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Democratic Socialists of America Calls for Taking Money from Poor Whites and Giving It to Blacks
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The Seattle chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) will be voting today on a new resolution that demands pushing state and federal bodies to take money from white workers and give it to blacks as “reparations.”

In a time where millions of white Americans are unemployed, falling behind on bills and facing food insecurity and homelessness, the tone deaf proposal rationalizes that “while all members of the working class are exploited by capitalism, white workers have benefited disproportionately from racist and anti-Black institutions (housing, healthcare, education, policing, etc.) set up under racialized capitalism.”

The DSA document even reduces the idea of socialism itself to being a product of racism, stating that socialist groups “developed within the context of colonialism and systemic racism” and today serve to “normalize whiteness & white practices/frameworks” by conceptualizing working people as “white, male, cisgendered, able-bodied, and heterosexual.”

The document, which reads more like an op-ed than a policy proposal, asserts that white workers and even socialists themselves are to blame for the problems in the black community and only a forced racial wealth transfer can “repair the harm done by members of the white working class.”

There is no means tests in this plan, so in theory, a white family in West Virginia with a household income of $25,000 a year would have to send a check to black billionaires like Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey and David Steward.

Studies on other anti-white programs like Affirmative Action show that it not only locks out working and middle class white students from good schools, it also primarily benefits minorities from wealthy homes to the exclusion of their low-income racial peers.

The resolution also hints at future acts of “intersectional solidarity in praxis,” with endorsements of the “Real Rent” idea, which would force anyone who lives in or works in the city of Seattle to pay “rent” to a local Native American tribe.

To start the process of racial reconciliation, the authors — who only go by their first names — want 30% of all Seattle DSA dues and donations to go into the pockets of members of the “Afro-Socialist Caucus.”

In other words, they are trying to capitalize off the massive presence of wealthy white liberals who have joined the DSA, mostly as a fashion statement.

According to one demographic study, 29% of DSA members make over $100,000 a year, and this doesn’t even include all of the Jewish and upper class whites who live off their massive trust funds (one Jewish Marxist said his was worth $30 million). 21% of those surveyed said they were white collar professionals, 9% were academics, and only 6% were in a labor union (almost half of America’s already low union participation rate of 11%).

Today like in all of history, the left, the right, the communists and the capitalists all agree: white workers must be destroyed.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Reparations has been going on for decades. You steal money from white people and call it taxes and give it to black people and call it welfare.

    Being more overt about it doesn’t make it new.

  2. krm says:

    The tribe’s free pass is almost up..

    • Replies: @Realist
  3. Anonymous[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Why don’t white workers just seize the means of production and cast off the parasites?

    I ask seriously, why don’t they? Why haven’t they done it?

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @mike6972
  4. Realist says:

    The tribe’s free pass is almost up..

    A threat with nothing to back it up.

    • Agree: Lot
    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
  5. Mojoincc says:

    Ignorant for so many reasons, the first being that during the height of slavery in this country, less than 2% of white people owned slaves.

  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The empty promises and confidence man games of Globalism + Jewry results in the most corrupt and greedy whites losing their minds and transferring the shrinking wealth of the white middle and underclass to blacks in order to keep the collapsing Ponzi scheme going just a little longer.

    How was this greedy, quick-buck Golden Calf insanity problem dealt with by the founder of Judaism? Moses took the long knives to the insane Hebrews to protect his fledgling nation.

    Criminally insane Hebrews and their sick and corrupt lickspittle need to be brought to justice again.

  7. Shaman911 says:

    This has been going on since they created the WELFARE STATE.

  8. Sink says:

    Blacks like Daymond John?

  9. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Why don’t white workers just seize the means of production and cast off the parasites?

    1) Because the ZOG police state will destroy them. 2) Because there are enough corrupt, confidence man whites assuring them that the Fed Ponzi scheme will pay off for them in the long run. 3) Because Anglo-whites have been conditioned to be greedy and superficial troglodytes and bow to Rothschilds and Royalty. 4)Because Bolshevism was a Jewish inside job on behalf of English and Jewish “royalty” designed to kill off Russia altogether in another chapter of the Russia vs. England “Great Game.”

  10. The Black reparations fund will consist of: 1) an immediate payout of 30% of the chapter’s cash principal balance to a dedicated AFROSOC account; and 2) Continuing payments to Black DSA and/or Black AFROSOC members. Money for continuing payments will come from 1) 30% of all chapter dues Seattle DSA receives from DSA national and 2) 30% of donations raised by the chapter (including any dues/donations raised through any Dues Drive campaigns)

    They want 30% upfront even if they had nothing to do with the fundraising. What is stopping them from doing their own fundraising?

    Reparations is a principle that targets global capitalism and the capitalist State as ultimately responsible for this harm but also seeks to repair the harm done by members of the white working class

    So friggin stupid. They want to take a third of the money and then depict White workers as part of the problem.

    This will lead to some hilarious infighting. Get the popcorn ready.

  11. The so-called DSA are not socialist, not democratic, & no doubt, give not a shit for America.
    Their reperations plan is mind bogglingly foolish. It seems to be perfectly contrived to alienate white working people.
    It’s fair to judge — the DSA are a tool of the Establishment, bent on further fracturing the 90% along the usual idiotic racial lines. They should be ashamed of themselves – fat chance!

  12. Rich says:

    Obviously, the DSA, doesn’t want to succeed. Their whole reason for existing is to convince White workers not to support socialism. They are bought and paid for.

  13. I laugh at folks like those who think radical socialism, communism and tribalism are the best way to “live” The truth IS … there has been no systematic racism in America since 1865 except for THAT created against Whites to pay the way and bills of all and any minorities. My whole life especially since 1964 blacks/browns/women have been placed ahead of me in all and any lines and job choices. Somehow the reverse racism is A-OK with those types in the photo above. Reparations for blacks were paid for in FULL after the Uncivil War. 700,000-800,000 dead Americans already paid you in full. You’re welcome

  14. Richard B says:

    Concluding Moral: You get what you put up with.

    And there seems to be no end in sight to what Whites are willing to put up with.

    So much so that the US is fast moving from its current state of Anarcho-Tyranny to a form of social control best described as Sado-Masochistic.

    No need to point out who’s who in that relationship.

  15. Franz says:

    Today like in all of history, the left, the right, the communists and the capitalists all agree: white workers must be destroyed.

    And what the outsourcing didn’t to, their poor dumb golems will? Let me doubt that.

    My bet is at least some blacks are getting suspicious about all this. They must know that no matter how many times us white workers get dropped on our heads, we still have a better background (not many among us did not serve in the military, honorably) and more and better weapons.

    This sounds like the politics of desperation. The same way the old Trotskyites drew up a new commie constitution for the USA back in the Thirties and the Seventies, these guys will get a small amount of attention, a smaller payoff, and oblivion.

    It’s like when Lincoln snickered at John Brown after the Harper’s Ferry raid: No matter how dumb the blacks were, Lincoln noted, they knew this guy wasn’t going to help them one bit.

  16. black dog says:

    Organise a strike by all whites. Watch as America grinds to a halt.

  17. mike6972 says:

    There aren’t any “means of production” left to seize. They are all in China.

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