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Free Speech Streaming Site Bitchute Deplatforms Law-Abiding Nationalist Groups On Behalf of Leftist NGOs
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Alt-tech powerhouse Bitchute has grown exponentially, going from a humble volunteer project to a rising Youtube competitor. Yet after tasting a degree of success, it is now finding itself mired in controversy over betrayal of its founding beliefs.

While the platform itself is technically clunky, the key to its business model is their promise to protect political dissidents and not censor their speech.

But last week, members of the Sweden-based activist organization, the Nordic Resistance Movement, were shocked to find that Bitchute not only deleted all of the videos on their official channel, but actually put them on a “Proscribed List of Terrorists” alongside ISIS and Al-Qaeda. By placing NRM on the list, Bitchute can get around its promise to defend free expression by claiming they are an officially designated violent terror group.

NRM is not engaging in armed struggle and it does not have a militia, nor does it engage in terrorism. It is an above-ground advocacy organization that runs candidates in Swedish elections. The group does not hide its activities, and its actions are published to their website for everyone to see.

The main goal of NRM is to create a united confederation of Scandinavian nations through political, not violent means. The group takes painstaking efforts to obey the law and prohibits members from engaging in violence except in cases of self-defense, as “Antifa” groups often target them.

Bitchute’s designation of NRM as a “terrorist” group seems to stem entirely from a controversial ruling by Finnish courts to ban the group’s local branch. The Finnish government was pressured by Israel to ban the Finnish activist group in September 2020 after Israeli diplomats claimed their embassy was vandalized following an anti-war protest, even though the culprits were never actually identified.

Also on Bitchute’s terrorist list is Golden Dawn, the Greek nationalist group that until recently held 18 parliamentary seats and was the country’s third largest party. This year, Golden Dawn’s parliamentary bloc was declared a “criminal organization” and imprisoned.

Neither NRM or Golden Dawn are classified as terrorist or criminal organizations in the UK. British companies are not tethered to the rules and whims of individual European Union states. Bitchute’s choice to take away the voice of dissidents while they face unfair political persecution is selective and self-defeating, making the whole concept of free speech pointless. Last July, the Chinese government declared leaders of the Hong Kong protests to be terrorists, yet they are not banned from using Bitchute.

A spokesman for the Nordic Resistance Movement told National Justice that he believes Bitchute’s owner, Ray Vahey, is buckling under Jewish pressure. Last June a UK-based Zionist organization, the Community Safety Trust, listed Bitchute as a “purveyor of anti-Semitism” because it allows members to criticize Jews and discuss the Holocaust. The next month, Bitchute released a press release vowing to give Hope Not Hate — the British equivalent of the Southern Poverty Law Center — say over who can and cannot use their platform.

Bitchute has been able to grow largely thanks to support from political dissidents who groups like Hope Not Hate would love to see banned. Censorship is always a slippery slope, by shutting down legitimate political parties and parliamentary groups facing political oppression, Bitchute ends up being nothing more than a buggy and small version of Youtube.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. That didn’t last long, did it. Being headquartered in England wasn’t a good idea, given the British Government’s kowtowing to Jewish interests.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @ThereisaGod
    , @papasha408
  2. Another one bites the dust.

    Their whole success relies on not pandering to anyone. Let anyone say whatever it is they want. Now they’ve thrown their lot in with the rest of the sites that cave in to demands from groups that absolutely hate free speech and they’ll get their just reward by either reversing this or going under.

    • Agree: Realist
  3. Notsofast says:

    Interesting how sweden has become the new hot spot for covid just as nrm was deplatformed by bitchute. Add to this bitcoin has just risen to new highs taking all block chain currencies with it. Another coincidence astrazeneca (joint venture brittish/swedish) has just announced they’ve achieved efficiency in their problem plagued vaccine. Now sweden must lock down/mask mandate for the king of sweden said so. Just had an interesting conversation with “that would be telling” well known pharma troll on another thread. Seems the 77th brigade is hard at work.

    • Disagree: botazefa
  4. They should have did their thing at World Truth videos or Minds.

  5. Franz says:

    A good sign.

    As soon as all of us wake up to the reality that the tech giants are just tools of the zio-corporate monopoly, the sooner we all see tech as our problem and not our salvation.

    Our nations are full of empty spaces for billboards, blank paper for pamphlets, and unused frequencies for pirate radio broadcasts.

    And people on the streets awaiting the truth.

    Activists of the world, look up from your keyboards. You have nothing to lose but deplatforming. Which will come anyway.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
    , @Anon
  6. Just another reason I don’t do videos or podcasts…at some point being a true believer on Christ the Noahiders would have me de-platformed as well, and eventually all true Christian platforms including blogs will go the same route which means they’ll have to find another way to get the Word out…samizdat, or authoring fiction where the characters repent and accept Christ as Savior.

  7. So where to now? Is there a Russian equivalent of YouTube? Being HQ’d in England, I always knew BitChute wasn’t going to last very long.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  8. Joe Doe says:

    The following site is a better option:

    Another problematic site is They do not allow you in without a cell number, which means, total identification. Expect them to show their true color sometime soon. This is a time of deception and traps.

    However, you can post at without a cell number. We also have, apparently you can upload without a cell number. Check this

    In general, when a site requires a cell number for whatever reason in order to allow posting, uploading, etc, consider it suspect. This is a very dangerous time. Not for games.

