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Conviction of 93-Year-Old War Veteran Is Latest Embarrassment for German Legal System
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Last November, Moshe Loth testified as a plaintiff in the trial of wheelchair-bound nonagenarian Bruno Dey. Loth accused him of being an accessory to his torture and grandmother’s gassing during the “Holocaust” at the Stutthof concentration camp in the final years of World War II.

Loth stated that his mother Helene became pregnant with him while interned at Stutthof. As an infant, he was tattooed and subjected to cruel medical experiments. His grandmother Anna was gassed to death, a death affirmed by the Yad Vashem.

In a gesture of Jewish empathy and compassion, he publicly forgave Dey and gave him a hug.

The problem is Moshe was actually born Peter Oswald Loth, to a Protestant German family. His older brother Gustav was a corporal in the Waffen-SS and nobody in his family ever set foot in a concentration camp.

Der Spiegel exposed him during the trial, not because his story was unbelievable, but because he was a Gentile. None of the other witnesses flown in mostly from America and Israel were subjected to the same scrutiny.

Thus the increasing desperation of an insecure German government and Zionist power structure running out of Nazi strawmen to rationalize its totalitarianism and create a climate of fear.

Dey’s case was noteworthy from the start due to the bizarre decision to try a 93-year-old man as a juvenile. Dey had previously been questioned and cleared by German police in the 1970s and 80s, yet prosecutors decided to drag him to court at an age where it is unlikely he has any recollection of what happened 75 years ago, or even the soundness of mind to properly defend himself.

German prosecutors charged Dey as an accessory to the murder of 5,230 persons in a camp he briefly served at as a low level soldier. They relied heavily on contemporary precedents of guilt-by-association, pioneered at the trial of John Demjanjuk in 2011. Before Dey, Oskar Groening was convicted under the new German judicial philosophy in 2014. He was convicted of helping kill 300,000 Jews in his capacity as an accountant at Auschwitz.

The accusers did not bother to build a case against Dey, nor incriminate him as an individual in any killings. The entire case was predicated solely on the fact that he was stationed at Stutthof as a conscript in the German military and so he had to have knowledge of supposed gassings and killings– something Dey vehemently denied and the plaintiffs never proved.

Holocaust trials in Germany are designed to be Kafka traps. It is illegal to question the veracity of atrocities Jews claimed to have seen no matter how scientifically and logically impossible, whether homicidal gas chambers or gasoline injections to the heart.

Besides Loth, other “witnesses” gave highly dubious testimony. A woman named Asia Schindelman said she saw the guards at Stutthof feed Jewish women to their dogs, while others were killed by being tossed on electrified fences.

Though the case against Dey was weak even by show trial standards, he was still convicted and given a two year suspended sentence.

Dey’s legal team tried to appeal this ludicrous decision but mysteriously dropped their case yesterday before it was ever heard.

With the ruling in Dey’s case safe, German jurisprudence now solidly affirms the idea of collective guilt, as the judge overseeing the case made clear in a closing statement.

This is very convenient for the German state. For Holocaust propagandists, they now have a fresh pool of potential subjects to sacrifice to the Shoah God.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Germany, World War II 
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  1. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Every time I hear a government worker say “I don’t make the rules”, I think “Nuremberg”.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  2. GeeBee says:

    So the daily ‘Two Minutes Hate’ continues throughout Oceania, as rightly mandated by the Ministry of Truth…

    • Agree: jsinton
  3. My grandmother’s gassing at was not pleasant…we would wait for the inevitable after our family meals, then grandmother would release the gas which we had all come to fear.

    It was only after we discovered that we could open the window did we manage to escape the horror of grandmother’s gassing.

    In this I sympathize with the infant who was tattooed in utero before being thrown onto the electric fence before being turned into a skin lampshade and bars of soap before being paid settlements worth many shekels.

    Auschwitz. Gesundheit.

    • LOL: Angharad
    • Replies: @Druid
  4. If ninety year olds who served in the German army during world war 2 can be convicted of war crimes against Jews, then everyone who’s ever served in the Israeli army can be convicted of war crimes against Palestinians.

