, places like Japan won’t let Whites buy land and houses and become permanent residents there. For Whites to resent that is racism.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  22. Jiminy says:

    Obviously there’s a finite number of mining jobs to go around, but you have to remember that the real hope of these companies is to mechanise the process as much as possible. Even the hauling trucks can be computer controlled so you don’t have to pay for drivers. You see pictures of factories now and you wonder where are the people – they have become obsolete. I just heard lately that shares for a robot brick laying machine have gone up because it’s now laying at a rate of 200 bricks an hour, double what a man can achieve. So the obvious take on it all is to eliminate man from the process and up your profits. The future is here, and we’re living it.

    And as everyone noticed during the lockdown pollution levels abated because of industry shutdowns. To open a new coal mine here could take a decade or more with all of the regulations that must be met and protest groups that have to be fought in court. So why would China want to take over Australia when it already has its hands on so many pieces of the pie. It would be quicker to make a list of things that China doesn’t have shares in than what it does. When the P.M. asked for an enquiry into China and the virus, I was hoping that the US is going to give Australia the billions of dollars that this episode is going to lose us for pushing the US agenda so publicly. In retaliation , universities are going to lose billions as well as the tourism sector – ditto the beef and alcohol industries.

    Finally, should China want to take over Australia, it would then find itself on the doorstep of the worlds largest population of muslims, Indonesia. That sounds like a heady mix that may not go down to well.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Hibernian
  23. Malla says:

    Britain should have been 99.9% British and the other 0.1% immigrants should have been predominantly other White immigrants if at all. But given a choice in between Pakistani Mirpuri peasants, Nigerians, Indians etc… HK Chinese are a far far better immigrant group into a first world country. But the UK they are going to, is it really a 100% first World country anymore? Even if I was an anti-CCP HongKonger, angry with Beijing for reducing the promised rights of average Hongkongers, I would stick to living in HK than go to Britain where most cities are full of foreign thugs and criminals and parts of Britain look like shitholes straight out of Mumbai or Dhaka or Lagos. No thank you. I think Taiwan is a much better option to migrate to. CCP iron rule is far far better than living in proximity to third world bazzars.

    • Replies: @suicidal_canadian
    , @Anon
  24. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    If 2.5 million Chinese are to be imported to Britain, all the blacks and indians have to go. Chinese may not be Swedes but are 100 times better than anything from the subcontinent or Africa. Indians and blacks are just as foul as gypsies (and I don’t mean Irish Travellers) and must be expelled from Britain as soon as possible!

  25. @Malla

    It’s just political posturing to make the democratic west look morally superior and like they are saving the poor darkies from their oppressive political system. The game only works if the western world is functioning – which it really isn’t anymore. There is no good reason for a Hong Konger to go live among nigerian drug gangs, albanian sex traffickers, mirpuri dope dealers, and shrill, whining Jews. China offers more stability, economic opportunity, and is just in general a much better place to live than anywhere in England.

    • Replies: @Malla
  26. Miro23 says:

    BoJo is not going to flood the UK with people moving from HK. The “proposal” is a rhetorical flourish intended to shine a spotlight at Red China’s abuse of its own people.

    BoJo isn’t proposing anything. He’s just following instructions from the US ZioGlob deep state, the same as all recent UK Prime Ministers.

    Back with Blair it was the imminent WMD threat from Iraq, then Libya, then Iran, then “Russian hacking”, then invade Syria, then the CIA coup in Venezuela. Now it’s time to target China with the Wuhan virus BS and a colour revolution in Hong Kong.

    Any Hong Kong Chinese who make the mistake of moving to the UK, will discover that they’re a long way down the minority pecking order – well behind the Pakistanis and African thugs.

  27. jsinton says:

    Hong Kongers are well educated, work hard, and have money. Contrast that will Afghans and Pakistanis. Anyone would do well to welcome Hong Kongers with open arms.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  28. Rahan says:

    The other day some US senator also lobbied for the US to take in lots of King Kongers.

