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Conservative-Led Supreme Court Votes 6-3 to Grant Gays and Transsexuals Special Rights and Privileges
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Judge Neil Gorsuch dealt another blow to the credibility of the Republican Party today.

Trump-sponsoredGorsuch joined George W. Bush appointee John Roberts and three activist judges in a 6-3 ruling declaring that homosexuals and transsexuals are entitled to special and exclusive work place protections under the 1964 Civil Rights act.

Gorsuch, who claims to be a Constitutional “originalist,” declared that the provision in the Civil Rights act barring employment discrimination based on “sex” could be textually interpreted as meaning gay sex, as well as male fetishists who use drugs and surgeries to imitate women. The Civil Rights act, which racially excludes granting equal rights to white non-Jewish people, itself violates multiple enshrined liberties in the original US Constitution.

In practice, the decision made by Gorsuch, et al, will protect all kinds of highly inappropriate work place behavior and corruption. Firing an individual who publicly declares unusual or deviant sexual behavior without dealing with lawsuits and state investigations will now be nearly impossible.

The ruling was on a combination of cases: Bostock v. Clayton County, Altitude Express v. Zarda, and R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In Bostock v. Clayton County, a gay man named Gerald Bostock was fired from his job as an official at the Clayton County Juvenile Court for misusing funds.

According to local reporting, Bostock was trusted with public money set aside to train volunteers to help foster children.

Bostock went on to spend the money on food and liquor for his LGBT-only softball team at Atlanta gay bars “Cowtippers” and “F.R.O.G.S.”

In the eyes of SCOTUS, Bostock and his gay friends, who drank and ate away money meant for orphans, were the real victims in the scandal.

In Altitude Express v. Zarda, a man named Donald Zarda was fired in 2010 from his Long Island skydiving company after his employer found he had inappropriately touched a customer.

The allegation was made by a female client and her male acquaintance. An internal investigation by Altitude Express found it to be credible.

Zarda’s defense was that it was impossible for him to have allegedly sexually harassed the victim because he claims to be gay. Though Zarda passed away in 2014, his estate continued his lawsuit, which stated in drawn out legal battles that he was actually a victim of anti-gay discrimination. The Supreme Court agrees.

The ruling on R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes is the most extreme of all. The religious liberty organization, the Alliance Defending Freedom, took up the case of Tom Rost, who fired a transsexual employee named Aimee Stephens in 2013 due to Rost’s Christian beliefs.

The ADF responded to Gorsuch, et al’s absurd ruling by outlining the implications: Christians will be forced to accommodate transsexuals even if it violates their conscience, co-workers will be compelled by federal law to use “preferred” pronouns, while job positions that require female or male specific privacy will be forced to be given to anyone who declares themselves either or both genders.

The ruling also paves the way for male takeover of institutions intended for females, such as athletics.

The outcome of this case will have significant cultural and social implications throughout every institution in the United States.

The Civil Rights Act still does not protect individuals’ political freedoms, one of the most common reasons for unfair job termination today. This will also incentivize people to become homosexuals or transgender to access potential future advantages, like Affirmative Action quotas.

This is a new step on the staircase of American madness with immediate and long-term consequences. These matters, in a true Constitutional republic, would be decided through legislation.

Instead, we are ruled by an echo chamber of unelected judges who were all educated at Harvard and Yale, and whether they are Republican or Democrat makes no difference.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Tony says:

    Assume the position Striker, theyre coming after you next.

    • Replies: @nsa
  2. gay sex

    That is an oxymoron, as is homosexual.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  3. America is finished. Jewish elites have utterly ruined this once great republic.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  4. Biff says:

    This will also incentivize people to become homosexuals or transgender to access potential future advantages, like Affirmative Action quotas.

    Suddenly I’m gay as hell.

    • LOL: AnonStarter
    • Replies: @Mr. XYZ
  5. Rich says:

    Gorsuch and the Mrs. probably enjoy being invited to DC cocktail parties, treated special by the “special ” people. Apparently, those who believe the Left has something on Robert’s must be right. This law did not in any way consider homosexuality and would not have passed if it had. There is no more law in the US. We are a banana republic.

