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GoFundMe Staff Is Helping Fund Lawyers for Accused "Antifa" Domestic Terrorists
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The for-profit fundraising platform GoFundMe has exposed itself as having a strong racial bias against white customers.

Last month, GoFundMe shocked the public when it shut down a fundraiser for an Irish boy who was critically injured after being stabbed by Africans in a racial attack.

In another case of selective bigotry, GoFundMe deactivated a fundraiser for Jillian Wuestenberg intended to provide her with legal support. Wuestenberg and her husband Eric were charged with “felony assault” following viral video of two black women following them around as the whites attempted in vain to de-escalate. Wuestenberg, who is pregnant, pulled out her gun after one of the black women started blocking her car and attacking it as she tried to get away.

Increasingly, GoFundMe has become little more than a fundraising arm for various left-wing criminals. In June, the company officially declared its support for the groups rioting in the name of George Floyd. It has officially endorsed and helped raise millions for “racial justice” groups.

National Justice was recently provided with evidence showing that the staff at GoFundMe is not only tolerating the use of their facilities to aid domestic terrorists, they are personally donating to these funds.

In a case first spotted by Antifa Watch, a man named Zachary Karas was charged with federal crimes by the ATF for holding a bag full of incendiary bombs at a May 30th George Floyd rally in Costa Mesa, California. He was caught near homes and businesses that were subjected to arson.

Karas was able to raise $11,345 dollars for his legal defense in a GoFundMe drive. The most outrageous part of this story is an archive of his donor list provided to National Justice revealing that the GoFundMe team officially contributed the company’s money to Karas’ legal defense.

According to GoFundMe’s own terms of service, using the platform to raise money for legal defense in cases of violence or terrorism is not allowed. The rules are clearly selectively enforced depending on the race and political views of the person in question.

Organizations claiming to be for “racial justice” have been utilizing GoFundMe for all types of scams, as an investigation by ABC 7 On Your Side recently found. The company’s liability for profiting from fraud does not appear to be taken into account by regulators and law enforcement.

Even more egregious is the political effect of GoFundMe. By banning critics of left-wing extremism and even victims from accessing fundraising resources, the corporation is actively tipping the scales in favor of social and cultural changes the majority of people do not want. It is almost impossible for right-wing groups to raise money on the internet, as the payment processor monopolies from Paypal to Stripe have strict rules discriminating against white and Christian customers.

The role of social media companies in trying to decide political outcomes through the meticulous censorship of speech was ostensibly challenged by Donald Trump’s executive order in late May. The order appears to be largely symbolic red meat for the base, since even in cases like GoFundMe providing funds for accused anarchist terrorists while freezing money for white victims of racial violence, the Department of Justice is not taking any action.

Even without taking section 230 rules limiting liability for social media companies into account, there are clear legal options for the federal government, as companies like Paypal and GoFundMe are openly discriminating against a class (white people) for their immutable characteristics. Unfortunately, the lack of political will to pursue this means that these company’s behavior will only get worse.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Internet, Political Correctness 
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  1. Look at the money raised by floyd george’s brother — supposedly for ” … funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counseling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings, and to assist our family in the days to come as we continue to seek justice for George. A portion of these funds will also go to the Estate of George Floyd for the benefit and care of his children and their educational fund.”

    Even with fund$ ” … for the benefit and care of his children and their educational fund”, a separate gofundme account was set up for his daughter, Gianna Floyd.

    In george floyd’s case, the fund had more donors than any other fund … and raised $14,584,000 of its original $1,500,000 goal.

    The fund for his daughter Gianna has raised $2,319,160 of its original $2,000,000 goal …

    Who said crime doesn’t pay?

  2. R.C. says:

    An important, if sadly unsurprising article.
    Are there any other ‘go fund me’ groups without the SJW BS focus?

  3. Fundly has accepted a fundraiser for Steven Baca.

    Fundrazr has one for the Wuestenberg family.

    Both appear genuine. Contributing to white legal defense is much more gratifying than churches or charities, who might disburse funds to less deserving out-stretched hands (refugee resettlement, baby-mommas, Section 8).

    The fight for free speech and right to self defense are a chance to set in stone our values and commitment to our posterity.

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