    There’s no difference in scope or morality between what the Germans allegedly did to the Jews and what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse, Owen C.
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  5. Rich says:

    If Dey is 93, that would mean he was born in 1927, or 26 if later in the year. He would’ve been 18 or 19 in 1945. Are these jurists mentally ill? An 18 year old draftee is who they’re after now? Disgusting. But those who are high and mighty now, better beware, these same rules may come back to haunt them in their old age.

    • Agree: GeeBee, Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  6. Fresh pool of subjects, I don’t think so, how many guards remain alive, the goal of that ruling is political, to brand Germany as a nation of criminals, and only now could it be issued, since it won’t disrupt the german society anymore, because there aren’t more live defendants.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  7. Trinity says:

    Don’t worry, when they run out of old “Nazis,” they will go after the children and grandchildren of old “Nazis.” And of course all the grandchildren, and great grandchildren of the holy “6 million” will continue to score reparations from extorting billions from Germany as well as the countries who even fought against Germany. All people, whether French, American, or German, must feel shame for the muh holocaust.

    • Agree: animalogic
    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  8. Chris Moore says: • Website

    These Marxist-Zionists are growing desperate for ever more easy propaganda victories, yet the older the scam gets, the more outlandish and unbelievable it becomes. They’re like a long-in-the-tooth “champion” prize fighter who gained his belt in a rigged fight, and who has been propped up by promoters who arrange mediocre opponents, paid to take a dive, ever since. At some point, it all becomes a ridiculous farce, and everyone knows it.

    But the Jews milk every scam to the absolute last dime, and so too will they milk the fake “Holocaust.”

    Without its elaborate series of farces, scams, lies, and grifts, — backed at the point of a gun — the Jew doesn’t exist. Without its ill-gotten loot and power, there is no “Jew.”

    • Replies: @Praytoyourgods
  9. It took the passage of 150 years for the myths of our Civil War to final start unraveling, so by this standard our descendants may finally see an honest history of the Third Reich circa 2095 AD.

    The striking contrast of course is that in the American case, the losers got to dictate the narrative, while the wartime propaganda of the victors is all that is generally known of the more recent conflict.

    It’s quite an irony that this is exactly how Hitler described the technique of the “big lie”. Make it a whopper, and just keep repeating it, and it becomes the truth. And most folks today think he was talking about how he planned to lie to his people, when in fact the trick was attributed to Germany’s enemies in the original context.

  10. If ninety year olds who served in the German army during world war 2 can be convicted of war crimes against Jews, then everyone who’s ever served in the Israeli army can be convicted of war crimes against Palestinians.

    And yet (((George Soros))), an actual Nazi collaborator who boasted of his actions, walks free to this day – completely unmolested by any of the fearless Nazi hunters. Not a peep from the crowd whose specialty is crying out in pain as they strike others, either. Evidently some Nazis are more equal than others. Quelle surprise.

  11. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Don’t worry, when they run out of old “Nfazis,” they will go after the children and grandchildren of old “Nazis.”

    They already are. They’re called “Deplorables” and Hillary and the Dems say they’re “irredeemable.” You see, the leaders of their ancestors made the mistake (some would call it a sin) of getting into bed with Zionist bankers in the WW1 and WW2 takedown of Germany in order to deliver up the New World Order and Israel.

    Now their grandchildren and great grandchildren are being called “white supremacists” and “Nazis” for their trouble. You see, the forebears committed the sin of letting themselves be used by the Jews and their rackets.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  12. @Observator

    It’s not “irony” at all, the same group of people are using the “big lie” technique on both sides of any manufactured event. The last thing they want to have spread around is Truth. We get story A, then counter story B, then another distraction with a story C.

    A. 19 hijackers with limited flight experience or B. exotic secret weapons on 9/11.

    Nothing about regular planned demolition and an insurance scam, coupled with a strategic hit on a ONI team in the Pentagon, that was investigating financial records stored in WTC7. Which wasn’t hit by a magic plane, yet collapsed into it’s own footprint.

    All planned and coordinated by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan. Who happened to be a scion of an ultra wealthy family, who had worked with the CIA in a prior incarnation as a leader of Anti-Soviet mujahedin.

    Oh, his family just happened to be in the USA on that day. They were flown home the next day when no civilian planes were supposed to be in the air. White glove concierge treatment for the family of the US’s most wanted terrorist since the 1990’s.