    • Agree: Realist
  6. Rosie says:

    The ruling also paves the way for male takeover of institutions intended for females, such as athletics.

    And as usual, (((organized feminism))) will have nothing to say about it.

  7. Let Conservative Inc. die with this ruling.

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  8. This is madness. The SCOTUS is collectively mad.

    It seems to me that the homosexual lobby sprang up suddenly a few decades ago. First, sex between consenting males, I guess that means sodomy or buggery, no longer drew a jail sentence, was allowed, and suddenly there was an invincible lobby on the rampage, demanding more and more. Invincible because highly organized, like the Jewish lobby. I guess, highly financed. They’ve gone on to get “marriage” by two persons of the same sex made legal and official, then sped up their rampage, persecuted any marriage celebrant who declined, persecuted any baker who declined to put homosexual symbolism in the icing on the “wedding” cake, driven women out of sport because the transsexual “woman” will so often beat them, and then demanded access to children at school, who had never yet thought of sex, to advocate homosexuality to them. And going on to persuade children to have sex change hormones and operations without parental consent, and getting the insane court to make that legal. (I think. Haven’t kept up with that.)

    Why is the Supreme Court insane? This is not just a religious matter. Homosexuality is a sickness.

    The Supreme Court needs to be abolished. The author doesn’t say if any of the judges were Jews, but that would fit in, given that an ongoing war on Gentile society has been waged by the Jews for a long time.

    Let the USA be Disunited. Break it up into four of five independent states. The SCOTUS will then have no jurisdiction, problem solved.

    Let those new states allow the Jews to live safely within them, but not as citizens. The Jews should not be allowed to vote, to practice law, nor a few other occupations, nor hold any official government role.

    I think that would solve many problems. And if Jews want to leave those new countries, make it mandatory that they can’t go to Israel, they can only go to Iran, where they CAN vote.

    I’ve turned to the subject of the Jews because this “trans” and “gay” stuff and that powerful lobby springing up brought to mind the Jews and their idea of “social progress.”

  9. Biff says:

    There is no more law in the US. We are a banana republic.

    The communists are winning.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  10. Exile says:

    So much for “vote Trump b/c SCOTUS.”

    There is no reason to vote for the GOP again. They cannot be reformed, usurped or otherwise redeemed. Replace them before they finish replacing us. Walk away and let them go the way of the Whigs.

    No one on the Right should vote in any national (or even up-ticket/state) election again unless and until every person involved with the existing kosher Right is cancelled and an entirely new opposition that names the enemy and fights to win arises.

    Vote locally if you see an advantage, but otherwise let them rot.

    Lefties should follow suit – their party is equally fake and almost as gay.

  11. So, trannies can play in women’s sports?

    • Replies: @Damocles
    , @Truth
  12. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    This is not just a religious matter. Homosexuality is a sickness.

    Agreed, while it is a religious matter inasmuch as one might have faith in God’s views, the issue does indeed extend beyond the purely religious domain.

    I wouldn’t define homosexuality as a “sickness” so much as a social, psychological or biological dysfunction, and more generally as a species of cultural degeneration. In any case, not something to be promoted, and arguably counter to the long-term interests of a productive and sustainable society.

  13. nsa says:

    “Assume the position Striker, they’re coming after you next”
    Does this ruling mean that if Striker cuts off his weewee and starts sucking dicks, Unz can’t fire him?
    Hahaha….whadda country.

  14. @Biff

    Is the congratulatory, or demonizing?

