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Exclusive: the FBI Paid Leader of Satanic Pedophile Death Cult $82,000 to Take Over Atomwaffen Division In Order to Brainwash, Drug and Entrap Its Young Members
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Prior to 2018, special interest groups demanding the dismantling of the rapidly growing nationalist movement in the name of stopping “white supremacist domestic terrorism” struggled to name a group that could justify a crackdown.

In response to this, the FBI, in conjunction with intelligence services around the world, invented one.

Documents filed in the case of Kaleb Cole, who is accused by the feds of being part of an Atomwaffen Division (AWD) conspiracy to terrorize journalists and minorities, have finally confirmed National Justice reporting from January that exposed Joshua Caleb Sutter (pictured above), the leader of a Satanic pedophile murder cult who took over Atomwaffen in 2018, as a long-time professional FBI operative.

Sutter has been employed by the FBI since 2003. Starting in February 2018, he was paid over \$82,000 to take over Atomwaffen and transform it from a mostly online based art group into a household name for “white supremacist” terrorism and moral depravity.

The works of the Tempel ov Blood, an American chapter of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) run by Sutter and his partner fellow FBI informant named Jillian Hoy, has helped inspire a recent rash of ritual murders in Canada and Russia.

The FBI has been financing Sutter’s publishing house, Martinet Press, which produces some of the most obscene written materials — featuring graphic depictions of child rape and mass murder — ever authored. Unlike most Satanic groups, Tempel ov Blood and Martinet Press endorse ritual murder, ISIS-style terrorism, rape, and every other abominable act that could occur to a human mind.

The federal government has lied about Sutter’s role in Atomwaffen through omission. Lawyers for Kaleb Cole are seeking to suppress evidence against their client that was produced by Sutter due to the FBI’s glaring dishonesty on this matter.

National Justice has interviewed at least ten people who witnessed the behavior of Sutter and undercover FBI agents he introduced during his take over of Atomwaffen.

Government operatives utilized the media, illegal psychedelic drugs, and brainwashing techniques to take a small group of friends, ranging from teenagers to early 20s, and transform them into boogeymen in what can only be described as a psychological warfare operation.

Atomwaffen Division Bursts Into The Mainstream Media

Just weeks after Sutter (pictured above in the black pants) began officially working the Atomwaffen operation in February 2018, A.C. Thompson, Jake Hanrahan and Ali Winston published the group’s internal chat logs and the identity of various members. This, along with a PBS Frontline documentary jointly produced with Pro Publica, was a turning point that helped build the group’s notoriety in the overnight.

According to three individuals who were in Atomwaffen at the time, the materials (chat logs, photographs, etc) in Pro Publica’s reporting, which the FBI relied on heavily in its criminal charges against the men, was provided to the journalists by the FBI’s Sutter himself.

In the photos released by Pro Publica, Sutter, who is a felon convicted of a gun crime, is shown handling firearms during Atomwaffen’s paramilitary training sessions.

The FBI’s use of the media to launder information is common knowledge. Earlier this month, the Office of the Inspector General wrote a report condemning the FBI’s pervasive and illegal use of national media to prejudice the public in cases against defendants.

At the time of the Pro Publica leak, Atomwaffen members suspected Sutter as the source and a potential infiltrator. Sutter and other agents were able to avoid blowing their cover by framing Brian Patrick Baynes, who was later arrested on specious gun charges, as the one who released the information. They were able to assuage fears of heat being brought their way by telling what was left of the group — as many quit when Sutter and others transformed it into a satanic organization — that all press is good press.

Both Winston and Hanrahan appear to be genuinely shocked by the revelation that Sutter was working for the feds the whole time.

Thompson, Winston and Hanrahan have been used for investigative prerequisites by the FBI in other cases. Pro Publica’s maerials on the Rise Above Movement (RAM) allowed the FBI to frame and prosecute a martial art’s club that engaged in textbook self-defense at Charlottesville as a criminal gang.

Whether the journalists were dupes or willing collaborators is unclear. PBS, which amplified their work on both Atomwaffen and RAM, is a state-run outlet, and Thompson was given an Emmy for his work on these issues.

Richard Tobin: The FBI Drugs and Brainwashes A Teenage Boy

In the summer of 2019, Atomwaffen hosted its “Nuclear Congress” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sutter was the lead organizer for the event, while the FBI provided funds to bring young members out and pay for lodging.

According to two attendees, Sutter had been paying special attention to an emotionally vulnerable and suicidal teenager named Richard J. Tobin.

The same sources told National Justice that Tobin, who was recruited into Sutter’s cult at the age of 18, was given powerful psychedelic drugs by an undercover FBI agent who went by the nickname “Gibson.” The hallucinogenic drugs and induction in the cult exacerbated Tobin’s emotional problems and his mental health began to slip.

Sutter, who also brought Tobin into CIA and FBI linked group The Base, used his influence over Tobin to pressure him into an alleged plot to vandalize Synagogues; behavior that later got him arrested by federal agents. During his arrest, a rambling Tobin allegedly told agents during an interview about wanting to become a suicide bomber and his yearning to kill blacks.