  13. Trinity says:
    @Chris Moore

    Yes. We must bow to “the chosenites.” After all, they think they are God. haha.

    The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” I think I have the quote right, but IF I don’t that is close enough and SO DAMN TRUE.

  14. Germany had the world’s best legal system, so it had to be made the worst, and was. Guilt by association! The new German judicial philosophy! What?

    It’s hard to understand why this Jewish magic spell has such an iron grip on Germany. It looks like total insanity but it’s been there for decades, never cured.

    There’s something super-totalitarian, hyper-totalitarian in making it criminal to be an accountant working for your government, anywhere!

    Too totalitarian to be Stalinist, even too totalitarian to be Nazi. What institution or culture is as totalitarian as this?

    Christianity is about forgiveness of sins. Isn’t it time for a total amnesty for the crime of working for one’s government more than 75 years ago? Instead, a lifetime later, it is an eye for an eye, a tooth for at tooth … but for what, for writing up the account books?

    Why can’t Germany just throw off this insanity?

  15. jsinton says:

    A variation on White Lives Don’t Matter.

  16. @Hugo Silva

    Perhaps the Zionist German government will use the Biblical “unto the 7th generation rule”. So a camp guard’s child is guilty, & the child’s child is guilty…& so on. Now that IS an open vista for future “guilt” & prosecution.

  17. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    “Why can’t Germany just throw off this insanity?”
    A very good question.
    War guilt has become part of the German social DNA. I wonder whether, the last of the W.W II generation having expired, Germany will allow itself some relief ?
    Of course, the off-spring of the last living Jewish “survivors” will never let the Germans forget — this iteration of the vampire squid will never renounce an opportunity to suck up ever more billions of German (or Polish– or French — or Russian or ….) Euros….

  18. TheJester says:

    There is strong evidence that much of what we consider “The History of WWII” is Allied propaganda that was so often repeated that it found its way into academic and popular post-war accounts. This includes the saga of the Nazi “death camps” … allegedly British/Soviet propaganda designed to cause rebellions in labor camps (leaflets were dropped on the camps). After the war, there was no reason not to keep the ruses going to avoid exposing Allied duplicity.

    One can see this in operation by watching British documentaries on WWII produced into the 1950s and 1960s. In short, the evidence is readily available on Nexflix and The History Channel.

    I’m a history buff, but I often cut a documentary short after five minutes. The historical inaccuracies are blatant … even if narrated in a “high-brow” British accent.

  19. Was this Moshe Peter Oswald Loth tried and sentenced for his lying testimony in a judicial case?

  20. @Chris Moore

    Marxists? It’s just weirdo Zionist power freaks. They are more disposed to capitalism then communism. What we need is communism without the Jews.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @paranoid goy
  21. RVBlake says:

    I wonder did the prosecution ever posit what the young Schutze was to have done with the knowledge of alleged executions being performed at the camp. And convicted with the connivance of a known liar. Good thing those Nazis didn’t win, German justice would’ve become a joke.

  22. TGD says:

    Stalin wanted to exterminate the remnants of the SS but Truman said no and US intelligence agencies recruited them as reliable anticommunists. The infamous Klaus Barbie was a notorious example. He was recruited by Allen Dulles and “Wild Bill” Donovan of the US “CIC,” a branch of the OSS, in 1947. When Barbie got too hot to handle, he was given a new identity and shipped off to Bolivia where he caused untold mischief. He was not brought to justice in France until 1987.

    The “denazification” program carried out between 1945 and 1951 was a sham. The western allies turned the program over to the new West German government in 1951. Most of the Nazis war criminals were released and allowed to take up their old positions in government, commerce and industry. That’s why very few Nazi war criminals were ever prosecuted.

    It is only with the passing of the German WW2 generation that the German government saw fit to go after the few Nazi war criminals still living.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Fluesterwitz
    , @GeeBee
  23. El Dato says:

    I guess “Die Brücke” will soon see a remake where the kids are shown to be personally responsible for the Holocaust as they defend The Bridge.

    • Replies: @Fluesterwitz
  24. El Dato says:

    Stalin wanted to exterminate the remnants of the SS but Truman said no

    “The remnants of the SS” are who exactly?