    My first thought was that this was a rare display of race realism and that both saw a chance to boost their populations with people who prefer to work for a living and get good grades, but then I realized this was rather an example of the “Cuban voter logic” of the cuckservatives. In their imagination, people who flee “oppressive communist regimes” will became automatic voters for the Tories/Republicans.

    So this is like the lefties importing infinity coloreds in order to shift voting demographics in their favor, but in reverse. And who knows. Maybe in the larger scheme it’s actually a way to slap back a bit the leftie mudslide. If the Kongers really do become automatic hereditary Tory/GOP voters by Cuban logic.

    Whatever happened to the Vietnamese who fled the commies? Did these people become hereditary GOP voters? Or did that work out like with the “family values Latinos” that were supposed to all become Republicans because of a shared love of Christ?

    Non-ironic question.

    • Replies: @anon
  29. Anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    I doubt many of the educated, rich “Hong Kongers” would really want to live in a country that is per capita significantly poorer than Hong Kong with significantly lower wages.

    Britain is only a step up for third world slum dwellers or working class, uneducated Eastern Europeans, people who are at the bottom of the social ladder in their native countries. I can’t see what Britain offers to people like “Hong Kongers”. They are used to living in a high tech, modern metropolis with a lot of prosperity. London and especially the other major British cities will seem frankly grim, gritty and run down to them.

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Pheasant
  30. Malla says:

    China offers more stability, economic opportunity, and is just in general a much better place to live than anywhere in England.

    In the 1960s it was exactly the opposite. Britain in 1960 offered more stability, economic opportunity, and is just in general a much better place to live than anywhere in China. How mass multi-racialism/multiculturalism with the wrong sort of people destroys everything!!!

  31. Malla says:

    They would gladly bad mouth the British at any other time.

    Reminds me of that vile disgusting witch Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, whose family of South Asian merchants was rescued from Idi Amin from Uganda by the British (after Indira Gandhi’s India refused to take them in). The vile bitch thanked the British people for this kindness by hating the native British 24/7 in the Satanic Communist anti-British NWO channel, the BBC.

  32. Malla says:

    What were those Vietnamese to do? Live under Commies? What were those Pahlavists to do? Live under that crazy Ayatollah?

    them as the traitorous lumpen-bourgeoisie of their betrayed homelands – the least morally-fit sort of immigrants of all.

    It is best they were not in the West to begin with (the Vietnamese could have gone to Thailand, Iranians to Lebanon/Syria) but they are far far far better immigrants both morally and in IQ than most Algerians/Moroccans and blacks in France, South Asians and blacks in Britain etc… Somehow the Africans, South Asians and Middle-Easterners coming in masses to Europe or Latin Americans coming in masses to the USA are not traitors but people escaping bloody commies and islamic fandus are traitors?? No wonder the West is screwed. Get the lowest of the low and magically turn them into good citizen. A mental disease from Christianity common in Communists. Except that Commies are arrogant snobs behind all that talk of equality.

    • Replies: @Anon
  33. GammaRay says:

    this kind of thinking partially explains why the west is so fucked up, many westerners literally lack the ability to equate cause and effect. Potential millions of chinese immigrants to the UK are not the real problem here, the real problem is british/western/US meddling into the internal affairs of china WRT the HK protests that started this whole issue in the first place. Had the west never meddled in the HK protests to begin with then this wouldn’t be an issue would it? The way I see it, the UK and maybe even the US having to take in millions of HK “refugees” is just deserts for them meddling in the affairs of other countries, but OTOH maybe this was the plan all along. Bait the nationalists with china bashing over the HK protests and then blindside them by using the HK incident as a pretext for bringing in millions of HK immigrants. Its kind of clever when you think about it. Not that I actually think this proposal will actually happen, but its still funny to think about

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  34. GammaRay says:

    I hate to break it to you but chinese people don’t care. They’ll literally move anywhere and set up shop. The fact that chinese people have no compunction about moving to the US (which is much “harder” than the UK) should tell you everything you need to know. While not completely related, this does remind me of an interesting excerpt regarding the chinese from a book published in 1920 called: THE RISING TIDE OF COLOR AGAINST WHITE WORLD-SUPREMACY:

    Nor are the Chinese themselves blind to the advantages of Chino-Japanese co-operation. They have an instinctive assurance in their own capacities, they know how they have ultimately digested all their conquerors, and many Chinese to-day think that from a Chino-Japanese partnership, no matter how framed, the inscrutable “Sons of Han” would eventually get the lion’s share. Certainly no one has ever denied the Chinaman’s extraordinary economic efficiency. Winnowed by ages of grim elimination in a land populated to the uttermost limits of subsistence, the Chinese race is selected as no other for survival under the fiercest conditions of economic stress. At home the average Chinese lives his whole life literally within a hand’s breadth of starvation. Accordingly, when removed to the easier environment of other lands, the Chinaman brings with him a working capacity which simply appalls his competitors. That urbane Celestial, Doctor[Pg 29] Wu-Ting-Fang, well says of his own people: “Experience proves that the Chinese as all-round laborers can easily outdistance all competitors. They are industrious, intelligent, and orderly. They can work under conditions that would kill a man of less hardy race; in heat that would kill a salamander, or in cold that would please a polar bear, sustaining their energies through long hours of unremitting toil with only a few bowls of rice.”[18] This Chinese estimate is echoed by the most competent foreign observers. The Australian thinker, Charles H. Pearson, wrote of the Chinese a generation ago in his epoch-making book, “National Life and Character”: “Flexible as Jews, they can thrive on the mountain plateaux of Thibet and under the sun of Singapore; more versatile even than Jews, they are excellent laborers, and not without merit as soldiers and sailors; while they have a capacity for trade which no other nation of the East possesses. They do not need even the accident of a man of genius to develop their magnificent future.”[19] And Lafcadio Hearn says: “A people of hundreds of millions disciplined for thousands of years to the most untiring industry and the most self-denying thrift, under conditions which would mean worse than death for our working masses—a people, in short, quite content to strive to the uttermost in exchange for the simple privilege of life.”[20]

  35. Anon[144] • Disclaimer says:

    You think Vietnamese and Iranians are moral people?

    Stop talking nonsense.

    • Replies: @Malla
  36. Anon[144] • Disclaimer says:

    Most of the shithole areas in England are Black or Muslim. There are no shithole Indian areas there.

    • Replies: @Malla
  37. Malla says:

    I have been to Indian areas in the UK, not shithole ghettos but you can make out the difference from a White middle class area easily. It is not in the interest of White nations to have large number of Indians. We Indians are Jew like, con-genetically low trust population who will destroy the nation eventually. Besides most Indians hate White people. A few Indians are all right, Indians who are intelligent AND of good character AND who have no chip on their shoulder about Whitey and Whitey civilization (nay love the particular host culture). 99.99% Indians do not make the cut. Also even these good Indians, their numbers should be kept small. Like, all brown blacks combined (with the traits I have mentioned above) should not make more than say 0.001% of the total population. Like a few brown black drops in a White ocean. You should go for months in a White country before coming across a brown black. ONLY that kind of multi racialism is feasible. ONLY that kind of multi-racialism will not lead to disaster.

  38. @Jiminy

    Superb comment.

    I will just quibble with one point. Somehow i doubt that China is afraid of Indonesia, or controlling territory closer to Indonesia , in any way.

    China will gladly take the vast open territory and mineral resources of Australia, whether by force or by long demographic invasion, as would I in their situation.

    It is Indonesians who should be afraid if China expands its territory that much closer. Without nuclear weapons as a deterrent, and without some other military and/or economic superpower to protect it, indonesia will have a hard time resisting whatever China demands.

