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FBI Predators Accused of Grooming Kids, Shooting Civilians and Extorting Women In the Last Month Alone
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America’s political police, the FBI, has largely evaded the tight scrutiny that local law enforcement has been facing since the death of George Floyd.

While feds often bully low level beat cops over minor transgressions, as seen in the the recent FBI probe into the Louisville Police Department for allegedly throwing a drink at someone, genuine criminals, perverts and predators inside the FBI often avoid punishment. The names and records of corrupt G-men are often kept hidden even when they are terminated for serious misconduct, which puts the public at risk.

Occasionally, their behavior is so egregious that prosecutors are forced to make exceptions to the rule and pursue them. In just the last month, FBI agents and employees have been accused of preying on little girls, criminally extorting women for money and sex, and even shooting a homeless man on the DC Metro for no reason.

Grooming Kids

In late April, a 38-year-old FBI computer technician in the Nashville field office was arrested for grooming 14-year-old girls over the internet. During an investigation into his behavior, he was found to have been behaving as a father figure to troubled girls and using this relationship to manipulate them into sending him lewd photographs that he kept on his electronics. This behavior only triggered an FBI investigation after one of the girls sent a package for the suspect to their office.

In a case publicized earlier this week, a Texas FBI agent named William Roy Stone Jr was arrested by the Texas Rangers and Dallas Fort Worth Police Department for using his credentials to blackmail a woman into giving him close to a million dollars over a three and a half year period.

The FBI is conveniently claiming that the extortion began a month after Stone retired from the Bureau in 2015, but its more likely that he took advantage of federal surveillance powers at his job to find a mark.

During this time period, agent Stone convinced a woman that she was under “secret probation” that required her to pay him or he would use his power to take her children away. At one point during the ordeal, the sociopath even tried to scare the woman into marrying him.

Most alarming is the fact that Stone had two accomplices during this abusive campaign, but his indictment does not name the co-conspirators nor do they appear to be facing any charges.

Shooting Panhandlers

A high-ranking FBI agent, Eduardo Valdivia, was arrested this week for Second Degree Attempted Murder.

Last December, Valdivia was riding the DC Metro when a man, Steven Slaughter, asked him if he could spare some change.

Valdivia then allegedly mocked the man by pretending to give him money but giving him a “fist bump” instead.

This angered Slaughter, who Valdivia claims began using expletives.

State Attorney John McCarthy says that Valdivia then barked “watch your mouth” at Slaughter. When the victim refused to comply, the off-duty Valdivia pulled out his service weapon and shot him in the middle of a train car with multiple passengers nearby. The shooter did not identify himself as law enforcement at the time.

Eyewitnesses held that Slaughter did not make physical contact with Valdivia, nor did he pose any immediate threat to him.

In 2020, Valdivia was promoted to the position of supervisory agent at a department of FBI headquarters that targets “domestic extremists,” focusing primarily on adherents to political ideologies like white nationalism and members of libertarian militias.

Despite the fact that Valdivia is objectively a greater danger to the public than the people he tracks, the judge in his case released him without bail.

The investigation into the incident, which began immediately after the incident, has been characterized by local organizations as lacking transparency.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, FBI 
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  1. The real question is this: The FBI are nothing but employees of a privately-owned bank, the Federal Reserve, so how on earth did they obtain power usually reserved for State police?
    Also worth considering how a bank became the most powerful government on earth…
    Americans should chatter less about the Constitution, and start asking about the Federal Reserve Act, illegally passed and should be easy to cancel. In any court other than one run by the Independant Judiciary, of course.
    Lastly, a minute of silence for the thousands of children the FBI has lately “rescued from sexual exploitation”, vast majority of them children sucked into the Child Protection administration’s Foster Care system, a system vigorously policed and enforced by the FBI.