  15. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The current USA Supreme Court is 3 Jews, 5 Roman Catholics, and 1 Episcopalian

    The Supreme Court ‘the Scrotus’ refuses to hear arguments in 99% of all cases presented to it, it is a joke

    Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is said to be blackmailed by how he engaged in apparently illegal international child trafficking when he and his wife ‘purchased’ children to adopt from Ireland in the 1990s, closing the deal in Latin America to evade Irish law which forbids this … seems the Deep State owned him from the beginning

    The DOJ file on Robert Mueller’s misconduct with the bribery of two US fed judges, talked about how DOJ people like Mueller encouraged judge bribery, because the judge is then ‘owned’ by DOJ and the Deep State, via the evidence of bribery which then becomes a ‘control file’

    And then all US judges have in mind from 2016 when Supreme Court Justice Scalia, after ruling against Obama, was found dead with a pillow on his face

    And also in 2011 when US Federal Judge John Roll, after ruling against Obama, died in a hail of bullets on the street in Arizona, the media barely mentioning this, likely because the signal was meant for the 865 US federal judges, not for the public

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  16. @Rich

    See my other comment above re the blackmail material on Chief Justice Roberts, well in hand as they appointed him in the 00 decade

    The US Constitution allows Congress to remove any and all federal judges, including the Supreme Court justices, if they are not in ‘good behavior’ such as making up their own laws and oppressing the public

    Impeachment by House, Trial by Senate

    Congress is Supreme, theoretically

    But they almost never do this … when oligarchs buy a government, they buy all 3 branches

    Jewish convert to Russian Orthodox Christianity Israel Shamir wrote here on Unz, that rule by judges is a very Jewish invention … intrinsically corrupt because the loyalty of judges, like that of the fancy high-dollar law firms they hail from, is by nature towards the elites

  17. Damocles says:
    @Priss Factor

    They have been for quite some time. Black track and field trannies have been dashing past women, dangling meat and two veg in all their pre-op glory across the finish lines, winning female schorlarships and taking female spots in higher level competitions. If I was sceptical about the existence of hardcore misogyny before, I am no longer.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  18. Court rules it ok for some to covid barbieboy sars

    next step

    legaliesed merry canibbleism

    for those that wish devour eachothers bone marrow

    without it being considered a haute cuisine crime

    The rite of themasses to persue apenis is being written into the CoNNstitution

    As Benjamin the donkey would say


    • LOL: schnellandine
  19. Maybe the girls shouldn’t have tried to take over men’s sports! As absurd as it is for men calling themselves women and competing in womens sports, it’s nice for the women to have a taste of their own bullshit! Of course there really is no such thing as men and women in the first place, it’s all in our collective imaginations right?

  20. BuelahMan says:

    Vote locally if you see an advantage, but otherwise let them rot.

    I think we need to go one more step. “Never an R or D Again!” has been my mantra for decades. A mass online campaign with that message would send a message to all of these corrupted psychopaths.

    If a mass of people not only DID NOT vote in federal elections, but also were sending the same message that we will never vote for them again (even in local or state elections), I feel that a major movement might take place.

  21. @Exile

    You can’t fix it if you can’t even talk about it.

  22. Instead, we are ruled by an echo chamber of unelected judges who were all educated at Harvard and Yale, and whether they are Republican or Democrat makes no difference.</blockquote

    They could have consulted Joanne K. Rowling beforehand.

  23. The NeoCoNN goes on

    We are long past the “new normal”

    and well into the realms of

    “The new abnormal”


    The creature from the bottomless pit

  24. And some people want to preserve the Fed Gov and the BS known as democracy. Why?

    The Fed Gov is THE source for all the problems the citizenry is facing with the Supreme Court as one of the chief perpetrators of the insanity that grips the country. When judges, the highest in the land, declare that it is right and proper to confer special rights on select groups, they are instantiating ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’ that George Orwell warned us about.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  25. Good. Let women’s sport be ruined by trans men athletes. Force Victoria’s Secret to use grotesque pre -op trans as models. Make churches accept shemale nuns.

    Force them to eat their own shit.

    • Agree: Gordo
  26. anonymous[267] • Disclaimer says:


    I am expecting nothing less than a 12 hour deep deep deep dive with Jasshands and James Allsup on FTN covering what the (((far left))) has on Chief Justice Roberts with you Sir making a guest appearance.