    • Replies: @Malla
  39. Malla says:

    Please read the comment to which that comment of mine was a response. What I said was those Vietnamese folks escaping commies and those Pahlavists Iranians escaping the mad Ayatollahs are far better immigrant stock than Algerian, Pakistani, Nigerian, Bangladeshi, Moroccan thugs and drug dealers. They were of middle class background and compared to the low class immigrants are far better stock to live in a first world country. But it would be best if they had migrated to some country with comparatively similar culture, religion and race. Like the Persians could have gone to Lebanon or Syria (not today’s Syria). Both of them have a large Shia Muslim population and Lebanon in those days was the Dubai of its time. There is a huge Arab Christian population there. The Vietnamese could have gone to Thailand or may be the Philippines. Such Middle class educated stock are a good addition to any country. But at least the Vietnamese like the Cubans in the USA are, I believe, hardcore Republican supporters. The Republicans are scumbags too but are far better than the NWO Commie Democrats.
    And they were not traitors. They were nationalists who did not want their homelands turn Commie or Mullah. And it is likely that the Zio elites of the West pushed the Commies on Vietnam and the Mullahs on Iran. The French Vietnamese Govt in Vietnam were more scared of the leftist propaganda coming from the American embassy than they were of the Soviet embassy. The USSR took two whole years to recognize the Communist Government of North Vietnam after it was formed. Stalin was not big on spreading communism in the Third World via revolution like Trotsky, though he probably played some part in pushing Communism in China and India in the early years. He was more interested in spreading Communism in Europe via the red army and have a huge Genghis Khan like empire from the Atlantic to the Pacific. And after WW2, Soviet Russia was too weak economically to get into all this revolution business, after fighting the German Wehrmacht. Khrushchev who came after him was a Trotskyite who started supporting revolutionary movements around the world and hence the fake “independence struggles” in Africa and the terrorist attacks on Rhodesia and South Africa. American president FD Roosevelt was probably more communist than Stalin and was completely opposed to European colonial Empires. He was personally opposed to the French returning to Northern South East Asia and the Dutch to Indonesia. There is a new book lately that the first Indian (socialist) PM Nehru was more influenced by FDR’s New Deal socialism than the USSR, as is believed by many Indians. Many idiotic Indians are taking their new found hatred for Nehru (thanks to the propaganda of the Hindu fundamentalist RSS) and extrapolating it to wanting to distance India for Russia and jumping on America’s lap. But most educated Indians are morons.
    As far as Iran, when the Islamic revolution happened Ayatollah Khomenei came to Tehran from Paris!!! A fundamentalist Ayatollah coming from Paris!!! The Ayatollah lived in a French commune protected by the French secret services!! The Shah was a hardcore Persian nationalist, check out his videos. He wanted Iran to be the most powerful country in the Middle East, more powerful than Israel. Literacy rate in Iran increased from mere 5% (when he came into power) to 25% when he abdicated. In one video he spoke out about the Jewish lobby in the USA, in finance, in media. He thus sealed his own death sentence.
    Besides Saddam Hussein asked the Shah if the Shah wanted the Ayatollah liquidated (when the Ayatollah was in Iraq), Saddam could have easily “taken care of business” of the Ayatollah. But like a true gentleman the Shah did not give the green signal. Reminds me of Tzar Nicholaus II of Russia who could have Lenin killed but just sent him to Siberia for a few years. What the Tzar of Russia and the Shah of Iran did not realize that you cannot behave like gentleman to evil, ruthless, psychopath scumbags. Either you finish them off or they will definitely finish you off.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @Hibernian
  40. Malla says:

    It is Indonesians who should be afraid if China expands its territory that much closer. Without nuclear weapons as a deterrent, and without some other military and/or economic superpower to protect it, indonesia will have a hard time resisting whatever China demands.

