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Free Episode of Strike & Mike Released Today
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We are offering this episode of Strike & Mike free to the public, with over four hours of discussion on history, ideology and current events that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re not a subscriber, sign up for a paywall account to support the TRS network.

Today’s topics include:

  • Jews and trans react to the Transgender Industrial Complex
  • Is anti-transgenderism anti-Semitism?
  • Emanuel Macron’s phony populism and the battle of liberalism vs. Islam
  • The Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology (CSPI), a new Jewish think-tank pretends to speak for Whites
  • How Jewish dialectics exclude genuine non-Jewish voices
  • The American Indian Federation: The first American Indian political organization that fought Jewish and communist takeover of their culture
  • What to expect from a Biden presidency, the Senate and Supreme Court for the next four years
  • Why Jews need to explain themselves to America

You can listen here.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Jews, Joe Biden, Transgenderism 
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  1. Pheasant says:

    Even though they are crypto Jew subversives much of thier content is valuable.

    Worth looking if free.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. Tom Verso says:

    Striker and E. Michael Jones say:
    “You have to pay to join our Revolution”

    Savor the Irony

    The “Strike & Mike” program is one of the three ‘flagship’ programs along with “The Daily Shoa” and “Fash The Nation” on the “The Right Stuff” network.

    All three programs are ‘fronted-off’ as promoting ‘revolutionary’ change in our country.
    And all three are behind a paywall.
    Striker et al. feel they can build a revolutionary movement by recruiting people who can and are willing to pay to be part of the revolution.

    Poor people need not apply to their revolutionary movement!

    Similarly, E. Michael Jones, who shares a similar political view as the TRS gang (i.e. dominate role of Jews in society), advertises his revolutionary ‘For Sale’ online magazine “Culture Wars” here on UNZ Review in a space ostensively meant for free articles.

    Ironically, these people who devote so much ‘ink’ and ‘noise’ to criticizing Jews have taken on the classical merchant Jew’s mode of behavior ….“such a deal.”

    They stand in stark contrast to Kevin MacDonald’s site “The Occidental Observer”, which produces volumes more quantity and magnitudes more quality analysis FOR FREE!

  3. Fatidicus says:

    There’s so much well-poisoning on this comment section that you’d think this site is run by a jew!

    • Disagree: Pheasant
  4. @Tom Verso

    I don’t and can’t work for free, and I imagine you don’t either.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  5. In the first minute, we were treated to “cool as F—-“ and “we went in and sh—“ for no reason at all. Then a bunch more F-bombs and “sh—“, especially by “Mike.”

    Turned it off.
    Brilliant way to open a free episode meant to broaden your audience.

    There is almost nobody to whom I could send your foulmouthed simply moronic-sounding episode.

    • Agree: Tom Verso
  6. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:

    They are KGB collaborators.

    Notice how the Soviet perspective is never analyzed and criticized?

    • Replies: @Pheasant
    , @Robert Dolan
  7. Tom Verso says:

    You write:

    “I don’t and can’t work for free, and I imagine you don’t either.”

    The question is what is the nature of the work we are talking about?

    In my youth I was a bricklayer and I certainly would not do that work for nothing.

    Later in life I was an inner-city teacher of 100% Black students. I most certainly would not do that job for no pay. In fact after 15 years, I quit and said you can’t pay me enough to do this job.

    At the same time I was active in the labor movement and devoted more time and effort to that WORK than any paying job I ever had … for nothing – no pay!
    I did not expect to be paid and I would not accept pay.

    I also had a blog and wrote almost 200 highly researched articles about the history of Italians, for which I was not paid.

    Kevin MacDonald and the many writers for his site, “The Occidental Observer” do not ask readers to pay for the right to read their articles. MacDonald et al are committed to an education and revolutionary ideal and they don’t ask to be paid for their quest.

    In short, I did not intend to criticize Striker et al for charging a fee per se.
    They want to get paid for what they do and I respect that.
    And I would not discourage fellows such as you that do not mind paying them for their work.