    FTN has already done a great job on what a complete “long march through the institutions” fraud the Federalist Society has been.

    You Zoomies, and probably everyone under 35 as well, forgets that when Roberts was nominated by Dubya, photos circulated of him at parties and diners before he was married with some very gay looking men. Nothing that Roberts has done should surprise anyone.

    Like FTN has been saying Arthur J Finklestein, really did a number on the GOP.

    As Tucker Carlson said last night, Gorsuch has been bullied into taking “the knee”. Gorsush himself may not be gay but mentally it is as if he has now submitted to being sodomized. He will be worthless from here on out.

    Last, read today’s Stormer or listen to Patrick Slattery on RBN Network Slattery and Andrew Anglin are absolutely right on the BLM ritual of taking the knee. It is the equivalent to being mounted by the Alpha Dog. Once done you are forever mentally destroyed.

  27. Realist says:

    Instead, we are ruled by an echo chamber of unelected judges who were all educated at Harvard and Yale, and whether they are Republican or Democrat makes no difference.

    Yes, the Deep State controls all power and wealth in this country…and they have no desire to relinquish.

  28. “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley”, as Scottish poet Robert Burns so touchingly wrote long ago.

    Neil Gorsuch, like Earl Warren before him, was supposed to be a conservative slam dunk, and we all know how that turned out (although he certainly bent over and spread ’em wide for the PTB in the JFK assassination, didn’t he?) We’ll see if Justice Gorsuch continues to frustrate the desires of the conservatives, as Warren did.

    The real litmus test will be the current (and future) laws shielding Israel, Jews and murderous, rapacious zionists from even the most ‘velvet glove’ scrutiny, thereby carving out a most obnoxious and utterly unreasonable exception to the American people’s precious constitutional rights to free speech and assembly, among others. If and when these issues come before the Court, we will all find out exactly which justices know what side their legal matzohs are buttered on, won’t we?

    Although I fervently hope otherwise, I will not be surprised in the slightest in those regards if the decision(s) of the Court’s nine justices supporting extreme Jewish exceptionalism and the unmitigated trampling of Americans’ rights are 9-0 unanimous, with the entire Court thereby prostrating themselves before Jewish power and control over all elements of American government and its history, despite the clear and nauseating evisceration of our Constitution such decision(s) will entail….

    • Agree: gsjackson
  29. Realist says:

    Impeachment by House, Trial by Senate

    Who is dumb enough to believe that would happen?

  30. @Damocles

    As a former California state champion powerlifter, and as a normal male, I cannot imagine competing against women and ‘winning’ and thereafter feeling pride in my ‘achievements’. Only a real athletic whack job could do so, sort of like a normal adult competing against children and cripples and thereby feeling superior from the resulting pre-ordained outcomes.

    Women’s competitive athletics will be utterly destroyed thereby, but for women-hating gays and incels and those ‘elites’ who want to see our western culture dismembered and fragmented into oblivion on all levels and in all regards, perhaps that’s the desired outcome.

    But there may be a way forward: simply deny these cheaters the fruits of their victories.

    Yes, they can compete as transgenders. No problem. But their ‘achievements’ should be classified just like Roger Maris’ breaking of Ruth’s 60 home runs in a single season record originally was: with a huge, embarrassing asterisk to denote the utter unfairness of the result. Or even better, give them an entirely separate category all to themselves.

    There will be records for women, records for men, and records for the various sexual categories the idiots in charge dream up. Otherwise, women’s athletics is history, a soon-to-be thing of the past.

    Regardless, this is just like BLM nonsense, simply more of the PTB’s endless “Divide et imperum”, to keep us at each other’s throats, and ignoring/forgetting the endless upwards wealth and power transfers certain select groups are daily perfecting and achieving while the hoi polloi bicker amongst themselves……..