    The point is China may conquer Indonesia, the PLA eventually defeating the Indonesian armed forces (but before that probably having to go through the armed forces of Thailand, Malaysia, Burma/Laos-Cambodia/ Vietnam, Singapore) but controlling a population of 200 million Indonesians, 90% of whom are Muslims and having a great dislike for their own Chinese minority will be something else. Indonesians are always suspicious that Indonesian Chinese are traitors for PR China, so much so that during the anti-Chinese uprisings in Indonesia, the PR Chinese government had have a more muffled response to counter that impression among the people. Add to that the recent Xinjiang Uyghur issue, fellow Muslims of the Indonesians. So a latent distrust for China exists but when there will be Chinese troops in Indonesia, that will cause hell. It will be very easy to rally such a large Muslim population on anti-Chinese sentiments. And that will be a MAJOR HEADACHE for the PLA, may turn into China’s Afghanistan. Well China had a hard time in Northern Vietnam, will not be easy to go through all of South East Asia, all the way down to Australia. And what would Britain, Japan do and most important of all, what would the USA do? Sit back and watch the whole thing?
    It will be much easier for the Chinese to take over Australia and New Zealand via immigration and buying assets. The leaders of both these countries are corrupt traitors who will sell their national assets to any Chinese or Indian (Adani) oligarch who pays them enough. When we can easily take over Western countries via mass migration without firing a shot why go through all that conquest business?

  41. @Anonymous

    The reality is they’d get eaten alive in British cities.

    No, they wouldn`t be. Any group that sticks together – while sustaining some damage of course – could stand up to the vermin in British cities. Just need to be organised and determined, and the Chinese can supply those traits.

    They survive the United States – why not Britain?

  42. Hibernian says:

    Even the hauling trucks can be computer controlled so you don’t have to pay for drivers.

    Guaranteed to ensure that there will be more grieving widows of miners. Mechanize and rationalize, but don’t fully automate. It’s not worth it.

  43. Hibernian says:

    …and have a huge Genghis Khan like empire from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

    Of whom does that remind us?

  44. Hibernian says:

    American president FD Roosevelt was probably more communist than Stalin…

    Talk about overstating your case.

    • Replies: @Malla
  45. Malla says:

    Talk about overstating your case.

    Yes, by a bit. His Govt was filled with Soviet agents like Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White

    And what is even strange is that this Soviet spy White played a big role in ensuring the dominance of the US economy in the World that we know today. Whata Cold War we had!!huh!!

    How a Soviet spy outmaneuvered John Maynard Keynes to ensure U.S. financial dominance

  46. @Rational

    This madman BoJo had coronavirus and was on a vent. The reduced O2 supply to his brain during the corona in the ICU and on vent causes encephalopathy and has left this mad man with ventilator encephalopathy, leading to his dementia.

    No. Covid-19 has nothing to do with it! He was always this daft.

  47. Pheasant says:

    this kind of thinking partially explains why the west is so fucked up’

    Actually no.

    Overseas Chinese are a thing and have been for millenia. They are middle man minorities.

    The most recent cause of Chinese real eastate purchases turning whole areas of western cities into rent-seeking enterprises (where I am from virtually all middle mn minoritiy landlords rent spaces illegally to immigrants) is the fact the the Chinese economy is a pyramid scheme and Chinese property rights are not secure. Hence rich Chinese wanting to invest thier cash overseas in the west where thier money is safer.

    To be honest I was just venting against the Chinese. I am more angry at the cuckholded psychopaths who want to bring them into western Europe’s most crowded country.

    I personally think Britain should now leave Hong Kong and China alone and I blame Britain for creating (as they always do-see northern Ireland) a left behind colonial remnant who resent having to assimilate with the actual non colonial society.

    Britain should have maintained administration while China took over sovreignity that way any problems the blame could have been put where it rightfully belongs-the British.

    I am no fan of Jewish drug dealing today or 150 years ago. To try to get control of China’s silver currency they sold them the old fashioned version of heroin. See the Sassoon family of Bhagdad.

    Anyway I am pretty sure this is just a way for deep state goons to show up China and any Hong Kong Chinese who wanted to make a new life overseas have had long enough to do so. It was always clear that one party two systems was never going to be held to especially with deep state goons encouraging/financing riots and colour revolutions.

    Good luck to the Chinese I just do not want millions of them dumped here.

  48. Pheasant says:

    Interesting but not all of them are traitors.

    ‘Iranian Pahlavists’

    These people are Jews. The ‘Iranians’ in Los Angeles are not Iranian they are Jews.

    Just so you know.

