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Conservative Christian Intellectual Is An FBI Disinformation Operative
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A battle between different factions of gossip-mongering Christian nationalist thought leaders has erupted into a full-scale controversy that indirectly reveals the intimate connection running through the religious right, US intelligence and organized Jewry.

The saga began earlier this week, when Alistair Roberts of the Theopolis and Davenant Institutes wrote a Southern Poverty Law Center style attack on a rival Christian nationalist, accusing him of privately harboring unauthorized beliefs about Jews and race.

His target, Thomas Achord, was the headmaster of Sequitur Academy, a Baton Rouge based private school that specializes in Christian Classical Education.

A number of Christian national conservative figures with ties to the Israeli-controlled Edmund Burke Foundation, such as Rod Dreher, have jumped into the fray to pile on to Achord.

The manufactured controversy around Achord has led to the targeting of his academic associates, Stephen Wolfe and Doug Wilson, who are being accused of being “Kinists,” or ethno-nationalist Christians.

Roberts, a protestant, is married to Susannah Black, an editor at the Christian publication Mere Orthodoxy despite identifying primarily as Jewish, and through Davenant works for Bradford Littlejohn, who is currently a Senior fellow at Orthodox Jew Yoram Hazony’s Burke Foundation.

But the most intriguing figure inside the Davenant clique is Brian J. Auten, an FBI operative who was named as one of the masterminds behind the intelligence campaign aimed at discrediting Donald Trump known as “Russiagate,” as well as the state suppression of negative stories related to the Biden family during the 2020 presidential campaign.

The Davenant Institute’s most recent tax filings lists Auten as one of its directors. The Main Street Tribune was able to confirm that the disgraced FBI operative is the same man who has produced articles for Mere Orthodoxy calling for “counter-insurgency” against Christians seeking to “discredit” US institutions, along with contributions to First Things and Providence Magazine. He was fired from his teaching position at Patrick Henry College after his ethically dubious activity at the FBI came to light, but has retained his post as an intelligence analyst at the Bureau’s headquarters.

As for anti-racism crusader Alistair Roberts, his own alleged pseudonymous account provides insight into the way he perceives Christians: naive and suggestible fools who can be easily shamed with appeals to liberal authority, including accusations of racism.

(Republished from Main Street Tribune by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antiracism, Christianity, FBI 
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  1. G. Poulin says:

    If you’re looking for a deep-state shill posing as a Christian conservative, check out George Weigel at First Things and other compromised Catholic publications. Makes Rod Dreyer look like an Eagle Scout.

  2. The last paragraph says it all. The guy’s right, sadly.

  3. Exile says:

    The Deep State has never stopped doing any of the things they supposedly stopped doing in the 1970’s.

    Buckley’s National Review was part of this kind of operation as was Irving Kristol (he admitted Encounter was CIA-funded, as just one example). That work comes cheaper and easier now. When you hear anyone in any position of influence supporting the official US narrative (e.g. White Nationalism ebil), assume they are within two degrees of separation from a US intelligence asset.

    Never take a journalist or pundit at face value. There is always an agenda. Know who funds them and who they have ties with – right down to which Jew they’re married to. You can’t vet the quality of your information without background like this.

  4. Kim says:

    Thanks for this article. It really is quite a job keeping track of the traitors and controlled oppodition on the right.

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