    • Agree: Alfred Muscaria
  2. The Federal Bullshitters of Investigation has crooks and scumbags in its ranks. Of course, as Eric Striker points out, “genuine criminals, perverts and predators inside the FBI often avoid punishment. The names and records of corrupt G-men are often kept hidden even when they are terminated for serious misconduct, which puts the public at risk.”

    “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity”? Bullshit

  3. UNIT472 says:

    The rot at the top has been going on for a long time. Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Christopher Wray so if the directors have been corrupt political operatives of the DNC what do you think the rank and file are?

    The history of the FBI is not the legendary crime fighting agency it has presented itself as. It murdered John Dillinger as he left a movie theater with his date after he had humiliated the FBI by escaping from their attempt to arrest him at a Wisconsin hunting lodge that left several LEOs dead from FBI fire. Machine Gun Kelly was framed for a crime he did not commit because the FBI could not find the evidence to convict him for the crimes he did. That the Soviet Union was able to penetrate the Manhattan Project and steal the nation’s atomic bomb technology shows it wasn’t that good as a counter intelligence agency either.

    Basically the only thing it has been good at is covering up its own incompetence and blackmailing politicians. Its past time to break up our KGB/Gestapo. We can keep the Quantico labs, DNA and Fingerprint data bases to assist local and state police departments but we don’t need anymore Peter Strzok or Lisa Pages plotting against an elected president.

    BTW, I was curious to learn what the FBI had found out about the guy who shot up the San Jose transit yard. You know how the FBI always takes over high profile crimes and we never hear from them again. Well we now know the gunman in this case shot himself in the head TWICE. That was announced by the San Jose Coroners office not the FBI.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  4. northeast says:

    Those highly esteemed psychological screening tests they give to FBI and police personal don’t seem to be working out so well…if they ever really did.

  5. It is my humble opinion that the FBI is nothing more than a department of the Mossad organization.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Thanks: JimDandy
  6. That the Soviet Union was able to penetrate the Manhattan Project and steal the nation’s atomic bomb technology shows it wasn’t that good as a counter intelligence agency either.

    I would go one further. They assisted this. Hoover might not have been Jewish but the FBI was a Jewish project from the start.

  7. I saw a 60 minutes expose, I think back in the early 90s, in which the fbi were accusing and investigating a CIA agent for being a soviet agent over the period of many years, perhaps decades. They actually got the man removed from service. The actual Soviet spy was in the fbi! The allegations made against this cia agent were laughable. For example, they tracked his jogging route each day and the places he stopped to rest and catch his wind they called his “drop points!” Truly laughable. With my adult mind I realize that no intelligent people could have believed this and they must have known that the soviet spy was in their own fbi and were covering for him by conducting this absurd investigation of this cia man. This might be a good topic for strike to write about at some point. Robert Hansen was the fbi spy and Brian Kelly was the man they falsely accused.

  8. @northeast


    Thinking the FBI psychological screening tests are used to filter in the collegial riffraff who will rise to the top. The white hat good guys will spend their low end careers gathering evidence and writing reports for the upper echelons to redact and falsify.

    There is an organization claiming to be a church that uses a “religious artifact” similar to a lie detector, to help new and potential members discover and resolve their mental health issues.

    I am of the opinion the most practical use of the artifact for the organization is to find who is corrupt or corruptible, and use them in administrative positions to mulct the more gullible out of their cash.

    • Replies: @northeast
  9. KenH says:

    Agent Valdivia will likely walk. They’ll be a backroom deal cut. It looks like this incident was only reported locally. If the victim was black where was BLM?

    But had he been just a regular white guy or a white police officer he would be facing hard time.

  10. Myles says:

    I’ve known two FBI agents in my life and both were outstanding, admirable men. As for the FBI’s upper management they appear to be of the lowest moral code, easily corrupted, and motivated by ideology, ambition, and bribery.

    After the doddering fool in chief claimed domestic terrorism is the biggest threat to our security I had to laugh. Biden at his best is a pathetic puppet, but our intelligence agencies have perfected the art of crime. They are America’s SS.

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