    What I am saying:

    It is a contradiction to say that one is WORKING for revolutionary change of society as a whole; but only interact with a subset of the population who can and are willing to pay.

    One cannot build a revolution by communicating with a subset of the population.

    The Mike fellow who seems to be the top man of the TRS network and certainly the main voice in The Daily Shoa program is also a founding member and Chairmen of the National Justice Party (

    The Party has a platform of 25 demands: (

    The first one demands respect for America’s European heritage.

    Well how do you build a party of Euro-Americans while hiding behind a paywall?

    So it seems to me that Sriker et al have to make a decision.
    Do you want to build a revolutionary movement?
    Or, do you want to be a paid journalist and talkshow personality?

    Least wise that’s how I see it.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
  8. Hank T says:

    LOL at the nerds in the comments complaining about a paywall when 2/3 of the site is always free.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  9. Lol at the jews and feds in this comment section
    Listen to Strike & Mike. And no, they’re not jews, you’re just schizophrenic.

    • Troll: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Pheasant
  10. So $120 for an entire year of hours and hours of weekly content is being a greedy?

    The other side of the coin is the stereotypical cheapskate who feels a need to haggle down the price. Bring any type of people to mind?

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  11. What a drag. The division bell clangs again! It would be ideal for everyone if the focus was on corruption and left identity politics out of the main focus, except for the corrupt white “Christians” which can not be considered Christian, and cannot be considered white, but can rightfully be considered white trash! Really have zero desire to save corrupt, white trash, fake Christians. Of course, politicians are the trashiest white trash around, and saving white trash politicians is aiding and abetting terrorists. I personally have no desire to spend four hours listenjing to a Goebelles style propaganda psy-op, ignorimg all of the guilty parties involved that do not happen to be Jewish. This argument had been tried and failed in Germany under Hitler. As far as the argument of Jews causing so much “trouble” in Europe, it was because they opposed Monarchies and were considered threats to royalty, and the royalty was all blood related throughout Europe, including in Russia, and that really would have pissed me off too, if I happened to have been there at the time, but it was before my time.

    Andrea Iravani

    • Troll: Pheasant
  12. Pheasant says:

    Yes I have noticed among them and thier allies. However I can think of another intelligence agency rather than the KGB who they might be working for…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  13. Pheasant says:

    No I’m just Jew wise.

    Look at my comment history I am not a fed. Marranos are everywhere.

    Look up pictures of Mike’s confirmed Jewish wife who uaed to work for Jewish charities fighting racism.

    • Replies: @Dixiewaffen
  14. @Tom Verso

    Big difference between KMAC and the TRS crew…..KMAC was tenured and surely got a pension….the TRS guys were doxed and now they are fucked as far as having a normal career. You think Mike Enoch is able to get work now that he’s been doxed? The man lost his career and I believe he lost his wife as a result of the dox.

    I think Alex still has his job as an EMT, but he’s always under fire with assholes trying to get him fired.

    I feel bad for all of our people on the front lines. Redice has faced horrible persecution and setbacks.

    Vince James was kicked off YT. Hell, almost ALL of the pro-whites have been kicked off social media.
    Even grandpa Jared Taylor was booted.

    How do you think these people are supposed to live? Once they have gone public or been exposed….they really don’t have any options but to go full time as white advocates and NOBODY would do that FOR THE MONEY because there ISN’T ANY MONEY.

    No money, public censure and humiliation, social ostracism, blocked from employment, blocked from banking and payment processing, targeted by corrupt police and intelligence agencies…..
    oh yeah….this is the high life.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  15. D..Don’t listen to this podcast goy, it’s bad for you! These goys are KGB spies!

    Also the irony of jews complaining about people charging money for a podcast. The kveching truly knows no bounds.

  16. @Anonymous

    Shove the “Russian Collusion” up your enlarged anus you stupid piece of shit.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. How can people be blaming Jews for gays and transgenders? Obviously Jews do not have the ability to change peoples sexual preferences, or sexaul identity. Pope Francis is not a Jew, but he may as well be to the white nationalists, because Catholics are hated by them just as much as Jews, and so are Muslims.