    Also, quite amazing to see some moral fiber in Truman. I never would have suspected…

  25. Exile says:

    May this be the last of these show trials – time is on our side, even if our governments aren’t.

    Absent a revival of “spiritual evidence” ala Salem, Jews don’t have much gas left in this tank.

    Germans should long ago have risen up against this outrageous blood-libeling but no people on Earth have been subjected to more comprehensive occupation, mass murder, rape, and decades of cultural and historical deconstruction.

  26. Trinity says:

    I guess we see WHY the holoHOAX can NEVER be questioned. OBVIOUSLY, (((they))) want to ride this for all it is worth and then some.


  27. @Johnny Smoggins

    ‘If ninety year olds who served in the German army during world war 2 can be convicted of war crimes against Jews, then everyone who’s ever served in the Israeli army can be convicted of war crimes against Palestinians.’

    Everybody who’s ever given money to Israel can be convicted of war crimes against Palestinians.

    Or…wait…I’ve shopped at Home Depot. I’ve paid to watch films by Steven Spielberg. I dutifully pay my taxes.

    Lemme think here…

    Every American reading this post is guilty of crimes against the Palestinians, and it is up to each of us to stop.

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
  28. @Praytoyourgods

    Marxists? It’s just weirdo Zionist power freaks. They are more disposed to capitalism then communism. What we need is communism without the Jews.


    Marxist-Zionism is the long game. It’s always been the long game. That’s why there’s so much symmetry between Marxism and Neoconservatism. That’s why Jews were and are at the center of both, and always have been.

    Marxist true believers are like Scofield Bible “Christian” true believers: useful idiots. Or worse — soulless “Jew” collaborators.

    Orwell nailed it. 1984 is the future, unless we put an end to Marxist-Zionism and its legions of warped and insane Hebrew fanatics and their brain dead adherents.

  29. Druid says:

    Your comment is exactly the appropriate one for this German/zio farce!

  30. @TGD

    Churchill relates in his account of the Tehran conference Stalin’s proposal (maybe in jest, maybe not) to diminish, after the war, the German military potential by executing around 50k military and scientific specialists. Compared to Morgenthau, Stalin was clearly reasonable and moderate. That he was less than enamored to “reliable anticommunists” is also hardly surprising.

    It is only with the passing of the German WW2 generation that the German government saw fit to go after the few Nazi war criminals still living.

    Exactly. The last remaining measure of usefulness of those accusable of ‘war crimes’ is to act as props in the staging of new and improved re-educated Germany. That there are no more actual wartime nazis (reliably anti-communist or not), would only be a hindrance if the German elites believed in their own propaganda.

  31. @El Dato

    This has been an argument for a long time. Of course it was ignored as long as there were actual important people who would have been inconvenienced by its acceptance.

  32. GeeBee says:

    Most of the Nazis war criminals were released and allowed to take up their old positions in government, commerce and industry. That’s why very few Nazi war criminals were ever prosecuted.

    It is only with the passing of the German WW2 generation that the German government saw fit to go after the few Nazi war criminals still living.

    ‘Nazi war criminals’; ‘Nazi war criminals’; ‘Nazi war criminals’. When will it ever end? Never, of course. And especially not when even commenters on what is normally quite a ‘red-pilled’ and ‘alternative’ site continue to parrot the Allies’ propaganda for them more than seventy-five years after the war was over.

    It is my firm belief that for every ‘Nazi war criminal’ there must have been dozens, if not hundreds, of the Allied variety – and furthermore, that the victors’ crimes were incomparably greater in scope and more sickening than those of the vanquished. But of course, the victors not only get to write the history, but also to escape Scott free for their own crimes.

    When I was at Sandhurst in 1977-78, we cadets had the rare ‘privilege’ of attending a lecture by Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris, appropriately enough at the Churchill Hall (the main lecture theatre at the Royal Military Academy). The then eighty-five year old Harris had been wheeled out to give his talk, which came as a surprise not only to us cadets but also to the War Studies staff at the academy. I well recall him boasting that his campaign of terror bombing had been “not only the greatest air victory of the war, but also the greatest victory of all our forces both on land and sea.” He attempted to back up this extraordinary claim by arguing that the bombing campaign had assisted the naval and land efforts by sapping Germany’s morale and by drawing in vital components of their military. He concluded by – so it seemed to us – bragging that “had the war gone the other way, I have no doubt at all that I would have found myself in court arraigned on war-crime charges.”

