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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Directs FBI to Pursue Cuban Exile for "Anti-Semitic" Newspaper Insert
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Congressional Hispanic Caucus members Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Joaquin Castro instructed FBI Director Christopher Wray to “investigate” a paid Spanish-language insert in the Miami Herald which featured criticisms of Jews and Black Lives Matter expressed by exiled Cuban intellectual Roberto Luque Escalona.

Escalona’s message, sponsored by LIBRE and published on September 11th, stated “What kind of people are these Jews? They’re always talking about the Holocaust, but have they already forgotten Kristallnacht, when Nazi thugs rampaged through Jewish shops all over Germany? So do the BLM and Antifa, only the Nazis didn’t steal; they only destroyed.”

The quote inflamed America’s Jewish sovereign and its proxies, causing the Miami Herald to issue numerous groveling apologies.

According to his entry on the United Nations Refugee Agency’s page, Escalona was granted asylum in the United States in 1992 after facing criminal charges in Cuba for publishing a book critical of Fidel Castro titled Fidel, the Judgement of History.

According to Murcarsel-Powell, Escalona and various other Spanish-language personalities who have criticized Jews and blacks in Florida might be Russian disinformation operatives. No evidence supporting this claim was provided, but the frivolous accusation is often used as a justification to sic the secret police on individuals engaging in political dissent.

Murcarsel-Powell’s 2nd largest donor in her narrow 2018 defeat of incumbent Carlos Curbelo was an explicitly Jewish organization, JStreet, according to Open Secrets. Her husband, Robert Powell, is a Jew alleged to have deep ties to Zionist Jew Ukrainian plutocrat Ihor Kolomoisky.

The rich irony of sending intelligence agents to engage in harassment, surveillance and potentially prosecution of Escalona for his mild remarks about America’s rulers appears to be lost on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, whose chairperson Joaquin Castro is currently vying to replace Eliot Engel on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Congressmen on this Committee are magnets for Jewish money due to its strategic importance in advancing the interests of the state of Israel.

No matter who you are or where you live, if you present criticism of the people in charge you will be punished one way or another.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Censorship, Jews 
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  1. While I oppose illegal responses I still find it surprising that there have been none from ‘our side.’ Not a lot of legal responses either, beyond chin music.

    I think the nation’s men are lacking testosterone or maybe they are brainwashed or both.
    Let THAT be the focus.

  2. Anonymous[116] • Disclaimer says:

    As a former Mexican-American, Now Mexican living in Mexico, sorry Gilad Atzmon I just had to use ‘as a’.
    I was always troubled by the overrepresentation of Cubans in politics representing the insanely underrepresented latino population. In my 20+years in the U.S there was not one Mexican senator. Shamefully too is that so many Latinos are represented by people who are only part Latino, such as Bill Richardson lmao.
    Latinos are way underrepresented in politics and in media. We are basically invisible despite being more numerous than blacks, and I suspect also having a higher intermarriage rate. However hispanic pandering media comes of as cringe, but not as cringe as casting blacks as King Arthur or ancient Romans etc.

    Most of the Cuban elites in Miami are with zionist.

    It is a damn shame Mexicans/Chicanos in texas and california have been represented by Jewesses like Barbara boxer and Diane Feinstein or Canadian born half Cuban Ted Cruz. All this talk of Mexicans taking over is ridiculous.

    To the racially aware young men out there, your problem is Jews, blacks and boomers. these are the reasons infrastructure is failing, houses are unaffordable and the welfare state will collapse, and why illegal immigration has not stopped. Ask yourself why does the media promote black-white race mixing while not even showing one Latino as a handsome lead actor(spaniard antonio banderas’s heyday was more than a decade ago) and only a couple of Latinas while there never being a mixed couple with one Latino partner, and if it has a Latino it is usually a Dominican (the most african of latinos).

    • Agree: GazaPlanet, Exile
  3. @Anonymous

    Blacks and white boomers are spiritual Jews. Most enthusiastically circumcised their children to show fealty to their God, the Talmudic one called “credit”.

  4. Tom Verso says:

    “The evil that men do lives after them.
    The good interred with their bones”

    A VERY interesting mind opening comment.

    You have opened up a whole area of political sociology that I (a neurotic compulsive reader of all things political and sociological) never thought about; because I never read about the submersion of non-Cuban Latinos in media and politics. And, as an up-state New Yorker I have no significant interaction with the Latino people.

    Thank You!

    I have on these pages repeatedly posted comments to the affect that the US today is experiencing a clash of cultures; namely, people whose historic and cultural origins are African (e.g. BLM); Middle Eastern (Jews) and European.

    All the talk about RACE is a diversion from the real conflict.

    In replies, I am often asked: What about Hispanics? And, I reply, the root of the word Hispanic is Spain. Similarly, the root of the word Latino is Latin. Hello: Spain is a European country and Latin is the origin of the European language Spanish. And their religious history is European Christian.

    In short, the reason Latinos are ignored in media and politics is because they are essentially European Americans. And, the Africans and Jews are hell bent on destroying European history and culture and domination of the European people. And that includes Latin-Americans.

    Only when the American people of European origin coalesce once again as a united people who are proud of the magnificent history and culture we have brought to the world; only then will all this political /media nonsense and violence be put to rest.

    “The evil that men do lives after them. The good interred with their bones”

    Europeans took slaves from Africa and that evil lives on.
    Europeans brought Small Pox Vaccine to Africa and that good is forgotten.