  31. KenH says:

    Gorsuch, who claims to be a Constitutional “originalist,” declared that the provision in the Civil Rights act barring employment discrimination based on “sex” could be textually interpreted as meaning gay sex,

    Gorsuch isn’t that stupid and got lobbied behind the scenes for his support. The plain language interpretation of “sex” in the statute refers to gender and even most job applications in the 80’s and 90’s had a question for your sex although at that time it was a boring choice between male or female.

    Gorsuch is another case study of a conservative judge becoming a liberal activist or at least a willingness to give the hard left an assist from time to time just like pedo John Roberts. This only seems to work one way and the hard left justices never flip to give the right a win in the culture wars.

    All the Christian cucks who fell in love with Gorsuch just got fisted good and hard and won’t be able to walk right for at least a few weeks. Trump will look stupid bragging about appointing conservative judges at this stupid rallies.

    Gorsuch’s betrayal removes the last valid reason to vote for Trump in 2020 since his appointees are helping keep the left wing agenda rolling along at warp speed.

    • Replies: @Anon
  32. gsjackson says:

    The left has tried for decades to get homosexuality included in the ’64 Civil Rights Act via the political process. Didn’t work out, so now they’ve gotten in the back door through SCOTUS. Roberts looks like he’s going to be very bad for a very long time. Gorsuch is now revealed as nothing even close to an originalist. This was not a close call for any judge who is.

  33. Truth says:
    @Priss Factor

    Yup. Too bad you aren’t 30 years younger.

  34. Homosexuals and Lesbians are not sexual at all. It is not a true sexuality because they do not have sex. They sodomize and trib each other.

  35. @Exile

    So long as they get their corn subsidies, tax cuts and defense spending, the GOP doesn’t give a rip. The GOP is part of the problem. Let it go down in flames.

  36. @Reg Cæsar

    I suspect that you, like me, are old enough to remember when the term gay had entirely innocent connotations. When Gay Brewer was known as the gay golfer, and nobody sniggered. ( In those days people were still permitted to snigger ! )
    It is preferable to use the term homosexual, even if it is a mangled word of Greek and Latin components. The term gay should have remained uncorrupted.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Curmudgeon
  37. Hanging is too good for the scrotus

    they should be castigated

    the soddem and gomocracies are headed for the pumiced land

    • Replies: @G. Poulin
  38. Excellent piece of journalism. In 600 words, you summarise the cases, the decisions and the disastrous consequences of these decisions. Concise and very informative.
    In the American Cuckservative , someone called Helen Andrews expends a lot more words bemoaning the decisions. She makes no mention of the details of the cases. In fact she only makes mention in passing of Bostock v Clayton County. One might gain the impression that only one case was considered.
    She then prattles on about ancillary protections without detailing the consequences, which you do.
    This seems to be Conservatism Inc’s standard response in these cases. Bemoan the decision in a mealy-mouthed manner and then do nothing.

  39. @Verymuchalive

    Pat Buchanan’s college nickname was The Gay Blade.

    What people often get wrong is that gay meant “happy”. No, it was more like “happy-go-lucky”. Slightly frivolous.

    …even if it is a mangled word of Greek and Latin components.

    Adulterated. As in violating a commandment.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  40. anonymous[267] • Disclaimer says:

    Vincent James at The Red Elephants makes a good point that Trump’s Supreme Court has also alienated 2nd Amendment voters because it has decided to refuse to rule on dozens of anti-gun cases in the lower courts.

    Likewise when it comes to protecting the 1st amendment from Hate Speech and anti-BDS laws passed at the local and state level expect the SCOTUS to simply refuse to hear these cases as well.

    Kushner has now told Trump that he does not need Social Conservative, 2nd Amendment, or the Paleo/Libertarian vote.

    Oh well at least the social conservatives got Mike Pence as VP.

    Nothing short of firing Kushner and replacing Pence with either Kris Kobach or Tucker Carlson will save Trump.

