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Germany: Halle Synagogue Goers Laugh and Cheer After Two Gentiles Shot Dead
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The wire service Reuters, whose editor-in-chief Stephen J Adler is Jewish, is disseminating through the controlled airwaves a narrative that German-Jews are now living in “fear” in the wake of a shooting in the eastern German city of Halle.

The dispatch quotes members of the Jewish community in Germany claiming that the moderate criticisms of mass immigration by Alternativ Fur Deutschland is responsible for the attack. They single out conservative lawmaker Bjoern Hoecke of AfD, saying that his tepid call for German schools to teach about the millions of German civilians who died in World War II, including during the largest ethnic cleansing in history, is an affront to Jewry who believe the Germans deserved it.

But a shocking new video published by Israeli journalists shows that local Jews are not only unscathed after the shooting, they are jubilant.

In the video, “survivors” who were safe inside of the Halle synagogue during the attack are shown callously laughing and festively dancing in the aftermath. A man on the bus is shown looking on in disbelief, but ends up clapping along when the camera fixes on him. The two victims, an elderly woman and a shop clerk, were not Jewish.

Plutocratic media around the world is scrambling to capitalize on this senseless crime in an attempt to convince the public to accept even more censorship and persecution of law-abiding political dissidents who criticize immigration, Jewish power or the German government. The shooter, Stephan Balliet, who so far does not appear to be affiliated to any nationalist group or instructed to attack by any activist, made a rambling statement about Jews during a livestream of the shooting, which gives them a straw to grasp.

The Myth of White Nationalist Terrorism

In America, this is feeding the lie of “white supremacist mass shootings,” which is being cynically deployed by Zionist organizations to shut down legitimate critics of the ruling class. So far in 2019, blacks and other non-whites are heavily overrepresented in mass shooting incidents.

When it comes to ideological motives, Connor Betts was so far the only one with strong ties to any kind of political organization. The Dayton shooter, who killed 10 and injured 27, was an avowed communist and member of the Socialist Rifle Association, an extreme-left “antifa” paramilitary group that was quite unapologetic after it was revealed that one of their members went on a mass murder spree.

James Mason, the author of Siege and considered to be the most extreme racialist figure, is often singled out as the inspiration for white shooters, but he has clearly disavowed violence. In a message to his followers from two weeks ago, Mason specifically condemned mass shootings. He said that the pro-white movement has all the martyrs it needs (in a likely reference to The Order, which was an actual organized revolutionary group) and that the people lashing out as of late are not inspiring to white people at all.

A lone schizophrenic or autistic person snapping and shooting people is not the product of an ideology, and certainly not the product of some kind of secret Nazi conspiracy giving them orders. The vast majority of mass shootings have no political motive at all. And all of them, especially in their contemporary nihilistic forms, are the product of the liberalism, narcissism, mental illness, alienation and individualism most white nationalists are actively fighting against.

There were no “mass shootings” in Hitler’s Germany.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Germany, Jews, Terrorism, White nationalism 
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