    • Thanks: Malla
  49. Pheasant says:

    Hong Kong is a crowded polluted dump.

    London is getting worse but is still a nice place.

    I used to work in a hotel and had to check in a guest at night. For some bizzare reason there was emergency roadworks going on and a sledgehammer was pounding right beneath his window. I was apologetic expecting him to be angry. He was not in any way bothered simply explaining that it he did not mind at all since he ‘was from Hong Kong’.

  50. @Rational

    The murder and rape rate in the United Kingdom is several deviations lower than in the USA, where a white woman’s chances of being murdered are lower than 1 in 100,000.

    More likely than not, Rational is an irate white female who fears the naturally more attractive, naturally more desirable Asian female, knowing her dating and marriage prospects are about to get even smaller.

  51. @Anonymous

    Blacks and Muslims are destroying whites in Britain, and from what I’ve seen Chinese

    Imagine actually believing this shit, even as an HIV+ crackhead.

    Are the people like this commenter paid trolls or legitimately psychotic?

  52. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Yet another pyschotically delusional comment from a probable white female, terrified of Asian women.

    White people can buy land/homes, obtain citizenship, and become Prime Minister of Japan, if thet want to.

    Japan has had 1 European member of the Diet (Marutei Tsurunen of Finland).

    Nobody in Australia sees Chinese people as a “peril”.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  53. @JohnPlywood

    Okay. My mistake re Japan. Just what I’ve read in the MSM.

    But “the Yellow Peril”, meaning the Chinese and their ability to replace the White population, was a well-known cliche in Australia a few decades ago.

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  54. Herald says:

    Bojo never went on a vent, that is a form of mistreatment reserved only for killing the plebs. Many people actually believe Bojo’s illness was simply a PR stunt, that was meant to frighten the masses. It also had the bonus of getting the idiot Johnson out of the way, while the rest of the UK government mob and its crony Bill Gates could safely get on with tightening down the COVID screws into the public coffin.

  55. Jiminy says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Actually I do remember seeing pretty rough cartoons of the Chinese in early southern papers, catering more to the population of the southern states. But in the upper portions of the country the Chinese and other asians were needed and welcomed in various industries. The pearling industry comes to mind. And don’t forget that they were also liked by the aborigines but that was mainly because they did not have the tobacco aftertaste that the white fella had. And it’s surprising just how many Chinese- aborigine families there are up north. So on the whole I think that they blended in rather well. But in regards to the white Australia policy, didn’t that also apply to wops, wogs, and dagos?

  56. What is WRONG with the British? What makes them behave in such a way and tolerate such a situation? Why did they even bother to fight two avoidable wars to the death with Germany – a country that never meant them any harm – and then surrender to Africans and Asians?

    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
  57. @Exile

    Invade the world. Invite the world. Two crazy ideas.

  58. @Jiminy

    Australia should say no and then do itself a big favor by leaving the commonwealth (where is the ‘common’?) and becoming a republic.

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  59. Jiminy says:

    I look at America, a republic and think is that where we want to be. Might be better sticking with a system that seems to work, at the moment.

  60. anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    The Vietnamese went to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and now mostly live in Forest Lake, Cabramatta and Springvale, now the 3 strongest Labor Party voting areas in Australia.
    So yeah, they might be socially conservative Catholics but that doesn’t stop them voting Labor.
    Australia has such an out of control skilled migration program it’s a wonder there are any [cough] Cooks left in either Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, or the Punjab.

  61. I want to know: Where does White America go? Who will take us? Are we to be abandoned like South African Whites? Or do we stand and fight? Fight while we are still the majority.

  62. @anonymous1963

    Zionism. All, White Christian nations are under the gun. We must remove the traitors, who took cash, favors or were blackmailed by zionist/jews, after we voted them into power, by ballot or bullet.

  63. Smith says:

    I weep for Hong Kong.

    I support this transfering of Hong Kongkies to the UK though, it’s just right.

    Also, what happened to the chink shill battlalion (Godfree Roberts, Erebus) and the like? Haven’t seen them in a while.

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