  9. @Franz

    What about distributed, peer to peer IT, like Urbit? While local activism is good, an online presence not beholden to big tech is essential.

    As I understand it, it’s possible to run Urbit on a Raspberry Pi, a very cheap and low-power-usage computer. No need to zap your Windows box.

    Only think I’m unsure about is whether to get an Urbit ‘planet’ you have to give someone your real-world ID.

    Oh – blank paper for pamphlets – remember to buy your printer at a yard sale, miles away, and for cash.

    • Agree: Franz
    • Replies: @Menschmaschine
  10. @YetAnotherAnon

    You are correct, any platform that is under centralized control is vulnerable to censorship. If you have political incorrect content you should use distributed services that cannot be be easily censored. I don’t know much about Urbit, LBRY seems to me currently the most mature of these alternatives.

  11. Anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    Someone who isn’t asleep.

  12. onebornfree says: • Website
    @Digital Samizdat

    D tube ( ] works well most of the time, and lbry ( ], is supposedly a decentralized open source [blockchain?] site that I frequent that also works well most of the time.

    Both apparently do not censor, at least at this time, to the best of my knowledge, although video loads are sometimes a little slow initially because they are smaller co.’s than YT etc.

    Also, Brighteon ( ] seems OK, as does Alex Jones’ Banned video ( ] .

    Odysee ( ]is supposed to be good , although I have no experience to date using it.

    There are others I know about, and probably a few more I don’t [yet 😎].

    And so, I say unto you: fuck Youtube , and Bitchute [which I pretty much anticipated would fold at some point].

    Regards, onebornfree

  13. Katrinka says:

    I don’t see this as much of a problem. The time for talk is over. How much more “content” do we really need at this point? We need action out in the streets.

  14. ThereisaGod says: • Website

    Anthony Trollope’s “The Way We Live Now” described how, after Cromwell invited the Jewish bankers into England (and they had taken over the mechanisms of money-creation), the land-owning upper classes broke their necks to get their children married into the Jewish banking class so that they could hold on to their property.
    Hence the English aristocracy is, even today, part-Jewish. Their politics is “Anglo-Zionist”. Their allegience is to money and to Israel.

    “kowtowing to Jewish interests”? …these people ARE Jewish interests. And anyone who thrives within the UK political system understands exactly whose arse they are required to kiss.

    Try to post a Bitchute video with the word “Jew” in the title and see what happens.
    It’s impossible.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
    , @Goldman
  15. BuelahMan says:

    I have more than one with the word jew or jews in the title. This is one of my favorites:

    Video Link

    • LOL: Verymuchalive
  16. Goldman says:

    Bitchute is going to be like youtube in near future. It just a matter of time. The only thing we could collectively do is to download videos, censored by youtube, from bitchute and upload on other sites.

    I personally know lot of Jews and want to remain friends with them. But the Zionist or “The Jews”, one has to pay attention. They were/are the Bankers or Merchant of financing, Merchant of Diamonds, Merchant of opium (Sasoons of India), Merchants of human trading (Slave traders), Merchants of death (CEOs of world Wide Pharmaceuticals flooding the market with dangerous and untested drugs and vaccines with legal immunity) and God forbid Merchants of human organs. It has been a common knowledge that Israelis are setting the trend. And the next thing we know Wall Street’s Cohen and Cohen will devise financial instruments of organs trading, all those fancy jargon of commodity futures “calls, puts, long, shorts, straddles, etc, Just look on carbon trading (pollution).
    Wait for the curtain to open.

  17. Lot says:

    Antisemites are unable to just make their own quality sites, and are bad news in general, scaring off other customers and advertisers.

    You are hated in a way roughly comparable to pedos, which is why you don’t use your real names and draw your recruits from low IQ people on the fringes of society.

    I have good news though, it is never to late to join the winning team!

  18. handydan says:

    Dont make a fool of yourself by calling yourself and the tribesmen, Talmudist, as Semites. Palestinians are Semites. Stop playing victim hood card. World is learning at a fast pace thanks to the internet. Now when you folks are going to change this magic number to some other number. With inflation these number should go up. Go to and type holocaust in search box.

    These numbers were published in Newspapers between 1915 and 1938.

    Video Link

    The Sun New York June 6, 1915 Page 1 6 Mil Jews in Russia starvation

    The New York Times Oct 18, 1918 Page 12 6 Mil Jews Need Help

    The New York Times Sep 8, 1919 Page 6 6 Mil Ukrainian Jews (to be
    The New York Times Nov 12, 1919 Page 7 6 Mil staving Jews Europe

    Atlanta Constitution Feb 3, 1920 Page 1 6 Mil in Europe/Palestine
    The New York Times May 7, 1920 Page 11 6 Mil Famine, disease

    The New York Times July 20, 1921 Page 2 6 Mil in Russia face
    Montreal Gazette Dec 29, 1931 Page6 6 Mil Jews face starvation

    The New York Times May 31, 1936 Page 14 6 M European Holocaust

    The New York Time Feb 23, 1938 Page 23 6 M starving Jews

    After coercing yourtube, it is time to work on bigchute. Next project for the Talmudist.

  19. @Verymuchalive

    What Western country doesn’t kowtow to Jewish/Zionist interests? This is very disturbing and disappointing that Bitchute would become a censor. The world is truly going to hell, a Globalist/Zionist/Marxist hell!!

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