According to court documents obtained by National Justice, Tobin — who was originally held in pre-trial detention by a New Jersey federal judge — was released to home confinement in order to receive psychiatric care. He pled guilty to his charges and currently awaits sentencing.

As we have previously reported, Tempel ov Blood writings by Sutter describe his methods for brainwashing people into committing immoral and illegal acts, which includes subjecting them to sadistic rituals, providing them mind-altering drugs, and deliberately causing them to lose their mind.

Tobin’s trajectory lines up perfectly with this strategy, which appears to have been aided not just by informant Sutter, but also allegedly by a bonafide FBI agent acting in a criminal capacity. Many of the legal documents in his case related to how he arrived at his broken mental state are sealed.


Four members who witnessed Atomwaffen’s transformation from an online white nationalist art group of edgy black metal enthusiasts to a satanic ISIS supporting paramilitary organization have made mention of a phenomenon they dubbed “Fedwaffen.”

Members used the term to describe a series of highly polished, ISIS style paramilitary training videos released in 2018 and 2019 (here is one example, not safe for work), that were produced in the name of Atomwaffen but did not include anyone they knew.

Throughout the FBI’s penetration of the group, they held amongst themselves that these videos were being produced by the FBI. In one particularly creepy anecdote, one source said that the actors were wearing attire, such as specific types of sunglasses, intended to look like genuine individuals in the group.

While scores of Atomwaffen members have been charged with relatively benign offenses, such as vandalism, sending the Anti-Defamation League fliers with Swastikas on them or various gun technicalities, they have not been charged with anything approaching real acts of terrorism.

The aforementioned videos appear intended to make the group far more militant and violent than it actually was.

Atomwaffen Goes Global

Atomwaffen and O9A linked arrests have not only contributed to “white supremacist terrorism” hysteria in the United States, but also abroad.

Three sources told National Justice that, under the control of the FBI, Sutter allegedly led the Feuerkrieg Division (which had chapters all over Europe) and played an influential role in Sonnenkrieg Division.

Sutter’s writings and philosophy were used to brainwash a 13-year-old boy in Estonia who the BBC reported as a top member of FKD.

Andrew Dymock, a mentally disturbed homosexual who allegedly led Sonnenkrieg Division, was an adherent and promoter of O9A and ToB’s ideology. Another member, Jacek Tchorzewski, was jailed for his possession of child pornography.

British members of the aforementioned Atomwaffen linked groups have published writings through Sutter’s Martinet Press.

Media Will Not Touch This Scandal

Both Ali Winston and Jack Hanrahan have publicly acknowledged this scandal, but their narrative is a ridiculous one: the FBI supports “white supremacy.”

In truth, the federal government’s work is nefarious COINTELPRO project that intends to associate legitimate political dissent with acts of terrorism and other morally repugnant behaviors.

A source with knowledge of the federal government’s inner workings told National Justice that an intelligence operation of this magnitude could not have been launched without the full knowledge and special permission of FBI Director Christopher Wray. He added that former Department of Justice head William Barr and his Deputy Rod Rosenstein were likely being regularly briefed on this “investigation.”

Due to the political nature of the case, figures known for criticizing the FBI’s counter-terrorism strategies deployed against Muslims since 2001, such as Mike German, have refused to engage with this bombshell.

Most of the defendants in Atomwaffen Division related cases have taken plea bargains as a way to escape pre-trial detention and solitary confinement. These young men range from people with histories of being sexually abused, homelessness, and mental illness and were forced to take mostly unhelpful public defenders due to being indigent.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Right_On says:

    Shame. “Atomwaffen Division” was actually a cool name.

    Unlike the “Tempel ov Blood” or “Order of Nine Angles”. Totally naff.

  2. These young men range from people with histories of being sexually abused, homelessness, and mental illness and were forced to take mostly unhelpful public defenders due to being indigent.

    Not the sort of people you would want in any real nationalist party, but hapless patsies for the prosecutors.

    Sutter’s writings and philosophy were used to brainwash a 13-year-old boy in Estonia who the BBC reported as a top member of FKD.

    Any rational person should realise the absurdity of the charges – that they are fabrications made by governments and its agents. The idea that some “violent neo-Nazi group” is being led by some pubescent boy is LOL ludicrous. In a sane society, with a proper media, this lie would be quickly exposed and the government and its agents held to account. But in the Western MSM, controlled by the oligarchs in league with the deep state, you’re never going to hear that.
    Keep up the good work, Mr Striker.

    • Replies: @Former FKD affiliate
  3. Jillian Hoy, aka Jayalalita Devi Dasi, Sutters wife, is a disciple of HH Bir Krishna Goswami.

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  4. In a sane society, with a proper media, this lie would be quickly exposed and the government and its agents held to account.

    It’s not too late. What an excellent article.

