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"Green" Austerity: New York Schools and Prisons Begin Phasing Out Meat In the Name of Climate Change
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The Great Awokening is in full swing, and as usual, people with few rights are the first test subjects.

Left-liberal types treat concerns that climate change NGOs and high finance are conspiring to force working people to stop eating meat and beef products as baseless conspiracy theories. But in areas where Jewish and capitalist “Rockefellar Republican” types operate unopposed, like New York City, this is exactly what they are doing.

In April 2019, Mayor Bill De Blasio signed the “Green New Deal.” One of the major planks of this law is to gradually reduce the availability of meat products for largely poor students at public schools and prisoners throughout the cities vast incarceration network, with the target being a 50% reduction of red meat purchases by 2040.

The stated purpose for this experiment is that it will reduce carbon emissions. Individuals taking up a vegetarian diet would only reduce their carbon emissions by a paltry 2%. Mayor De Blasio himself continues to frequently eat at steakhouses, albeit kosher ones.

The law also impacts New York City’s 55,000 person prison population. A new initiative, “Meatless Mondays,” has been introduced throughout the incarceration system, where animal products are made unavailable one day a week, replaced with soy burgers and vegetarian “chilli.” Inmates are not given a choice.

Unfortunately for the overwhelmingly non-white NYC public school student body and prison population, all of their supposed “advocates” as leftists and Jews who approve of this plan depriving them of dietary choices.

Genuine lifelong environmentalists like Jane Goodall and David Attenborough have commented that ultimately, the key to protecting the environment is fewer people and more trees. It’s a very simple equation that cities like New York, which is projecting a population growth of 10% by 2040, have adamantly rejected.

According to advocates of Green Austerity, encouraging better family planning in areas with unsustainable population growth, like Africa, is “racist.” Furthermore, the same elites ringing alarm bells about a man-made “climate emergency” almost always turn around and claim Western countries need unlimited mass immigration to replenish low population growth.

The inevitable creep of green austerity will be a challenge for working and middle class people in America, who are not organized nor have experts weighing in on the technocratic-neoliberal debate. Various figures on the left and right have noted that putting responsibility for environmental stewardship solely at the feet of “society,” rather than big business and the ruling political bureaucracy, is a way to mask stagnating wages and rising food prices.

Ordinary people being able to buy meat and dairy products at the supermarket is one thing that separates the living standards of an American worker from a Bengali one. The race to the bottom continues.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anonymous[349] • Disclaimer says:

    This “green” movement is really a Trojan Horse for other things, much as some have suspected. Turning the screw little by little at different levels is a stealthy way of accomplishing their ultimate goals. Perhaps they’ll get a visit from the autistic puppet Thunberg, a grotesque organ grinder monkey, who’ll applaud them as trailblazers.

  2. Just shut up and eat your bugs, you whiny little bitchez!

    • LOL: Owen C.
  3. melpol says:

    Costs to feed beef to the unemployable and inmate population must be cut, vegetables and soy is less expensive and also healthy. Only those who can pay for meat should have it. The first step is to limit food stamp sales, only vegetables and soy burgers should be allowable. Those in prison can eat only food that is agreeable to taxpayers. But charities can make meat donations to those who cannot afford the price of beef. Presently half of the meat produced in the US goes to feed those who cannot afford a beef burger. Let them eat only vegetables until they find a decent job.

  4. @melpol

    I´m not too sure about where I stand on making sprogs and jailbirds eat porridge …

    but it would work miracles for public health … and crime. And finances.
    And probably joblessness, yes. What´s not to like?

  5. Anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    People often make elaborate excuses for doing very Darwinian things. It looks more to me like New York whites have decided to try making the black and Hispanic population less harmful by starving them of protein. The less protein you eat, the less testosterone your body produces. More soy eaten means your body is getting estrogen-like compounds. Black males will become more docile and less physically strong on this diet. Hispanics will adapt better because their diet in Mexico and the lower Americas was historically low-protein.

    If we were smart, we’d force every person on welfare to eat vegan.

  6. IvyMike says:

    There are close to 140,000 inmates in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice prisons. For several years now their diet has not included meat. Obviously this has nothing to do with the green new deal. We are getting pretty danged liberal here in Texas, though, the TDCJ is taking bids to put air conditioning in the Units for the 1st time ever.

  7. @Anon

    If we were smart, we’d force every person on welfare to eat vegan.

    That might be fun. What else could we force them to eat? But how smart would it be? Do you think it would affect the Earth’s climate?

  8. @Anon

    If we were smart, we’d force every person on welfare to eat vegan.

    If we were smart, we’d force every person on welfare to use long-term birth control.  ESPECIALLY the minor children.

  9. @melpol

    But wait: back when Reagan decried “strapping young bucks paying for t-bone steaks with foodstamps,” wasn’t that, you know, ray-ciss?

  10. Renoman says:

    Could be the greatest deterrent to crime ever?

  11. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:

    a wonderful idea
    beans rice vegatables powdered milk
    they want xtra then pay for it
    they manage to have cash for lottery tickets and tennis shoes.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  12. @anon

    they want xtra then pay for it

    They’d just steal it.

    Fortunately or not, Impossible Burger or not, the farm lobby is not going to tolerate any push to force the welfare army to eat vegan.  They don’t even let food stamps pay for non-real cheese.

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