    Andrea Iravani

    • Troll: Pheasant
  18. MaxiBaxi says:

    Why are these comments so terrible LOL. Just listen to the episode. It has good information. Buy the book they’re discussing too. Transgender Industrial Complex. I’m gonna order it in the next few days.

  19. i have been saying it for a long time. jews hate everything indigenous. they are the original colonizers. they are the “ur colonizers” of the world.

    the medicine wheel is a swastika.

    you finally get it huh? what the globalists have been doing to us they will do to all indigenous people. jews hate indigenous peoples of america, europe, and everyone else.

    you are a little wrong about AIM. AIM was started to be that way but it started going back to “blood and soil” and masculine ideology.

    the germans had always viewed natives as “fellow tribesmen.” our history was destroyed. we had cities, metallurgy, and the wheel. don’t get it wrong.

    hitler had a sioux officer. even gandhi talked to hitler. everything you know about hitler is wrong. but also everything you know about american indians is wrong.

    we know the jew is the ur-colonizer. they are anti-earth and anti-nature. they hate everything that is natural and native because they are native to nothing.

  20. @Pheasant

    Brother, perhaps you should look a little deeper into that. You’re ignoring an important figure on the basis of hear-say. Your conception is a condensed cherry pick parroted by feds and bad actors.

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  21. Tom Verso says:
    @Robert Dolan

    I appreciate your passionate defense of the TRS people.

    And, I apologize for writing that conjures such.

    Again, I am not criticizing them for paywalling per se. They make their choices based on the personal parameters of their decision making. Obviously, I don’t presume to know what their personal financial situation is. If the only way they can support themselves is a paywall; then so be it.

    However, I wonder if the only possible way they can make a living is a paywall. I should think that the vast majority of potential employers know nothing about people who are Doxed. In my part of the country, there are an enormous number of Help Want signs and ads in an equally large variation in job types. I doubt that many of those employers would know about doxing or care.

    But, that is an interesting academic type of question: What is the range of Doxing effects?

    Obviously it is significant in academia and mainstream media; but, does the average retailer or construction contractor know anything about it? Not to mention employers who are sympathetic to White Nationalism. Over 70 million people voted for Trump. I should think that many of them are employers who would welcome the Doxed.

    Nevertheless, be that as it may, I still maintain the contradiction that they can’t build a movement if they are isolating themselves from the masses they wish to incorporate into that movement. That is the crux of the issue.


  22. fnn says:

    Anytime you bring up transgenderism, you’ll get a flood of trolls. Including trannies pretending to be devout Catholics.

  23. Tom Verso says:
    @Hank T

    Well I’m one of those Nerds.

    But, I explicitly mentioned what I characterized as the “Flagship” programs i.e. Daily Shoa, Stike and Mike, Fash the Nation, which are the most political and they are behind the pay wall. Most of the rest of the site consist of free programs which are more cultural e.g. ‘Godcast’.

  24. Tom Verso says:
    @Widenose Privilege

    There is significant economic evidence indicating that a for a very large number of White people who are struggling to come up with rent money ….$120 is a significant amount of money.

    They are not cheapskates … They are broke!

    And, this is the population that Strike and Mike presume to mobilize into a political movement.

    So how do you mobilize people who can’t afford to hear what you have to say?

    • Replies: @Borzoi
  25. Pheasant says:

    ‘on the basis of hear-say. ‘

    Not quite. Been following the right stuff dudes for five years or more. Have listened to much of thier stuff which is why in my previous comment I declared it to be worth listening to if it was not behind a paywall (way back when it used to be free). I also enjoy Striker’s articles. It is however indisputable that Mike had his Jewish wife read a racist poem (including negative remarks about Jews) on his podcast when they were married and she was working for a Jewish charity that fights racism. I listened to it at the time and I was incredulous when it came out a while later that she was Jewish. The only explanation that fits is that he was insincere in his political stance and she was in on it i.e some kind of controlled opposition. There are also clips on youtube where Mike makes freudian slips and admits to being Jewish when sparring off the cuff on the daily shoah podcast. He only admitted his wife was Jewish when he was forced to. Compare this to someone like Tanstaafl who married a half Jewish woman and only found out he had done so after his political views regarding Jews had matured.