    • Replies: @Rahan
  5. Exile says: • Website

    The quote inflamed America’s Jewish sovereign and its proxies, causing the Miami Herald to issue numerous groveling apologies.

    The goy-grovel is getting shamefully obvious and more of us are Noticing. But Jews can’t stop demanding more and more submission and acts of public humiliation.

    As Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce have both noted at Occidental Observer and here on Unz, overreach and hubris are the real Jewish curse that has led to their repeated historic explusions.

  6. El Dato says:

    No matter who you are or where you live, if you present criticism of the people in charge you will be punished one way or another.

    Substitute “in charge” with “behind the curtain”

    But the rhetoric also has elements of modern American conspiracy theories, including accusations of pederasty commonly spouted by followers of QAnon.

    QAnon really brings out the defensive walls. _Not_ only pederasty, no.

    And Mucarsel-Powell in her letter warned that Russian election interference could also be at play.

    “The FBI has recognized, as has the intelligence community at-large, that malign Russian actors are working to interfere with our 2020 elections, along with other hostile foreign nations,” wrote Mucarsel-Powell.

    Very believable. Meanwhile

    US senators suggest going after Putin’s ‘personal money’ in response to alleged poisoning of opposition figure Navalny

    Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Chris Coons (D-DE) were joined by Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD), Mitt Romney (R-UT), and Chris Van-Hollen (D-MD) in introducing the bipartisan Holding Russia Accountable for Malign Activities Act of 2020.

    Bipartisan World Police! Hey, there is still payback to absorb for Suleimani from before Cow Rona.

  7. Anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

    and he didnt touch mention suggested hinted to the Zio jewish alliance with Fidel Castro before he became overlord of Cuba with 55 men…yeah right….and the USA stood quietly with more than 5K troops in Guantanamo…uh!! Fidel closed all churches BUT left synagogues UNtouch by the revolution …wtf???

  8. Rahan says:
    @Tom Verso

    In short, the reason Latinos are ignored in media and politics is because they are essentially European Americans.

    Latino countries have “Negro inner city” levels of homicide:

    These people have forty to sixty times the homicides of “European Hispanics” and even “European Italians”. Their only competition in the world is literally “Negro radicalized by Jews” cities of the USA and South Africa.

    (Admittedly, the murder rates of the Congo for example are highly suspect, it’s doubtful they record those faithfully. But those for most of “normal Africa” such as Kenya, Ghana, or Nigeria, I mostly trust)

    So whereas the more white-looking upper caste American Latino may have the average IQ and law-abidance of the average Albanian, Turk, and white-looking upper caste Pakis and Hindus (which, on a world scale, is mostly “good enough” in the sense of being able to maintain basic civilization), the poorer and darker American Latinos are hilariously, insanely violent drooling morons.

    The parts of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban are most stable and peaceful than the parts of Mexico controlled by their cartels.

    One might argue that the Latinos who come to the US of A are the ones who don’t want to live like that, and instead just want to be law-abiding Turk-equivalents. Fine. Still:
    a) The heritage Anglo-Germanic population of the US (i.e. the “classical America” of the 19th and 20th century that invented the modern world) needs to get a vote on whom to let in and in what numbers, instead of being browbeaten into it, and
    b) law-abiding Turk-equivalents replacing the original Anglo-Germanic population is how you do a soft-landing of a dying civilization that will no longer be a world center of innovation and an inspiration to the globe, and instead just feeding fodder and (inherited from the previous civilization) military muscle for a tribal corporate elite to project across the world in their struggle for capitalist dominance.

    The classical America that disappeared in front of our eyes over a few decades of forced replacement programs:
    It’s one thing for the US to handle having a few Latino and Black cities. The rest of the system can compensate. It’s a different thing when whole states go Latino and Black, and a third thing when the country, on a national level, starts shifting to a Latino, Black, Arab, and South Asian mix.

    Tl;dr–yes the are fine American Latinos. No, infinite Latinos in the US isn’t harmless.

    Even infinite Slavs population replacement isn’t harmless, because it would still cause a soft landing in the sense of a transformation to a continental-sized Slovakia, which is OK, but not America anymore.

    Perhaps if you find a very precise proportion of Slavs and East Asians, you might produce a population that is able to maintain the current America for generations without allowing it to decline too fast, but firstly, no one is going to allow immigration to be restricted only to Slavs and East Asians, and secondly, there’s still no argument given beyond various gibberish about the economy or human rights, about why the original Anglo-Germanic population has to be replaced.

  9. unit472 says:

    I’ve had just about enough from the FBI. They shouldn’t be allowed to initiate anything much less a criminal investigation. Let them assist state and local police agencies with their technical expertise but other than that we need to hand out about 40,000 pink slips to the ‘G-men’ and if they want to pursue a career in law enforcement let them join a state or local police force.

  10. Anon[214] • Disclaimer says:

    Jerusalem Post

    The media are helping to normalize antisemitism
    By SEAN DURNS   DECEMBER 14, 2019 21:51

    Valerie Plame may be a glamorous “soccer mom,” but she also thinks “America’s Jews are Driving America’s Wars.” That was the title of an Unz Review article that she shared on Twitter on September 21, 2017. Plame initially defended the article, calling it “very provocative, but thoughtful.” After mounting criticism, she changed her story, apologizing and claiming that she hadn’t read the article and,

    Jerusalem Post

    Jerusalem Post should be removed from the internet site for abusing Antisemitism charge . It’s pages full of generalized atrocious innuendo against Muslim , against Arab against anti war crowd .

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