    After his lecture (which the whole Academy attended, not just us senior cadets at Old College), my study group made our way back to the War Studies Department, to discuss what we had heard with our War Studies tutor, Dr John Pimlott. He asked us what we thought of what we had just heard. Most of us had formed an adverse opinion, and regarded what he’d said as bluster and indeed as glorying his own bloody and criminal career. Dr Pimlott agreed, and indeed went further.

    In retrospect, I can identify this event as sowing in my mind the first seed of doubt regarding the ‘official’ history of WWII. One that lay dormant for many years, but one that has now grown into a firm and healthy tree of obloquy towards ‘the Allies’ and the despicable and unnecessary war that they were determined to prosecute in furtherance of Zio-American hegemony. Hitler had stood in the way of this obscenity, under whose dismal yoke we all now crawl in abject submission. He – and millions of innocents – had to perish in order to safeguard ‘Neo-Liberalism’, which is of course the polite term for Finance Capitalism, the system that supports and enriches the (((Financial International))).

  33. anarchyst says:

    When it comes to “all things holocaust™ “, I point out the ideological insanity of the “claims” about “jewish blood spurting out of the ground”, the “color of smoke can be used to determine whether jews are being cremated”, thousands being cremated per day without maintenance of the crematoria, “gas chambers” without the means to exhaust the poisonous gases, “bug spray” (Zyklon B) used as an execution agent, jewish soap, lampshades and shrunken heads”, oh my… and of course, the “6 million”.
    Let’s not forget the logistics required to effect the transportation of tens of thousands of people, along with “death camp” assertions, these “camps” having hospitals, recreational facilities, and other amenities which would not be needed if these were truly “death camps”.
    When “holocaust™ ” purveyors ask the question, “what about the physical evidence, the bodies, etc.?” I point out that the “photographic evidence” was orchestrated by the allies for maximum propaganda effect and was actually a result of typhus–not “gassing” as claimed. In addition, I point out that the destruction of the infrastructure by the allies was so devastating that normal hygiene practices were difficult to maintain.
    I have been successful in planting the “seeds”, pointing out the absurdity of “holocaust™” claims in peoples’ heads by stating the physical, scientific, and statistical impossibilities of the claims pushed by “holocaust™ purveyors.
    Getting people to “THINK outside the box” is the first step. Using engineering and other scientific logic is the key to get people to recognize the absurdity of “holocaust™” claims.
    When that is said and done, I deliver the “coup de grace”…
    I point out that, in many countries, questioning the “official holocaust™ story can land one in prison for a long time.
    I then mention names- Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, Monika Schaefer, Ernst Zundel, and others. I point out that Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer are elderly grandmothers whose only “crime” was to question the “official account” of the jewish “holocaust™ ” by merely pointing out the inconsistencies in the stories, just as I have above. They are considered to be so dangerous to the “holocaust™ purveyors that they were given prison sentences in maximum-security penal facilities.
    When it comes to the case of Sylvia Stolz, I point out that she is a well-respected attorney who was imprisoned for attempting to provide a proper defense for her client by daring to introduce evidence that refuted the “official holocaust™” story.
    Ernst Zundel’s case stands out as he was attacked and his home was firebombed by jewish interests, with no help in investigation by the authorities, in Canada, of all places. His trials in Canada were successful in getting parts of Canada’s “hate speech” laws overturned.
    Explaining the use of “judicial notice” is next. This immoral “concept” disallows the use of evidence that runs counter to “commonly accepted beliefs”, EVEN IF THESE “BELIEFS” CAN BE PROVEN TO BE FALSE. This, in itself demolishes the whole “holocaust™ fable and does get people to think.
    When I point out the dishonesty of the “legal systems” used to punish those who do not subscribe to the validity of “all things holocaust™”, “the die is set”–the seeds of doubt are truly set…
    A multi-pronged effort is required to get people to drop their notions about this “hoax of the twentieth century”. Using scientific, logistical and physical common sense as well as pointing out the dishonest legal systems that are used to prosecute “non-believers” is the way by break the false religion of “holocaustianity™ “…
    I have been marginalized in certain circles for pointing out the obvious, but I don’t care. It appears that young people are more receptive to the common sense messages that prove that the “holocaust™ ” is a figment of jewish imagination and a “cash cow” that has been milking gentiles for far too long, nothing more.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  34. @Praytoyourgods