  41. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I guess that means sodomy or buggery, no longer drew a jail sentence, was allowed,

    The biggest scam was that sodomy and buggery were promoted as being against homosexuals but were considered “unnatural acts”. It was the unnatural acts that were illegal, irrespective of the gender of those engaged in performing them i.e. they applied to heterosexuals and bisexuals as well.

    • Replies: @DextersLabRat
  42. @Verymuchalive

    It is preferable to use the term homosexual, even if it is a mangled word of Greek and Latin components.

    My preference is the term pillow-biting sodomite.

  43. @Curmudgeon

    If God intended for anal sex to be a sin why is the male prostate only accessible via the rectum?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  44. G. Poulin says:

    The only thing conservatives are willing to conserve is liberalism. We need more hardcore reactionaries.

  45. G. Poulin says:
    @potemkin villiage bank

    Yes, and when we’re done castigating them, let’s castrate them as well. What do you say?

  46. @the sad abd lonely rebe L

    Let Conservative Inc. die with this ruling

    Conservative Inc. IS the American “conservatism”, the US doesn’t have any other because it never coalesced into the true nation. Some attempts to convince everyone that there is some “real” conservatism in the US is a BS–Remove Pat Buchanan and few other voices and what do you have left? USA, USA, USA, Ra-rah–the only thing which passes for conservatism, which is a very serious commitment for the good of the nation, in the US. America as a nation today is a shrinking cowardly (granted, with some significant exceptions) white urban office plankton and a broad coalition of racial and sexual minorities. “Conservatives” from Inc. are cucks both figuratively and literally and cowards. Well, this, plus utter incompetence of the US “elites” across the board.

  47. Under the new dispensation normal is the definition of second class status.

  48. @brabantian

    The last attempted impeachment of a Supreme Court justice occurred during the administration of Thomas Jefferson (of Justice Samuel Chase). Jefferson commented at that time that the impeachment and removal from office threat had become “a scarecrow;”

  49. I notice that the Supreme Court has not yet endorsed the right of pedophiles to fondle children. Why not? Isn’t it discrimatory to oppose that right?

    Does it mean the pedophile lobby is less skilled than the homosexual lobby which freely promotes homosexuality to children who otherwise wouldn’t have thought of sex for several more years? Or does it just mean the pedophile lobby is not so well financed?

    This is an aspect of social progress that has not progressed as well as the other. The Supreme Court is perhaps biased in favor of the other.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  50. @Reg Cæsar

    Adulterated. As in violating a commandment.

    An adulterated word for adulterated people.

    Some people, like the late Lady Thatcher, thought that homosexual relations were a much lesser sin than actual adultery because the former were not mentioned in the 10 Commandments.
    However, she did get the Local Government Act 1988 passed. Section 28 prohibited propaganda promoting homosexuality in schools. So she was very aware of where this was leading. Sadly, the Blair regime repealed it . After which, the deluge

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  51. Rahan says:

    I for one support “male takeover of institutions intended for females, such as athletics.”

    Seeing some fifth-rate male athlete who has slapped on some lipstick and is now “totally a real woman” throw around the biologically female competition like rag dolls, really makes visible the biological realities of sex.

    You never have a “female to male” tranny become a star in male sports, because she is…not really a male. But when a “male to female” enters female sports, suddenly records are broken and it’s raining gold medals.

    When 14 year old boys routinely defeat pro female soccer teams, this always flies under the radar. When a generic hoodlum slaps around 3-4 female cops before swaggering away as they sit on their asses and have a nice good cry, this is also never presented in a way which would illustrate the underlying biological realities that made the event in question possible.

    But dudes with lipstick stepping into any female sport and instantly becoming the reigning…queen…that’s too visible to hide.

    At least a portion of GloboHomo’s zombies will have to wake up enough to admit the difference in biological sex, if they want to protest their girls getting thrown around by grown men. And this is how it starts. When you force them to admit that 2+2=4. Not 3, not 5, not 13, but 4.

    Next..some way to force democrat-voting whites to live inside diverse areas. Or have diversity shipped to them, while vocally daring them to move away and prove their racism.

