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France: Macron Government Looks to Outlaw More Anti-Immigration Activist Group
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Two Jewish organizations in France, CRIF (Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions) and LICRA (International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism), are lobbying the embattled Emmanuel Macron government into beginning the process of outlawing Generation Identitaire (GI), a group that uses art and symbolic gestures to protest against globalization and immigration.

According to French media, Macron and a wide variety of Jewish groups believe that outlawing GI and other “far-right” groups could be useful in undermining Marine Le Pen’s 2022 electoral prospects.

The government in France has been aggressively disbanding nationalist groups in recent years. In 2019, the CRIF pressured the Macron government into moving forward on banning Bastion Social, a patriotic group made up mostly of students that advocated for the ethnic French poor, after its members defended themselves from repeated attacks by criminals and anarchists. Bastion Social’s headquarters in Lyons, which sought to provide shelter to the homeless, was raided and closed down by the police.

While the media repeatedly links Le Pen to GI’s publicity efforts that bring attention to the immigration problem in Europe, she has prohibited members of her party, Le Rassemblement national (RN), from protesting in defense of GI’s right to advocacy. Her father, Jean Marie Le Pen, has publicly condemned her for the decision.

Starting in 2011, Le Pen has purged numerous members — including her own father — for opposing homosexuality, Zionism, or a variety of other positions. This has allowed her party to receive somewhat friendlier treatment in some circles of the French elite, most notably BFM TV which is controlled by the Jewish plutocrat Alain Weill.

Le Pen’s shift away from an ethnic grounded nationalism towards a more liberal type focused on the effects of Islamic culture has helped her party avoid banishment and state pressure, but Macron has cynically capitalized on this. Macron has been aggressively campaigning against Islam after the brutal murder of a liberal French teacher, leaving Le Pen vulnerable to being outflanked on her main issue in next year’s election.

As for GI, much of the commotion created around them is based on lies. The organization specifically bans “anti-Semites” from membership, but this did not stop Zionist groups from inventing a brazen lie, claiming that they were chanting “dirty Jews” at one of their events (video emerged showing that the people chanting this were counter-protesters).

While Macron and his supporters have recently condemned the influence of anti-white American culture in their educational system, there is no reason to believe they are sincere. In France, the native majority is regularly persecuted for advocating for their own interests, particularly when their interests clash with the local Jewish power structure.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Exile says:

    Marine LePen is not even a shadow of her father – Nick Griffin called this out on one Striker’s podcasts, IIRC. She’s a disgrace.

    If she were to defeat Macron she might provide some cosmetic relief for the worst elements of the invasion pipeline into France but her willingness to compromise or remain silent on all the underlying issues that matter most – including the enormous influence of Jewish and other foreign interests in “browning” France – means she will not do what needs to be done.

  2. GeeBee says:

    outlawing GI and other “far-right” groups could be useful in undermining Marine Le Pen’s 2022 electoral prospects.

    Yet another example of ‘the people’ being by-passed, ignored, marginalised and – yes – insulted by their ‘elected’ ‘representative’ as a result of the all-important (for professional politicians that is – ‘the people’ couldn’t care less about it) forthcoming election.

    If ‘the people’ continue much longer in continuing to think that they actually have some sort of a say in their own governance, then perhaps it is time to bid them adieu and go and live – where exactly? Patagonia? Mars? Because until and unless ‘the people’ come to understand the true nature of the evil scam known as democracy – and their centuries-old obeisance to this same scam – there is little hope for us all.

    In order to secure Macron’s grip on ‘power’ (as if he actually wields such a thing – it is actually to feed his vanity and extend his salary and earnings potential) he is prepared to allow France to become a Third World outpost of Africa sooner rather than later. In a sane world, he would be captured by the mob and taken out and strung from the nearest lamp-post. In the ‘democracy’ that feeds and supports his totally unearned status, he is set fair to continue to strut and fret his hour upon the stage, before he is heard no more.

