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Communists and Neo-Cons Join Together to Condemn Trump Military Withdrawal from Syria
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Self-described socialists, anarchists, Republicans and Zionists have united to condemn Donald Trump’s surprising new announcement to withdraw from Syria, a decision that has the support of a majority of Americans. This will be a huge stride towards finally ending the 8-year-old conflict in Syria and bringing the nation back to normalcy.

The extreme-left and the interventionist Zionist right have grown close since the 2016 election, united in part by fear of populist-nationalism threatening to up-end the United States’ role as global liberal despot in a time of declining living standards and overall chaos at home. They would much prefer the war in Syria continue indefinitely to advance Israeli interests.

On twitter, “socialist” presidential candidate Bernie Sanders went on the record and expressed outrage at US forces coming home, calling it “irresponsible” to end America’s illegal presence in Syria.

Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse and other congressional Republicans have joined Bernie Sanders in attacking Trump for “abandoning” the Kurdish pseudo-communist terror group the YPG (“rebranded” by the Pentagon as Syrian Democratic Forces for publicity reasons) the CIA has been using as a proxy to keep a foothold in the region. The defeat of ISIS and Al Qaeda by a coalition of Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah was a huge blow to American and Israeli foreign policy interests that sought to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and failed.

Jewish super-racists, like Bari Weiss, Peter Fox and Ben Shapiro, have scolded Trump for this decision, claiming that pulling support for the Kurds is a setback for Israel.

British leftist publication, The New Statesman, articulated their fear: that the Syrian Kurds would surrender to Assad in hopes of avoiding the fate of a Turkish attack.

Since the start of the Obama presidency, Jewish Antifa supporters have functioned as cheerleaders of American imperialism in the Middle East, as seen with their support for the overthrow of Qaddaffi in Libya that has doomed the country to become hell on earth since. The twitters of Shane Bauer, Molly Crabapple, “The Jewish Worker,” etc are dripping with mindless rage right now.

Anarchist web portal It’s Going Down today endorsed on its social media page a call for leftists to protest against the US army leaving Syria. Other fringe communist and anarchist mouthpieces like CrimeThInc, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, and so on have been repeating the dubious neo-con narrative circulated by the New York Times that America leaving Syria will cause ISIS to return. The Kurdish work in fighting ISIS has been negligible, this has been nothing more than a figleaf in hopes of, with US support, compelling Assad to let them create an “autonomous region” out of Northern Syria that will function as an independent Kurdish state within a state (even though many non-Kurds live there). US backed Kurdish forces have clashed with Syrian troops trying to reclaim the country’s oil-producing region. The Syrian military has won back most of the country and Russian/Iranian forces, who were invited by Assad to aid him in his war on terrorism, have done the vast majority of the work obliterating ISIS. The talk about ISIS is little more than scaremongering by a coopted band of Judeo-left useful idiots that deep down inside know the Washington war machine, known by the pejorative “globo-homo,” is on their side.

It’s tempting to think that Trump is pivoting to “campaign mode” by doing something popular that defies the establishment. But there is also geopolitical logic to Trump’s concession, even from a Zionist point of view. US “maximum pressure” sanctions against Iran have been largely unsuccessful thanks to NATO member Turkey seemingly drifting towards the Russia-Iran-China anti-liberal bloc. Turkey has long seen American support for Kurdish militants as destabilizing and disrespectful, this may be an attempt to mend relations possibly in exchange for help strangulating Iran. The assumption being made in the wake of this withdrawal is that Turkish forces will now enter to destroy Kurdish military operations in Syria.

Whatever inspired this decision, it is good news for American military families and the Syrian people. Let the communists and Zio-cons console each other as the Syrian “civil war” comes even closer to an official end.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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