    Any LEO breaking a law should suffer at least 10 times the punishment of an ordinary citizen. RICO should apply all the way up the command chain.

    For LEO (any level, any rank):

    Steal drugs from an evidence locker and sell them: Life in prison.

    Plant drugs to make an arrest: Life in prison.

    Supply weapons to an organized anti-government organization: Life in prison.

    Try to shape public opinion with false facts: Minimum 20 years. (Oh yeah, this one is so slippery it should serve as a strong deterrent for any “opinion shaping” no matter how well intentioned.)

    Engage in off the books revenue activities: Life in prison.

    Law enforcement needs to be above reproach and completely trusted by the people in order to have a healthy society. When the cops resemble the criminals, things aren’t right.

    The biggest problem here is that the US system of law enforcement has formally devolved into Sheriff of Nottingham standards, where bureaus rely on enforcement proceeds to bolster their budgets.

    Let’s return this nation to a proper foundation. It is time for a thorough congressional review of FBI, CIA, and others, a great purging of bad actors, arrests and punishment of the worst, and reparations for past victims.

  5. Setting up innocent people to be prosecuted under anti-terrorism laws should bring an automatic end to any possibility of collecting a pension.

    It’s no deterrent if a Fed can resign and walk away when they get caught. Also, they should be banned from possessing firearms, holding a government security clearance, or belonging to any fraternal LEO group for retirees.

    At heart, these are weak men who derive their self-worth from belonging to ‘the team’, and punching down on those who are not. They should be cast out of the law enforcement community in every way possible.

    • Agree: Randy Dazzler
  6. @Verymuchalive

    No one will care about this as no actual “proof” exists today but the person that groomed Steel/Ragnarok/Caesar/then “Kommander” (i.e. “the 13 year old boy in Estonia”) that eventually formed Feuerkrieg Division was almost 100% not Joshua Sutter unless it’s revealed that Sutter speaks perfect Russian. Prior to the forming of FKD, there was someone that used a blank unicode username, claimed to be 38 in that kid’s first Discord server (Baltic Social Republic, a generic nationalist server focussed on nationalism in the Baltics) that “Kommander” seemed publicly to know very well, probably from DMs, constantly coaching him on the finer points of how to form a functioning network of “autonomous, decentralised cells”, around 3 months later FKD was born and the same guy appeared briefly for maybe two weeks to help in the early formation then deleted his account. Whoever this was, was in my opinion and observation the individual behind Steel/Kommander’s grooming, he would never say where he was from beyond “don’t live in the Baltics but support your cause and admire your will towards self determination” but he often would converse at length in Russian written in both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets (to me would indicate actual knowledge of the language, still using it regardless of alphabet) on different occasions with a Lithuanian teen in the server that also knew Russian.

    I ducked out of the group early on in 2019 so my knowledge beyond that as far as who they came in contact with or brought in is next to null but unless it’s revealed that Sutter can carry on lengthy conversations in Russian, I really don’t think the ToB guy in the US was behind that, or at least not the formation of it. But it’s definitely accurate from what I saw that some barely pubescent kid in Estonia was not the architect and brain of the organisation’s coming into existence. How that person fits in with the ToB debacle remains to be seen (I know that the middle aged presumably Russian guy promoted Siege, seemed neutral or apathetic on O9A and the like but never witnessed them mention anything specific to ToB and expressed suspicion of AWD). Frankly I don’t have a clue but I’m sharing this in the event someone out there reading this was there and has any valuable info on who the middle aged, blank unicode user was or could have been.

    • Thanks: Verymuchalive
  7. The FBI is only good for solving crimes they commit themselves. Time to disband this utterly corrupt organization. They can take the CIA with them for good measure.

    • Agree: Richard B
  8. @IskconBogusGurus

    The harekrsna .com article reports that Sutter and Hoy started the New Bihar Mandir Temple in South Carolina in 2009, as a “white power” organization, while apparently masquerading as Hare Krishna priests. Following its link to the story below, this appears to have been another FBI sting operation.

    The FBI has been financing Sutter’s publishing house, Martinet Press, which produces some of the most obscene written materials — featuring graphic depictions of child rape and mass murder — ever authored.

    There must be some reason that Amazon still sells this revolting material, and FBI encouragement, along with reporting of purchasers, are a possible explanation. If the volume below were not so obscure it would probably have earned its author a fatwa. American Muslims would be appalled if there is a provable link between Martinet Press and the FBI.

    • Replies: @IskconBogusGurus
  9. @James N. Kennett

    Jillian Hoy, aka Jayalalita Devi Dasi, Sutters wife, is not masquerading. She is an actual disciple of HH Bir Krishna Goswami, one of the numerable bogus gurus accused of hijacking the ISKCON Hare Krsna movement once their founder A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada passed away in 1977. The photo in the link I provided shows her being formally initiated into the movement in a temple with a Vedic style fire sacrifice being performed by the “Goswami” acting as the priest. Not known if Sutter is, or ever was formally in the ISKCON movement.

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