  26. Borzoi says:
    @Tom Verso

    Imagine being this bad faith

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  27. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:

    Which agency is that?

    And what else is your perspective of TRS and associates?

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  28. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The Russian Collusion is real – it connects to Israel via Chabad-Lubavitch.

  29. Pheasant says:

    Mossad of course.

    Third positionists and the trs guys are Crypto Jews who seek to divide White identity politics by forming a faction which supports the third world. They claim that this is a more effective way to fight Jewish power by targeting Zionism. Of course all it really does is help institute a false dichotomy of being in favour/neutral towards Zionism (because as some would have it Zionism is merely ethnonationalism but for Jews lol) or being on the side of third world mud people who oppose Israel. It goes without saying that neither Jews nor third world people of any description could ever be pro-White as both types of people would disposess White people and their children with nary a second thought given the opportunity. Third positionists and nazbols make a big deal about how Islam opposes Jewish power much more vigorously than Whites do. Hey man last I checked Muslims have a 1400 year long history of invading and taking over White societies and enslaving Whites. They also have a religion that commands them to do this.

    Ultimately the third world invasion that began circa 2010 is merely the flip side of the Jewish plan to enlarge Israel- implement the Yinon plan (destroy neighbouring Arab countries) and shift their populations of young vigorous men who would otherwise fight Israel into Europe where they can have living space thus offering Israel time to finish colonising Palestine/ corrupting Arab elites.

    Ultimately neither Jews nor third world people are White and we should not consider them a part of our group. Both sets of people would subjugate Whites given the choice and I remain realistic about this so third position pilpul does not confuse me.

    I do however confess to retaining a mild fondness for quasi secular Arab regimes that defy Israel e.g. Syria.

    • Replies: @Fatidicus
  30. What sources/websites reveal who are all of the

    -Crypto Jews
    -Third Positionists
    -Related allies

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  31. Tom Verso says:

    I don’t understand what you mean.

    But, having listened to you over TRS, I have a great deal of respect for you thinking.

    If you have the time and are of the mind, I would appreciate a clarification.

    • Replies: @Borzoi
  32. Borzoi says:
    @Tom Verso

    Your comments, and many in this thread, are the textbook definitions of concern trolling. There is literally nothing Mike and Striker could do that would change your minds or meet your approval (besides voting for the GOP, except racistly). No one has ever written a comment worth addressing. No one ever will.

  33. Tom Verso says:

    Thank you for your response;
    That perfectly clarifies your thoughts on the subject.

  34. Pheasant says:

    Hang on. There is an excellent pastebin somewhere on twitter that explains this in great detail. Will try and find it for you.

  35. @Pheasant

    What Twitter accounts also cover these topics?

  36. Icy Blast says:
    @Tom Verso

    I don’t mind giving E. Michael Jones a few bucks.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  37. Tom Verso says:
    @Icy Blast

    I have no problem with people who give money to whomever.

    My point is that Jones, the TRS network, etc. profess to have an agenda for social change.
    To that end, it behoves them to reach out to as many people as they can to inform and motivate them to engage in social change.

    Both Jones and TRS are vehement critics of Jewish power and believe it should be mitigated to some degree. They can keep writing and broadcasting Jewish criticism to their subscriber members, or they can reach out to a much broader population who may not be able to afford a paid membership.

    There are large numbers of people in the US today who are having trouble coming up with rent money, etc. They cannot afford the luxury of subscriptions even if it is a small amount by full time worker standards.

    Also there a many who may not be convinced of the Jones, TRS, etc analysis of society and would be reluctant to pay to read/hear their ideas. But may be willing to listen/read and consider ideas if they are freely available.

    In short, do Jones et al what to change society or do they just want to talk to their in group.

    Least wish that’s how I see it.


    • Replies: @anon
  38. anon[267] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Verso

    the only TRS show exclusively behind the paywall is Strike and Mike and its only 1x per week

    2 of 3 weekly episodes of The Daily Shoe-ah are free and 1 of 2 weekly of Fash the Nation are free

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  39. Tom Verso says:

    I am amazed at how defensive people have been about my comment regarding TRS paywall.