    ‘Democracy’ leads ineluctably to death. It reveres the absurd principle that ignorance has the final say in selecting and dismissing that which is good and bad. Look around you today, in France, in Europe and in America. What remains of those cardinal virtues of beauty, truth, honour, duty, self sacrifice? Or as Anthony Ludovici put it eighty years ago:

    Do not let us, however, give our precipice [death by democracy] euphemistic names which may make our death less noble even if thereby it become less painful. Do not let us call it the “liberty of man,” the “freedom of Parliament,” the “apotheosis of man’s independence”!
    Look about you to-day! See the confusion and chaos that reign over all questions of doctrine, diet, hygiene, behaviour, the relations of man to man, and above all of sex to sex; and ask yourself whether everything does not already bear the indelible stamp of having been left too long without the discriminating guidance of taste. Where traditional usages are breaking down, what is rising to take their place? Where old institutions are losing their power, where are the substitutes offered by the present age?
    Whatever beauty we possess — the beauty of the warrior and his accoutrements, the beauty of royal ceremony and apparel, the beauty of our homes, of our churches, of our art, of our great inheritance, of our pride as a nation — derives all its power and all its depth not from the present, but from the past. The present is productive, it is even prolific, in innovations, complications and duplications; but it does not produce beauty — we are grateful if it produces things that are not positively ugly.
    The most powerful and most fundamental criticism of democracy still remains out of all reckoning, if notice is not taken of the profound truth that, since democracy includes the voice — and a majority of the voices — of mediocre or impoverished life, it is bound by slow or rapid steps to lead to Nemesis and to death

    Macron is just another agent o that same nemesis and death. The slow death of a thousand cuts, that has seen, and continues to see, our noble race emasculated, deracinated, marginalised and, by far the worst of all, diluted by these foul posturings of the likes of Emmanuel Macron and his ilk.

    • Agree: Lurker
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  3. unit472 says:

    Who is the bald midget standing next to Macron? Macron is a short himself but he towers over this guy. Come to think of it Nicholas Sarkosy was vertically impaired too. Has France become a nation of runts?

  4. Thomasina says:

    Good post. “…cardinal virtues of beauty, truth, honour, duty, self sacrifice?” This is what we’ve forgotten and what we’ve thrown away. Without these things, we have nothing. They are a man’s constitution and compass.

    Emmanuel Macron gained power with the help of exactly the same team of people who put Obama in office. They flew over to France and worked their magic, unfortunately.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  5. @Thomasina

    Homos R Us…political consultants…
    with the emphasis on “con”.

  6. Macron is a loving hugger of sweaty young BLAK males when the perv is in the French Caribbean …puke making.
    YO, France…unload your Gubbamint Assmonkies…
    as we here in the big Israeli vassal state do the same.

  7. And the people vote in a government to do its best for the nation?
    It shows not only the disease that democracy is, but the ignorance of they population in not seeing that governments care not for the nation whatsoever, nothing but the puppets of jew bankers.

    Outlawing nationalist organizations? And the people haven’t cottoned onto this yet? They haven’t cottoned onto the fact that more immigration means competition for jobs, lower wages, lower standard of living, higher cost of living, growth of immigrant population leading to civil unrest. The people are that stupid to not see that immigration today would have been invasion in the past.

    The problem is, people will wake up when they lose everything but why on earth should those who are awake, have to suffer for the ignorance and stupidity of others of their nation? I say we just go to war ASAP. Those whites fighting with the non whites, who we want to repatriate, are clearly guilty of treason.
    Nationalist organizations shouldn’t be waiting for governments to outlaw them. They should be uniting to fight the common enemy – government, jews and non whites.

    • Agree: GeeBee
  8. Come on man.
    The crypto-Jews (Khazarian mob) & Satanists, need fresh bodies for pedophilia, sacrifice & inter-breeding.

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