    Also make Jews a “privileged ethnic minority” for real. That would be great to show the reality.

    • Agree: jack daniels
  52. Anon[408] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Judge Gorsuch is NOT an originalist! He is a Textualist. An originalist looks at the debates, etc. and tries to follow what the legislators believed they were legislating about. A Textualist looks at the actual words in the statute and applies it to common meanings in the present, not what it meant when the law was passed. Big difference!
    The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear “arms”. An originalist might contend this only refers to flintlock muskets, while a Textualist says it applies to all personal arms held by the common people today.
    Gorsuch was not asked to rule on Constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act, but only on the meaning of the statute in today’s context.
    The moral is, Stop Writing Bad Laws! A remedy not likely to be applied.

    • Replies: @KenH
  53. @Verymuchalive

    However, she did get the Local Government Act 1988 passed. Section 28 prohibited propaganda promoting homosexuality in schools. Sadly, the Blair regime repealed it .

    Kind of like Tennessee’s Butler Act, which the New York Jews at the ACLU went to war with, in the 1925 “monkey trial”.

  54. KenH says:

    Judge Gorsuch is NOT an originalist! He is a Textualist

    Which as I understand is closely related to originalism. In textualism words have objective and defined meaning, so in this case sex was known to mean gender when the civil rights act was passed. It did not encompass sexual orientation and trangenderism.

    What Gorsuch just did puts him in the activist and constructionist camp since those two schools apply today’s standards and prevailing politics to their deliberations and decisions. This is similar to Judge Roberts who interpreted the unconstitutional fine in Obamacare to mean “tax” and he was rightfully blasted by Scalia for this legal sleight of hand.

    The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear “arms”. An originalist might contend this only refers to flintlock muskets

    An originalist would interpret “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” to mean just that. As such, the 2A is not subject to to onerous regulations and restrictions that the federal government and some states impose.

  55. @Rich

    I know that our problems run far deeper than this, but Presidents and Congresses should never give such positions of power to men who are in their 40s or older and have never been married and raised a child. No David Souters. No Richard Grenells. No Michael Fitzgeralds (a tubby, bitchy, arrogant sodomite, um, sitting on a federal district court here in Los Angeles).

    Nominate people who are mature, well-rounded, responsible and just plain normal enough to reach this natural stage in a man’s life — and can relate to us and our need to protect our children.

    This includes protection of the children’s minds and spirits, their ability to live in a well-functioning, non-perverse society where things make sense and sexual deviants and self-mutilators get help or get out of the way.

    Now, before someone says “oh yeah, those heterosexual men haven’t totally destroyed the country, huh?” Yes, they have. I am saying that homosexual misfits should be disqualified, and that heterosexuality and normal family life are necessary — not SUFFICIENT — for trustworthy, competent leadership.

    • Disagree: Corvinus
  56. The SC’s 4 liberals are all Jewish by ethnicity. Sotomayor is descended from Sephardim. Blood seems to be stronger than arguments. Nothing surprising in that. We are hamstrung by the myth that persuasion determines public opinion. Money and tribal loyalties are the most powerful predictive variables.

    As for Roberts, his tribal loyalty is to Harvard.

  57. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Pedophilia lobby and homosexual lobby? Is there a difference?

  58. @RoatanBill

    The federal government is like an old Montgomery Ward catalog–big, fat, and full of shit. Until the advent of the FDR administration in the 1930s, federal power–and arrogance!–was much more circumscribed.

    Then came the New Deal and its huge expansion of federal power. It’s been belaboring us ever since.

  59. @DextersLabRat

    That is as silly as the old queer saw “if my penis was meant to go in a vagina it would be shaped like an axe”.
    Only males have prostates, so there is no such thing as a “male” prostate. The prostate is not accessible via the rectum. From the oral sphincter (lips) to the anal sphincter is the alimentary canal. Tonsils and adenoids are accessible, as are salivary ducts and bile ducts, the prostate is not. It is separated by the tissue of the alimentary canal.

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