    I’m impressed with how highly regarded the TRS personalities are held.

    Yet, this defensiveness is causing responders to miss my main point.

    The TRS personalities say they are committed to not simply critiquing society (e.g. Jewish power); but, more so building a social movement to change society (e.g. mitigating Jewish power). Some of them have formed a political party. Mike Enoch is the Chairman of the National Justice Party.

    If all Mike et al want to do is critique, then paywalls are perfectly reasonable.

    But, to build a political movement they have to reach out to the maximum number of people whom they wish to recruit. In this case a paywall is counter productive; i.e. it minimizes the number of reachable people.

    There are vast numbers of people in the country today who are struggling to come up with rent money, etc. They can’t afford a paywall fee. These are people that are obvious potential members of a National Justice Party but the paywall is blocking them out from the message.

    There are many people who would be interested in hearing more about the issues but are not committed as yet. Again the paywall is working against getting them ‘on board’ so to speak.

    In short, if TRS, E. Micheal Jones, etc want to be paid for service … ‘God Bless’.

    If however, they want to affect social change then, to my mind, they need to consider the positives and negatives of paywalls and subscription fees.

    Historically, people don’t pay to join a revolution.

    They are recruited to a revolution by relentlessly communicating with them and thereby convincing them of the need for and means of social change.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @anon
  40. Anonymous[256] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Verso

    TRS and E. Michael are KGB shills.

    Another Soviet gesture to derail the society.

  41. anon[379] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Verso

    There are vast numbers of people in the country today who are struggling to come up with rent money, etc. They can’t afford a paywall fee. These are people that are obvious potential members of a National Justice Party but the paywall is blocking them out from the message.

    how many times does it have to be repeated? – MOST OF THEIR SHOWS ARE FREE

    no one is being blocked from hearing their message

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  42. Tom Verso says:

    Your tone clearly indicates a frustration with my commentary.

    I think of the UNZ’s comment section as a place to exchange ideas and in this Sriker article, I thought it a good place to express my thoughts about Paywall and subscription sites as tools for mobilizing people for social change – generally.

    I do not mean to be limited solely to TRS and E. Michael Jones. But given that this is Sriker’s blog obviously the discussion turned on TRS.

    More specifically regarding your most emphatic:

    no one is being blocked from hearing their message”

    If by MOST, you mean all the shows on TRS, then yes that is true.

    However, as I stated in at least one of my comments, MOST of the shows are not political per se. While they from time to time touch on political issues, they SEEM TO ME to be largely cultural (e.g. Godcast, Paranomies, Third Rail etc.).

    I hasten to add that I only listen to these programs very occasionally and I could be wrong about my characterization.

    In my comments, I refer to what I call the TRS “Flagship” programs Daily Shoa, Srike and Mike and Fash The Nation. They SEEM TO ME to be the defining political character of TRS.

    They are very political and promoters of significant social change. Indeed, Mike Enoch is the dominate voice on Daily Shoa and seems to be the head ‘honcho’, so to speak, of the whole TRS.

    He in turn is the Chairman of the National Justice Party that wants nothing less than a return to White prominence in American culture and government,

    If one limits ‘free time’ to these three progams than by my calculations only 1/3 of the time is free:
    Fash is .5 free;
    Shoa is .5 free (although this seems to vary)
    Stike and Mike is 0 free.
    Thus, in three hours of programing 1 hour is free and 2 hours behind paywall.

    Having said that, I have repeatedly state that is TRS business and I have no criticism per se. However, if it is the intention of building a social movement mobilized to affect social change, then it SEEMS TO ME that blocking 2/3 of your messagae is counter productive.

    That is just MY OPINION and all I have intened to do is present MY OPINION for consideration.

    Again, if TRS is just internet ‘talk radio’, then the paywall makes perfect sense.

    However, if TRS through its main political programs intends to build a political movement, then in MY OPINON they should reconsider the paywall.


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