    The mistake you make, is to differentiate between marxist/communist/bolshevik dogma, and capitalism. Both have the exact same aim: Collecting all wealth into one account, hand that to one King, then he will rule our Goy asses “with an iron sceptre”, as they have taught us when they gave us that Holy Bible thing.
    The capitalists are just better at pretending you can also partake. In the end, same thing.
    “End hunger and feed the world” means “kill the poor and force the survivors to buy food only from me”.

  35. anarchyst says:

    Hitting the holohoax (oops I mean “holocaust™”) head-on doesn’t work because of the jew-controlled media which has declared “holocaustianity™” to be the new worldwide “state religion” from which no dissension from its “orthodoxy” is permitted.
    The only way to counter “holocaustianity™” is to point out the scientific and engineering impossibility of every “holocaust™” claim.
    Let’s look at a number of claims that have been made and have been ingrained in “holocaust™” orthodoxy:
    — using “bug spray” (Zyklon B) as an execution agent (ha ha)
    —“gas chambers” with ordinary wooden doors, not gas-tight doors
    —“gas chambers” with no means to ventilate the chambers after “operation”
    —“gas chamber” chimney not connected to anything
    —“blood spurting out of the ground” for weeks and months
    —“crematoria stacks with visible flames” (not possible) crematoria burn clean
    —“thousands of bodies cremated per day” (not possible)
    —“multiple bodies” in one “muffle” to “speed up” operations
    —“lampshades, soap and shrunken heads”, oh my
    —“the ability to tell when jews are being cremated by the smell or color of smoke”
    —“claimed burial grounds not being permitted to be disturbed” per jewish “law”
    NONE of these claims are possible or valid and can be easily debunked using sound scientific and engineering principles.
    I have been thrown out (asked to leave) those “jewish freak shows” called “holocaust™”museums for merely attempting to point out these facts.

  36. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Why can’t Germany just throw off this insanity?
    Germany’s government is nothing but an occupation regime, a puppet government.
    Every demoralisation/deracination/zombiefication/etc. technique used by TPTB was tried and tested in Germany before being deployed in the US.

  37. GeeBee says:

    Thanks, and very well said. I too adopt very similar tactics when discussing this most obvious of all hoaxes. What really sticks in the craw is that Jewish efforts to double down on their deception result in the endless and insulting ‘holocaust memorial museums’, which sprout – I almost said ‘like mushrooms’, but I like mushrooms and they provide fine food – let us say, like poisonous toadstools in city after city across the West.

    This, if nothing else, is a grotesque insult to the tens of millions of innocent people who did actually die – at Dresden, Hamburg, Chelmno and every German town of any significance; the Rhine Meadows camps of Eisenhauer; the forced evictions from Czech Sudetenland; the civilians starved at war’s end; the bloody terror inflicted on Germans, civilian or otherwise, by the brutal Red Army. That we are all endlessly adjured to remember only the ‘six million’ who didn’t die at all, is nothing short of monstrous.

  38. Dannyboy says:

    It took the passage of 150 years for the myths of our Civil War to final start unraveling, so by this standard our descendants may finally see an honest history of the Third Reich circa 2095 AD.

    The striking contrast of course is that in the American case, the losers got to dictate the narrative, while the wartime propaganda of the victors is all that is generally known of the more recent conflict.

    Jews are mostly cowards with ZERO honor. Your Yankee ancestors modeled themselves after The Filthy Tribe.

    End of Story.

  39. Peter Oswald Loth’s perjury is consistent with the lying that progressives do to harm their targets.

    Debasing themselves by telling lies is, in their minds, virtuous because the ends justify the means – harming your enemy at any cost. The holohoax industry has no honor, nor do progressives. They are cut from the same cloth.

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